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PayPal Business

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  • Current Version: 2022.09.16
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PayPal Business App

The PayPal business app is the best app available to send invoices, track sales, and manage your money for merchants with businesses of all sizes. This app takes on the role of business manager for you while you’re busy working on your business instead of in it. This is more than just an invoice creation app. With the PayPal Business app for iPhone, you can: •Make and send invoices quickly with an easy-to-use invoice maker •Manage your money and sales •Track online account activity •Transfer money  •See monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends at a glance •Access your customer info quickly  SEND INVOICES AND GET PAID Create, send and manage your business invoices quickly from the PayPal Business app. PayPal’s invoice maker also makes it easy for small business owners and merchants to send payment reminders to customers directly from a mobile device to save you time from tracking down payments. Get paid in less time and with less headaches. MANAGE SALES AND ACCOUNT ACTIVITY  See your daily sales, and view your business’ monthly, quarterly and yearly sales at a glance. No more guessing on how your sales are performing! Make smarter money management decisions with updated sales trend information exclusively for your business. TRANSFER MONEY  Move money to your linked bank account, issue refunds, and send money with just a few taps. Save time and frustration by skipping the bank lines with this mobile money management app. Small business owners and merchants love this flexibility and feel like they have a finance manager in their pocket. ACCESS CUSTOMER INFORMATION  View customer transactions, including processing and invoicing histories with the PayPal Business app. You can also check contact information and get in touch with your customers directly from your mobile device. It’s also easy to import your contacts too! The PayPal Business app offers small business owners and merchants a quick and simple way to make and send invoices, get paid, and manage your money right from your phone. Finally, a small business app that fits your lifestyle! Need to accept credit / debit cards on a mobile device? Try the PayPal Here mobile app! Just another example of how PayPal is caring about your business.

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PayPal Business app reviews

  • Dislike big tech abusing power 1/5

    By DMWMB128
    I am looking for a replacement for pay pal. While i have never had an issue, it has come to my attention that paypal and Venmo have banned “Gays Against Grooming” from using PP. This is outrageous. Be whoever you are but don’t force your beliefs on my children.
  • Not happy. Banned my account. 1/5

    By nastylovernuttz
    I tried using this business PayPal. What a joke I did one job to start and PayPal contacted me saying that my business is banned. I’m a Div. 10 construction company. So they held my money for about 6 months till they released it. I got all the paperwork to prove there is no false sales or corrupt business going on. Bottom line PayPal business is a joke.
  • Excellent service and support! 5/5

    By Birdiebread
    I have been a PayPal business account holder for several years. I have a retail business ( not on their site ) and use it for most of my online and trade show transactions. I have only had one experience when they ruled against me for a purchase that I did not realize automatically renewed. Any other questionable transaction went in my favor. They make my bookkeeping easy and their fees are reasonable.
  • Worst 1/5

    By dietmarlboros666
    PayPal’s customer service is purposely a nightmare to deal with. My issues went on for months with them withholding my entire paycheck and offering zero help or explanations, literally hanging up on me etc. The apps are full of issues and always have been. I wish I never had to deal with this company
  • PayPal is the worst company 1/5

    By centermidz
    PayPal is the worst. they have been holding my money for 3 weeks because they say i am a new customer. even though the service I did has been cleared by the company. PP take their fee and hold my money. Every time i call customer service i am hold for at lest 30 minutes and they transfer me several times do to the incompetent of customer service answering the questions. If I have a choice I would never use them. they are a scam
  • Pending funds 1/5

    By 72Starshiner
    I have called PayPal three times regarding the same transaction. It’s been listed as pending for over three weeks now. First rep said I needed a routing number linked, so I linked the number. A week later with no resolve, I called again and was told I needed a tracking number for the package entered to have funds released. Tracking number was submitted and package delivered to customer. Still pending funds, so I called a third time. Rep said she manually released the funds and she couldn’t understand why they were held in the first place. This was four days ago and the amount is STILL pending. I will never use this app for my transactions again. Nobody seems to know what they’re doing.
  • sneaky greedy company! buyer seller be aware! 1/5

    By 1234 game cat
    I placed an online order and I paid money using paypal. Later the seller canceled my order because the item was sold out. The seller refunded me the product money, but paypal won’t refund the extra $8.5 fee that they charged me at the beginning. So even the whole transaction was canceled, I lost $8.5 because Paypal refused to refund me the fee. I don’t know what that fee is called. But they are sneaky and tries to collect more fee from people now. I don’t recommend Paypal anymore. Poor customer service. Bad shopping experience.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By sj36us
    Makes no sense to have 2 separate PayPal apps available. Both seem to just switch from one to another . Poor design. Not well thought out … reflects the poor PayPal customer service. Don’t use ,find alternative
  • Fees and nonprofits 3/5

    I understand that PayPal needs to make money but for nonprofit organizations that depend on donations to stay afloat, makes it hard when we have to pay high fees.
  • Good for me 5/5

    By Aussieluv123
    I’m kinda shocked at all the negative reviews. I read a few and can’t say I have had any of those problems. I wish the fees were a bit lower but otherwise I haven’t had any problems. I did try to set up the ability to take CC payments but got stuck in this weird loop in the system and was never successful with that. So I just use Square for that. I’ll keep using PayPal business until I have a problem.
  • My product 1/5

    By cvhjmio
    PP had me send out my iPhone 13 & they sent emails stating that & send tracking info & once received I would receive my 650.00 & I never received anything & they told me too bad they won’t give me my money or help me out ! I won’t EVER use PP nor will I refer them to anyone !!
  • It’s just ok. 2/5

    By Pic lovah
    Not very iPhone friendly . They have made some changes that make it way more difficult. They need more user friendly filters. Bring back the option to find an invoice by “unpaid”. Also should be able to send an invoice with a credit to the customer.
  • Fees are way to HIGH 1/5

    By g888843251
    Charges Exorbitant FEES and deductions for small business transactions and more for bigger transactions. Huge negative feedback from everyone who has used it. Only good for sending money tofriends and family. BEWARE!!!
  • They witheld my payment and then took $25 of it when my consumer had to refund it 1/5

    By AngryCustomer234
    So I work with people internationally and Papyal feels the need to “inspect” payments sent to certain areas. I had recently sent a considerable amount of money to someone who edited one of my drafts and Paypal had locked under review, for two months. I decided to just refund it and try to make Google Pay work. Then these blowhards took $25 out of it as a “refund fee” that was issued because they locked my payment behind a lock and key for an incessant amount of time. So I will be deleting the app, transferring my money elsewhere, and warning everyone not to use any app programmed by these charlatans. Do some digging people, stories like these are a dime a dozen. Keep your money safe. Only reason they get a star is because I havw to give them one.
  • Fees 3/5

    By bw728
    We love using PayPal for our business. But the fees and structure of how PayPal is set up needs to be evaluated. The fees should be paid by the buyer, as all transactions are from the person buying something they want. The fees are in every move made from the purchase, then if funds are moved to bank. If your not in any need of using the funds immediately then it’s free to process and move in several days. I do like the PayPal card that is linked to the funds that are in your PayPal account.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By belowG
    Plus five more stars
  • Goals to win 5/5

    By shellzmilly
    Let’s go team
  • Account hold 3/5

    By jahsggxydu
    When you onpen an account it is not expressed to you that they will hold your money for the 1st 60 transactions. So if you are using this account to pay business expenses, it may not be suitable - unless you place money 3 weeks in advance.
  • STAY AWAY!!!! 1/5

    By maxf250air
    As usual PayPal STILL preaches their own praises but are the MOST DIFFICULT to deal with. They will steal your money and hold it for a month and sometimes longer. I literally could do business in the 1920’s and collect money faster putting it on a stage coach from one side of the country to the other. PAYPAL IS A JOKE!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Garbagelady1999
    It’s a dam shame that PayPal have you waiting 21 days to receive your money for something you sold just because you havent sold in awhile but I’m not a everyday seller I just sold a few items cause I needed the money asap cause something had happened and I need the funds to help me stay afloat and I explained my situation to cs and they just gave me the runaround but as soon as my funds get released I’ll never deal with pp again cause they took their percentage out the money and the client got her items but I’m the only one that’s haven’t been paid yet,this 21 day hold is a complete joke and I’m so over it!!!
  • PayPal is horrible 1/5

    By coachp16
    PayPal is horrible they attached a account that I can’t access and won’t let me know how to get to the account to see what wrong with it. And they want to hold money I have in there for 180 days when it was already cleared and I had the people send me the money in front of me and I know there not a problem with the transaction I even had the people call and they said they still had to hold the money. Horrible service, horrible customer service I’m glad I don’t have to do business with them anymore.
  • Israel Carranza 5/5

    By Tire & Misc Sales
    Grateful to be working with PayPal 🙏👍
  • Awful 1/5

  • PayPal 1/5

    By Burk3304
    My money has been in hold for 2 weeks. No one calls me back. I’ve reached out 3 times now. Delete the app and go another route
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Deskree
    Great app
  • Limited account & No customer service 1/5

    By Expatology
    I still don’t understand why my account was limited and reaching out to someone is merely impossible to impossible. This really is terrible customer services.
  • Been a PayPal business customer for 17 yrs 5/5

    By WeddingCancelled
    The app and the company have been very helpful and trustworthy. Any issues I’ve had has always been resolved fairly and justly. I’m satisfied with the company and will continue to use them. The app keeps getting better.
  • The best 5/5

    By caitlopz
    Recommend 💯
  • Holding funds 1/5

    By Sarge922
    Just started adding more services to my small business and had an influx of orders. PayPal is holding all funds over a certain amount for 21 days. Or I have to manually go into the app and mark delivered with details (I do not have deliveries). Then the funds will be available in 7 days. This is unacceptable for my business.
  • PayPal allowed hackers to steal thousands 1/5

    PayPal was notified and did NOTHING about it. I cancelled both my accounts and had my friends and family do the same. Luckily, I am an attorney and was fortunate enough to retrieve my funds. But these incompetent imbeciles refused to help.
  • Refund 1/5

    By cityboy2222
    RUN - they held on to 4k for 21 days to “ensure” both parties were satisfied with the e purchase. Well it wasn’t an online purchase it was for a car but PayPsl took $120 from me. Do I refunded the money to the buyer but they haven’t seen it for over a week now. I WAS ON THE PHONE FOR 1hr 50min then hung up. TERRIBLE customer service!!!! Bad policies favoring them not the user!!!
  • Gracias por esta app 5/5

    By aurorastrin
    Gracias por esta aplicación
  • The worse 1/5

    By Reviewer89320
    The absolute worse. They hold your money for several months just because you are new to the app. Regardless if you have another account with them that you’ve had for several years! They always find reasons to hold your money, take your money, or ban your account!
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By VisionBlind
    Someone hacked my account and after I found out, I got banned from using PayPal. Way too support YOUR customers. I have 3 Businesses…cancelling all PayPal accounts
  • PayPal is worthless 1/5

    By JM Ranch Snap Racks
    Customer service can’t speak English worth a dip!
  • Crawking from TikTok 5/5

    By JohnTBrownjr
    I use this app to keep track of all my invoices for promotions and sponsorships. This app is great.
  • PayPal is the only way I do business 5/5

    By IMS Studios
    PayPal protects the seller and the customer and I don’t have to ask anyone for their credit card number because they log in and pay their bill in their own privacy on a secure site that has been proven to be reliable and safe. I produce video commercials for small businesses and other digital marketing needs such as business websites, chat bots, social media management, etc. and my customers don’t mind paying 100% up front as I have satisfaction guarantee on everything and they know they have the protection of PayPal that they will get what they paid for and if they file a dispute PayPal will act as the arbitrating party and listen to both sides before they make a decision. I don’t accept any other form of payment because I can log into my PayPal account at the end of the year and download all my expenses and income to prepare my taxes. I have been using PayPal for more than a decade and couldn’t be happier with their service. Danny Long, owner IMS Studios Pendleton Oregon
  • Online Crafting Business 3/5

    By Creative She Shed
    PayPal has helped my business in many ways. I am able to send invoices and receive payments all electronically. I like how PayPal also keeps good records for me. This helps when doing my taxes. While I know that PayPal needs to receive fees for their services, I think the fees are a little high. My business is online. Sometimes there is no shipping involved. PayPal sometimes places a 21 day hold on my money unless shipping information is provided. When there is no shipping, then I can’t give that info. There should be a way to have this money released sooner. I have tried numerous times to get help with adding money from my linked bank account to my PayPal account. I still don’t have the help. I am wanted to make some payments using PayPal and need to add money. For the most part, I like using PayPal. I have a private group where there are monthly recurring payments. PayPal is great to use with this. I would recommend, and have many times, for others to use PayPal. I also recommend that PayPal be easier to communicate with an actual person and not all automated. This would help with customer retention.
  • Not good for business 1/5

    By yolanda YCP Studio
    Awful service and policies as photographer who needs access for clients it takes forever to get money released Had to refund client they haven’t done yet so now I’m out double the money Not happy !
  • Held on to my money 1/5

    By 01Joke
    This was the worst experience I’ve encountered as a business owner… This company attempted and did how on to the money that I earned. As a small business this was unacceptable… Find another method small business owners, unless you’re my competitor.
  • Happy with PayPal 5/5

    By lykinking
    I have only been using PayPal business for a few months but have found it to be simple, convenient, and reliable.
  • PayPal oh PayPal 1/5

    By BOEkici
    I really wanted to like PayPal, really do but they are making it really hard for consumers like me to make that possible. 1. It takes weeks to get paid for services. 2. They jacked up their fee to a level that makes me wonder why in the world would I ever use their service compared to other major players. 3. I used to like PayPal because they were the underdog, now they got greedy with their monopoly. 4. I do have two PayPal credit cards, one for business and one for personal, you cannot make purchases using digital wallets such as ApplePay. I haven’t carried credit cards or cash in years and I won’t carry my paypal credit cards just to use them. Come on PayPal, you are acting like as if you’re a takeover target or destined for a bankruptcy in the very near future. Get with the program.
  • Awful! Do not suggest unless you have online business and ship items. 1/5

    By Review Queen21
    This service was helpful with invoicing and I didn’t mind the charges for processing payments but like many others I have seen the reviews and this app is horrible to get your payment after you have already done the work. I have a laundry service where I pick up wash and then deliver back to the customer. I don’t have any tracking numbers and they said something about customer verifying that they got the package but it took a whole lot of research to try to figure out how to do that from my end to their end and we never accomplished it so my money is on hold for 21 days, and I can’t wait that long for my money to process so I can buy my supplies etc. with this account so I am done with using this I’m waiting for my money to be paid out and I went with the Lili banking app that helps you with your invoices and then just use my regular PayPal, cash app etc. for them to pay for the services. There has to be a better way for service business to be able to use this before I will use it again.
  • Unethical 1/5

    By First Business
    Suspended account for no reason and holding funds.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By luisv1989
    Why do I have to wait up to 21 days te receive payment but you take your FEE out immediately! Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Also if you charge a fee to receive it? Then you shouldn’t charge also to transfer to bank immediately Stop ripping people off!
  • Money on hold 1/5

    By Square is Better
    Haven’t got my money yet. This 21 day hold is ridiculous
  • Add more than 1 item 1/5

    By MjsMother
    I just updated my app and can no longer add more than that item or service

    By DLToro82
    Me encanta hasta el momento lo que están haciendo
  • I hate PayPal 1/5

    By Korania
    It’s literally the worst finance company ever. I hate using them. They make you jump thru hoops to get YOUR money. They say its for security purposes, i don’t believe it. The only reason I use them is because some customers prefer them and guess what I kindly charge them an extra 4%. Let’s boycott PayPal.