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Paste by WeTransfer

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  • Current Version: 1.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WeTransfer BV
  • Compatibility: Android
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Paste by WeTransfer App

Meet Paste, your dedicated slide designer. From aligning the content on your slides to aligning everyone on your team, Paste multitasks so you can focus on what’s important—your ideas. BEAUTIFUL SLIDES IN SECONDS Drop in (literally) anything, then let Paste take care of the formatting. Reactive slides snap everything into place to make your ideas look good in real-time. WORKS THE WAY YOU WORK Add your work and Paste turns it into a beautiful preview. Then edit or play your GIFs, videos, Figma files, PDFs, Google Sheets and Docs, et cetera right from your slide. SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE View one slide at a time or everything in one place. Map out the story however you like by easily moving slides around with a simple drag and drop. MADE TO BE MADE TOGETHER View and edit slides together across time zones, locations, and roles. Easily assign slides to your teammates, share feedback with comments, and show your appreciation with reactions. SLIDES WORTH SHARING Keep everyone up to speed with the latest version. Present your deck, share a link, or download as a PDF, you decide how to share your work. PASTE ON DESKTOP Get all of the power of the mobile app and more on any computer by visiting PRICING Paste is free to use for as long as you need it. Upgrade to get access to more features. For the quickest response to support or feedback, please contact us directly at [email protected]

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Paste by WeTransfer app reviews

  • useless 1/5

    By Pete from mhd
    This app does not work as advertised for me. I’m on an iPad Air 4th gen. It’s very glitchy. Does not play well with the keyboard or the pencil.
  • Crashed right away 1/5

    By Saraa_SJ
    What gives?
  • We transfer 2/5

    By L🎶😎👀
    I can not get my video file in we transfer.
  • This is buggy 1/5

    By MSD1282
    I like this app for refining an idea and sharing with others. It’s got some bugs with using. The typing and layout bugs with using bullet points doesn’t maintain the alignment and changes when it saves the slides.
  • Sign In with Apple 4/5

    By Customer XX
    Why don’t you support Sign In with Apple? Isn’t it required since you offer sign in with Slack and Google?
  • Will steal your money 1/5

    By HunatheTurtle
    This company will charge you but then not give services or later resell you the same service. Be warned. Great packaging and marketing. In the end buy only if you have the extra cash to throw away
  • multimedia 5/5

    By hullygullygirl
    Paste is awesome! Love it😍
  • Good app 4/5

    By Hmr5
    But, why does not allow you add your photos after a few times?
  • One of my main tools! (Pro tip included) 5/5

    By Mr..Dessert
    I love paste app!!! It’s so versatile here is a list of what I use it for: - Projects, every time I make a project I create a paste for it. I also store small project files in the paste boards. - My portfolio, i used to get so caught up in working in making my portfolio it’s self, but I wasn’t concentrating on the content it’s self. Paste app let’s me focus. - Gathering research - Music: ukulele studying, every time I want to learn a song, i make a slide for the song, I open the YouTube video screenshot the tabs and paste it, I paste in the YouTube video, which embeds it (so I don’t have to even go to YouTube which is awesome), and I also paste the lyrics. - Bookmarks, I have removed the links from my bookmark bar and replaced them with paste app boards. This is such a great fix for bookmarks. Here is what I don’t use it for: - Presentations. Google slides is still the best in my opinion because it’s made specifically for that. The reason paste works well is it’s simplicity. pro tip: once you learn how to copy to clipboard on you computer, the true power of this app is unlocked, because you can quickly capture any image on you computer, open up a bookmarked paste page, and press command-V, and presto! You’ve inserted an image in under 10 seconds. It’s actually much faster to screenshot an image on the internet to clipboard and paste it, than to download the image to downloads, open downloads, then drag it into paste, which takes about 40 seconds.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Raiyan120
    This app is really good. But recently I found that the app tends to crash after a certain period of time in my iPad Mini.
  • I’m in love... 5/5

    By MasoudKnows
    This app is by far theeeee greatest piece of presentation software ever. So slick, easy to use and simple. Blows google slides and PowerPoint out of the water. If you’re looking for an awesome presentation app for your pitch deck, product roadmaps, and overall team meetings...this is it. THREE THINGS I WOULD SUGGEST PUSHING FOR THE PASTE TEAM: - Edit, Delete Comments :) - Text column format - Android app (just makes sense)
  • Great idea, but Paste won’t let me paste 2/5

    By dernhelm7
    This app is pretty decent, but I literally can’t do the main thing they advertise—I can’t copy and paste an image. Sure, I can export and import, but that’s two multi-step steps that cut-and-paste was created to avoid! What’s the point of this app then? A pretty interface?
  • Not Working 2/5

    By champagne mami 💖
    It’s preventing me from creating a new deck. Loved the look of the app just wish it worked.
  • Could use some new features... 4/5

    By ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    I personally find Paste very helpful in my daily life. I am able to use it for business/academic reasons, and also in personal daily life(not what it’s meant for but hey, it works). It has a great, minimalistic design that is appealing, and a very simple, user-friendly interface. I have a few suggestions to make Paste even better though. 1) I think paste should have an option where you can insert a chart/graph. I work with these a lot and would prefer to be able to do them in the app/website, instead of creating it somewhere else then transferring it to Paste. 2) There should be settings built into the app. Whenever I want to change the colors, it takes me to a separate web page where I can edit the settings. But, I have to completely close the app for those changes to register. Adding a settings options would be a lot more efficient. Other than that great app! I would definitely recommend it to others!
  • Love Paste! 5/5

    By BAR112
    Update: Thanks for the beautiful and professional Unsplash photos! Very helpful to add inspiration to my boards. Previous: Thanks for the new fonts! I love how the app beautifies my text and photos automatically with just the right background. Such a great way to create cards and boards for sharing with teams. I use it personally to organize my screenshots and other miscellaneous notes. Can’t wait for Search feature, which developers said (a long time ago) is forthcoming...
  • One of my favorite apps 5/5

    By AyFiDesign
    Great app to organize everything you find worth it online. Great for customers/employees presentations.
  • Not optimized for iPhone 4/5

    By J Liatis
    UI not optimized for iPhone and it’s very noticeable.
  • Pencil support 3/5

    By Mttt93
    I wish you could write in this app instead of having to transfer from another app. I love the idea of paste but having to switch apps a lot makes us a little iffy to use it.
  • I loved ’Paper’ app like ’Paste’ just not sure what to do with it? 3/5

    By Mom of 5 designs
    I absolutely know that ’Paste’ is not the same app as Paper 53, so there's no confusion there. What I'm having a problem with, is I'm an artist and writer, and as much as I open Paste up...i don't know what I'm doing⁉️ I read all the reviews for the first time and it seems like it's used a lot by ’teams’-I’m assuming using storyboards for group ideas or advertising, etc. Is there anyone or even support that can help me figure out what to do with my writing & art? Other then that I can drag photos to make a slide show...but I can do that on an iPhone anyway. HELP..I want to utilize Paste for what it's been designed for, but I'm completely confused❓ Thank you
  • I love the idea of this app. 3/5

    By Jordunit
    The automatic scaling usually works for me and I’m super in favor of the simple to use “decks” but I just wish it was as good as the online version. It feels like the forgotten WeTransfer product right now as it’s still extremely limited compared to the online version. I would love to be able to choose where the main image should be through the layout options. I also wish It would look the same on iPad as it does on Mac but due to those limitations you never know what to expect and you can’t consistently share the deck with your team as not everyone sees the same layout. Also some other things that I feel are necessary additions are the switching between teams in iOS app, and a generic account page. Again, you did a lot of good things here, I just don’t want it to get lost in the pack.
  • An absolute delight 5/5

    By taybartholomew
    An app built with care!
  • Horrible UX 1/5

    By rrrtist
    Who designed this? Paper by 53 was an outstanding app, but this is useless. So very sad because I spent money and am deleting because of the terrible UX design.
  • Nice 5/5

    By jenkijh
  • One of the top 3 most Useful Apps EVER 5/5

    By careylea
    I try - and buy a lot of apps. 100s every year. Especially ones geared towards photography journaling & marketing. I have found my soulmate. ❤️
  • Offline access 4/5

    By Vera Aimée
    I really enjoyed this app, since this is exactly what I was searching for, and thankfully found. Apart from few minor bugs, my only considerable suggestion/complain it is that it should be a way to visualise everything offline, since personally my main use is to past art and write about it as references, thus creating my own work. An then sometimes it is just useless since very often I am in places where there is no connection to any internet at all, and I want to see and use the app, it feels very frustrating; it would be very nice if you guys could find a way to make this possible. But again, thank you very much for this application, it is perfect for I was aiming for! Hope you guys can grow even more, rooting for y'all!
  • Wish this worked 2/5

    By mouldy1234
    I really want to use this app but it just doesn’t work. Drawing in app is impossible and the countless simple bugs makes this app unusable.
  • Requires a sign-in 2/5

    By --**
    Another app that requires an account just to use. 👎👎 will not use.
  • Offline work is need 3/5

    By Scorch S
    This app cannot see or edit anything without internet. Most of the time I’m working on the plane. Please make the app work offline and sync with server later.
  • Great Concept, Desperately Needs Polish 4/5

    By BlahBlahMeatball
    There are some breakthrough simplifications here in terms of what a presentation tool can be. It just needs to get over a couple of humps to be truly great: The implementation is so engineering driven and blocked by its own architecture that the experience suffers. Offline caching is terrible and everything feels more like a web app than a native app (especially compared to the quality of native apps 53 produces otherwise). Loading indicators are pervasive. States are lost at every corner. The navigational concept is nice and simple (although not yet perfect). The real problem, again, is the implementation. Availability and presentation of data and possible navigational routes are clearly being driven by the speed of data coming down on some real time framework, rather than by an interaction designer who tried to guide users through the various transitions. The UI is simply not fluid enough for a user to truly engage in as natural a way as the clever simplifications would otherwise elicit. Simple animations like fades show jarring dropped frames or badly adjusted inputs that cause a mere dive into a detail view to destroy the veil of simplicity and remind the user of the technological nature of their task. Not everything is an engineering problem. Certain interactions feel more like MS Office rather than the elegant abstractions Paper managed to find. Paste does not live up to 53’s reputation. Yet. It will be fantastic when it does.
  • Exactly what I was looking for 4/5

    By DBSYR
    I love having this open on my iPad Pro 12.9. I just open Safari then Paste in split screen and I can Easily keep my thoughts organized just by dragging and dropping photos, text, limks, etc. So simple. I would like to see a more aesthetically pleasing Deck page. It deserves some love which would help streamline the process. But thank you for a great app!!
  • Present like a star 5/5

    By Scott Olsen
    Great design. Easy to create.
  • I really want to like this app, but... 2/5

    By saminec
    I am getting some of the strangest bugs repeatedly, and inconsistently. Trying to change the shape of photos, the layout of the slide, or the background color results in changing these things on OTHER slides, instead of the one I’m editing. Sometimes it changes slides ahead, sometimes slides behind. On other slides, it works as intended and edits the current slide. I see a lot of potential in this app, but unfortunately I can’t spend more than half of my time fighting with these bugs when I need to be producing content instead.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Allcitie
  • Creatively Fun! 5/5

    By Mark Nosrati
    This is definitely my new favorite app to create fun and engaging content.
  • New update crashes and support hasn’t been helpful 2/5

    By joshmwalz
    I can’t use the app because every time I try to click into a board it crashes. I got a lovely developer response after my last comment about the bug, they gave me an email and told me to report the bug. Unfortunately the email went to an IT team from a different company who had no idea what I was talking about.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By mryon
    I use 53paper professionally and personal use but Paste has no functional value
  • “Account” needed 1/5

    By MojoBoy
    One more app that requires you to have an “account!” to use it! Getting so tired of this! (and it is not a matter of cost - will gladly pay for something I like and use).
  • The simple things make this work 4/5

    By AngieMcFarlane
    It may seem like a small detail, but I freaking love that I can type in landscape mode in this app. I can never understand developers who assume everyone wants things to be in portrait mode all the time. The only time the visuals were off in landscape mode so far for me was the initial account creation and verification link. Since you only have to do that once, it’s not a big deal. Easily using landscape mode and seamlessly switching from portrait to landscape and back again is far and away my favorite thing about this app. My second favorite thing is the ability to paste videos from your phone into a slide; so many other apps I have looked at or tried just do pictures. My third favorite thing is the ability to drag and drop slides to rearrange them. My fourth favorite thing is that it is free. It may prove to be so useful that I will upgrade for unlimited number of “decks”, but until then, I am very happy that I did not need to pay to take a gamble on a new app. I am sure there are more features I have not discovered yet, as I have just started using this app, but so far it does everything that I was looking for it to do. Update: It is still very good, but I changed it from five to four stars because I don’t see a way to drag content around to reorder within each slide. Between slides is still very easy drag-and-drop rearranging, but it seems like content within each slide is stuck in whatever order you upload it. Also, I get that they want to make it available on all your devices, etc., but when I paste a video from my phone, it shouldn’t take forever to reload to view it when I go back and look at that slide on my phone. Only pull from the online saved file if I no longer have that video on my phone or if I am no longer on my phone but on a different device. There has to be a way to make the app recognize if access to the original file is available or not, and to choose the direct option whenever possible because it will be faster. Still a very good app though and I still would recommend it.
  • It’s annoying 3/5

    By Boo346846
    This app crashes way too much. This started right after they redesigned this whole app a few months ago.
  • Rarely works the same way twice. 5/5

    By curiousyellow
    When it works, I really love it. Problem is, it keeps signing me out, and when I try to sign in again it forces me to create a new account. Then I can't access the old account. On Safari I keep getting error messages. Very frustrating.
  • Horrible renders 2/5

    By Tekart
    Perhaps not intended for high quality images but I find horrible color banding, especially in illustrated gradients.
  • Can’t sign in 5/5

    By Dammitryan
    This is wack. I can’t sign in and make a deck. 👎👎
  • Perfect for our team 5/5

    By Ilovegreatfood
    It’s so simple to create something great, but also quickly. You just drag and drop, that’s it! Best collaboration tool ever, and it’ll not be the one you spend the most time on, it disappears in your workflow, but certainly you can’t live without it.
  • Uninstalled with Sadness 2/5

    By sjrdragon
    I have been using Paper for years. The last update eliminated functionality trying to propagate Paste as new overlay functional UI. I gave it a try. Sadly the trade off leaves user desiring OLD paper. Looking now for a replacement for 53, one of my long time favorites.
  • 53 - Transparency Would Be Good! 1/5

    By Milhealth
    Appears to be a beautiful app ... however, very disappointed w/lack of transparency. If you want to charge a monthly fee to use your app/service ... fine, your prerogative BUT at least include that in your app description or on the Paste website. Deleting app.
  • Just another inflexible lock-in tool 2/5

    By Quark Gluon Plasma
    It's pretty typical: All you have to do is commit all of your collaborators to use the tool and only the tool, on the supported platforms, and your life will be great. Oh, it will be sooo good. Oh, only on iOS. Hm? I see no future for this app.
  • Presentations for modern teams. 5/5

    By shawnwpetersen
    Paste lets my team view a deck as a storyboard, rearrange slides, so my team tell a story in a snap. It’s simple, web based, allows all modern file types, super beautiful automation giving my team a powerful space to build ideas into meaningful stories.
  • A presentation tool you won’t hate using… 5/5

    By asallen
    Paste had become a key part of my team’s collaborative workflow alongside Slack! There is nothing else that makes sharing and gathering feedback on work so fast and elegant.
  • Terrible on boarding 2/5

    By Boogman2
    The app is pretty much useless without creating an account or give 53 access to data from your org’s slack instance. Hells no. The excessive step by step description of how to use the app is an indication of the cumbersome workflows involved. Deleted shortly after that.