PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale

PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale

  • Category: Business
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  • Current Version: 7.30.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PayPal, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale App

The free PayPal Zettle app is the point of sale (POS) that empowers you to start, run and grow your business. From accepting any type of payment to tracking sales, PayPal Zettle turns your iPhone or iPad into a complete mobile POS system and register. Whether you’re running a coffee shop, clothing store or barber shop, PayPal Zettle is the one app you need to sell smarter and sell more. No monthly fees, no set-up costs and no lock-in contracts. The free PayPal Zettle app comes with a range of great features: • Speed up sales with an intuitive product library and checkout • Accept any type of payment - cash, credit/debit cards and contactless • Add the Zettle Reader to accept Visa, Mastercard and contactless payments - including Apple Pay • Customize receipts and print, text or email them to your customers • Collect customers' email addresses and craft campaigns to build great relationships • Collect sales data and use easy-to-understand reports to grow your business • Create multiple staff accounts to track individuals’ sales • Benefit from a wide range of integrations including Xero and Quickbooks, as well as specialist POS solutions for restaurant, retail and health & beauty environments How do I get started? 1. Download the PayPal Zettle app and sign up for an account 2. Order your Zettle Reader, with rapid delivery (2-3 working days) 3. Start taking card payments Zettle Reader and Dock: The new Zettle Reader and Dock are quick to set up and easy to use, allowing you to accept all major credit cards and contactless payments - including Apple Pay. A clear pricing model without fixed costs or fixed contracts. The Zettle Reader meets all requirements from the payment industry and is EMV-approved and PCI DSS-compliant. PayPal Zettle is licensed by PayPal Inc.

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PayPal Zettle: Point of Sale app reviews

  • Notifications 3/5

    By 613g
    Would be amazing if would have a notification option of either banner or message to confirm payment came. Similar to PayPal here
  • No invoicing? 3/5

    By Dtmacneill
    So I’m a new Zettle user for a new business i have established. I did a little research first and decided to use Zettle. Everything went smoothly during setup until i discovered there is no way to send someone an invoice. So unless your customer is standing in front of you, there is no way to send a bill or request payment. On the Zettle website it says this is built into the ZettleGo app which does not seem to exist in the US. What happened? This is a necessity for online sales!
  • Just the least friendly user interface and customer support 1/5

    By NotGreatShirts
    My gosh am I disappointed with this heap. I made an account and ordered a card reader. When I tried to connect the reader it required a bank account which is fair but then it demanded I send a picture of my license for verification. I reluctantly did and it declared me a risk and permanently locked my account. I talked to customer service and they could not fix it or tell me why I’m a risk. I tried to return the reader but PayPal won’t do it because it’s a Zettle product (are they separate? You’ll never know). Called customer service because there is no return option and the chat center is miserable and was told they would email me return info…they did not. Called a week later and the promised to send a return slip within 48 hrs via email and I verified they had the right email…still nothing. I am getting this thing returned and going with square, screw zettle.
  • Not a useable tool for small business 1/5

    By Ace-Adrian Clement
    PayPal Zettle and Venmo reserve the right to hold your funds for 21 days . I am closing my 15 year business account after this happened for the first time. The help center is of no help with this. This is wrong. I will never work with PayPal again. I am not mistaken about this issue as Google has implied.
  • Smooth interface 4/5

    By ttgmaniac
    Works well
  • No good 1/5

    By nofukinnicknameneeded
    No good
  • Consumer 1/5

    By fsehagbsgn
    I don’t understand this machine looks like they just keep my money what a way to run a business I have tried to find out why why they’re doing this they can’t even answer it I’m not happy with this at all zittle keep their machine!!!!!!
  • confusing 1/5

    By rickyunbroke1
    Paypal Here, Zettle? Paypal instructions say use the “zettle go” app. No such animal. My reader says connected on Zettle but says no reader detected on paypal here. Either way i can’t make a sale. I loved my old triangle swiper but can’t get it to work on my Iphone with a dongle.
  • Better than the PayPal here app in every way 4/5

    By Josh1624
    Switched to Zettle because I’m sure PayPal Here’s days are numbered. I like the expanded functionality of the Zettle app especially in the inventory management area. The card reader is much nicer than the one I had for PayPal Here. The only issue I have with the Zettle reader is the lack of a swipe reader. I still see some cards without a chip so I cannot accept those now. Its normally prepaid credit cards I see without a chip. The Zettle app is much more responsive than the PayPal here app. The PayPal here app is very laggy on my iPad 7th gen, no such issues on the Zettle app. My Star Micronics TSP100iii Bluetooth receipt printer works perfectly with the Zettle app. My cash drawer (works through the printer) also works… my cash drawer was hit or miss on the PayPal here app requiring me to leave the key hanging out the front to manually open it when it failed to pop open… not the best for security.
  • Need customer service. 1/5

    By madssss555
    I can’t message anyone in customer service so maybe this will help. I payed for over night shipping for my card reader on Thursday and nots it’s Sunday and I still haven’t received it! 😒would like my money back on the over night shipping!
  • Can’t edit your Invoice no way to personalize 3/5

    By Jose V 254
    All companies are in the same ball park when it comes to providing a service and taking your money. I want to be able to edit the way it he invoices look when they get emailed out, add a catch frase, logo, but doesn’t seem to be an option for it.
  • Money is constantly on hold 1/5

    By Jizzana
    The card reader works fine but PayPal is not communicating well with this app. If you use the QR codes for PayPal or Venmo through this app, I hope you don’t mind waiting 21 days for your money. Every transaction that isn’t a card I have to go to to manually say the item I sold was not shipped. The card reader is for in person purchases! Why should I say I didn’t ship it?! The last one I did through a PayPal QR code won’t let me even change the status on the website and PayPal keeps telling me the customer has to confirm the receipt and less than half my customers want a receipt. Changes need to be made. It is very frustrating.
  • Trouble with Zettle 1/5

    By banjoman10
    Unable to add user to the Zettle app. I hope they fix it soon.
  • Why is Zettle in the middle 1/5

    By zettlemyass
    Money gets held by Z, transfers at night to PayPal then you have to transfer out to your bank. No need for Zettle to be impeding things.
  • Doesn’t Work With iPhone 11 1/5

    By Sugar Art
    I really wanted to love this app because I already have a PayPal business account that I use. However I haven’t yet been able to get past the login screen on the Zettle App and I’ve contacted PayPal support multiple times and no one has been able to help me and has failed to follow up with me. My iOS software is up to date so I don’t know why I can’t even get to the password screen. The app works on my iPad but for some reason I can’t use it on my phone which is what I wanted so I will be returning the Zettle if PayPal Support does not find a solution for me.
  • Zettle lacks features 2/5

    By sending harts
    Switched from square to Zettle for inventory management. Zettle is very basic. Can’t save tickets like you can in square. No split payments (some cash some card). Very limited reporting. Customer service through PayPal is atrocious. Zettle does integrate great with woo commerce but that is about all it has going for it
  • Best app using easy 5/5

    By Sunny Hidustani
    I see the reviews looks like either they are opposing this app or need some training. When you have new app you have to do everything from scratch, I just you use only two days it is amazing better rate and better features, even credit union debit card need pin that more secure.
  • Omar 5/5

    By squeaky 123
    Hi good
  • Zettle App Doesn’t Work on iPhone 8 Plus 1/5

    By DrewIsMyHeroine
    Please don’t advertise that Zettle works on the iPhone 8 Plus. It just doesn’t. Was told it was a known issue and that they would follow up with me. After two months of no reply, I followed up and Marty (the real MVP) helped me figure out there’s a bug that keeps Zettle app from connecting to my location services and my Bluetooth, even though both are on. Since I’m not going to go buy a new phone when this one works just fine and Zettle just blames Apple, I’ll have to go to a competitor. Why advertise that Zettle works on iPhone 8 Plus when it doesn’t? Wasted my time and money and damaged my relationship with this brand. Worst part is, they won’t give me a refund until they have their Zettle card reader in their hands (return label is on the way.) If only PayPal wasn’t such a behemoth and had more people like Marty who were actually trying to help. But if tech support doesn’t have a solution, they don’t have a solution.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By BadPrincessLlc
    I love Zettle and how fast my deposits hit my PayPal account. I do however think it’s worth mentioning you can’t split a payment if the customer wants to do a partial cash or card payment. I.e: they owe $50 and want to do $30 cash and the rest on a card. Honestly this is my biggest and one of my only complaints for this system. I hope it gets fixed before I have to completely switch systems 😔
  • Can't Enable Manual Credit Card Entry 3/5

    By Midihead7
    Update: Someone from support finally called me and asked if I was logged in to the app using a Staff Login or the main PayPal login for our account (we were logged in using staff logins). They suggested that we try to log in to the app using the primary administrator login for the PayPal account and then try enabling the manual card entry. This was the solution. Documentation needs to be updated to explain this so other people don't waste time trying to figure out why they can't enable the feature. My organization just switched over to Zettle and bought the new card reader. We completed our first transaction and then proceeded to try to enable Manual Credit Card Entry under Settings in the app (version 7.22.1). We have been trying for days but no matter how many times we press the Activate button, Manual Credit Card Entry always shows as Off. I spoke with Zettle Support 4 days ago but they have yet to provide a working solution. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarted our devices with no success.
  • Not possible to use the app in Canada. 1/5

    By Horatio Nardini
    It’s compromising my business to sell merch on tours in Canada. Unacceptable for a company owned by PayPal.
  • Wonky card reader 1/5

    By sabs9084
    I never had these issues with square. The reader just stops working and has problems connecting all the time. I just got my reader in November and it won’t work anymore at all.
  • This should work a lot better 1/5

    By HAM-8
    I am so frustrated trying to update to a Zettle 2. It’s not easy to understand and your help section gives incorrect information, or at least wrong terminology in solving my problem. I won’t use it except when I’m forced to.
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Cheishable Moments2
    While I’m out vending it makes all my sales transactions so easy and our customer trust our credit card process!
  • No categories in App? Can’t edit folders thru Excel? 1/5

    By lakeshowalex
    Insane system for organizing products for easy access keeps resetting everything without rhyme or reason. Needs a lot of work.
  • Tipping function automatically turns off 1/5

    By Sanders_TJ
    No matter what I try, the zettle app doesn't let me leave the tipping option on. Every time the app is closed, the tipping feature is turned off and I have to go back in and manually turn it on. This is a MAJOR inconvenience and I miss out on tips if I don't remember to turn it back on when I start my day. What a garbage interface. I don’t have these glitches with Square and no one in support can explain why this is an issue.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By happy curtis
    My company used PayPal here about 2 years and we have gotten use to it. We thought Switching over to kettle would be smooth since PayPal created both systems. We had to redo all of our inventory. The variation set up is completely different from PayPal here and sometimes difficult to setup. I don’t like when taking a sell and you need to create a item that’s not set up in your inventory it doesn’t have a quantity option you can only add one item to the cart. The worse part is the money from sells are not available until the next day unlike PayPal here your money is instantly available in your PayPal account. I think if they fix some of these issues it could possibly be a nice system.
  • I like the app, but… 4/5

    By Divine Beauty by JSH
    I’m having trouble finding my orders to my website and suppliers app. -How can I add Zettle to my suppliers factory app? I would also love to share my products from Zettle to my social media platforms. -Is there anyway to share or forward product details to my customers from the app? Another thing would be useful if I was able to categorize my products. -Could someone show me how to do collections v.s single items? And Lastly, Can anyone see my Government name when I do get a sale or show my store? -If so, what can I do to change that?
  • Lacking some basic features 3/5

    By krk322
    Was not able to enter card numbers manually (card reader hasn’t arrived yet), and not seeing a “link to pay” option which was mentioned as a feature. Not sure if these have been removed for some reason, but makes it challenging given our customer base. Would like to see these features included or have instructions that match the actual app (everything online is for a Zettle Go app which doesn’t seem to be in the App Store anymore) before we start looking for other payment processing options.
  • Great tool and great app 5/5

    By nkca_nk
    So easy to use and intuitive. Love it! Couldn’t figure out anything about Square so I switched to Zettle. Paypal and zettle are awesome and easy.
  • Tip limitations 1/5

    By Dr.StevenPoop
    Limits how much customers can tip you. Developer responded by saying that is to prevent customers from accidently putting in their PIN as the tip. What was wrong with the old way PayPal did it where after putting in the tip it told them the total and asked if it was correct instead of saying that big of a tip isn’t allowed? What if their PIN is 0001? Do you have something in place saying the tip is too low? It’s sickening after what the service industry went through with covid that people are trying to be generous and help us get back on our feet and your placing asinine arbitrary limitations on that.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Michaeldrdn
    This app makes transactions possible anywhere you conduct business.
  • A total and complete disappointment! 1/5

    By very unhappy Suzy
    Everything that possibly could go wrong with an app happened with this app. Right from the beginning their advertisement says you could use right away but they didn’t say you have to wait till you’re keypad comes in even to do manual transactions. That took about a week and a half even though they said you get one in three days. Everytime I tried to get any kind of support from customer service I waited a few times for over 45 minutes and even up to an 1hr 20 minutes to get any kind of answers. No one seems to know what’s going on you get directed to PayPal and then to Zettle The few times I’ve talk to them they’ve given me conflicting information.The app double charged me 4 times and they refuse to give me any kind a refund for the money they charged for those transactions. To try to refund their money finally after talking to three people they told me I had to set up a set a account and hold money in there to be able to do any kind of refunds. A list goes on and on and on.. I am totally displeased about everything about this app. Again a complete and utter disappointment through and through!
  • Limits what people can tip you 1/5

    By timcstylis
    Said they would fix this all the way back in oct/nov, but it’s still limiting what people can tip and costing me money.
  • Need keyed in transactions 1/5

    By yafawy
    We get virtual credit cards for our business often. The option is not existent. Square been working for us until we realized they do not deal with bank of america accounts… so we are looking at paypal as an alternative.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Val04330
    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They refuse to close your account
  • Algunos errores 4/5

    By Angel Luis PR
    Tiene errores en español
  • Completely unusable with iPad app 1/5

    The iPad version of the app I missing a key feature which is available in th iPhone version of the app. The iPad version Is missing the amount tab from the drop down menu so for people that are just using for card processing can only do so on phone version. So I can’t use it at all in my retail store and have to resort to the end of life PayPal here or switch to another processer like square.
  • Can not give refunds without jumping through hoops! 1/5

    By CTCCrider
    I take very few charges with my antique business. I have been using PayPal here for a while. I felt the PayPal wireless card reader was slow to boot up and with no real display or keypad it was lagging in technology. So when PayPal promoted Zettle through the app I decided to give it a try. The card reader in my opinion is much better. It links up with the app quickly. Holds a charge all day. Has a display and a keypad for people to enter their pin for debit cards. The fee is slightly cheaper as well but not by much. Here is what I don’t like: the money does not go directly into your PayPal account. It is held in the Zettle system until it batch sends the net proceeds for the days transactions to your PayPal account available next business day from my experience. This is not that much of a problem but it is not as integrated as PayPal here which makes those funds available immediately. The real problem I have with Zettle is when you try to give a customer a refund a day after the transaction. I do very few transactions but they can be for over $1,000.00. There is no practical way to get the money back into Zettle to refund a customer. There is a setting I found out about when researching after the fact where you can set a permanent amount to be held by Zettle to keep in the event of a return after the funds have been automatically transferred to your PayPal account. This is very impractical for someone who has very few sales and those sales are in the thousands of dollars and who may have one return a year. After talking to tech support I found the only way to make a refund the next day through Zettle if I did not have sales in an amount that was equal or greater than the refund that day prior to needing to give a refund was to charge my own debit or credit card with my Zettle reader at my expense in transaction fees in order to give a refund. In this situation the cost was over $30.00. The Zettle representative said there was no way to wave the fee and there was no way to just transfer money back from PayPal. I will gladly change my feedback when they solve this problem. In the meantime I have gone back to using PayPal here with the old card reader and slightly higher fees.
  • No muy batallón para aser una cuenta 1/5

    By ondeando mas loko
    Debería tener su propia tarjeta pay pal para poder gastar el dinero de tu cuenta de paypal y también poder sakar cash back
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By imisspaypal
    PayPal here was so user friendly, but they make you switch to Zettle and it’s just a pain to use and transfer money
  • Tax’s 4/5

    By Ivygirls
    I enter the percentage San Francisco when I do a transaction it says less taxes than it should be 8.625 % . For example on PayPal it says $10 purchase should be $10.86 on settle it’s saying $10.79 it is much lower it must be corrected on settle side over all once the situation is fixed I believe believe it will be a great app 4 stars till the tax’s % is corrected
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Joe5551212
    Can’t perform most transactions due to Service temporarily unavailable.
  • A1 Since Day 1 5/5

    By MrJose100
    Very nice Easy setup Customizable inventory options Tap to pay is great, customer satisfaction with receipt. Could say more, have to run. Great products
  • Cannot get signed up for Zettle 1/5

    By Mark447765889
    I have used PayPal pay here app for years but when I signed up for a business account, I had to download an app called Zettle. I could never get through the complicated sign up procedure and there was no online help and the phone number provided was all automated NO HELP instructions. I switched to Square and got signed up in about 4-5 minutes
  • Review 1/5

    By gb3263
    App worked for a month. Then stopped.
  • User Friendly 4/5

    By CWA59
    App is easy to use and gives monthly totals of revenue.
  • manual card entry 1/5

    By New2Zettle
    Upon setup initially tried to process manual card entry and there is no feature allowing. I am transitioning from PayPal here which worked flawlessly and I could process cards manually. I am a small business and we need to enter info manually as take some orders over the phone. Do I need to order a reader and wait and then not use a reader when entering manually. Poor documentation on this.