PayPal Business:Send Invoices

PayPal Business:Send Invoices

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  • Current Version: 1.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PayPal, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PayPal Business:Send Invoices App

For businesses on the go! Send invoices, track sales, and manage your money with the PayPal Business app. • Make and send invoices quickly • Manage sales and track account activity • Transfer money • Manage your Working Capital loan • See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance • Access your customer info quickly and easily SEND INVOICES AND GET PAID Make, send and manage invoices quickly from the PayPal Business app. PayPal's invoice maker also makes it easy to send payment reminders to customers directly from your mobile device. MANAGE SALES AND ACCOUNT ACTIVITY See your daily sales, and view your business' monthly, quarterly and yearly sales at a glance. TRANSFER MONEY Move money to your linked merchant bank account, issue refunds, and send money in just a few taps. Save time by skipping the bank lines with this mobile money management app. MAKE PAYMENTS TO YOUR WORKING CAPITAL LOAN Have a PayPal Working Capital Loan? Now you can make payments and track your repayment progress from the PayPal Business app. ACCESS CUSTOMER INFORMATION View customer transaction history, contact information and get in touch with your customers directly from your mobile device. It's also easy to import your contacts too! The PayPal Business app offers your small business a quick and simple way to make and send invoices, get paid, and manage your money right from your phone. Need to accept credit / debit cards on a mobile device? Try the PayPal Here mobile app!

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PayPal Business:Send Invoices app reviews

  • Works great for my small business 5/5

    By NLE Slim
    This is the perfect solution for collecting payments by credit card. No more hassle of getting wrong info over the phone, customer enters their own info which removes any doubt of them giving bad info. Two thumbs up from me!
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By MasterJPDi
    PayPal Business app is perfecta s user friendly for on-demand and simple invoicing!
  • Spirit of the Blue Ridge 5/5

    By Baba's
    I love this app. So easy to use. I can send an invoice right away to a customer, and when they pay the money it is immediately available. Magic!
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Rishabh1985
    They don’t care about them own customer they block my fund
  • Unfair Dispute Policy 1/5

    By mamiibearr
    There's no point in disputing or charging back ANYTHING! PayPal will not cover you! Suckssss. Terrible, just terrible. You basically just have to take the loss. Wow
  • Crashes After Signing In to my Account 1/5

    By ArtDiva707
    I never got to use the app. Each time I sign on, it freezes. Uninstalling.
  • Great business app 5/5

    By GP8768
    We’ve used PayPal for many years as a credit card processor. The addition of the mobile app just makes our job easier and quicker. All the necessary functions we need are included within the app. Not always the case with business apps. We’re able to handle more business “on the fly” now without having to stop and go back to the office to handle business.
  • App ok but needs more work 3/5

    By K9gixxer
    It’s great for small business but when you have issues like in authorized use you can’t go in from the app to stop it or cancel the fraudulent transaction. You have to pray to god you can get to a desktop in time to handle. App needs to be more user friendly from the app itself.
  • Invoicing made easy 5/5

    By sassylipchick
    Love this app for my small business. Makes invoicing customers super easy right from my phone! Very user friendly, saves customer info and products added, which makes invoicing a breeze on the go. Love it! ❤️
  • Bad app 1/5

    By dont like this app! bad
    Very bad experience. Messed up incoming transfer and charge service fee for friend payment.
  • Convenient 4/5

    By E2thatop
    Love using the PayPal business app, it’s as if it is a business bank without all the hassles, very convenient.
  • Anti Seller 5/5

    By Digital-Guy
    absolutely need to protect the business people. To many scammers out there
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By EvanDebi
    This app has helped my business so much. Easy invoicing! Quick pay, transfer funds is one click!!! I recommend this to everyone!!!!!
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By Robert Aymond
    I don’t want to even think about life before PayPal ! I just wish I’d been the one to have thought of it & developed the program/app before the brilliant inventor did. It has every feature imaginable to make online transactions easy, seamless, & fast, unlike the old way, where invariably you would find an item online you decided to buy, yet you never had your wallet nearby. Then after finding your wallet, you had to take out every card, picture, & slip of paper you had crammed in such a small place, it seemed like the scene from Seinfeld where George’s wallet exploded from all the junk he had saved in it! PayPal eliminates all that plus having to “hunt” for your glasses to read the microscopic numbers on a credit/debit card & hope you got it right. Thank you PayPal, for helping young & old folks alike, pay for many of the items & services, we want or need to have, without the hassle described above. If I may be so bold to ask, please keep working to add new merchants, to accept your form of payment, & make our lives a little easier on something we all do at least once a day. And since you are privy to our most private of information, & keep ahead of the crooks who never cease at trying to steal our hard earned money. - A very satisfied PayPal user
  • App Error 3/5

    By FaceOnBroadway
    Attempting to switch to PayPal Business from the regular PayPal app. Having an issue linking my bank for money transfers. I may just stick to the regular app.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By No thanks plenty for nothing
    I’m thrilled with my experience so far
  • Love it but! 5/5

    By AH Lip & Body Butter
    I hate that I have to enter email twice other than that I like it
  • PayPal has been great for my service business 5/5

    By rympubg
    I use this everyday and love it. Just be sure to make proof of services completed so just in case a buyer disputed charges u can prove that you provided it.
  • Business owner 5/5

    By shanreca
    This work very well for me and my costumers help me to get payed on the run
  • Sign out 2/5

    By Rickie7
    Please change where your app sign out is. First time after update I spent a while looking to sign out of the app. Settings! Really! Please move to home page! Thank you.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By rovatron
    Excelente business tool
  • They seem to be getting better 5/5

    By Tiki Tom, Florida
    I don’t think I would’ve written a five star review six or seven years ago for PayPal. But I must say I’m very impressed at how user-friendly it has become. It’s easy for me to invoice and collect money and also send and receive for business or personal. I just hope they stay secure which is always a risk
  • Small business friendly 5/5

    By bosslady1311
    I have been using this app all most a year for my small business and so far it has been user friendly and easy to use. I have heard a lot of negative feed back so I was nervous about using this app. So far no issues
  • Invoices 3/5

    By Bruce6433
    I send invoices and the email will come In Chinese what’s up with that?
  • Landscape ☹️ 3/5

    By ORTaurean
    The app is useful on my phone on the go. But when I’m working on my iPad, i would prefer a landscape option. I can visually see more, would value a customizable dashboard. I haven’t tried yet, but would also like to send reports to Numbers.
  • Say what you want... 5/5

    By FosDog1222
    In the past PayPal has gotten a bad rap. For my small business needs, I think their tools are cutting edge, convenient and easy to use.
  • Everything I need 5/5

    By Serra1313
    Truly, this app is easy to use and provides all the basics that a business needs. The only thing I can think of that would make it better is the ability to import an inventory. Maybe you can do it and I just haven’t found it.
  • This app is welcome convenience 5/5

    By JohnPaul7779
    Now I can easily create invoice from my phone. No laptop or PC needed anymore.
  • I’m on the fence 3/5

    By MsGrownSexy1
    The app works well but I dislike the fact that customers can make fraudulent claims and PayPal is very bias when it comes to that area.
  • “The 1 & Only “ 5/5

    By Mako"51"
    PayPal Business is the only way to go, they are the ORIGINAL PAYWAY on the Internet & HANDS DOWN THE ONLY WAY I WOULD PURCHASE ANYTHING
  • Liars! 1/5

    By Heavens to Betsy Candle Co
    I’ve only been using PayPal for the last couple of months for my new business & they have already permanently suspended my account even after I sent all the information they asked for. I can’t touch my money for 180 days! Why ask me to submit receipts and tracking info if they weren’t even going to use that info and terminate my account anyways?! This company is trash.
  • Use Cash app 1/5

    By Ms. Desvigne
    If you love waisting time and being upset over something that could easily be avoided. Use PayPal. The customer service wait time is at least 30min to an hour. If your a typical case they send your case to a specialists (mind you there’s only one of them and they are rude). Because the app is complicated and goes off of laws that have long been overturned, the app tends to be extremely irritating. When you get lucky it will only take you 5 min to send money but that’s a 1/15 chance. Most the time they delete your information without your consent and force you to leave your money in the system, until they release it. I have had enough with this system and will be moving to Cash app.
  • Information theft 1/5

    By bigbrotherswatchin!!!
    I started to fill in my information, I did not check the agreement. Instead I closed the app. A day later I receive an email about an account I created! Don’t even download this App! Use your bank to transfer money on a business level!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By suave002
    I’ve been using the app for some time now. It’s very helpful especially when you need to create invoice on the fly.
  • Business app without iPad support? 👎 1/5

    By ArataTakú
    How do you release a business-focused financial app and make it iPhone-only? I attempted to use this on my 12.9” iPad in full business-mode (landscape with Smart Keyboard attached). The app opens sideways in portrate mode and uses 25% of the screen. This is a crap implementation, PayPal. Get serious about your business app or don’t try.
  • Excellent integration all from your phone 5/5

    By Dutchcolleen
    This app makes charges customers seamless You can send them an invoice right from your phone The invoices look professional and once they pay you are notified straight away and monies can be transferred into your bank quickly
  • Paypal stealing people money 1/5

    By HonestisthePolicy
    People are receiving merchandise and saying that didn’t and PayPal is giving these people refunds on items they have received, an they are also holding your money after completing a sale, an if you are making more then a $1,000 they will lock your account because they think it’s fraudulent activity, I don’t think it’s fair how they hold your money and just lock you out of your account. Have anybody else had this problem and what higher authority can we reach out to about these issues?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Meloyelo51
    App is pretty good, I like all the features beyond the regular PayPal app version even when using with a personal account. But as a suggestion, could you please make it easier to switch between different accounts? I would like to be able to switch on the fly without logging out, relogging in and then resetting the fingerprint.
  • Links don’t open in the app 3/5

    By elgrego1939 links always open in a browser instead of in the app, and there isn’t even a button to get to the app from the webpage.
  • Great app for business owners 5/5

    By webhoster
    They really nailed it with this app. It’s reliable and shows all the best details right away. You can even see your loans easily. Great job PayPal.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By moore7777
    It’s great for small business as I’m! It’s Quick and a very Easy to operate.
  • Liars 1/5

    By Chitownnc
    Was sold on a line of bs. It has since shut my business down. It has ruined the Christmas for me and my employees and they done care at all. I was promised my money in 24 hrs almost a week later nothing. Every supervisor has a new lie and excuse . They have taken my payment and refuse to transfer to my account. That is theft.
  • Lacks autocorrect which makes it frustrating to use 3/5

    By Pieisntaname
    My biggest complaint is the lack of autocorrect within the app. Numerous times I’ve accidentally sent invoices with typos as I’m used to autocorrect in every other app I’ve used. For this reason I’m only giving it 3 stars
  • Never lets me down 5/5

    By Kdweston23
    This app never lets me down and I can do everything from my phone when I’m on the go versus waiting until I get home to go on the computer!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Renren1984
    Pay Pal makes it so easy when buying online,so glad I got it,I’m really happy with it! And the perks that come with it are great.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By caitgurn
    So easy to use and works great!
  • Very user friendly! 5/5

    By beckerskids
    Love using this app
  • Certain functions don’t work 1/5

    By Arcaver
    Not possible to send an invoice from this app. Certain buttons often don’t work when you click on them and, while the subtotal is calculated correctly, the total due is not, so there seems to be a glitch somewhere.
  • Emergencytrainingcenterofnj 5/5

    By Princess Faraj
    We love this app! We run all invoices from the app! From anywhere! Amazing!!!!

PayPal Business:Send Invoices app comments

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