Peak's Edge

Peak's Edge

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Kenny Sun
  • Compatibility: Android
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Peak's Edge App

Peak’s Edge is a pyramidal puzzle roguelike. Discover and equip a vast array of powerful armor. Roll and re-orient yourself as you weave through enemies in your path. Explore the mysterious depths as you fall further and further into your peak’s edge. I hate writing these. - Pretty fun gameplay - Procedurally generated micro-puzzles - Infinite replayability - Over 30 armor types - Over 25 skills to manipulate the board

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Peak's Edge app reviews

  • Missing something 4/5

    By mogo_mogo
    This is a really unique roguelike, and a lot of fun to play! There are multiple viable strategies, you unlock new sides as you play, and the sound design is top-notch. However, the game is missing something... An ending. In most roguelikes, you’re trying to reach and defeat a boss, moving through different levels as you go, but that was entirely missing here-I made it to floor 100, and didn’t even see the background change. Every 10 floors should be it’s own “thing”, with unique enemies and leeches, there should be a shop or some sort of rest point in between each group, and the game needs to end after a certain amount of floors. Otherwise, it just gets too repetitive.
  • 很棒 5/5

    By Lazyeo
  • Obscene Amount of ads. 1/5

    By Victor chorizo
    Game seemed reasonably fun, but gave up after 15minutes because it was absolutely overwhelming with how often it forced you to stop and watch an ad. It seemed like it was every level or two, and each level only takes a minute or so. So if you like watching stopping to watch an ad every minute or two then this is the game for you, especially if you like unskippable ads for straight up PayPal scams and other bottom feeding garbage.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By TruSlothKing
    The game is outstanding I love every moment of this addicting yet simple game, the only thing I could possibly ask for is a list of all the armors and skills you’ve unlocked.
  • Fun game 3/5

    By Glass wedge
    Fun game
  • Fun little rogue-like with surprising depth 5/5

    By RobertTheSpruce
    Fun little rogue-like with surprising depth. The pricing model is fair. No micro transactions. Worth a download!
  • Simply perfect 5/5

    By Fjdbrbxkjsdj
    This is a very stereotypical way to start a review, but I pretty much never write reviews. This is maybe my 3rd in five years. I only review games that are either so amazing or so terrible that it stuns me and sticks in my mind. This game is the former. Peak’s Edge is very simple on the surface, but the deeper you go, (literally as you reach deeper levels) the more complex it becomes. The basic gameplay is very easy to understand. You move your pyramid across the board, killing enemies and collecting pieces of armor that can allow you to defend yourself and kill your enemies more easily. One thing I love is that certain pieces of armor are only good in certain parts of the game, the best example is the Blood Knife and the Blood Shield. The knife bypasses ANY enemy armor, to kill instantly. EXCEPT for if the enemy has no armor at all, then YOU die. The shield works similarly, it will defend you from any attack unless the enemy has no armor at all. These two armors are a weakness in the early part of the game, when enemies have very little armor. But later in the game, past floor 30 or so, they are the best armors in the game because the enemies are fully armored. It’s an incredible piece of level design, that allows you to take a weakness now for a massive strength later. I love it. Currently, my record is floor 167. I’ve been playing daily for about 4 months, and I don’t think I’ll be deleting anytime soon. I’ve never played a game as entertaining and replayable as Peak’s Edge, not even on PC or console. This is a masterpiece of the mobile platform, a game to rival chess in its strategic depth. Well done Mr. Sun, you have my respect.
  • unique 5/5

    By The Pink Fawn
    You have created something beautiful, with inventive tricks and twists on the "roguelike" genre.
  • Just a great game 5/5

    By Hewhop
    Incredible game, great twist on rougelikes. The controls are incredibly simple, and it quickly becomes apparent what abilities and tiles are useful(if you don’t know, it’s the ones that allow you to move without an enemy moving(eg. making it move into the wall) or vice versa). Great, innovative, easy to understand, and, for the first time I’ve seen, ads are skill based and well integrated. The majority don’t come at random or as a block to loot or an advantage - they’re used as a punishment. You failed a run, you let a Moneygrabber get you; they all feel fair. I didn’t plan far enough ahead, and this is my consequence. They’re annoying, but they don’t make me mad - I earned this. And I feel like that’s what the designers were going for. Yes, you get money from them, but it’s a cool part of the game. For the first time ever, I feel like it would be a worse game with no ads. Plus, there’s the strategy with picking up the Adblock armor. You sacrifice a side to prevent ads. You trade more streamlined gameplay for a vulnerability. Congrats, Kenny Sun, on making ads good. There is one thing I’d add though - maybe an optional, more classic directional movement pad? I feel like the swipe controls often misinterpret my inputs, and it has caused me to die numerous times. It’s a minor issue, and it only happens when I go fast, but it’d be a nice QOL addition.
  • A nice twist on a rogue like 5/5

    By 5p3ct3rX
    This game is one of the most fun games I've ever played. And to all the people who think the "luck" is broken or just terrible, it is, that's a purpose of a rogue like nothing will ever go your way and usually it never does in this game, that's what makes it so fun, just thinking about the strategies and moves you have to take to avoid dying and restarting everything over. This game also does a lot of things right in an rpg and a rogue like, if you stay in a level to long high level enemies will come out, but if you play your cards right, you can win and get some extra xp to level up. This game makes you use everything in your arsenal and teaches you that you shouldn't hold onto things, anything and everything is replaceable. This is a fantastic game that I would recommend to anyone who likes rogue likes and rpgs. And to everyone who's complaining the game is to hard, just grow up. I easily made it past level 20 on my third playthough. All you have to do is think and make the best out of a bad situation.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Door slam
    The worst part is the sound design, which is fine. I just don’t know how you got the idea for a toilet flush to be the perfect changing floor sound.
  • Clever game with some issues 4/5

    By Xendarq
    Much credit to the developer for an original idea well executed. Fun and engaging. However, the game feels like it involves way too much luck to be considered a “strategy” game. It’s true that many “rouguelike” games suffer from this, but in particular here you can see scenarios 8 or more moves in advance that cannot be avoided. It’s rare for example to get past the first level without damage and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent it. Additional thoughts on the mechanics to allow more options would elevate this from “random rogue” to “real strategy”.
  • Very clever! 5/5

    By Nitecatchr
    Neat idea, fun and strategic, with an original concept. Highly recommended!
  • Great game but... 5/5

    By SC !!!
    I got the ability to jump over walls. But how exactly do I do that? I know it’s probably simple but I can’t figure it out. Other than the abilities the game is great!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By App_Addict101
    Awesome original gameplay. Very fun and strategic.. you always make great games and this one does not disappoint! 👌🏼
  • A really special game 5/5

    By Fan Roy
    I’ve never seen this kind of gameplay. It’s very special. I open this game just for amusement for the first time I launched it, but soon found that it is like a chess. You have to be very strategic and be perfect to get deeper. Here’s some advice for the developer: I think there should be a kind of high score thing, and a stat board. And some of the skills are very confusing. I can’t get how to use it. Can the description be more detailed? Or separate them out of the main game and make a description section for them? That will make a lot of sense for me to understand. For the developer: thanks for building this game. It gives me a lot of fun )^o^(
  • Money Grubber 1/5

    By realGameVet
    This could be a good game but you are the embodiment of your “money grubber” enemy. The parasite enemy was moderately interesting but when you have an enemy that just causes an ad, it just reminds me that i’m playing an application made by someone who wants money more than giving people fun experiences. (Sarcasm incoming) Everyone loves how super mario games make you watch ads to open a “?” Block, or in zelda games where you can’t heal without watching ads, or in destiny how you have to watch ads to reload? And you have to watch 3 ads if you want to respawn. Or in the binding of isaac you have to watch ads to move between rooms? And survival games where you have to watch ads to eat and drink. You can have ads that enhance gameplay aspects, but ads that hinder the player or completely stop them from playing just make people want to stop playing. and i most certainly won’t be paying for this when people have made better games completely for free in less than 2 days. This needs a lot of polishand better explanation of armor abilities. Is there even an end? Because that kinda matters in a rogue-like, you have to have a goal. You could add endless mode after finishing the game but as of now it seems like nothing more than a class project. No one likes greedy developers and no one will pay you for a job left undone. Better luck next game, i won’t be following to see your lack of progress. Edit: your response clearly proves my point. You didn’t absorb any of the information and just spouted a cookie-cutter reply. Anyone seeking a receptive developer who isn’t greedy should look elsewhere
  • Paid version still shows ads 2/5

    By Fromcharms
    Hi, I paid for this app and still get ads to re-roll level ups as well as “no ads” armor...
  • Excellent 5/5

    By G u i s e
    pyramid puzzle roguelike. Tons of armor types and skills that result in challenging and compelling gameplay. Cool sound effects, too. Get this game.
  • Sad day 1/5

    By Reviewer that reviews apps
    Great concept but it crashes every few seconds!
  • Wont stop crashing 4/5

    By JRB2002
    Would be fun to play but it wont stop crashing. I cant even get 5 seconds of gameplay in a row.
  • Good concept 5/5

    By Tipyea
    It’s pretty fun and the concept is good
  • I like this game -3- 5/5

    By rodumis
    Good game