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PayRange App

Pay with a simple swipe on your phone screen. Use PayRange to pay at thousands of vending, laundry, arcade, parking, coffee and other supported machines with a simple swipe of your finger. - Swipe left or right on the phone app screen to select the machine. - Swipe up on your phone screen and payment will be sent to the machine. It is that SIMPLE. QUICK AND SIMPLE: NO MORE COINS, NO MORE BILLS. PayRange takes the hassle out of your life. To guarantee the highest level of convenience, we designed our app for a quick and secure payment experience. Your experience is as simple as swiping your finger on your phone screen. You do not need to worry about having the right amount of change, small bills, or bill acceptor issues. SAFE AND SECURE: Safety and security of your payment information is our first priority. We accept a range of payment options including all major credit cards and Apple Pay. We use a secure PCI compliant processor to guarantee that your PayRange payments are protected. At any time, we do not send any personal information to the machine. EVERYWHERE AND GROWING: Look for the PayRange icon on the machine to determine if it accepts PayRange payments. As soon as you enter the range of a PayRange supported machine, the app will automatically detect the enabled machines. No pairing or configuration is required. All you need to do is swipe on your phone screen to select the machine you want to pay at. PayRange is enabled on machines in a broad range of industries such as vending, laundry, amusement, coffee etc. Get the app today! Simplify your payment experience with PayRange. ------------------------------------------ *** NOTE: The machine must be PayRange enabled *** This app will not work if the machine is not equipped with PayRange hardware. ------------------------------------------- Visit for a video demonstration. If you’d like your machine at work or school to be PayRange enabled, have the operator of your machines contact us at [email protected]

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PayRange app reviews

  • Bad advertisement 1/5

    By BabyAdrenalyneRush
    Faulty advertisement says “free laundry” for new customers. LIE. I emailed support and they said free $3 offer. LIE. Offer was only good for a wash (not even the drying part). Would not recommend using.
  • Finally 5/5

    By Prod925
    Amazing company. Easy to use. Ditch the hassle of change
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By zeldakix17
    I try to make account it fails
  • Not happy 1/5

    By maribick
    Takes money when I haven’t used the machine very disappointed
  • Not too happy 2/5

    By Dud System
    Over half the times I go to do laundry, the app does not recognize me. I have had to change my password quite a few times, and it doesn’t always let me do that. It’s SO frustrating. I am not happy with this system. The few times it worked properly, it was great, but that was rare.
  • PayRange Happy 5/5

    By Monz247
    Best idea ever. Don’t have to chase down quarters anymore 😀
  • Don’t fall for this app 1/5

    By cdnwetzel
    Signed up because they offered a free drink without making a deposit, it charged me the “free” credit and then machine said sold out and just like that no free drink and no credit and now it wants me to load money and store credit with a proprietary payment platform for machines I only see at one customer site and the drinks are overpriced to boot
  • Fantastic Idea 5/5

    By Mdb56
    First time using “PayRange” and it worked flawlessly. I wish all Thousand Trails, all campgrounds for that matter, used PayRange. Simple to use and load just the amount of money you want, to the quarter, using Apple Pay.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By kon3k
    Scammers charged me twice any time
  • Ok 3/5

    By jani.bear
    First time trying this app out with some washers it was easy and simple to understand but the next day it charged me for two washers I didn’t not use. I did manage to contact them and get my money back but it shouldn’t of happened in the first place
  • So convenient!! 5/5

    By Robbinn2
    It’s always been a pain to try and gather quarters for the laundry, especially when you need a big bunch to wash a months worth of laundry. Of course now that we don’t have to rely on coins it’s that much easier and not so much the dreaded chore. I’m going to tell my new landlord about this service because I think she’ll really appreciate not having to make the trip into the city to empty the coin bin on her machines too. Great app and a valuable service provided. Thanks!
  • Price is always wrong. 1/5

    By CBekis
    The app doesn’t reflect the pricing on our apartment machines- then adding quarter by quarter on the app- why not just 25cents/ 50cents/ 75cents? Why a quarter at a time? Also when taking advantage of a promo- our washers won’t start. We I have to add more money to start the wash- if just becomes the same cost before a promo happens. Also the time does not reflect the correct time. It’s insanity and a waste of time.
  • Tiburon Hill Estate Machines 3/5

    By mitziym
    I loaded my machine #3 & scanned my phone right in front of machine & instead it charged the empty machine next to me instead. I wasn’t about to unload the whole machine after I already had added detergent so instead I wasted money on one whole load
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By Chuff hub
    Normally I find the app easier but I just paid to use the dryer and while they deducted my account it didn’t send to my machine. I only had enough for one cycle, so now I have to add more that I did not wat to add because the money o had for one cycle went to absolutely nothing. Probably just better off paying with quarters..
  • Servidor 1/5

    By valeria038
    Su servidor nunca funciona
  • Picked my pocket 1/5

    By Notarookee
    Took $25 when I only wanted $10
  • Nightmare to get this App to Work 2/5

    By Annoyed ML
    When my building set this App up, I was THRILLED; No more hunting down quarters!! Then, I tried to use it. What a PAIN! It’s always a huge hassle to log in, find the machines, and get the app to connect to the machines. I’m sure this a building placement and lack of internet issue, but it’s infuriating. I have to log in in the lobby area, because it doesn’t work in the laundry room, and then set up a series of open doors and stand in a sweet spot between the machine and the open doors that lead to the lobby to even get the app to connect to the machines. The scanning device never works to find the machine manually, and I’ve never had all available machines show up together on the app even once. Half the time it says a machine is unavailable when it’s not being used at all. When you load money, there’s always a denomination difference when you’re at the end of the loaded amount, so you’re stuck with a quarter or two that you can’t get back or use unless you load more money on to the frustrating app. Honestly, quarter hunting was far more efficient.
  • Great and easy interface, refunded when my job removed the machine! 5/5

    By BlackSpectrum69
    The app is great and easy to use, I hate using cash/change and this was easy to reload from my phone. The company I work for removed the machine and I had just loaded money into the app. No problem though, I sent them an email and they refunded the entire balance within 3 minutes... on a Sunday! Great customer service!
  • cell service in the basement?!! 1/5

    By bertram087
    yes that’s right, this is the most frustrating app/machine service to use. my washer and dryer is in the basement and won’t connect to pay for laundry. contacted the app but had no solutions. the qr code isn’t connected either. the one star represents not having to get quarters anymore
  • Easy 5/5

    By PukieGamer
    It’s there and easy to use the only downfall is the extra ten cents for a transaction fee.
  • Pretty flakey 1/5

    By slowcrash
    Requires quitting and rebooting repeatedly before payment is made. Slow on login. Slow to recognize machines
  • Poor service 1/5

    By malclob
    I paid twice for 4 different machines. Then was charged $25 to dry my clothes on 1 machine. I wasn’t giving my money back.
  • I can’t add another card without deleting the other! 1/5

    By whattheh377nicknamecrap
    It’s a major inconvenience at first to set this up because I just want to wash my dam clothes. Now I want to load another card for cash loading and I now have to delete the first one. What the flip happen to just using cash. !!!!!
  • What a great solution!! 5/5

    By breahbeall
    This totally solves the problem of not having enough quarters. My only complaint is sometimes the timer is off. The machine actually just keeps drying past the 45 promise.
  • Amazing customer support for this app. 5/5

    By shivani_agrawal
    I have been surprised by great customer support for this app, which I don't expect in general. They respond timely to emails without much hassle, thank you.
  • Comes in handy! 5/5

    By Coqui Gal
    Great little app; no need to run around asking for change and having $1’s on me 24-7 lol!
  • Overcharged 1/5

    We switched to this app at our grad housing complex at UCLA and it overcharged my account because the machine don’t always work properly with the app - you have to try several machines until one works but you end up paying for all of the machines you tried. Inconsistent. Our old system worked flawlessly.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Omfgitsjakey
    Is very bad app and easy to screw up. Only issue is I’m having is every time you need load money. Didn’t ask are you sure or anything just dose it then you screw up only want load 5$ but you can’t hold support is kinda bull. Don’t download it
  • Balance 1/5

    By kesssssha
    I have a negative balance how?
  • App sometimes work for some laundry machine 1/5

    By never.ever.happy
    Pls fix problem. Most of the time it doesn’t work for some laundrymachines
  • Greatly improved. 5/5

    By Reclaimyoursoul
    When I first used this app a few years ago, I rated it 3 stars. I stuck with it as the only digital payment option for my laundry. The developers seemed to have worked out all of my concerns. Great work. I love using this app now.
  • Hello 1/5

    By lovelyorkie
    Awful app
  • Life changing. 5/5

    By djsooshi
    I don’t have to stress about getting quarters for laundry anymore. Trips to convenience store on a Saturday begging for a roll of quarters. Or the self flagellation for forgetting to go to the bank for the umpteenth time. Grrrr! Like if you’ve ever had to do that, you know what I mean. Hands down best app since sliced bread.
  • Good app, w a few glitches 4/5

    By Y7Querxus
    Generally works smoothly and reliably, but has a tendency to log you out at weird moments and occasionally to have difficulty “seeing” the laundry machines right in front of it that it had been talking to only moments before.
  • Rip off! 1/5

    By Cuddle cakes 05
    I have been over charged for the same machine that was not working and still have not been contacted or refunded up to 6 dollars!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By naeskld
    The app is very convenient but the only problem I have is that the app doesn’t work with stack dryers. I’ve sent emails out to you guys about it months ago and it’s still not fixed!
  • Convenient 4/5

    By willotv
    Very convenient app Works well Track your money by taking screen shot of your balance
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By anniemacis
    I don’t have to deal with going to the bank every week or so to get quarters!!! This app is amazing and convenient I would never go back to pay for doing laundry in quarters ever again 10/10 🤗
  • Concept good application overall not so good 1/5

    By hotel laundry life
    I’ve had to email for being over charged WITH EVERY USE. Very frustrating
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Kevnburke
    If you’re traveling from another country I don’t want to be forced to prepay. I am having to buy things I don’t want so i use up the money your forced to prepay
  • The machines are not up to date 1/5

    By cheery sweetz
    Machine 12 Consistently takes more than it should (extra .50) .. I write and no one comes out to fix it
  • Carolyn FB 5/5

    By CarolynFB
    Easy and fast
  • Unimpressed 1/5

    By JavenJ
    Very glitchy. Hard to get Apple Pay to work.
  • THE WORST 1/5

    By chubbybuddy5
    I wish I could give it no stars. Constantly logging me out or says “out of range when I’m standing in front of the machine. The worst I’m going back to quarters.
  • User 1/5

    By Just call me Julie
    This app routinely charges me double for the washer.
  • Ask and confirm the amount before any transaction 1/5

    By Another Musician
    Didn’t ask me the amount before you changed. You’re lucky I’m ballin!
  • Amazing and Easy 5/5

    By Mriv121316
    My kids love it and so do I 🤗
  • Worker 5/5

    By sunflowercarter
    Love this option makes it easier so I don’t have to carry cash
  • Apt. Livin’ 5/5

    By Quarterdone!
    I love the ease of use of this app! No more heading to my local Safeway and hoping they have quarters! Technology rules!!!

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