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Peanut - Meet Other Women

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Peanut - Meet Other Women App

Peanut makes it easy to meet, chat and learn from like-minded women. MEET - Swipe and connect with like-minded women nearby. CHAT - Chat and create group conversations. JOIN - Join groups relating to specific interests or neighborhoods. SHARE - Ask questions, create polls and share advice across topics. Join our community of women today! ----------------------- Here's what our women say: "Peanut means a network, it means meeting women who are going through your same experiences. It means supporting one another through this adventure." - Lauren "It's no longer necessary to feel isolated during fertility, pregnancy or motherhood — the Peanut app is a reminder that community is possible and we don’t have to do it alone." - Sophie "I wish I knew about Peanut sooner as it's so important to surround yourself with like-minded women during those overwhelming moments." - Lydia "Being able to connect with other women, get advice and share struggles has been a huge gift and I have Peanut to thank." - SarahPeanut makes it easy to meet, chat and learn from like-minded women. MEET - Swipe and connect with like-minded women nearby. CHAT - Chat and create group conversations. JOIN - Join groups relating to specific interests or neighborhoods. SHARE - Ask questions, create polls and share advice across topics. Join our community of women today! ----------------------- Here's what our mamas say: "Peanut means a network, it means meeting women who are going through your same experiences. It means supporting one another through this adventure." - Lauren "It's no longer necessary to feel isolated during fertility, pregnancy or motherhood — the Peanut app is a reminder that community is possible and we don’t have to do it alone." - Sophie "I wish I knew about Peanut sooner as it's so important to surround yourself with like-minded women during those overwhelming moments." - Lydia "Being able to connect with other women, get advice and share struggles has been a huge gift and I have Peanut to thank." - Sarah

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Peanut - Meet Other Women app reviews

  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Complete scam ALERT AJB
    I think it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world to build a community for mothers to come together and empower each other. Thank you peanut!
  • Highly recommended for all moms! 5/5

    By Ozdemir Bella
    I’ve been using Peanut for more than a year. Although residing in NYC for ten plus years, I was having hard time finding other moms in same life stage and similar interests. By using peanut I’ve found few moms with whom I’ve became friends with , including my best friend. It’s great for hang out and to have social events for moms and for babies. I definitely recommend using the app because you never know whom you will end up meeting , might be your next friend.
  • Help ): 4/5

    By coochiemonster
    I love this app and have made some great connections through Peanut. However, my app got deleted. Upon redownloading it, I've had trouble since trying to get back into my old account; it just keeps making a new profile every single time, no matter which log in option I choose. I'm really disappointed and wish I could get my original profile back.
  • Love the app, but... 5/5

    By MsLace57
    There’s more room for improvement. The idea of the TTC groups is amazing, but that’s all I now see on my feed and I’m not apart of the TTC groups. I tried to disable the notifications for those groups and I only receive an error message.
  • Perfect for new mamas! 5/5

    By arichonyc
    This app is fantastic! Think tinder for moms- create a profile; swipe left/right to connect with mamas in your neighborhood. Was a wonderful way to make new mommy friends during my maternity leave.
  • Tinder for Moms 5/5

    By Brie819
    This is a fun way to meet other moms in your area. It’s easy to create a profile, meet like minded mamas and make plans to get together.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Jess Bowen
    This app is the best for connecting with other moms! There is a community feature you can ask questions or help other mamas. Definitely would recommend to any mom!
  • Good app concept, poor conversation quality 4/5

    By S___jean
    The concept of the app is good. But a lot of people don’t answer or hold conversation well which makes it difficult to anyone for a bond with anyone.

    I would not recommend this app to anyone. People specially bullies are not monitored on here. People end up in tons of fights and drama within the app. Strangers asking you to reply to their posts with photos of your baby? And people fall for it. Now they have pics of your baby, you, your family and they know the city and parks you frequent. Not to mention the app asks for personal information that they can’t protect in case of your account or the app being hacked. They don’t have a monitoring system in place unless someone reports something. A bunch of busy moms don’t have time to report and things escalate. The main ladies that are here are like 10-20 and they all gang up against new girls who don’t “comply” to their rules. I’ve been observing this app for a while and I noticed that some of the bitter bullies are the admins of the app or the employees because they delete the people who are defending themselves from these crazy people and don’t delete the ones who have admitted to killing their babies through abortion all because they didn’t “want someone out there in the world with their blood” or “they weren’t ready to have a child”. As if a human life was disposable. They claim they did it not only once or twice but some a few times... I’m all for people doing whatever they wish is their own lives but what app allows people to brag about murdering a baby? The entire set up is too high risk. I deleted the app after a couple of weeks. It also gets wayyyy boring. People complain they can’t find friends in the area or that they get ppl cancelling. Well, if you have kids things can change at any minute and it’s hard to go out sometimes and plan things. That’s the life of a parent. I wouldn’t waste my time w it.
  • Pointless as “linked in” 1/5

    By szuszubee
    If you want A way to make pointless connections and have lots of online acquaintances who halfway message you back- this app is for you. For some reason this app hasn’t worked. It’s like a low functioning social media app that spams you with a billion notifications.
  • Good idea but... 2/5

    By Alycja
    There seem to be moms around but nobody replies and I guess it’s awkward for some! I am deleting because my efforts haven’t yield any connection. Even people who waved at me didn’t reply. Maybe people simply hate me 😢 I have no friends to hang out who are available...
  • Eh 3/5

    By Leeda29
    Peanut you ask me what other languages I speak and then don’t have the option for Samoan.🙄 please add more languages. Also the app set up is slightly confusing.
  • Peanut App Review 5/5

    By PragmaticKam
    A friend of mine recommended this app to me. I downloaded it but didn’t use it until today. So far I spoke to a few women on a discussion post & got one friend. Seems pretty cool, I can’t wait to connect with more moms! Hopefully we can build a friendship.
  • Peanut App 1/5

    By krissy1229
    I used to love this app until it keeps banning my account. I was getting along with 3 of them . One of them was really looking to meet me with my daughter but I can’t anymore 😫
  • Love it 5/5

    By Baby.winters
    Sometimes being a mom feels lonely or maybe you don’t feel like everyone completely understands what you are going through you have a community of mommas that do! Whether you connect with mommas bear or far, it’s nice to know you have people you can turn to for advice, support or even questions!
  • Mammas United! 5/5

    By classerclaire
    Those 2am feedings can get pretty lonely but with Peanut I always find a mama to chat with, a parenting poll to take, or a post to comment on. Moms are now truly not alone!
  • Best way to meet local moms 5/5

    By Bad_Nellie
    I’ve been using Peanut for almost a year. I met one of my best friends on here, and I’ve met a few other friends by inviting them to our weekly meetups. I went from being a mom with no friends to building a tribe. Definitely worth signing up. It’s free!
  • New mom in a new city 5/5

    By Bmc2007
    I had just moved to my current city when I found out I was expecting my first baby. I didn’t have many friends, and the friends I did have didn’t have kids. As other moms know pregnancy and being a new mom can feel isolating and it helps to have someone to talk to- whether you’re going through the same things at the same time, or someone to offer advice because they’ve been there before! Peanut kept me busy during my pregnancy, I built a good network of other new moms, and since I’ve had my son 6 months ago I’ve met at least 5 other moms for coffee, play dates, and stroller walks! I am so happy to have my new found community of fellow mommas thanks to peanut!
  • Meet mamas! 5/5

    By evelynk801
    This app is a wonderful way to meet other mamas and grow your network of supportive mamas to share the journey with. It is very easy to use and send messages to other mamas.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Bunnybentley
    Great way to connect to other moms. The app is simple to use and it’s great when you’re at home all day taking care of your little one! Mom dating is a new concept...but hey it’s all for a little sanity!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By ginger chesnutt
    It’s confusing need to be sorta like Facebook but different lol
  • Awesome concept 4/5

    By MaeganLei
    Really cool concept, except it’s only showing me other moms that are 45+ miles away when I have it set for a 20mile Max. So that’s pretty annoying :/
  • Log in problem 3/5

    By dashy21
    I like this app I’ve meet a lot of moms. But I’ve been having problem logging in. I tried emailing the people still nothing is happening. Will someone please let me know what’s happening.
  • Photos and videos 4/5

    By Fuufufu3):$,$,&
    Love the app, I’ve made so many mommy friends already! Just wish we were able to upload more photos and also videos. Another thing, I wish we could just be friends with whoever we want, since it limits us by miles, so I can only be friends who are near me, but sometimes I end up talking to moms who are out of state and I can’t be friends with them on the app. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just my photos or my phone? But my pictures look so blurry.
  • Can’t see comments 2/5

    By sadianca
    I would give it 5 stars but suddenly, comments have been disabled and you can’t see what anyone is saying. I will have a notification stating so and so commented and I am only able to see the 1st comment or none what so ever. Please fix this
  • Nothing Wrong, But Nothing Great... 4/5

    By Cute.Witch
    Because this is its own social network and not integrated into an already existing social network, the amount of people is limited. Hopefully this app being advertised on the front page of the App Store today will help with that. I’m sure there are a few people who have found real life connections on here, but I have not. Lots of people to chat with online, but when you want to meet up it’s a no go. It seems like we’re in a part of the electronic age where people are obsessed with their phones and don’t actually want to meet in person. Their whole lives are virtual now and they’re not okay with fixing the addiction. The app itself is very well made, everything works well. There is an Incognito button if you’re too embarrassed to say something or ask a question and have it show your name. There is also a block button because unfortunately mom’s can be insane and mean too. Matching up to chat is somewhat like the Tinder setup with swiping and two people swiping each other gives you a Match. No bugs at all so far and I’ve been using it for a month. So, 4/5 stars because the app does what it’s supposed to, it’s just the majority of users aren’t interested in using it to find real life friends like it’s supposed to be used for.
  • Only for married moms 1/5

    By WhateverMyDude
    If you’re a young single mother or a black woman just stay away from this app. You will get constantly get lectured. The older married moms look at you as if you’re dumb. You may get lucky and actually meet some pleasant women. Maybe. But I think the app is supposed to be for moms that are 30+ and married. Still a nice app though to kill time.
  • Harassed 1/5

    By Nikki0321
    I downloaded the app and set up an account. I met some nice moms the 1st week or so. Then I got a message from who I thought was a mom. Then her account got deactivated, so she created a new one and messaged me her number. I texted her to see if she was ok. She said yes and that she had a question for me. She and her husband began to harass me via THIS app and my phone. I immediately filed a complaint with the app regarding this situation, even sending screenshots of the messages SENT THROUGH THE APP. I never received any response from the staff at Peanut. So I deleted my account and app. I do not recommend this app on the grounds that you have no idea who is on the side and the lack of response to me filing my complaint.
  • Love it, but lately it’s seemed glitchy. 3/5

    By 12234765790
    It used to work perfect, and it was an amazing go to as a new mom. However, lately anytime I post something it won’t let me look at any of the comments. And I can only see half the comments on other people’s posts. It’s really frustrating when I post, asking for help or advice, and I can’t read what other moms are trying to say to me. I really hope it starts to work again soon, I miss it!
  • Rejected 2/5

    By Ev1221
    Peanut deactivated my account, and I have no reason why. I’ve had multiple moms message me about how positive I am, and I really can’t think of something I did wrong. after multiple attempts, peanut never got back to me. I enjoyed it, but pretty mad that I can’t get my recipes back from my post. Because I’m banned and rejected from the site. One extra thing to add to my PPA and PPD. Thanks peanut!
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Jen from Phill
    I just downloaded this app. I am pregnant and I thought it would be a great place to connect with moms, get advice etc. I only got as far as entering my picture. When I do that and press continue it says “a host name can’t be found”. Does this app actually work or not?
  • I can’t get my account back 2/5

    By stephhhanieeeeee
    I had the app and now I deleted it because it wasn’t working right and now I can’t get access to my peanut app it wants me to make a new one they don’t have a support line to fix the issue and I don’t know how to get back into my original peanut app if anyone had this happen how did you get it resolved and I believe it’s still the same number I had the account with
  • Good concept but doesn’t work well. 1/5

    By Mmmmmmmmmm1zx
    Needs a lot of work. You cannot search near you the settings don’t work well. It’s always showing me people far away and not in the right age category I have selected.
  • Will make your PPD worse! 1/5

    By Megaratti
    My experience with this app was extremely negative. I downloaded it to meet some moms in the area with kids the same age, as all my friends keep moving away. No luck with that. It seems the moms on this app are more into the superficial banter on the forums... which is a waste of time. Rather be spending time with my kids. Second, while trying to become part of this mom community, I answered a question on a forum with a genuine desire to help another mama and got my account suspended out of no where, then accused of violating their terms, It really doesn’t even matter that I didn’t actually violate their terms, what matters is the action they took. I joined the app because I felt isolated as a mother and I was seeking community and acceptance. To suspend me from the community without so much as a warning or an email is disgraceful and proves the administrators of this app don’t care about the challenges faced by modern moms today. In short, this app won’t help you find mom friends and at the first chance they have the admin team will ban you without so much as an email, which is simply not the way you should be treating new moms who are most likely facing major challenges like PPD and work life balance.
  • Almost Impossible to Delete Your Account 1/5

    By Kam.N
    They make it very hard to delete your account. If you start an account for whatever reason, you need to complete it before you can delete. Through the app, they give only you the option to deactivate. Even then, you have to send them an email with a reference code, and wait for them to approve it. Users should be able to easily delete their accounts and all the disclosed personal information with the app at once.
  • Peanut fan! 5/5

    By torilwalton
    So far I have gotten a ton of information and advice from the app. I’ve connected with mamas near me and hope to grown my community. Must have for new moms!
  • Not worth the time. 1/5

    By private12345678
    This app is full of petty moms who are always complaining about their lives and asking for advice on what to do with THEIR lives. If you make a comment or say something someone doesn’t like they will let you know instead of being nice about it. I had a terrible experience on this app.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By meg9584
    Wish it would put my setting correct. It keeps putting people who are really far away from me. I’m looking to connect with moms close by to my new home where I just moved.
  • Drama 1/5

    By DragonV123
    80% of women on the app only responds to drama on the app. You never see questions or post about kids and it’s super toxic. I deleted the app after 3 months and recently just got it back only to be reminded how annoying it is. They only want to complain about their love life and then shame each other about parenting. There’s better apps out there then this one.
  • Like Tinder for Mamas... but so much better 5/5

    By salvarez85
    Y’all, I LOVE this app. It’s been so fun connecting with dozens of moms in my area. It’s very much like Tinder with swiping, but also offers the ability to connect through discussion boards, groups and meet ups. Highly recommend checking it out if you’re trying to meet mamas in your area!
  • Needs better filter 3/5

    By Abbotville
    The filter needs more options and needs to improve performance. I set the distance for just a few miles from me but kept getting a list of people that live far away from me. Would like a filter for sahm, part time worker, full time worker.
  • Best Mama App I’ve found!! 5/5

    By CJPUnk15
    This app has helped me adjust to a new baby after having a teen and forgetting so much from the beginning. From coffee chats, to play dates to just all around support, I really love the connections I’m making!! So thankful I was told about this app and so excited for the future of making more mama friends with children similar to my girls ages!! My teen even made a new friend at school because of the connection I made!! Cheers to making life long friendships!!
  • Absolutely LOVE!!! 4/5

    By JenniLynn8494
    This is by far the best app that has ever been created for all moms out there!! I personally have met mom friends and have great connections with. It’s really easy to make new groups so other moms can join in with that specific area. The only thing that I wish wasn’t on Peanut is the incognito posts. I just feel like if I connect to a post, I have no way of reaching out to them personally and providing them with my tips/advice or even my stories. But, I also understand that some people don’t want make their presence known, but as part of the Peanut community, we are not there to judge, we are supposed to be there for one another and provide a safe place for all Mothers! But, overall I absolutely love the app!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By starshinekaos
    It’s been really great to get connected with other mamas in my area! I’ve made some cool friends!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Paige042000
    Love this app! I can’t wait to connect to moms in my area and help other moms find friends too
  • Great App for All Mommas 5/5

    By ShelleeHudson
    Peanut is a wonderful tool for mommas of all walks of life to come together and find one another. It’s so hard meeting new people and creating lasting friendships, but Peanut has made that daunting task a little (ok, a lot) easier! This app is a creative way for moms to quickly find other women with common interests and immediately start to work on creating new and exciting friendships. I’ve met so many amazing women through this app, and the best part is, they’re all moms so they know the struggle for balance that we are all so desperate to find between our kids and ourselves.
  • Great app for moms 4/5

    By Sozi31
    I’ve really been enjoying my time on this app making connections with new moms. But it could use some work, the app glitches a lot
  • Finally, an easy way to meet moms! 5/5

    By Jamiet563
    I’m enjoying connecting to moms in my area! Peanut has laid the ground work and now it’s up to me to reach out and make coffee plans with like minded mamas nearby! Cool app :)
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By LoveAU
    I LOVE peanut and how it has connected me to so many likeminded women both in my neighborhood and beyond . Five out of five stars!

Peanut - Meet Other Women app comments

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