PayPal Here : Point of Sale

PayPal Here : Point of Sale

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  • Current Version: 3.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PayPal, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PayPal Here : Point of Sale App

Get paid on your iPhone®, iPod® or iPad® with our free app and a card reader that’s right for your business. Accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash and check payments. It’s only 2.7% per US card swipe, chip or contactless transaction. No long-term contracts, commitments or monthly fees. WHY PAYPAL HERE? • More options, more business: gives your customers the flexibility to pay how they want. • All in one: PayPal Here™ is part of our trusted suite of business payment solutions, helping you manage all your in-person, online and mobile payments through one central account. • Help when you need it: You can contact us directly from the app, by phone at 877-569-1136 or by visiting START GETTING PAID: 1) Download the app 2) Sign up for PayPal Here 3) Choose the card reader that’s right for your business PayPal Mobile Card Reader – Accepts magnetic stripe cards – Connects with your phone or tablet audio jack PayPal Chip Card Reader – Accepts chip cards, NFC payments like Apple Pay™ and magnetic swipe cards – Reduce liability for certain types of fraud – Connects via Bluetooth SECURE PAYMENTS: PayPal Here uses an encrypted card reader, backed by our best-in-class risk-management and fraud protection. All payments go right into your account for secure, reliable, and easy transaction processing. GET YOUR MONEY FAST: Payments processed with PayPal Here are transferred to your account usually in minutes. With the PayPal Debit card, you can access your funds at thousands of ATM’s nationwide, plus get 1% cash back on all eligible debit card purchases. DETAILS: • Get a free app and PayPal Mobile Card Reader • Invest in the PayPal Chip Card Reader to accept chip cards, contactless (like Apple Pay™), traditional swipe payments – all in one device. • Pay only 2.7% per swipe, chip or contactless transaction for all major US credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover • Let customers quick-pick a standard tip or enter their own • Manage and view your sales history • Text and email custom receipts • Add multiple users on one device

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PayPal Here : Point of Sale app reviews

  • Works fine, rare lockup 5/5

    By RichboroCoffee
    We use this in our Library coffee shop. It is does “lock up” we press the bumped button and then back the the regular view. This unfreezes the program.
  • Great Choice 5/5

    By Don from RePartsArt
    I sell my art online and at shows, and chose PayPal Here along with my card reader as my credit card processing service about 18 months ago. When I have WiFi I use my iPad, and when no WiFi is available my Android phone. Absolutely reliable and easy to use. I love the item database, options for discount, tax, editing, and other features. No minimum monthly quota or charge. Highly recommended!
  • Sending receipt to email 3/5

    By taxies mans
    My iPad had freezes after they signed it and send and can’t send a receipt to their email because it never times stops it’s just rotates and rotates and rotates so I have to write him a receipt
  • Awesome for me 5/5

    By Joey8897
    I’ve been using PayPal for my small business. I like the ease of quick invoicing. Takes minutes to collect, and my customers like it because of the ease of quick pay. Great paper trail
  • Buggy 1/5

    By birdsfly
    The upgrade to the chip card reader is so slow. So don’t get it if you know your clients are not a problem collecting from. The screen freezes all the time.
  • Failing me at critical moments 2/5

    By Port of the Plains
    Yesterday I tried to use PayPal Here at a school where I had 50 buyers, half of whom wanted to pay by card. It worked once, then failed and locked up. Disappointed!!!
  • Definitely get 5/5

    By lendiha
    This is Perfect for my moving sale this is an awesome product no hidden fees no surprise fees just 2.7% when you process a card
  • Love it 5/5

    By kennygrind
    I love it
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By monnieb123
    I love the App. It is easy to use and process transactions. I think a change should be made for adding items to my inventory. My option items are listed alphabetically and if I add anything new I have to delete everything and start over to get those one or two items in correct order. Should be easier to add items in between others without deleting anything. Other than that I’m a happy customer thus far
  • My PayPal 5/5

    By watkdog
  • Dependable and easy to use 5/5

    By bitelybirder
    I’ve been using this app for at least five years and it has worked great for me. I do art fairs all over the country and this app and the chip reader have been very dependable. My only problems have been when the app and the reader don’t want to connect, or when the cell signal is poor or the network is overloaded, which is not the fault of PayPal. The only weird glitch that keeps it all from functioning properly is when I have the chip reader plugged into a battery pack—it won’t complete the transaction as long as it’s plugged in.
  • SO much better than Square!! 5/5

    By AmmoLady
    I have been using Pay Pal for a about 16 months and really like it. Transactions go through with no problem and the money is in my account before the customer leaves my store!! Once I learned that keeping the reader charging will help it to connect with no problem and then stay connected, it seems run well with no glitches or hang ups. There is one thing that happens that I can’t decide if this it is an app problem or an iPad problem. It goes along fine for hours and then suddenly the reader looses it’s connection and I have to reset the iPad. I don’t use my phone often enough to know if it has the same issue. I am just now setting up the checkout feature. I have run across a few things I can’t figure out how to set up, but I am just beginning and if I can’t figure it out, I am not afraid to call Customer Support. I recommend PayPal to everyone I meet that needs merchant services!
  • Not convenient enough 4/5

    By Mahpar
    I wish it would work with any Bluetooth printer to print receipt. Also I don’t like it that the Tip and signature screen are combined. Also it gets disconnected from my iPad too fast and I have to wait so long to get them connected to each other again.
  • Asking to log in in the middle of transaction 1/5

    By Globalcitizen91
    The app will ask to log in when I’m doing a transaction and the card has been inserted so it will decline dance out everything and then you have to start over. Maybe ask in the beginning or once a day not constantly..
  • It’s great 5/5

    By flyboy82
    PayPal here has helped my business grow. Thanks
  • App super glitchy 1/5

    By Darian.B
    PayPal does not seem to care about their app or service at all. Go with a payment processor that does. They don't fix bugs, they don’t update the app, they just don’t care. All they want to do is sell you an expensive card reader. PLEASE FIX BUGS AND UPDATE THE APP
  • Easy to move money 5/5

    By twl1978
    PayPal makes it easy to move funds from PayPal to other financial institutions
  • Really happy with this tool! 5/5

    By dmredo
    I can run cards on the fly and get paid instantly. Can’t beat it.
  • No problems 5/5

    By Ring1979
    PayPal Here works fine in my office 👍😁
  • Love it!!! 4/5

    By ARRAY528
    Fantastic! Easy! Love it!!!
  • Great support from PayPal 5/5

    By Jemma J.
    I have been using PayPal for several years now and all in all I am very happy with this app. There have been times that I have run into some glitches, but the support payment PayPal has been great. All the glitches I’ve found have eventually been rectified.
  • PayPal 5/5

    By adkoutpost
    Very easy, works with vendor and is organized. Security is a huge issue and PayPal addresses issues immediately and has a good system in place.
  • I wouldn’t use anyone else 4/5

    By TorMit
    Works well 90% of the time. About once a week I have a glitch. So I log out and log back in and it’s usually fine.
  • Art shows 5/5

    By Cactus18
    This is a fast convenient way to accept credit or debit payment! Easy to transfer monies to my bank after a show.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Camlj
    So easy to use.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By Nana Maggi
    I’m a crafter and using PayPal Here is a super easy way to get paid as most folks these days want to pay by card.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Word_jockey
    Works quick and smooth
  • Art Gallery 4/5

    By Local Color Maine
    We’ve been using PayPal and the chip reader on an iPad for over a year, and worked well for us.
  • Recent update messed up the card reader 1/5

    By Crist0oo
    It was a good app except it required a daily log in which is kinda annoying. Then the update like a month or two ago totally ruined my experience. My card reader was not able read cards! The embarrassing moment when a customer handed over his card to you but your stupid PayPal app failed to read it. I am very sure it’s a software problem cuz the card reader works fine when I connect it to my iPhone. I know I can key in the card number, but it’s inconvenient and more expensive. This is making me switch to square, unfortunately.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Unity Lodge #130
    Works great for our Masonic Lodge, really helps with dues collection. The ability to change the items in the store is easy to use.
  • Works great but needs improvements 4/5

    By Kalixoxo
    I use this for our small business. Pros: Easy to use Customer service is great Love the itemized list which can include photos Cons: Sometimes the swipers don’t work Chip Card reader will only work on newer phones and tablets. (I was using an old iPad but it won’t register the chip card reader.) Discount - applies to the whole total. So if I do a service (no tax) and a retail (tax) it takes the discount off the whole total - lowering the sales tax. Wish you could select which item gets the discount. Would love to see custom discount codes: 25GOLD for 25% off gold items. And the ability to write a note on the purchase item. Example: item: Tattoo note: rose
  • Pretty useless 👎🏽 1/5

    I was using the iPhone app version because the iPad version doesn’t have the portrait mode, and I need the portrait mode for my stand and business. Now both the iPhone and the iPad versions cannot connect to Bluetooth on the iPad. Meanwhile, I have two different Paypal contactless readers. The first (most expensive one), they ruined by updates, I cannot use it like I used to because the charge procedure is forced to be done on the tiny reader instead of on the iPad like it was before. Whoever is in charge of Paypal Mobile Transactions is ruining the experience and driving users to Square. I know, I’m one. What a way to sabotage a business! I’m just gonna suspend this for good. It’s been so long unfixed, I don’t think Paypal has any plan to ever fix the problem. Goodbye!
  • Latest update very glitchy 2/5

    By tailor10101
    Constantly kicks me out of the app after each transaction. This has only started happening after the latest updates and it is very frustrating to me and the my customers. PayPal support has not been very helpful and have not acknowledged the issues. I’m currently using the iPhone app on the iPad. Please fix theses issues.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Ashleygonzales
    At first I was having problems with reader but found a way to make it work after so many swipes it gets loose so now I just pinch my card reader when I swipe and everything works perfectly. I can transfer money instantly for a small fee or next day with no charge.
  • Great 5/5

    By brencreations
    Is been working really good thanks
  • Works great on iPad 5/5

    This app works so well on the iPad, I’m updating my review from 1 to 5 stars. I highly recommend using this on iPad rather than Android, to eliminate all the bugs. And make sure you have a full strength Internet connection if you want the payment processing to go quickly and smoothly.
  • iPad Mini Users Beware 1/5

    By Easycooking
    After 6 years of being a dedicated PayPal customer we are parting ways. Why? Because with PayPal’s latest upgrade they made IPad Minis incompatible with PayPay Here credit processors without notice! Imagine my surprise when suddenly I was unable to process transactions, upon calling customer support I was told must be device and representative was kind enough to send me a replacement reader. Two days later new card reader arrives I’m excited to get it up and running! Well that excitement quickly turned into pure frustration as it wouldn’t connect to either of my IPad Minis so I get back on the phone with merchant services at PayPal to be rudely told mini IPads no longer work with credit card readers. I’m like perhaps I can speak to tech support to see if there is a potential work around, the representative basically was like no this is how it is so to that I said, “I am a loyal customer who if this matter isn’t resolved will have no choice but to switch to a company like Square as I have several IPads in my Cafe and am not about to purchase new devices because they decided to upgrade. I also said If you cared about your customers which by the way is the reason you have a job than you’ll find out from Tech department if there is a work around or not”. She put me on hold for about 10 minutes and then said as I told you mini iPads will no longer work with PayPal Here. So after 6 years of being a loyal customer, I guess this is goodbye!
  • Use it for my cellphone repair business 2/5

    By fredrick718
    Great system and fast cant complain at all
  • Best Way To Do Business 5/5

    By Jack of Spade
    Love PayPal!, the best Pal to have is the one that Pay!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Meggles051382
    Crashes and freezes sometimes s but transactions are pretty seamless
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Roy L. Oak
    Bluetooth reader works great. Chip reader works great! No glitches on mini iPad with cellular connection and we can use it anywhere with Verizon or WiFi. Most glitches reported are generally due to the connection being used. With AT&T which was our old cellular carrier, it would only work half the time due to the lac’ of a nearby tower. With Verizon, never misses a beat!
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By Broke wigger
    Doesn't work on the early version of the iPad. PayPal is useless to me now, thanks.
  • Glitches and freezes 2/5

    By Yvonne chew
    Simply hate the new upgrade with lots of freeze moments. Has to restart all the time after each transaction. Customers is complaining about the processing time. And, we have been having lots of issue about tips too. My customers never tip but at the end of the transaction and the tip were added automatically and my customers are furious because they thought that we added the tip without their authority. And in some case customers added tips but at the end of the processing screen it shows that no tips were added and customers has to pay tips in cash. The tip column is on the same page and a lot customers said that they don't see it there. Overall, we love the previous version much better than this one. This is driving everyone crazy especially for those who used the older version
  • Excellent 5/5

    By football_head
    It works fast and easy.
  • I hope they have better free card reader 4/5

    By Markys6677
    Free card reader for us please
  • Great for credit cards 5/5

    By Cap'n Jack Black
    We use it to accept donations and our low-cost vaccine clinic. Can do so much more than before we got this.
  • Good 5/5

    By SOSOGjIGA55
    Very good app
  • seems fake to me 1/5

    By dwiley1
    doesn't reflect same account on the desktop. it won't let me log in unless i convert to a business account and provide all my personal information! beware! i deleted this copycat paypal app.
  • App works 5/5

    By LadyBren
    Unfortunately I lost my card reader. However the app work for me on the spot. I was able to add in product and accept payment via my iPad by manual entry. And I entered customers info and sent them invoiced receipts. When I receive sells on the phone I send an invoice and those can pay directly through PayPal. Thanks PayPal.

PayPal Here : Point of Sale app comments

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