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Patreon App

Hi, we’re Patreon. We believe people who make things should get paid for the value they give to the world. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Fans pay creators of all kinds a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences and behind-the-scenes content. Creators get a meaningful revenue stream and fans get closer to the creators they love most. We think that’s the definition of a win-win. Patreon’s iPhone app brings creators and fans together like never before. FANS & PATRONS * Stay up to date on the latest from the creators you support * Discover and follow new creators * Interact with your favorite creators in real-time when they host live chats CREATORS * Create and share new content with your patrons * Leave comments and replies on your posts, including photo comments * Build a long-term relationship with your fans with actionable insights. Ready to get started? Visit to make it happen.

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Patreon app reviews

  • Crashes 1/5

    By Waterninjafrog
    I don’t understand how this app is rated so high it doesn’t even work It crashes every single time I try to launch it
  • No editing 2/5

    By Mike$25
    What is the point of creating an app, you can’t edit the site from!?
  • Lag when full screening 4/5

    By patreonexact
    When you change from regular screen to full screen it lags but besides that it’s pretty good.
  • Did it get worse? 1/5

    By alayy
    I just started using this app again and it’s trash. I can’t access my downloaded podcasts. And the player keeps glitching and skipping to the end of the cast. And the play/ pause button doesn’t work anymore?? I don’t remember the app sucking this much before?
  • Never updates quickly 1/5

    By PhDpoor
    I subscribe to two podcast feeds and they never update when the new episodes are released. They might a week later but my Apple podcast feed updates first every time so I’ll listen with commercials. If there was another way to subscribe to my podcasts, I would. The app itself is useable but could use improvements. I’m confused about how the feed is organized and it’s tricky to rearrange the feed beyond date or episode. I wish the search feature worked better. Sometimes things are marked played when they shouldn’t be and other times not. Sometimes I can’t pick back up where I left off. It’s endlessly frustrating.
  • LoveLoveLove 5/5

    By Carmencita22
    We listen every night! My 9 year old says he really enjoys your Patreon and he really hopes the next story is about a theme park. The only improvement I would make is to make it easier to search for specific episodes. Thank you!!
  • Tooth and Claw 5/5

    By ca567girl
    Awesome podcast!!!! Love these guys! Informative and also funny!
  • a waste of storage space 1/5

    By Hxixoocotoyd
    Takes forever to even log in and always crash everytime I use it. My phone is up to date, it should be working but its not.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By Powerkor
    How does this get passed QA and testing? Random crashes, often right after open plus You cannot edit a post you search for, you have to manually scroll to find it and even then it’s iffy. App quality is on the downhill for a while now
  • Just not good 2/5

    By sojanked
    I love being a Patreon for podcasts that I want to support but this app is so clunky. I wish they didn’t use Patreon and they would opt for another platform but here we are. There’s just no way to organize or sort, sometimes the audio just doesn’t work. Overall I’m not happy but I bear with it to listen to my favorite podcast.
  • App is trash and hurts creators by being trash. 1/5

    By highvoltagecat
    All the positive reviews of this app are ppl who think they’re reviewing creators’ patreons 🙄 Please make the app better. It’s embarrassingly bad.
  • Bad since last months multi updates 1/5

    By PrettyLykeDrugs
    Downloads either wont download or delete so you can’t keep track & so many pod names to join are not searchable and shadow banned for no reason
  • Love the app 4/5

    By JamiesLife
    It’s a pretty seamless experience and I love that the news feed combines posts of all the creators I follow. I would love to have a widget in a future update.
  • The website is much better 3/5

    By jjarrell
    I enjoy having the app but the website works so much better and has a better interface. The app won’t allow me to filter old posts or set them in order of oldest to newest like the website will. Also I have noticed with certain creators that you can only go back so far on their content on the app but on the website you can see all their old content.
  • Crashing lately 5/5

    By Laheee
    Crashing lately. Fix it asap
  • 💎💎💎 4/5

    By Dmassey2019
    I’m loving the information I’m gaining from it. Still learning the set up but everything else is well 🥰
  • Great content, poor app. 1/5

    By ND2590
    Most of the time, when I click play to start an episode, it doesn’t actually play. There doesn’t seem to be a way to sort by oldest to newest. Very very glitchy, and while I love the content, the difficult to use app is a huge damper.
  • Don’t wait!! Join today! 5/5

    By bvankn
    I’m so glad I joined!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By olympius66
    I’m glad to use Patreon so I can support the content creators but I find the usability of this app very frustrating. I can’t easily find episodes I’m looking for, and I have to search for the next podcast episode rather than it just playing what’s next. The app crashes a fair amount and then I have to search all over again.
  • App crashes when loading posts 1/5

    By Danny D brazz
    I used to like the app a whole but recently I have seen it crash a whole lot. Specifically just loading up posts from a creator I subscribe to. Please fix it soon or I’ll probably just have to move on.
  • Jason Ellis show! 5/5

    By Tmo1087
    Best show on the air!
  • Wonderful app for creators 5/5

    By Anastasiia Gaidak
    I enjoy it so much!
  • That’s all 2/5

    By Sadplayer1975
    All I want to do is listen to my podcasts that I support while I’m driving at work and this app makes that so painful. Please have it rebuilt from the ground up by someone or some team that knows what they’re doing.
  • Great! But… 3/5

    By 👽👾Bella👾👽
    The app functions, but it’s extremely slow to load and has many bugs or glitches that are irritating. Not being able to go to your account and see what posts you’ve liked (like you can on the website) is also pretty annoying.
  • great service, awful app 2/5

    By CAC8O
    love patreon and supporting specific creators but this app has to be one of the most poorly functioning, non user friendly app i have ever encountered
  • Yaboy roshi 5/5

    By Ramone Moore
    Dis the one person I watch on here so thank him not me but I would like sum too but it’s good
  • A little bit of confidence in artistic merit can go a long way 5/5

    By sh!t_gong
    Whenever it’s decided that one is pursuing Ginuwine literary merit of a solid and at least authentically vetted workspace… Them one nose one is in pursue of that genuine greatness in which one recognizes the ultimate objective in the grand pursuit of the craft
  • Best way to support content creators 5/5

    By veemoo1911
    If you can afford it love it awesome very helpful
  • Great for staying connected to a community with same interests 4/5

    By Psalm 27:14
    I love Patreon for the ability to connect to people all over who have similar interests. I use it for movie reactions and it really helped me through the worst of lockdown and all the uncertainty. Now I still keep up with it, and it just feels like a breath of fresh air. Weather I’m just looking for something to watch for the evening or really following my subscriptions for specific content, it’s really nice to interact and chitchat over movies (or any thing) I love.
  • View comments and watch content 1/5

    By i_ZiGGY
    We should be able to view the comments and view content simultaneously, similar to YouTube.
  • Shouldn't be this buggy 3/5

    By eggmaster
    It's a very simple app, it displays subscribed media content (for me this is podcasts). But there are several bugs that are frankly unacceptable for an app of this prominence. This is just what I've noticed, I'm sure there's more: · Doesn't sync my place in an episode across devices · Allows my phone to "forget" what's been playing if it's paused for a while so I can't just play from the lock screen · Links in episode descriptions don't have a long-press menu (can't copy links/open in chrome/etc) It seems like a great service for content creators but Spotify is so much nicer to use.
  • Are you Gary??? 5/5

    By mr Mcdealz
    Are you garbage is the best !!!!!!$10 homie
  • Don’t get it you want to listen regularly 2/5

    By addisonpaige1233
    Got this app to support one of my favorite creators. I’m lucky if I can listen to a full episode before it crashes or pauses unexpectedly. Oh, and heaven help you if you want to pause and come back to it a day later. Doesn’t save your place in episodes, can’t read comments without leaving one most of the time: oh! And you can’t search for specific episodes without typing in the entire episode name exactly how it is, or it will tell you “try something new.” Garbage.
  • Need to cater to 3D artist and stl 3/5

    By The Gootch
    Patreon hides photos, but they need to give the option to hide attached files. For 3D artist that make stl’s to give to their sub’s, potential backers have no idea what they do unless they look on a different platform. Simple enough is to give those creators the option to allow their photos to be seen while locking down the ability for non-subs to download the offered files.
  • Fix it 1/5

    None of the images load on the app for me. It’s not a connection issue so it’s probably on your end. Fix it
  • User experience could be improved 3/5

    By Dylfoot
    I downloaded the app but end up using the browser version more because: The app crashes often, It’s not intuitive to find my creators, My creator’s pinned posts aren’t pinned in the app. The feed should have filtering options.
  • Fix apple airplay 1/5

    By Coop314
    For app you have to pay for content you’d think they’d care to fix their app
  • Doesn’t save place 3/5

    By Kjmason
    Speed of download is great only complaint is app does not save where you left off in the download. Now you can’t even fast forward. Starts at beginning of episode every time. Needs a massive update.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By BVB_ARMY_4EVER_<3
    I subscribed successfully to the one podcast I wanted to listen to on this app but the app does not allow me to listen to anything. It always says that it’s “failed”. I can listen on my laptop on the website no problem but otherwise it’s not possible. I also cannot see my podcast unless I look it up because it says that I’m not subscribed to anything which obviously isn’t true. As I’m writing this I am receiving notifications and emails for episodes that have been uploaded to Spotify for days already and yet I am just now seeing them on the app that allows ad-free.
  • Great concept, poor execution 2/5

    By Kittykat2727
    I’m so happy to be a patron of the podcasts I love, but accessing their content is so difficult. 1. There’s no way (that I’ve been able to find) to separate feeds of the podcasts I patronize by individual podcast without going first to my membership tab. 2. Can only sort by “posts” and “audio,” no option to sort oldest to newest, newest to oldest, etc. 3. When I’m playing an episode, the progress bar in the feed does some crazy skipping around, changing the total time of the episode from 10 minutes to 25 hours to 4 hours (?!) 4. Can’t adjust time to skip ahead/go back, they’re both only 15 seconds. 5. When iPhone is locked, I’m unable to play from Lock Screen. I have to unlock phone, navigate to app, and play from there. 6. When I’m listening to an older episode and I open the app, it automatically goes to the newest posts so I have to navigate down almost every time I want to listen to the next episode in the list. 6. No option to go to next episode when on an audio post. 7. No search function on the main feed, have to browse to find what I’m looking for. I realize in the grand scheme of things these aren’t a huge deal, but this is a professional app and I expect professional quality. Certainly there are enough developers working for Patreon to fix these minor kinks and make the user experience infinitely better.
  • Locals? Or Patreon 5/5

    By realbubbavirus
    This is nagwear in use. Hello my friends go get a spliff CD and you’ll lol at time this nagware cirrus hits you Derekhunterpodcast greenhouse smeegoan bubbavirus masket ghangha farmer
  • Only here for the JBP 5/5

    By ImsoZaleous
    Only have Patreon because of the JBP.
  • Font size 4/5

    By FidgetMonkey
    Okay look, I read Patreon on my iPad which is understandably formatted differently then it would be on a computer. This includes the size of the font. Everything on patreon is amazing, the creators, content, format, but the font size is so unbelievably small it makes it difficult to read sometimes. So all I ask is that you add in a feature so that readers can change the font size of the content that they read. Seriously, some people might have vision problems and need a larger font size so they can read.
  • Overall enjoyable 3/5

    By Savvy Nightfox
    My main complaint is I can’t find creators within the app of the main search bar. I have to subscribe online and then switch to the app. It’s inconvenient, but it works
  • Terrible 1/5

    By TeaganJai
    Worst app on my iPhone. Locks up and crashes constantly to the point it is unusable. I have followed their support directions, but that does not help. Need to find developers that know what they are doing.
  • Poor implementation: use web instead 1/5

    By Stropht
    A simple comparison in terms of layout & ease of use should convince that the web version is superior to this iPad app.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Tsulliv3
    Really laggy feed, I have to restart the app for episodes to start, sometimes podcasts aren’t in the same place I left them and I have to reposted to half of it. Stupid problems to have just annoying.
  • Verification process is a nightmare 1/5

    By Bread Pirate
    Why do they use a Rube Goldberg verification system. What a joke of an app.
  • I can’t find where I left off 4/5

    By ColinXD
    It takes forever to find the episode I left off on when I’m trying to listen back episode by episode.

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