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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.1.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dmitry Obukhov
  • Compatibility: Android
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Paste 2 App

Paste is an invaluable productivity tool for writers, developers, designers and everyone else. It extends clipboard capacity and syncs everything you copy across all your devices. NEVER LOSE ANYTHING YOU COPY Paste stores everything you have copied and allows you to use your clipboard history anytime you need it, across all your devices. It recognizes text, images, links, files, and any other type of content. – Extend system clipboard capacity and get back the data you've copied previously. – Quickly browse through a visualized history and preview any type of content. – Search through your history with intelligent filters. SPEED UP YOUR WORKFLOW Organize, preview and access your frequently used snippets quickly with Pinboards. Paste works in the background and tightly integrates into your system and your workflow to let you focus on your core tasks. – Create Pinboards and organize your clipboard history the way you need it. – Pin snippets you use regularly and access them instantly. – Use system-wide extensions to use Paste in any other app. SYNC WITH YOUR MAC All the data securely syncs via iCloud across all your devices running Paste. It plays well with Universal Clipboard. Download Paste for Mac too! – Keep clipboard history and Pinboards in sync on all your devices. – Share snippets with your friends or send it via AirDrop to other devices. Download Paste and supercharge your productivity!

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Paste 2 app reviews

  • I’m Torn 3/5

    By The Razor
    I’ve been a Paste user for years on the Mac and LOVE it. I’ve been a Paste users on iOS since it first came out and I like it, when it works. It appears you have to occasionally open the app for it to remain active in the background. If you go a few days without using it whatever you copied won’t be there when you do go to grab it. Seems like you have to open the app every 2-3 days just to keep it going in the background.
  • Love the app but buggy 1/5

    By typotype
    Still haven’t been able to get the iOS app to work. It’s an essential app on my Mac and would love it if it would sync, right now I’m exploring other options that do what advertised. Hopefully they fix soon and I can change to 5 stars. Update: new fix didn’t change anything, app just crashes without asking for a crash report now. Sync is useless. Still great on the Mac but useless on iOS. Time to find alternative.
  • Can’t store clipboard entries without opening app 2/5

    By gmcc12
    Assumed this would work the same way it does on desktop, but you have to visit the Today Widget or iPad application in order for Paste 2 to capture the contents of your clipboard — sort of defeats the purpose for me.
  • Love It, Buy No iCloud Sync 2/5

    By MrJeffreyGee
    I love this app when it works, but iCloud syncing seems to be broken. I enabled it since I got the app several months ago and I also run the app in the background. I am also running the latest iOS on my iPhone XS Max, but iCloud sync still doesn’t work. Using Paste version 2.1.8 here.
  • Crash reporting constantly 3/5

    By velgor
    The lastest release was supposed to have fixed the spurious crash report prompts, but has only made things worse. Please fix!
  • Crashes so much 5/5

    By LakersFan_Kobe24
    Crashes a lot
  • Finaly, Latest update = Best clipboard manager in the world 5/5

    By Ra-F
    Now i can take back my last critical review on this app! There’s no need to say anything. Just Buy desktop version, download this app and enjoy the best clipboard manager ever made! Thank you for fixing icloud sync issue...
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By RYNSB
    The app used to work flawlessly but recently it doesn’t sync in a consistent manner and it definitely isn’t instantaneous anymore! They really ought to fix this!
  • Sync stopped working 1/5

    By ktnsvm
    Will not sync to iOS anymore...
  • ممتاز 5/5

    By Omani100
    ممتاز وأتمنى تطويرة ليحفظ النسخ الى حدود ال900 عدد المنسوخ فيه وكذلك لأستعادة المنسوخ عبر النسخ الاحتياطي فحالة حذف البرنامج
  • Syncing broken 1/5

    By GodSpeedAhead
    Love the Mac version but the iOS version is useless because it doesn’t sync properly with iCloud. :-(
  • Best utility for the Mac 5/5

    By Alan IOS Fan
    Can’t work on a Mac without this app anymore. First thing I install. Always reliable and masterfully developed.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Kareemnima
    App stop warking past and cupy
  • No syncing! 2/5

    By Lgphotooo
    As other reviewers have stated syncing to your iPhone from your Mac does not work. Worse they take days to respond to support emails and when they do they don’t bother reading what you wrote and just tell you to do exactly what is on the support FAQs of their website. However on the Mac the program works fine as long as you don’t care about syncing across devices. It would be much better though if saved snippets could be edited.
  • Deceptive advertising 1/5

    By Visionist
    I spent $14.99 a few hours ago to buy a version of this program that would work on all my Mac devices. It worked fine going from my iMac to my MacBook, but I’m now on my iPad and they want an additional $4.99 for it to work there too. I would have paid if they had been honest and upfront about the charges.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bigserve99
    Just a really great app. Use it all the time.
  • Crashes way too often 2/5

    By orgitnized
    Like every 3rd operation I perform causes a crash. Have to perform everything on Mac app. Way too unstable.
  • Syncing is too slow 1/5

    By smartmyself
    Could you please improve the speed syncing?
  • Sync doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jasonqqqq
    Tried everything. Too unreliable. Useless feature.
  • Background activity drains lots of battery 1/5

    By DR06
    Just noticed that battery drain for this app is the highest of all the apps in my iPhone and my iPad despite not using it. I’ve disabled the widget to see if that helps but if it doesn’t I’m unistalling.
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By StatikKling
    This app, along with the OSX companion app are invaluable. Seamless integration and easy to use. Easily an everyday use app.
  • Is it something I’m doing? 2/5

    By BillyOK
    This used to work — now it just doesn’t. iCloud Sync is always “Syncing...” but never syncs. When I copy something with background activity enabled, that copy never shows up in paste even though I have every setting activated. (It used to work fine in this respect, so I can’t imagine this is intentional. Lately, and I’m not sure if this is Paste or the increasingly broken-in-surprising-ways iOS 11’s fault, but when I copy or cut text with the intention of pasting elsewhere in the same app without ever leaving that app, I get no option to paste at all. That copied text is just gone. I have to just delete this app and see if that particular problem continues, but even if that one isn’t Paste’s fault, I’m not sure what the point of bringing it back is if the whole point — to sync — isn’t working or continually needs babysitting.
  • Be careful with your passwords! 1/5

    By Vonjfin
    I use Dashlane as my password manager and I just realized that every password I copy shows up in Paste on my iPhone. There is an option to prevent this in Paste for macOS but I just confirmed with the developer that there is no such option for iOS. Nor is there any way to protect Paste on your iPad or iPhone with a password. So every password, whether you copy it on your Mac or your iPhone, will show up in Paste on your iPhone or iPad. Be careful!!
  • Super Useful 5/5

    By SkiingCory
    Love this app. Super useful
  • Too bad it doesn’t taste good. 4/5

    By JaysG!
    Seriously, I’ve hade Paste on my iMac for a while. So glad it was ported over to iOS. Syncing between iMac and iPad is a little one way most of the time. Things I copy on my iPad (cellular) don’t show up on my iMac. My iMac is not always connected to the internet unless I hotspot it with my android phone at 4G. Even then the copied stuff on my iPad showing up on my iMac is spotty no matter what was copied. The other way around is good though. Even graphics. I’m not sure if it’s the oddball android in the mix. When I sell a kidney and buy an iPhone X, I’ll let you know the results.
  • PASTE 5/5

    By AirmaleDL
  • Productivity Users Dream 5/5

    By iPadDad1
    Brilliant for iPad productivity users!
  • iCloud Sync on iPad will not unlock 1/5

    By Macdrifter
    Unfortunately, the iPad app will not restore purchase (made on iPhone) or allow another purchase. This means no iCloud sync between iPad Pro and anywhere else. I can not recommend this app without syncing when compared to alternatives.
  • Requires 2nd purchase 1/5

    By Thomas_Mack
    Not free as advertised.
  • Has this really game-changing bug 2/5

    By BenzNg
    Would have been a really great app, if it wasn’t for this bug that keeps happening to my device. Whenever I try to pin a note from clipboard history to another section, after I confirm it, the screen goes completely white every single time and I cannot use the screen anymore. I have to exit out of the app then open it up again EVERY SINGLE TIME, which gets tiring and annoying. Please fix this bug.
  • This program is used by the hacker and didn't let purchased and I don't know how it came 1/5

    By jalalalrajhi
    هذا برنامج يستخدمه الهاكر للولوج لقاعدة البيانات ولا اعرف كيف تم شراؤه
  • This is a VERY GOOD App to Have on ANY iDevice! 4/5

    By Hardcore Trek Tek
    Haven’t been using this app too long, but so far I am REALLY liking this app! I will update and add to my review, in a while, once I really start making use of this app more. So far, though, I like how this app works and like how easily it has integrated into iOS and all of my apps. Wonderful app and concept. I would like to see a few more options for the length of time to save clipboard clips/snippets. Like a 3 month and 6 month option. Those would be fine for those that don't want to keep text clips forever, but would like to keep them longer than just one month! Very Good app!
  • Paste fills a long-standing need 5/5

    By Scruffy_Dog
    In the past I've had to paste a bunch of related items into an email on my Mac, then send it to myself, then retrieve and use them on my iPad. Paste for iPad and Mac is a terrific way to handle stacked clipboard items. Thank you, Dmitry!
  • I don’t know what this does :-( 1/5

    By A.Kinng
    First the developer need to define this app. It’s a... 1. Clipboard’s clips/snippets storage that can be sync in the icloud? Or 2. Usable clipboard on demand that sync your clips/snippets in the iCloud? I have the app on my Mac and the clips/snippets are right there where I needed. It seems this is just a clips/snippets storage that I can use at my mac or other devices but it’s not right there at your fingertips. I thought I was asking for the impossible but a friend told me about Clips and it let me search my clips right where I am inside my keyboard! Why can’t Paste do that?!?! It’s getting annoying going back and forth to the today screen to select the clip and then go to the document to paste it! Are you for real?
  • Handy in some cases 3/5

    By Mac Archer
    Single issue here is I have to open app every time I want to keep copying a lot. It saves all the things I'm clipboard. I like it;
  • Doesn’t copy so I can’t paste 2/5

    By JupiterN
    I’m at a loss of how to get this app to work. I copy plenty to the clipboard but nothing is saved to the paste app. Is there a setup step I’m missing?
  • Love Paste 5/5

    By the_doob
    It's my go to on the Mac. Unfortunately, the iOS version only rarely saves the clipboard. And why no iPad support???
  • About widget 3/5

    By Sylarchang
    1. The font size in widget is too big. 2. The widget shows everything but I don’t need the file history synced from Mac. There should be a filter setting to show only texts or pics in clipboard. Thanks
  • Killer app 5/5

    By Bazzzile
    It’s a great app considering it’s still very new on iOS. Down the line I would love to see more options for managing clipboards with the widget, the ability to change the interface to a dark mode, and the ability to edit previous copied text. Other than that, great app and the syncing is consistent.
  • Very well excecuted 5/5

    By HappyListener123
    Very nice experience for using the iPhone and Mac app.
  • Where is iPad version? 3/5

    By rtteachr
    Paste is fantastic on my Mac and I was excited to see this for iOS. The ability to have the multiple clipboards on my iOS device and have it sync with my Mac is great. However, this is an app the screams iPad. It needs to be on the iPad. I will rarely use it on my phone, but would constantly use it on my iPad. Yes, I can download the iPhone verson for the iPad, but I would love to see a native version.
  • No iPad support? 3/5

    By scottjl
    I have been using Paste on my Mac for years, my favorite clip manager. I was very excited to see the release for iOS, but disheartened to see there is no iPad support! I would have been willing to pay for an iOS version if it included iPad support, while Paste is nice on the iPhone, it just isn’t what I need. 😞
  • Still not optimized for iPad 3/5

    By geostant
    Still cannot use in landscape mode on iPad. With iPad Pro being pushed as replacement for laptops, this program should be Abel to be used in both portrait as well as landscape mode.
  • It doesn’t sync with desktop 2/5

    By adamwhiteley
    Been using paste for Mac for more than a year and love it so excited to use this version but I can’t get it to sync over iCloud. I've followed the help docs on the website but even after resetting my iCloud cache it’s still not syncing !!
  • What a fantastic addition to the mac app 5/5

    By Jaghond
    This is just amazing. The Paste mac app is one of my favourite and most used apps. And now my clipboard extends to my iPhone. For free. What! Love it! I would love to see a Paste keyboard to quickly access pinned items via an in app purchase.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Li3mr
    I really love it!
  • Yeah! 5/5

    By OrthoDaniel
    Finally it comes! Couldn’t wait to try it.
  • Really awesome 5/5

    By ciak2009
    Killer Mac app now on iOS!
  • App beautiful 5/5

    By +(Baron*12)+
    This app is beautifully forwards

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