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Paychex Flex

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  • Current Version: 6.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Paychex, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Paychex Flex App

The Paychex Flex app can be used by previously registered Paychex Flex ( users. Paychex Flex keeps employers and employees connected to the most vital payroll and benefits features. Available features will vary and are dependent upon your company's plan options. EMPLOYERS Touch ID and Face ID authentication Submit payroll - Enter, review, and submit on the go. - Resume payrolls started on your tablet or desktop. Access vital information - All reports, including payroll reports and cash requirements. - Employee check stubs and tax documents. - Employee profiles, compensation, taxes, deductions, and time-off balances. - Retirement plan balances, participation rates, and employee eligibility. - Health and benefits carrier information and member guides. - Health and benefits employee enrollment and election information. EMPLOYEES Touch ID and Face ID authentication Access vital information - Check stubs and W2s. - Retirement balances, contributions, returns, and loans. - Update retirement contributions and investments. - Profile, compensation, taxes, deductions, and time-off balances. - Health, dental, and life insurance benefit details, deductions, and contact information. - FSA contributions, balances, claim, and reimbursement activity.

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Paychex Flex app reviews

  • Awesome! 5/5

    By bama girl1999
    I can upload and print my check stud without having to wait days to get it.
  • Reseña 1 5/5

    By luiserojas
    Es muy practica y sencilla de utilizar, te brinda la información completa y precisa con todos los detalles
  • Love it 5/5

    Super informative and easy to use!

    By Fairy4eal
    As an employee, I highly recommend Paychex Flex to employers. Never before have I or fellow employees had such ease of access and prompt availability to our pay stubs. To have ready access gives us the ability to address errors and get corrections in a prompt and timely manner. On behalf of all employees served, THANK YOU!
  • Review 5/5

    By JAYWAYNE714
    Very useful and convenient.
  • No one will help! 1/5

    By DMS-Dissatisfied!
    My flex spending account has money in it but every transaction has been declined! I have talked to three different people in three days and all three have either said a supervisor will call me back, they will fix the situation or they will put a supervisor on the phone and none of the above has happened. What good does having money in my account do when I can’t get my prescriptions! I’m running out of my medications. I even switched pharmacies since they said the original pharmacy was out of Network! I will keep posting negative reviews daily until my problem is fixed!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By degunter97
    The company I work for, recently switched over to this new app. Well for one, I have an iPhone so it’s almost impossible to do anything on it anyway. Now my next issue is the fact that I was sent a message saying that my paystub information was available to view. I go to look and I have no paystub. Nothing. I never got payed. My bank account is still the same. I personally rely on getting payed on Friday’s so that I can make it to work but this is ridiculous! It’s honestly the worst app I’ve ever had to use.
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By Dawgster57
    I like the east way I can change screens to get important check information
  • Monitoring pay stubs 5/5

    By Samuel Addams
    I use this application often. Great for checking and printing past pay stubs.
  • PayChex 5/5

    By Edmundo80
    Great little app and easy to use.
  • SAD 1/5

    By Tommyglassministries
    I have attempted many time to contact support/customer service to get my account with this company active. My Boss even called them to have my account reset NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. I am so fed up with this.
  • Love Paychex 5/5

    By rose40
    Love Paychex easy to access
  • Not very good 1/5

    By Jrg379
    Not very happy with this app in terms of functioning. It glitches a lot and won’t allow Face ID to work. It makes me enter a verification code every time I login in even though I’ve logged in multiple times AND click “remember me” each time. It also won’t react to when I press a button or will freeze up completely when I try to press one. I do have the latest version of the app and it doesn’t seem to work well.
  • Hate 1/5

    By #Djsamurai
    Hate it, does not work for new iPhones, I’m trying to check my hours and I Can’t see the next page.
  • Digital over Paper 5/5

    By Niki😍
    I appreciate being able to see everything broken down at the tip of my finger. I hate the clutter of paper. This is easier to keep up with.
  • Horrible APP! 1/5

    By dontthinkso#
    This app it’s horrible I have had to contact HR at my job to get it fix bc it will lock me out on its own!!!
  • Grit 5/5

    By Carly Vogel
    I like working at grit and the people here!
  • Incredibly convenient 5/5

    By Davesgrace
    I LOVE that all of my paystubs are stored online, I never have to keep a paper copy, I don’t have to scan and store them, I can refer and compare if needed. This is awesome! The app is easy to use and navigate. I’ve not one thing to complain about so far and I’ve had this for at least 5-6 months. This is an incredible benefit for employees!!
  • Review of app using iPhone 6 3/5

    By metalman120
    I do not understand why a company as large as Paychex cannot have my retirement settings and amount available on my mobile device. Pretty ridiculous from a users point of view.
  • Only one annoying thing 2/5

    By Debbie 1030
    I have an iPad Pro and when I log in I indicate I want to use finger print to unlock and it never saves it. My iPhone, no problem. But the app for the pro keeps turning it off... lets be real, don’t offer and option if it is not an option.. A few months ago it would not let me log in very well on my iPad... so I guess it is getting better....
  • Excellent 5/5

    By jeffreyscottbrock
    The ease of navigation is is quick and enjoyable.
  • Great app 5/5

    By A3bclacey
    So super convenient to be able to get a PDF paystub in maybe 3 clicks! Love it!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By d1340
    Can’t even login.
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By 1 Hot Hand
    This app is great. I have all the information at my finger tips any time I want it.
  • ??? 5/5

    By smgroovy
    To whom it may concern, Happy holidays to all at Paychex! On 12/21/18 my coworker and I consulted with a member at Paychex pertaining to me not having the ‘Human Resources’ (HR) option in order for me to use my vacation/personal days. At the current time, I still don’t have the HR feature, even though the Paychex employee stated; “On my side it says you have it.” In conclusion, several of my coworkers stated as well they don’t have this feature and I was wondering what can I do fix this problem? Respectfully, Sean Dedmon
  • Horrible “direct deposit” 1/5

    By badsthing
    Won’t let me enter my card info for direct deposit. I have to use a “work card” in which I can’t make regular payments with.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By @;@/0-0goqpdnsla
    I hate this app it’s horrible. My job used to use a different one which was way better. The password requirements for this are ridiculous to a point where I forget them and have to re make one every single time. The text code notifications every single time are also ridiculous. It’s very hard to navigate within the app, it’s slow and half my information is unavailable to me and always messed up.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Don2206
    I am happy with the app
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By Watts_Almighty
    The app was great at first up until 2 weeks ago when I couldn’t view my paycheck & I can’t view my paycheck for today either. What’s going on with the app??
  • Perhaps the worst app I’ve dealt with yet online 1/5

    By anonymousfrustrated
    You’ll spend hours chasing passwords getting verification codes in answering security questions all to be locked out anyway. This seems to be a complete waste of time you’ll end up having to call your payroll specialist. Really a disaster.
  • Login broken 1/5

    By SpiffyDean
    It makes me setup Face ID every time I login. I want checking my paystubs to be a quick process but it’s more annoying than anything.
  • Love Paychex 5/5

    By Sandra0517
    This app is easy to use. Simple log in with the opportunity to see all the needed information without hassle.
  • terrible 1/5

    By TM89$
    cant see anything
  • Pay stubs 5/5

    By Cman4tiz
    Best app ever!!!
  • Employee point of you 1/5

    By Best Kids
    Waste of time. This app will not allow you to enter time/attendance using an iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac or Chromebook. I can see everything else, there's no point if I can't enter hours and get paid.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Taneischa
    The app is great. Very efficient. Much appreciated. Removes the clutter of paper, unless you need it, in which case you can print records.
  • Almost completely Non-Functional 1/5

    By OogaBooga42069
    If your employer uses this system, at the most you’ll be able view your paystubs. The non user friendly UI is very confusing to navigate, and seems to host different applications within itself that don’t work on the majority of systems. If you need to see your schedule for work so that you actually show up and get paid and don’t get fired, you are unable to, because that app inside this that employers use for scheduling only seems to work on desktop computers running google chrome. Not even in the proprietary app that I’m reviewing, which Paychex created, or at least is putting their name on. This isn’t mentioned anywhere, so you have to figure it out yourself apparently. Combine that with the stringent password requirements and the never ending mandatory text confirmations to access the app, it’s pretty pointless, and has cheated me out of money I should have earned.
  • Nothing but trouble 1/5

    By Lisante
    I am so irritated that my company switched to this service. It's annoying and problematic. Ever since I've signed up it's been one glitch after the other. I use the same device to log in and now it won't log me in yet every time I attempt to it sends me a temporary verification log in code - to my own account - BUT WONT LOG ME IN! Plus, there's no way to get anything resolved or any help. What's the point?
  • Used to work 2/5

    By reece8487
    This app used to work, allowing me to clock in and out instead of on their other Paychex time app (never works) but I’m not sure if something changed. Now when I go to clock in or out it doesn’t work or it doesn’t recognize my login. I can only now clock in and out on my computer. Just frustrating because I’m out and about for my job and need the ability to clock in and out on the go.
  • Check Stubs 5/5

    By chris guerr astros
    Easy to use. Quick easy and to the point.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By chris😕
    This app is great n all has its ups but has sooo many downs. Having to get a new confirmation code each time you log is is extremely annoying and such a hassle. I’ve had to edit my password and other things so many times just to get in to see my schedule it’s really annoying needs so many things to be fixed with all. I’ve had a few times where it wouldn’t let me log in for whatever reason and it keeps happening more.
  • Face ID works on iPhone but not iPad 3/5

    By Tigzola
    I tried logging in on my iPad with Face ID and the app acted like it was working, but kicked men back to the username and password screen. But it works effortlessly on my iPhone.
  • Love Paychex 5/5

    By Pin'r
    Paychex is great! It’s easy to navigate through and edit my information if I need to change anything.
  • Support problem, fix it. 1/5

    By Bulutong Tubig
    I can't log in to my account. I put my birthday correct when I signed up and when I want to change my password, it indicates that my birthday is wrong. How can I fix it? I can't log in, how many days that I'm doing this. I contacted the support team but no one is answering the phone. What kind of system do you have? I am so very disappointed.
  • Terrible technology for larger companies 1/5

    By jimmzz22
    This app was obviously sent overseas for development to the cheapest bid. Only use if you have less than 10 employees. If you have less than 10 employees there are better options. Don’t buy any of there other “services” the HR services are a terrible value a waste of money.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 914073
    It’s very accurate, and everything I need is always updated
  • Ty 5/5

    By srdsrd6969
    Super easy and quick to check
  • App not working 1/5

    By PSS98
    I cannot get a verification code with the app. If I go through a browser I get the verification code. App worked ok with iPhone 6s but not with iPhone 8. Everything is up to date. My specialist can’t help.
  • Not Functional, Unstable, Unintuitive; Broken 1/5

    By Bosscrab
    11/16/18: I cannot see all of the earnings in my employees’ checks. I have been having this issue since the middle of September and Paychex has been non responsive. I have spent several hours on the phone with them. This is basic functionality that should be a top priority for Paychex, but for some reason, it isn’t. 8/29/2017: The app failed to release my payroll and my checks were late. The app reported that the payroll was in progress; however, in fact it wasn't in progress and it also could not be edited, giving the user a false impression that the payroll had been submitted when it was not. 8/23/2017: I cannot view, edit, or even submit a payroll from the ipad app. I was able to submit with the iphone app. This is a big step back from the last version of the Paychex Flex app. The app frequently disconnects, loses data, or worse, stores erroneous data (for example on more than one occasion it has created a second check for an employee). In addition, it is crippled and slow in comparison to the website (for example, you can't modify any employee settings, such as their withholding or pay rates in this app). Missing basic functionality--you can't add a new employee. Instead of wasting time on an IOS app, Paychex should have spent time making its website work with mobile devices like iPads and iPhones. In sum, this app is just plain frustrating. It seems like this app was designed by someone who had never submitted a payroll before. So many extra clicks are needed to accomplish simple tasks. Why is there a two second delay when logging in so that the app can play a fade out between screens--users don't care about aesthetics. They care about functionality, and it is lacking here. I am so disappointed.

Paychex Flex app comments

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