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Paylocity Mobile App

Mobile tools that deliver the data and information employees need are no longer revolutionary—they’re necessary. Modern employees work from more places than just their desks. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and ubiquitous Internet access have created a workforce that wants and expects to access important work functionality and data from anywhere. To use Paylocity Mobile, your company must be a Paylocity customer and you must be an authorized user with Paylocity credentials. Company Code, User Name and Password are required to access the application. Security Role Rights, specific access to the Paylocity Mobile application and content listed below may vary from company to company. What can employees do in the app? - Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go - Punch in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geo-fencing support and historical map views - Access Company Links and acknowledge documents - Stay current on Company News and announcements - Recognize employee achievements with Impressions - Review your Schedules and Timesheets - Receive push notifications when Time Off requests have been approved or checks are available to view - Create and submit expense reports - Create Journal entries - Plus, first-time users see a series of welcome screens to highlight key features What can managers do in the app? - Approve Timesheets Time Off requests instantly - Submit, view, and approve Time Off requests with real-time push notifications - View and approve Impressions badges for direct reports - Review and approve Time Cards - Review and Approve Expense reports - Manage Journal entries for direct reports - Team Schedules option to view their employee schedules -Managers can now quickly add, edit, delete, and reassign shifts from their Team Schedule Security features: - Biometric functions (TouchID and FaceID) are available for secure quick logins - All activities performed will be encrypted and routed safely to secure Paylocity servers. - Sessions will time out if inactive to prevent unauthorized access - Excessive failed login attempts will lock a user account - Paylocity Mobile will not use or transmit any sensitive personal data

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Paylocity Mobile app reviews

  • Great functionality wise, but cluttered 3/5

    By Noah's Rewiew Team
    Great app it feel like there’s too much clutter though and lack of creativity that goes in the app. For what it is though it works.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Irritatedzzzz
    This whole paylocity company thing is horrible. My work switched to it and we always have issues. With paychecks not getting deposited and now hsa funds not being deposited and its been 2 weeks already. When out previous way of payment worked perfectly fine
  • Should be 0 1/5

    By 1997DEW
    Who ever coded this app needs fired. Between the multiple password changes a year and constant bugs I can’t find a single redeeming quality about this app. Also good luck if you forget anything, it’s easier to get ahold of the IRS than my own info on here
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By drafts24
    Not user friendly, it’s hard to find things. And it doesn’t work properly
  • Pay stub 1/5

    By crau62
    Can’t access my own pay stubs. I can log on and get all my other info. But the app says I’m “Not Authorized” to view my pay information.
  • Lame App 1/5

    By kidcharl
    Would rate lower than one star if possible!
  • Overall Great App! 4/5

    By Don Pajamas
    Would give it 5 stars, but there is quite a few times that my co workers and I have trouble even getting the app to open. This problem has improved gradually over time with all the updates that have happened, but almost a year later and its still happening at least 3-4x a week. I am confident that eventually this problem with be fixed indefinitely. But until then, I give this app a 4 ⭐️
  • Vacation hours cheat 1/5

    By jm3517
    Since we left bamboo and started with this Paylocity App it is a total fraud, I lost 40 vacation hours and nobody takes care of.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By ErikaH2019
    Great job with this app. Never have any problems viewing my information.
  • Easy but weaknesses. 2/5

    By Tadefa
    Clock in/ out efficient. But displaying net on pay screen is terrible. We need to compare gross with earned income easily.
  • Needs work 4/5

    By Louie Macias
    The app over all is good but what would make it great would be to add an option to view your hours worked through out your pay period. I hope to see this option on here. Besides that , the app is good.
  • Clock in /out 1/5

    How to clock in and out can’t see that function anymore it was working but now it’s not
  • Convenient App 4/5

    By sydney2854
    Convenient when I want to see paystubs and time off!
  • Use this only if you hate your employees 1/5

    By HiddenWriter22
    I’m a student worker at a college that uses Paylocity, and it basically can’t function, especially if you’re like me and work two jobs that use it. I can’t switch between jobs to clock hours, I can’t approve any of my hours (which is required), and when I requested help I got ignored (that is mostly my college’s fault but regardless). Paylocity should not be so impossible to use that I may not get paid for any of my work.
  • Doesn’t work for most iPhones 1/5

    By billttttttttth
    Doesn’t work for any iPhones here at my workplace
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By bea10182
    Very easy to do my expenses and request time off on app without having to access my computer.
  • Yup 3/5

    By ticcuvsu
    You can’t collect your pay checks, or do it on demand.
  • Great app 5/5

    By usacpo
    I find Paylocity to be extremely easy to use. Everything to do with my time card, approval of my hours, scheduling vacation or personal time, the record of how much time off I have, etc is right at my finger tips. I also can access payroll records and I don’t need to have HR provide information to me-it’s at my fingertips. I love the new updated time card.
  • No way to change password 1/5

    By Sailthai
    The password did not work and no instructions available to change so app became useless.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By bekeng rmsns
    It wouldn’t be bad if half the options didn’t randomly disappear. This week I’m missing the timesheet option so that’s great. Next week who knows, maybe pay will be gone.
  • Really easy to find everything 5/5

    By MxrcoChxvez
    This is probably the best HR app I’ve ever used before. I personally prefer it over previous employers’ applications.
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Bihjhon88
    So easy to use and the app is so convenient to all ways have my schedule and pay history right at my fingertips
  • Faulty 1/5

    By IamYoYoSantos
    My temp agency is using this now and I need to access this software to retrieve my W2. I have to create an account through the “register user” button on the first screen. However, this button does not work. The literal first page is broken.
  • gay 1/5

    By gayest gaylord
    doesn't have dark mode :(
  • Add a new feature 5/5

    By Guy_with_a_stick
    I would recommend dark mode if you could. I can’t stand the white back drop. Other than that, solid for work
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ser America
    Awesome app to work with and secure
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Tired of tech Tim
    Randomly prevents me from signing in for one reason or another. Randomly refuses to accept face ID then shows an error that goes away before i can read it. These issues have messed up my punch times which is extremely annoying since that’s basically the soul purpose of this app.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Pda1112
    It’s awesome being able to see everything and not sitting about losing something if I have to refer back to it later.
  • No problems here 5/5

    By Dinero007
    It has a very good UI layout and proper on prioritizing the information. As a w2 employee, I have everything I need in a paycheck app.
  • I can keep track 5/5

    By yuijhjj
    I like the app as it’s easy to keep track at a glance, what I’m making and paying.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By RenegadeVillain707
    I’m confident in saying absolutely nothing good about this app and the companies who solicit its services! Garbage,trash, worthless, useless and most of all frustrating! Go in peace and never look back
  • Hard 1/5

    By Ni_ty
    This app is insanely hard to use, and the customer support is awful
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By bzy777
    I don’t know how they have such a high review rating for such a garbage app that offers no stub information, is not clearly laid out for pay. And the biggest thing of all has stolen 8 hours of payment and now I conveniently can’t log into my account. Where’s the customer support l. Garbage companies like this one make these apps for companies and tell them they will take care of everything. Well then take care of the clients of the company that are paying you!
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Miyalucy
    This app is constantly not registering your punches. This cause a problem for pay roll and as well as my employee metrics.
  • W2 prints blank 1/5

    By webmerlin
    When W-2s are selected to print, they print the form, but not the information. So the W-2s printed are blank.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By DR. David Livingstone
    Our company just left ADP for this junk.. its user interface is terrible .. privacy.. good luck . PDF or digital statements…. Not with this .. It’s absolutely terrible. And you can’t control rates and investments like 401k … you can adjust your contributions on ADP.. I absolutely hate this app and company called PAYLOCIY! But, I’m forced to use it
  • Poor 1/5

    By pperry63
    Having problem with the error that keeps coming up even tho I have done my punches correctly. This need to be fixed
  • Exelente 5/5

    By kookie_5
    Es un Exelente soporte para estar vigente con toda la información sobre pagos y interacción con la empresa que trabajas. Lo recomiendo ampliamente. Gracias
  • No…just no 1/5

    By tthhheeewooorrsstapp
    Good in all the wrong ways. The app is more robust than the website, but I prefer to use the website to view/edit my timesheets. Which isn’t possible…what!?! Yes, you can only view timesheets on the app…what!?! It tries to do everything, but forgot the most basic of basic things for what it’s providing the end user. Please have the engineers use this product so they realize the stupidity of their ways and make basic corrections. Please…for me…pull your engineers aside and smack them upside the head.
  • Decent I guess 2/5

    By NerdyTendency
    I guess it’s my employer, but having access to “On Demand” would be useful for those of us who travel a lot for work. I don’t like how Paylocity shows mileage reimbursement as a negative for being a good thing then double negative as a bad thing. I don’t like how Paylocity doesn’t show your full paystub, but a summary. For instance, can’t view my PTO on my paystub through the app. On “Time Off” it shows available PTO but not PTO that was used or what you gained/lost. I don’t like how Paylocity doesn’t do early direct deposit. Like, when we had UKG Pro, I’d get paid Wednesday night instead of my actual payday on Friday. Don’t like how there’s all these features on the app that aren’t accessible. Remove them? In general, it shows the information you need, I suppose. Guess I really don’t favor Paylocity compared to what we had.
  • Change of banking info 1/5

    By mejkwebb
    It is too hard to get to the edit deposit information. It says click on “name” but it doesn’t go to anything that lets me click on “more”. Very frustrating.
  • Performance Reviews 1/5

    Downloaded the app to complete annual self evaluation and performance reviews for colleagues. Peer evaluations were there, but unable to access or even find where the self review was supposed to be. Self review is available when accessing Paylocity via mobile or iPad but with limited functionality on typed responses so was hoping the app would be better. Unfortunately found that was not the case.
  • PUncH uNsuCcEsSFuL 3/5

    By heyjobie
    PUncH uNsuCcEsSFuL: You ArE atteMpting To pUNch froM an UnAUthORizED loCATiOn. What if…. Hear me out Paylocity… what if that was outrageously untrue? What if I was standing inside my place of work? In fact, what if I was standing in the EXACT place I stood the past 10 times I punched in successfully because, I was in fact, in an aUthOriZeD location? What if your app’s location functionality isn’t as finely tuned as that of an ICBM? What if there was nuance in programming? What if I didn’t have to waste precious time trying to convince your gaslighting app to let me clock? We may never know.
  • great idea, but constantly crashing 1/5

    By shearmastr
    In theory this is great, I can do everything from an app, like I stated in theory… the app is constantly crashing.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Ann758
    My company uses Paylocity as a way of logging in and tracking your hours. I would like to use it and get paid for my work however the app doesn’t work. Extremely inconvenient as I use this 4 times a day to Clock in, Out to Lunch, in from Lunch and clocking out. Wouldn’t Recommend. Please fix.
  • Won’t update my current paystubs 2/5

    By Ry Mrsy
    I used to like the app and it’s functionality but since they moved to a new platform I have no access to my most recent paystubs like it’s not updating anything, they removed the on demand and it’s not very user friendly anymore.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Memiller79
    Once the company I work for switched over to Paylocity they have shorted my check. They have not paid on time. They have taken out triple the amount of healthcare they were supposed to. They didn’t get PTO accruals right. If you asked me what they have done right I would say nothing. Do not waste your time or employees morale on the system, it will only cause problems.
  • Not great at all 1/5

    By Hottgirrls
    I hate the app it’s terrible for tracking my money it only shows hours I work and doesn’t show my tip outs or daily earnings as a server and I think helps them take money from us as servers I don’t think a single check has been right since starting w a company that uses paylocity..
  • They have withdrawn all my paylocity viewing rights 1/5

    By Rev Ratings
    They have withdrawn all my paylocity viewing rights