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PayRange App

Pay with a simple swipe on your phone screen. Use PayRange to pay at thousands of vending, laundry, arcade, parking, coffee and other supported machines with a simple swipe of your finger. - Swipe left or right on the phone app screen to select the machine. - Swipe up on your phone screen and payment will be sent to the machine. It is that SIMPLE. QUICK AND SIMPLE: NO MORE COINS, NO MORE BILLS. PayRange takes the hassle out of your life. To guarantee the highest level of convenience, we designed our app for a quick and secure payment experience. Your experience is as simple as swiping your finger on your phone screen. You do not need to worry about having the right amount of change, small bills, or bill acceptor issues. SAFE AND SECURE: Safety and security of your payment information is our first priority. We accept a range of payment options including all major credit cards and Apple Pay. We use a secure PCI compliant processor to guarantee that your PayRange payments are protected. At any time, we do not send any personal information to the machine. EVERYWHERE AND GROWING: Look for the PayRange icon on the machine to determine if it accepts PayRange payments. As soon as you enter the range of a PayRange supported machine, the app will automatically detect the enabled machines. No pairing or configuration is required. All you need to do is swipe on your phone screen to select the machine you want to pay at. PayRange is enabled on machines in a broad range of industries such as vending, laundry, amusement, coffee etc. Get the app today! Simplify your payment experience with PayRange. ------------------------------------------ *** NOTE: The machine must be PayRange enabled *** This app will not work if the machine is not equipped with PayRange hardware. ------------------------------------------- Visit for a video demonstration. If you’d like your machine at work or school to be PayRange enabled, have the operator of your machines contact us at [email protected]

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PayRange app reviews


    By jorgeglez818
    scammers fharging 25 fents to recharge my account
  • Great Concept 3/5

    By Flandkd
    I just wish it were more dependable...
  • No more plastic cards! 5/5

    By MAD II
    Super useful for my buildings laundry sys
  • Rip off. Now they charge to add funds, this is ridiculous! 1/5

    By Palomitas2084
    Rip off
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By YoungKobe78
    I had this app for a long time and really liked it. That’s why I was so disappointed when I went to reload my balance and saw they had a $0.25 fee for every amount under $25.00. It would have been ok if I’d received some sort of notice, this just felt like scam. So I deleted the app and now will eat less snack so it’s a win win.
  • Easier Life! 5/5

    By Fireball Paintphilly
    This has made my life so much easier! I live in an Rv park and it’s much better than having to chase quarters. Only downfall, blue tooth range for notifications doesn’t work when you leave washer area.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 2019youscuck
    They charged me for every transaction I won’t be using after I used all my money. Every time I make a purchase I get charged .10 cents!
  • Extra fees now?!! 1/5

    By jshpraub
    They really make you pay and extra 25 cents if you’re putting in less then $10... literally they use to promote how it’s no extra fees to use this app instead of cash. So I guess once my money is finished on here, I will be using cash to pay for laundry.
  • .25 cent fee 3/5

    By KingLeo727
    Loss of a star. Shouldn’t be charged for adding funds under $10. Maybe we don’t need to have $10 and above for laundry every time. Also no more option to add your own amount that you want to add to your account smh.
  • Robert 5/5

    By bigfoot
    I wish this service could be available to all communities. It save time and because it allows you to pay without having any money on you at all time, it makes it saver to use and no money for thieves.
  • 25 cent charge scam 1/5

    By doug fitting
    Me and my 25 unit apt have used this app to do our laundry for several years now. At $2 for dryer and $2 for dryer that’s $200-800 dollars a week. This entire time you could load any dollar amount you wanted with no charge, recently they changed it for for anything under $10 they charge you 25 cents per dollar loaded. This is also a lower income area so folks tend to not load $10 or more as many live check to check and load lower amount weekly to make it through the week. The machines also take quarters, so now out landlord keeps hundreds of dollars in quarter in stock and exchanges them for free or will add the cost to your rent if you don’t have the paper to avoid these scam artist and there theft of money. They will no longer get a dollar from any tenant here and the manager promises to have this phony service removed. 25% increase then what’s next. I hope this scamming company fails!
  • App is a rip off, anyway to get extra money from you 1/5

    By DothYeLeviosa?
    App suddenly started charing .25 cents for loading anything less than $10 at a time and forces you to pay at LEAST $1.50 on the drier, even though the machine cost $1.25 per load. Essentially you waste ANOTHER .25 cents you didnt need to.
  • Laundry made easy 5/5

    By Hmwrkint
    Simply love the convenience
  • Problematic 1/5

    By gia66&
    When local machines have connection issues, the app is totally useless and can’t get available machines working. To be honest, I’d rather go with a swipe of a bank card or have a trip to a bank for quarters of the entire year than having to deal with the app for 30minutes+ every time before use. Certain tasks may not need apps at all, essentially.
  • Price Just Keeps Going Up.!! 1/5

    By Lovely Ashlee 559
    The Fee Keeps Going Up. Now We’re Being Charged A 25 cent Fee To Add Funds. So Ridiculous.!!! I Am Done Using This App. I Would Much Rather Go To The Laundry Mat A Few Blocks And Wash Lot More Clothes For The Same Price.!!! Many Of Us Have Kids. I Have A Family Of 7. This Is Ridiculous.!!!
  • Scammers!!! 1/5

    By Nhifswwg
    It’s a rip off, they now charge you to add funds to your account, 5 and below you pay 25 cents, they have these machines in low income areas, to wash its already $1.50 for washers that don’t even get the clothes properly clean, I added enough for one load and I’m never using the app again, we’re already forced to have to use the app because if we don’t have the app we can’t wash, this company is a scam, I would suggest any apts use this service
  • Pay Range 1/5

    By Janice Gay Powers
    I put $10 in the fund a week ago, haven’t done laundry until now. It said I had $2.50 in my funds. And now says the machines aren’t available now, and yet the light is on.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By HDMonge
    Would’ve been a 5-star review if you wouldn’t have started charging $0.25 to los anything below $5, which is what it was before.
  • Deceptive shady tactic 5/5

    By sister helena
    The developer was quick to address my complaint and I am very pleased with their prompt and courteous response. Upgrading to five stars. I first wrote to say: “Update says “preload as little as $1”. Does not tell you that for uploading $5 or less, you now will be charged a 25-cents “fee” Had I known, I would not have updated the app. Deceptive shady tactic. Shameful.” They fixed that and wrote to say: "We realize we didn't mention the fee in the release note, so we updated to reflect that. Thanks for the feedback."
  • Misleading default screen when paying for a wash 1/5

    By grifflern
    I use this app for my apartment’s washing machine. It used to work well, until the recent update. Now, when I select a washer, it defaults to the “super wash” option that is 50 cents more as opposed to the standard wash. Clearly this is designed to take advantage of people absent-mindlessly swiping to pay without looking what they are paying for. Although it has not caught me, I’m sure others have been affected by this. This is acting in bad faith and inspired me to write this review about a product I was previously ambivalent about.
  • Fee 1/5

    By technomoods
    They charge a fee now for anything under $10. Also, I remember having money on my account then when I opened the app back up again somehow it was in negative funds. Don't use this app.
  • not happy 1/5

    By msmilitia
    a 25 cent fee if its less than $10??? 👎🏻
  • Cheap Company Preying on Poverty 1/5

    By The Blackfish
    A 25 cent charge for amounts under 10 dollars. You prey on people in poverty. You are scum.
  • 🤗🤗🤗 5/5

    By jeyeuvenckxih
    Luv it 🤗 cuz I don’t have to go to the bank and get coins anymore which was so annoying. 😒🙄
  • Ok, bugs to fix 3/5

    By J.Gardiner
    I have had a few refunds issued to me because of some glitches and either been double charged or for not getting an offer that was sent to me even though I followed all prompts. Nice to have the alerts on phone but could stand to have some bugs fixed.
  • Worst app in the history of technology 1/5

    By nsgaiwnfudn974728199
    This app almost never works. It makes doing my laundry a dreadful experience each and every time. I’m literally not renewing my lease because it creates such a hassle.
  • App 3/5

    By Sunseeker777
    Is great when it works but, often can not locate machine when I am standing right in front of it
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Eya85
    I like it. Technically is always advancing. Gotta keep up.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By kjhpob
    So easy and sooo handy...NO MORE QUARTERS to worry about!!!!!
  • More coupon deals 1/5

    By Dissonnn
    Had good deals the first time I signed up like 50-75% off wash and dry. Now there has been nothing since! Make more please. Also machines don’t work a lot and I have lost now $7.50 and waiting on a refund
  • Horrible customer service, doesn’t update properly! 1/5

    By theoliviarae
    This company keeps saying my bank disputed a charge, so they kicked me off my account. I have called my bank multiple times and they said it is untrue. The customer service just keeps saying once the dispute is reversed, that my account will automatically be reactivated...Yet there is NO DISPUTE!!! So now it is fraud because they have taken $15 from my account and won’t let me access it. The customer service is providing no help. Also they won’t let me or my room mates create a new account. They keep saying there is an error and to email them, and when I email them, they don’t help me. I would rather use coin laundry. This app is awful and if you run into any issues with them you will have to contact your landlord not them because they are of no help!
  • New info request 3/5

    By maddyplumm
    I had a password and my credit card was already on file. Why did I have to change my password to all digits and re-enter my credit information which you already had.
  • Do not use unless absolutely necessary 1/5

    By CTFXM
    Terrible app terrible customer service
  • First time user 5/5

    By tennisboy73
    I approved
  • Terrible service 48340 1/5

    By FerenZone
    I live in an apartment complex and we have a stack dryer and two standalone washers. One of the washers has been down for months(washer 75) with brown water in the drum. The machines have taken money with no service on multiple occasions AND!!! Nobody EVER responds to any issue on the messaging within the app or via email. Ridiculous
  • VDR Community 5/5

    By Tshlene
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By laundry love
    At times I have had multiple instances where I been charge twice multiple time, so be careful but other than that is still convenient than having to have a bunch of coins to turn on the machines to wash
  • This app is trash! 1/5

    By Shaina scuba stein
    The app doesn’t work with up to date, normal iPhones. It won’t allow you to log in, sign up or create a new account. My land lord who has an iPhone 4 was able to access the app just fine.. by giving me a code. unfortunately, most of the millennials and people who use this APP.. have up to date devices that PayRange doesn’t even work appropriately with. If your building uses the pay range app I suggest you complain as much as possible for your Landlord to buy new machines and use a different method of payment as the payrange method has proven to be TRASH!
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Tyson621
    It won’t let me sign in and it can’t find any of the machines. The app worked for a few months and then just stopped. Now instead of using it at my apartment complex I have to drive to the laundromat and use my trusty quarters to get the job done.
  • Ok - regular Bluetooth connection issues. 3/5

    By laundry and whiskey
    Works 60% of the time. The other 40% it doesn’t connect to the Bluetooth. I recommend keeping quarters on hand.
  • Love it 5/5

    By traveling happy
    We’ve traveled in our RVs 20 years and this is one great program. We always had to be sure we have quarters, but with this it’s too easy. Tape you app, pick the machine, hit start and the machines starts.
  • Game Changer 5/5

    By surfrider-ny
    Anyone that has to use coin op laundry knows that the second you need to do an emergency wash is when you have zero quarters. This makes my life so easy. THANK YOU
  • Doesn’t work when it matters 1/5

    By Create Nickname SF
    Great idea, but it’s iffy if it will work when you need it
  • Exactly 5/5

    By M123om
    Love it
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    In consistent service at times with the blue tooth connection but for the most part it works.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Needmoreapps
    Such a convenient way to do laundry! No worries about having change!
  • PayRange 5/5

    By Olive Gooseby
    Very convenient!
  • Eats your money! 1/5

    By TCozz
    The app is pretty nice, except that it steals from you. I’ll often hit pay, the transaction goes through, but the machine doesn’t respond! I’ve lost quite a bit of change from this app. Buyer beware!
  • So convenient and easy 5/5

    By KF122400
    I’ve been using this app for over a year... it’s so simple to use and reload.

PayRange app comments

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