Peach — share vividly

Peach — share vividly

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  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Byte Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Peach — share vividly App

Life is filled with words, pictures, places, and songs worth sharing. Sometimes, a GIF says it all. When you put these things together, expressing yourself is faster, easier, and more fun. Peach lets you share what you feel, think, see, hear, and do—vividly. Peach connects you with friends and gives you freedom, so you can keep up with each other in a real and personal way. Peaching is just like texting, but better. Some words you type are magic words that give you quick access to all sorts of things to share, from drawings, links, and GIFs, to the weather, your current location, what you're watching tonight, how many steps you walked today, and much more. * Post to your profile or chat with your friends privately. * Need inspiration for what to post? Tap the lightbulb for new ideas every day. * Let someone know you're thinking of them by sending a wave, slice of cake, 100, boop, kiss, hiss, and more. * Use the magic word “shout” to write a few words (+ emoji) in BIG letters on a background color or image. (Swipe left to add frames for an animated shout.) * Use “draw” to post a doodle or sketch. * Use “play” to start a game of Peachball. * Use “song” to share whatever's playing right now. Friends can tap on the song to open it in Apple Music or Spotify. * The magic word “rate” lets you give anything—anything!— a 1-5 star rating. * Other magic words: gif, here, goodmorning, goodnight, mood, throwback, noise, battery, weather, move, meetings, dice, time, date, movie, tv, and game.

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  • priceless 5/5

    By lzain
    i use it like livejournal and to get away from the icky parts of the internet which is pretty much all of them right now. thank you for keeping her up !
  • Eh 3/5

    By internet teen
    conceptually very cool, love the vibe. Extremely glitchy and i can’t seem to enable push notifications
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Sami-Jo H
    Even tho it hasn't been updated in years, my friends and I all use it as journals and ways to keep up with each other! Bc you can't see anyone's post without being their friend, it makes it feel super secure and truly that only the people who you want to see your content can
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By dearbrie
    Doesn’t work. Asks to verify your phone number to find friends but just says “Something went wrong. Try again?”
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bryce_Tant
    Thank you for bringing peach back . My group of friends love this app & actually use it to pour out our thoughts that we don't want to say out loud . It's a way to vent & check up on your friends . Really appreciate this . I just noticed the app went offline & I'm hoping this app isn't dead P.S. I am a computer science graduate focusing on programming & would love to help if needed.
  • Please update 5/5

    By daydreamsigh
    I’ve been using this app for a few years. I love it and use it as a personal journal. As of July 2020, I try to open the app and my feed just doesn’t appear. I tried turning my phone on and off, deleting then downloading the app, turning my WiFi off and then on, but I get a red bar notification saying “can’t connect to peach” and I’m wondering if it’s because it’s finally glitching after not being updated for so long? I had a lot of memories and thoughts on that app please update so I could at least copy it somewhere more secure and where it won’t get lost. I should have done that sooner but I had faith that the app would update..

    By Theperfectcirclekirby
    Hello! I am a long time user of the app Peach and thus I have witnessed the birth, rise, and fall of the app. Though many circles still exist and are active, there is a clear drop in users. Peach is something very near and dear to my - and my friend’s, hearts and it saddens me to see how abandoned the application is. The idea is phenomenal and yet the execution is faulty at best. There are many bugs with Peach. The app as you have left it is severely incomplete, many basic functions are broken. Functions such as: ⁃ No notifications when someone interacts with one’s post or when someone the user has starred posts. ⁃ The inability to click on one’s profile when they have posted a video. Seriously, the entire app crashes. ⁃ “Song” function being near useless as it randomly stops working. ⁃ Blocking someone only entails that the blocker and blocked don’t see each other on friend’s lists. Improve this, it should be a complete blackout of the user. ⁃ Starred users don’t always show up as the top user in one’s friend list. ⁃ When posting a photo, the entire camera roll is randomized and it becomes hard to find the exact photo wanted. Furthermore, there are extra functions that users would not only adore but would make the app extremely enjoyable: ⁃ A choice between dark mode and light mode ⁃ More customization options for the profile ⁃ Deleting accounts of people who completely abandoned the app at least 2 years ago ⁃ A less discrete messaging system ⁃ “Peach stories” (such as the one’s on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. ⁃ Being able to go “live” on Peach ⁃ Drafting posts ⁃ Editing posts once they have been made Ultimately, Peach is about being able to be more intimate about our lives to friends in a way that other social media doesn’t allow us to be. It’s about making your own circle of friends and having fun. Please fix your application. The Peach users miss you and still have hope for your arrival.
  • Bring it back! 5/5

    By NyanCat😸
    I legitimately love Peach so much! I hope that with the hype around Byte more people find it and the team starts giving it new updates.
  • PLEASE FIX 3/5

    By mirashot
    I like this app a lot, but every time I try to post a video, it closes the app. Please fix the bugs on this app so we can all have a good time!

    By cheeseburger138
    peach is my favorite app!!!!! i’ve been on this app for four years now and i’ve documented a lot on here. my close friends and i all use the app as a journal where we post our thoughts and feelings. i love how simple and personal it is and i’m sure my friends would say the same. PLEASE come back and update peach! peach’s supporters may be few but we’re loyal!
  • Advertise This App 3/5

    By Riley N-T
    Love the idea of this app but advertise it more to get it out there please
  • wish it didn’t flop :/ 5/5

    By samirivpos
    i love this app so much! i used it ~3 years ago regularly with all my online friends and just recently rediscovered it. i’m now using it as a sort of online diary, but you can make short tweet-like updates throughout the day that can include mood/song/weather/etc updates as you please. it’s fun to look back on and i don’t currently follow anyone or have any followers, as it seems like no one is really active. my one gripe is that it’s extremely hard to find interesting accounts to follow, but i’m not sure if that’s due to the lack of users or the way the app is set up. other than that, it’s a very cute app and i wish people would start using it again!
  • It was good but RIP 5/5

    By .Amy Nguyen
    Some polishing and updates would be cool if y’all had the time to revive this.
  • Plz update more :( 5/5

    By mimosastain
    This is such a great app and I loved it !! But it hasn’t been updated in a while and I wonder if they are going to improve this further or have just forgotten about this app..
  • notifications don’t work and haven’t worked for well over a year 2/5

    By exterrible
    besides never getting notifications despite them being turned on under my settings, the app is fine. I hardly use it though because i forget about it, since I never know if people have liked my statuses or sent me messages
  • update anytime soon?????? 3/5

    By shcixmsnduaksmf
    good and fun but when is there going to be an update that fits the new phones with larger screens??
  • So good 5/5

    By Bogidawn
    Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook Do not become Facebook
  • Here to stay? 5/5

    By Deerhyme
    I really enjoyed this app when it first came out. My friends on iOS really had fun utilizing the cool features. It was even more fun once it was available to Android. Time has passed and no one I know logs on anymore - but I do. It’s probably the only safe haven for me. I could make private account on other social media to journal and vent on but I’ve been using this for so long it’s all I know. I would be happy if it was around for a long time. If there was a way to export my posts and comments if it is ever removed from the Apple store I’d be grateful. Thanks for giving me a place to enjoy sharing with my friends and a place where I can simply be me.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By TheViolator
    This app is pointless.
  • No Organic Discovery 1/5

    By Chairman El
    Excellent design. Too bad there is no organic discovery of new content. I’m talking significant discovery, where fresh content and accounts can be found and added infinitely. Most social networks serve you stale accounts and stale content as “discovery.” If only Peach did something different.
  • Love this app, please keep it going 5/5

    By harmonybk67
    This app deserves to keep being supported and used!! Much love to the creators
  • Love this app! Needs glitches fixed 3/5

    By bobbybertie97
    I adore peach and how it looks, it’s one of my favorite social media apps. However, since the last update notifications are completely broken which is frustrating - especially when you are having a conversation with someone
  • If i could give it zero stars I would!! 1/5

    By littlecymfia
    I had a couple problems with the app since I was being harassed by other members on the site. I messaged the contact support and never received an email back. They were zero help. I’ve had this app for ~2 years and it seems to be a constant trend from the creators. This includes all the messy glitches that have had happened over the years. On top of that, you can’t truly show who you are on this site, since I had someone screen shot my photo and post it online with death threats. Awful!
  • Ops 1/5

    By Melody Love
    Why are you censoring us??? Also the photos are in a random order when trying to post which is horrible, and pointless since there is the throwback feature.
  • Wow 4/5

    By M.M.B.CO.
    So, I think I remember hearing some stuffs about this app about 3 years ago. Didn’t pay attention to it. I needed a new sns & I found this by happen stance. It’s honestly amazing little chat app & I’m sad to see it’s limited on discoverability to just chatting with friends you already know. I’m sad I missed the hype a few years ago. But it’s got everything & more on the simple chat/messenger app. The magic word activation for the features are super cute & easy & add a reliable flare to your chatting! It’s overall simplistic & friendly! I’d love to support a revival this community! It should be rivaling the big guys like FB, Line, Wechat & KKT!
  • One issue 3/5

    By Redpuppie123
    When people message me I don’t get notifications. Other users have told me about this issue as well
  • cool 5/5

    By jalen214
    #hypeforbyte say something in the discord dom🤩
  • Needs better discoverability 4/5

    By Pokeyball
    Just installes, like the concept, needs best discoverability. Let’s be friends! @buzzin
  • Yay it’s back! 5/5

    By succmyfucc
    I was scared when peach was down and I saw people saying it was the end of this app. So glad it’s back up and running, love this app ❤️
  • Please no 5/5

    By FlameWolf669
    Peach is a good app. Please do not die. It is a nice. I don’t want it to go away.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Snoodle9
    Peach is honestly my favorite app. It’s a great form of social media that’s infinitely more personal than apps like Instagram and even Facebook. It helps you stay in contact with friends and talk about real issues with people you trust, instead of having everything be super public and all about likes and comments.
  • peach machine broke 5/5

    By booboothefuul
    blease fix i will fkn venmo the devs i dont cCARE,,
  • please fix it 1/5

    By jhan125738295929592929
    It was working fine until yesterday, I can’t even log in. Please fix it.
  • Please come back 5/5

    By Minacurls
    this is the one of the few ways that I could keep tabs on my suicidal friends without butting in too much please come back
  • thank you 5/5

    By Bliklestar
    this was one of the apps i really wish went mainstream. i’ll miss it 4ever💔
  • Please 5/5

    By 99errors
    I miss you and I love yoU
  • COME BACK 5/5

    By Jb952
    i don't usually write reviews for apps but this app was honestly my lifesaver. it was the only app that allowed me to make it into a small writing place for myself and a few of my close friends. when i was scared and ashamed to tell my friends things, i'd write it up and let them see it. i loved how i was able to share something with my close friends and i kept in touch with them that way in case i haven't heard from them in a long time. i really love this app and i would love to go back and look back at my journal entries because it helped me a lot. please please come back. this app was very useful.
  • Thank you Peach 5/5

    By Scoutwiththefro
    We love peach and the space it allows us to create with others! It’s such a beautiful and simple platform. I appreciate that it doesn’t try to overstimulate or demand attention like other social media apps do. I feel safe on peach and I really hope it comes back soon 💕
  • Pls 5/5

    By cryptidvin
    Please come back we are so sad
  • This is my favorite app. 5/5

    By catalina 🍒
    yall add me on peach its loonayyxy, my tumblr is twicetagram 🤟🏻😔 Peach crew, please come back. Your application is incredible. I used Peach a bit in High School but stopped using it; now, as Freshman in college, it’s my absolute life saver and I use it everyday. I use Peach as an agenda, a journal, and a notes app all in one. I make to-do lists constantly. I write down any tests, assignments or essays I have due. I write down my passwords. I write down my goals. I vent about my feelings. I write down my class schedules. I write down any events or plans that I have. My grocery list. I even make little graphics to divide the months and weeks. It’s my little online bullet journal, and I have my ENTIRE life organized there. Even though I have friends on the app, I would still use it without anyone on my friend list just for the fact that it completely replaces an agenda for me. Thank you for this amazing app! Ever since its been down, my academic life hasn’t been the same without it.
  • Lovely App - bring it back! 4/5

    By chaoticfish311
    Please please please. It’s such a good app with good networks of people, and as many people have said, there’s a real intimacy that the app facilitates. Bring it back please.
  • Baby come back 5/5

    By offendedbyU
    I hope this isn’t the end of Peach. I have been using it to keep in contact with all of my old friends after we graduated and moved away from our home towns. There’s something special about this app that I don’t want to leave just yet.
  • Please come back! 1/5

    By kindalost
    I’ve been using peach ever since it first came out and I’m so sad to see it unable to load. I have so many memories and friends on here... I documented meeting my loving boyfriend, going on trips and vacations, and graduating high school/going to college. This app means so much to me and I really hope it comes back to working order soon! Please help fix this problem!
  • blease come back.. 5/5

    By :—) !!!!!!!!!
    :( :( :( pls load

    By peach forever
    even though it’s been down for a week now i really it. please bring it back. it’s the best app. it acts like a digital diary and the community is so great
  • ily 🍑 5/5

    By bennywurm
    bleaSe come back
  • peach i love you where have you gone 5/5

    By Kiana! at the Disco
    i know it's been years but it's still where i talk to my friends.... peach.......... please come back
  • :( 1/5

    By Why tho
    just loads and loads and wont work
  • love it!! 5/5

    By Krazykat246
    i love this app!! however currently for some reason it’s not loading and i can’t get it to work :-((( please fix this issue because i use this app a lot and it would be really sad to lose it :-((!!!

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