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PayPal Business

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  • Current Version: 2022.04.29
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PayPal Business App

The PayPal business app is the best app available to send invoices, track sales, and manage your money for merchants with businesses of all sizes. This app takes on the role of business manager for you while you’re busy working on your business instead of in it. This is more than just an invoice creation app. With the PayPal Business app for iPhone, you can: •Make and send invoices quickly with an easy-to-use invoice maker •Manage your money and sales •Track online account activity •Transfer money  •See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance •Access your customer info quickly  SEND INVOICES AND GET PAID Create, send and manage your business invoices quickly from the PayPal Business app. PayPal’s invoice maker also makes it easy for small business owners and merchants to send payment reminders to customers directly from a mobile device to save you time from tracking down payments. Get paid in less time and with less headaches. MANAGE SALES AND ACCOUNT ACTIVITY  See your daily sales, and view your business’ monthly, quarterly and yearly sales at a glance. No more guessing on how your sales are performing! Make smarter money management decisions with updated sales trend information exclusively for your business. TRANSFER MONEY  Move money to your linked bank account, issue refunds, and send money with just a few taps. Save time and frustration by skipping the bank lines with this mobile money management app. Small business owners and merchants love this flexibility and feel like they have a finance manager in their pocket. ACCESS CUSTOMER INFORMATION  View customer transactions, including processing and invoicing histories with the PayPal Business app. You can also check contact information and get in touch with your customers directly from your mobile device. It’s also easy to import your contacts too! The PayPal Business app offers small business owners and merchants a quick and simple way to make and send invoices, get paid, and manage your money right from your phone. Finally, a small business app that fits your lifestyle! Need to accept credit / debit cards on a mobile device? Try the PayPal Here mobile app! Just another example of how PayPal is caring about your business.

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PayPal Business app reviews

  • 21 business days??? 1/5

    By Tazz Main
    I just finished designing a website for a client & she paid the invoice a couple of days after receiving it. 3-21 business days for a service that has already been completed??? Why is that necessary? If an invoice is paid, I’d expect payment to be received between 2-5 business days. This whole “refund” thing is dumb. You mean to tell me if I fulfill a client’s wishes they can still request a refund before those funds are even released to me? I know how to manage finances! I have my policies in place for refunds! And on top of that the fee was already taken out of the total amount I was supposed to receive (which isn’t a big issue) but why take it if you hold the funds so long & could possibly issue a refund? I guess I’m just upset I let you guys have this much control over MY business. Maybe PayPal Business shouldn’t be accepted as a payment method for what I do.
  • Money hold 1/5

    By sealion 😃
    I opened a new PayPal business account only to find out there is a 21 day hold on funds
  • Can’t make get support teams assist 1/5

    By cozmoedee
    I’ve ben attempting to get paid out my commissions for over a month.! When contacting vendors the offer me no help! Instead the deceitfully attempt to get sales and more clicks! The confiscated last month’s commissions! No one will replies to my pleading for help. Where is your support team? The prices of printing out reports and downloading what to where. And that’s enough to be confused! If I get no h help. Which it doesn’t look like coming. I will have to discontinue this faulty service all together and see if your competition can do it better. PLEASE ACTIVATE ASUPPORT TEAM TO ASSIST ME IN GETTING MY COMMISSIONS THIS MONTH THANKS
  • Do you want your money? Don’t use PayPal! 1/5

    By PayPalLover44
    PayPal is literally one of the worst things you could ever possibly integrate into your business. If you work with any amounts over 10$ just use something else because you will never be able to access your money. Just ask your clients to leave cash in a shoe box on the side of the road before using PayPal. I don’t even usually write reviews but I had to for this because I have had thousands of dollars constantly frozen/unavailable for months on end. Ridiculous.
  • Ok 3/5

    By amylizz81
    I would prefer not having 2 PayPal apps but I have to have this one to send invoices. The problem I’m having is every time I make a new invoice in my app it has info saved from an old invoice from months back and I have to erase everything so I can type in the correct info for the new invoice.
  • Great for mobile business that work remote! 5/5

    By c0stlytech
    I do mobile vin verifications all over my state. Usually I’m dispatched by a trucking company out to some random truck yard. I can build my invoice and have it sent off to their HQ in some random state and have it paid before I leave the yard. The app keep track of all invoices and customer info that’s made my life SOOO much easier!
  • My Go To Biz Finance Place 5/5

    By BookCatalyst
    Easiest financial source I have ever had and I founded my business in 1988 so I have tried them all. I was one of the first PayPal business users and I can’t say enough positive things about the convenience, new products and best customer support anywhere. I also have immediate access to my money. I use PayPal for online client invoicing, point of purchase at events and borrowing money when I need a short-term loan. Thanks PayPal Team
  • Love it 👨🏽‍🔧❤️ 5/5

    By Eli79J
    I loveeeeeeeeeeee it THANKS
  • Use PayPal Exclusively 4/5

    By Magnalink
    We’ve used only PayPal since 2011 for client payments. Really happy with everything other than a couple of chargebacks that weren’t handled very efficiently. I guess if we’ve used it over 10 years, we must be happy!

    By sharing with BBB
    Stop playing with folks money!!! This is horrible.. can’t even keep the lights on because you all hold the funds for 21 days until… smh straight theft!!! When I get my money released .. I’m leaving!!!!!
  • Review 1/5

    By Jody Poth
    This is the worst possible idea I think I have had to date. I will not recommend PayPal to anybody. I will tell everybody of my bad experience. I didn’t want to give them one star. I am even experiencing problems trying to submit this stupid review, requiring a nickname!!!!
  • PayPal is making things too hard 1/5

    By jamesbanker84
    Not impressed with PayPal putting constant “limitations” on my account for no reason!!!!!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By CPA76
    I can no longer add tracking in the app. The line where you enter tracking slide up to the top of the screen where it is hidden. This just started today or yesterday. It works on the browser version. I also hate that I can’t copy the address so I can paste it into the shipping app I use. You can do this on the browser version. Why is the app less user friendly than the browser?
  • Still trying to get my money 2/5

    By RachEcarman
    I decided to try and use this to make some sales on fb. Well it’s been over a month and I’ve been trying to get my money into my account. There is no easy setup or instructions on how to verify my account so I can get to it. I hope by the time I figure it out I can get my money. The chat with service is a joke it’s just automated so I cannot explain the situation to anyone. I’m so annoyed
  • Safety features very good 5/5

    By grizzly bur
    From six months have been having troubles with people thinking that my financial assets needed to be theirs instead of mine. Well PayPal seems to of been on top of that even though it’s been incredibly hard for me to get to my financial Assets as well at least nobody else is able to get them be careful people are horrible he stays it’s a good thing there’s platforms that we can trust
  • Sending and requesting money 5/5

    By farmhouse heart
    PayPal is the safest way and only way to get and send money.
  • Illegal company. Horrible company will put you out of business 1/5

    By Ryan603560
    PayPal is holding thousands of dollars hostage for a month. They are making interest off your money, while they charge me fees. What they are doing is illegal and I’ve reported them. I want my money for my business that you stole. You have no authorization to take my money. I had to cancel customers orders due to PayPal holding my funds hostage. I tell customers all the time to stop using PayPal. Too expensive and they steal your money for a month to make interest. I went back to using credit cards. Much safer.
  • Greatest pay platform ever! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By frankieoliver
    I’ve been using this platform for years! It’s perfect for my business and yours too!
  • Opción 5/5

    By El Pastor de La Selva
    Hacia el futuro, transacciones en red.
  • I stand by PayPal and its stance on Liberty and Freedom. 5/5

    By lennytees
    After Mr. Elon Musk’s move to try to change Twitter to a company more oriented towards free speech, I should have known. All of the idiots are coming out to prove this statement. We’re standing by PayPal. All of our website buttons will continue to be PayPal buttons on a server ran by Verizon. Two companies that didn’t once try to stifle any of our progress. Thank you PayPal. Now let’s forth Liberty and freedom oriented networks and put these Commies out of business!!! God Bless the Liberty Movement.
  • ValsAll-AroundServices 4/5

    By Beasttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got off tho a very”rough” start but I hope everything is Kosher. I hope we will have a long, fruitful relationship going forward!
  • They stole $50,000 1/5

    By Egrabin
    This company is fraudulent and will make up any excuse as under extremely vague and broad TOS. Look up Jerdani on Instagram as we have thousands of angry customers that PayPal refuses to take care of for stealing money from everyone
  • They will hold or steal your money 1/5

    By Canyoukeepup
    I sent $40,000 to my business partner. We both are very reputable known people. We have never had a chargeback or any type of problem whatsoever. They’ve had the money for nine months and will not give any reason as to why they are keeping it.
  • Paypal has my money on hold 1/5

    By Joel. R831
    Pay pal still has my money on hold after many many days after completing a junk removal job for one of my clients. Definitely not using this app ever again.
  • Screw you paypal business 1/5

    By Another ungappy business owner
    Wish I read the reviews before using . I can’t believe I have to wait 21 days to get a credit card payment. This will be the one and ONLY time I use this app
  • Invoicing not working 1/5

    By App No Longer The Same
    It keeps saying check my network connection now no matter what I do. So frustrating.
  • Good 5/5

    By williams caster
  • Lacks a lot of features but does ok 3/5

    By irshprncsk
    Really wish it were easier to put products into categories to make search easier. Also wish I could copy and paste directly from the app for shipping but instead I have to flip back and forth and manually type the address because it doesn’t allow you to highlight anything. And if I paste an email with a little text added from a chat, if you’re not fast enough it’ll lock your cursor so you can’t selectively delete the extra words. I also want to be able to enter invoices without requiring an email.
  • Bad 1/5

    By [BluStorm]Tsuki
    Right now this app is a mess.. i have 2 accounts, 1 I can’t access and the other one Im having problems receiving money. It’s being 2 weeks since I’ve being trying to collect the money and still can’t.
  • PayPal is the best 5/5

    By ChattyMadame
    Best processor on planet Earth & Mars …
  • Good app overall, not great 3/5

    By Sportfit56
    PayPal is generally easy to use, but the app leaves a lot to be desired. Major limitations are the inability to ship items from the app, the inability to print orders from the app, the lack of landscape view on a tablet, and frequent glitches trying to add new items — all of which means you still frequently have to log in on a browser to get work done. For a company the size of PayPal, these are glaring problems.
  • PayPal Very nice?👌👌👌 5/5

    By Castle1809
  • Bad for Contractors 1/5

    By Justin Hullinger
    I have similar feelings to other contractors and service providers. PayPal just makes it too difficult and time consuming to get your money. We use it when we have to but otherwise avoid it. Try using Venmo business. Almost all of our customers under 40 seem to have it. It doesn’t have all of the invoicing bells and whistles but we don’t use that anyway.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Jpfeyer20
    Terrible customer service doesn’t help with anything basically just says figure it out on your own
  • I have reached my breaking point! 1/5

    By BonesWasHere
    I verified my identity 25 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it NEVER worked!!!!!!! That $10 I sent to my account IS BASICALLY STOLEN BY PAYPAL!!!!!!! I can NEVER get it because YOUR identity verification won’t work!!!!! THANKS FOR MAKING POVERTY WORSE!!!!!!!!
  • They don’t help get your money 2/5

    By Tinkvspeter
    They hold your money forever do not use!!!
  • RUN 1/5

    By AllyOop__
    App probably works as expected but the customer service here is not worth the “convenience”. Impossible to speak to someone who is not reading off a script. Most of the time you’ll be speaking with the computer/phone tree anyways but if you get lucky enough to get an actual human.. don’t expect any help. Company will randomly decide when your account activity is concerning and will put funds on hold for almost a month— they claim there are ways to get your money sooner.. it’s not true. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t really care if a lost a few ticked off customers either.. they make enough money in fees, and I’m assuming they’ve gotta be earning a NICE amount of interest on all the money they’re withholding from people for no good reason. I’ve had this account for almost three years and can’t access more than $300 a month. Never had any fraud, or disputes on my account.. PayPal has just decided things should be this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. Look into other options.. someone recommended Square, and I think I’m going to check them out. Trust me, at least find a company with decent customer service.. RUN
  • Unable to use app to pay in-store 2/5

    By kali_sarasvati
    It is important to me to not only be able to receive payments for my business, but also to be able to purchase things with the app in-store. I’ve yet to successfully pull the latter off, even at the few stores the PayPal website explicitly indicates will allow you to use it — like CVS. It’s as if the stores have no knowledge of how to make this work — the QR code scanner is useless b/c none of these businesses have a QR code for you to scan to pay — and presenting your own code does nothing. I don’t see the point of using an app that can’t be used on its own or with Apple Wallet to pay for anything; I’ve used the debit card in the distant past when I had a personal account, but now that it is 2022, I’d like to get away from having a wallet bulging w/ plastic cards that are bad for the environment.
  • HappyGrinding 5/5

    By Mr HappyGrinding
    Been a loyal PayPal user for years. Great service and I thank you for what you allow is business owners to accomplish.
  • bad app 2/5

    By zerrell123444
    taking long to transfer even tho I payed for fast transfer took all day and I still don’t have it kinda get me angry aggravating
  • Customer service 1/5

    By perro sati
    PayPal No sirve no me deja cerrar la Cuenta.
  • Customer Service 👎 1/5

    By nncs00
    I can’t even verify my account because I have an issue with my physical address. Contacted them and they got all my information and documents. They told me to wait 1-3 days for an email which I did. After 3 days, no email, so I called them and they told me to wait 3-5 days for an email. I did just that and after 5 days, NO EMAIL, so I called again. This time they told me to wait 7-10 days for an email and after 10 DAYS, NO EMAIL. Super frustrating. I submitted my documents all three times that I’ve called and no progress. I don’t really write reviews for anything and I usually am patient (I waited 18 days to fix my address) but I think this has gotten a little out of hand.
  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By sofakedontwasteyour time
    I have had no issues with pay pal anytime I Had a problem customer service was helpful and help me resolved all my issues. I Have nothing bad to say I really enjoy having the Orion to use paypL
  • Payment 1/5

    By Mattyfros
    Still waiting for a payment that PayPal has had for a couple of weeks. 21 days is an excessive amount of time to wait for a payment. Small businesses run tight.
  • Horrible payment method 1/5

    By Alex & Chris Motor
    It’s been more than 18 days and they are still holding the funds of my first $215 transaction for no reason, the person sending the fund it’s an old PayPal account…
  • Mal servicio 1/5

    By terriquz
    Me retuvo mi primer envío por un mes pésimo servicio y el cobro es demasiado
  • Charge for 0.99 cents 1/5

    By mamagorda
    I have no make any transactions right now . Something is wrong
  • Scott Zajac 5/5

    By JustScott2
    Great service makes online purchasing so much easier
  • Irritating and confusing 1/5

    By Jmike202010
    Someone sent a payment for something and the app would not let me claim the payment because it said I wasn’t verified but I have been using the app for a year with no issue