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Peanut - Meet Mom Friends

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Peanut - Meet Mom Friends App

Peanut is the app for mothers. We make it easy to connect and learn from like-minded women because let’s face it, the more women in your life, the better it becomes. - Connect with mamas like you, near you - Chat and create meetups - Share experiences across meaningful topics Ever share a smile with another mama on the street? It's kind of like that.

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Peanut - Meet Mom Friends app reviews

  • Waste of time 1/5

    By 21-15
    Ok I’ve actually never reviewed an app before. I didn’t find it useful in anyway, it’s not user friendly, there are so many different features and some things are location specific and others aren’t so I kept seeing random posts. Many moms are trying to promote their own business/MLM like Herbalife or pyramid schemes. Other moms are spreading false info about vaccines and weight loss tips. It’s honestly a mess and I’m better off without it!
  • Concerns 4/5

    By LGplus2
    Since the discussion forums have been added to the app I’ve read a lot of posts from those in crisis or possibly experiencing post partum depression. I feel more resources need to be highlighted such as hotlines and/or certain keywords could alert admin to reach out to that individual. Otherwise the app is great as long as people are ready to be outgoing... similar to online dating I guess. I’ve met a few friends through the app and have attended local meetups organized through the app.
  • Meh could be better 1/5

    By lcrow3
    While this app is great, I put my location for a certain area and put “show people 20 miles away” yet the app is still showing me moms who are 3+ hours away. Also, what’s the point of having this app if NOBODY messages you back? How are you going to make mommy friends if people read your messages and then not respond. I have deleted the app.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Adelaaa
    I love this app! I’ve made a lot of momma friends I can definitely relate to, especially with it being hard to make friends now a days
  • Peanuts!!! 5/5

    By ProjectInked
    Best Mom app out!! Have to thank some of the celebrities that introduced me..alot of ppl dont even know about it. Awareness is key. Love it***
  • A few improvements could be made... 3/5

    By KristinC1129
    Hi! I like the app, however, I think a few improvements could be made. 1) you should be able to enter your child’s date of birth, not their age when you sign up for the app, and the app should update automatically. I have been dismissing moms because it says they’re pregnant and then upon reading their profile realize they had a baby 2 months ago (so our babies are the exact same age). 2) you should be able to search by neighborhood in NYC. Being 1 mile away from someone does not mean you’re close to them. 3) when you search by age (once #1 is fixed) it would be nice to have an “OR” option. Like NYC is big enough I should be able to find other moms with kids very close to my kids ages (2 months and 4.5 years) but if I do the range (0-5 years) I get a lot of moms with one 2 year old which doesn’t really work. 4) I don’t know if there’s a way to mandate notifications for waves but that would be good a otherwise mom’s will never see that you waved at them, which defeats the purpose of the app. Thanks!
  • A great resource for new mamas 4/5

    By hannah_e_sanders
    I love peanut. It allows me to ask questions anonymously about motherhood/babies/postpartum, you name it! It allows me to message back and forth with like-minded mamas within a platform that is built to put us together. I have made a few connections through this app that I’m hoping will turn into strong female friendships!
  • LOVE.. 5/5

    By staziacross
    I absolutely love this app! I have made MANY friends in my area on this app and it's just helped a lot since I really have a hard time making friends! I just really think it is an awesome app and more people should look into it!
  • Best Mommy App in the App Store! 5/5

    By Kispissedoff
    I have met a few great Moms so far and I am super excited to meet many more! I’m new to my area and I had no friends when I got her. Peanut helped me get new friends that I can relate to in mommy ways and non mommy ways. 😊
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Crysee_luuu19
    I absolutely love this app! I have made some of the greatest friendships from of it. It’s so easy to use.
  • Peanut is the cutest! 5/5

    By Katherine Montgomery Alexander
    The Peanut app has connected me to so many Mamas! I love how easy it is to navigate and the friendships that I’ve made already! It’s safe, secure, and an easy way to find a friend who’s on your same path.
  • Perfection! 5/5

    By AJP1890
    This app has made my life! Meeting new Mamas in my area makes everything so much happier. I am new to my city and knew no one, especially not anyone with children so having Peanut to link me up with other likeminded women is a game changer! My son and I have so many play dates we are busy all week and we love it. It feels so great to be connected and have friends!
  • Loving this app! 5/5

    By LaurenSomm
    I’m currently on maternity leave and my husband works all day, leaving me alone at home with our new son and two dogs. This app not only has allowed me to chat with new mamas in my area, but I can follow and comment on posts, create my own, or even meet up with new friends and babies nearby. So excited to explore more about this app.
  • Cute App 4/5

    By Arizonian
    The concept of the app is great I think it’s an adorable idea. I think it’s a little too much like a dating app with the whole swipe concept. However I love the open forums and just ability to share what you want!
  • Nice Setup, needs more exposure 3/5

    By MorganMae56
    The app is nice! I think it’s just not a very popular app yet, so there aren’t that many options in my immediate area. Peanut keeps suggesting moms that are hours away from me, even though I have my settings set to 15 miles or less.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By AJ101518
    Absolutely LOVE Peanut. It is a great way to meet new mom friends that so many of us want & need! Extremely user friendly and doesn’t seem weird. Definitely recommend, give it a shot!
  • Excited 5/5

    By raisingharperjean
    Now that I have finally nailed down a schedule with my little one I feel as though it’s time to gain some social life back. I have made multiple online connections and have made plans to meet up with fellow mamas in the coming weeks. Who knew motherhood could be so lonely? Not anymore!! There are so many ways to connect with fellow mamas in your neighborhood and around the world through the Peanut app.
  • This app really works! 5/5

    By hannahmg20
    I randomly downloaded Peanut because I wanted to find other like minded moms to relate to and hangout with. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t think I would actually meet anyone but to my surprise I have talked to and met up with multiple moms in my area! We now all meet up weekly for play dates and do other outings such as the zoo, library, etc. Its so nice to be able to talk about what your kids are going through and have mom friends that totally understand and can relate to the joys and struggles of motherhood.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By JamzJ
    I absolutely love the peanut app. I am a new girl mom and live a good distance away from family and friends. I don’t get out much and don’t have many friends in the area, let alone mommy friends. This app has already connected me with other moms in my area, as in super close to me! Can’t wait to use the app some more while I’m at home with baby!
  • Can’t change my location to where I’m at 2/5

    By parisooR
    Just that
  • Like-minded Mamas found! 5/5

    By TDimBow
    Love this app. I’m a new mom and my son isn’t in school yet so I wanted to find moms with children similar age and interests. I heard about this app and so thankful I tried it! Friends+kids+community is amazing :)
  • Mom Necessity 5/5

    By Les Gee
    Which ever slogan you subscribe to - “It takes a village”, “Mom Tribe”, “Squad goals” - this app will help connect you to moms in your current chapter of life. This has literally introduced me to several women, families and kiddos I can call good friends after just 6 months of moving to a new area. I haven’t had any technical difficulties with the app and have successfully met and made friends with women on the app.
  • App useless by filters that don’t work 1/5

    By User090903
    I loved the concept and really wanted to make use of it. But despite the ever-tightening filters I have given it, nothing changes. I have restricted the age to my 10yo and to 1 mile from my home in an attempt — yet I still see EVERY age including unborn, and most “discovery” people are from 3 states away! Before the usual developer response of “if you click on one outside the filters, it expands the filters” — let me make it very clear that I have NEVER swiped up or clicked show on someone without a child age near my 10yo, nor have I with anyone who is out of my area or does not list an area. Once filters do something, maybe the app can be useful again.
  • Like Tinder, but for Mom Friends! 5/5

    By Michelle Gleason
    I’ve had the app for a day and am already loving it :)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By becca.freeze
    I think moms don’t add me because of my weight and it’s very disheartening. Has nothing to do with your app. It’s fantastic!! Just wish I fit the mold a little better. I think a lot of stuck up/mean girl moms join this and only add you if you look just like them. Too bad because I was really looking forward to having some mom friends.
  • Peanut is awesome for mommas 5/5

    By KKMomma4
    This app has been a god send for me. I don’t always get to have adult interaction working from home so when I came across this app that lets me have tea adult conversations! I can’t wait to see all these friendships blossom
  • Notifications 1/5

    By kristen6749
    I deleted because of too many notifications. Even if I turned the notifications off they some how got turned back on. So I’m done.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By MamaCandice
    I truly love this app! I am a first time mom and a single mom and this app has really put my anxieties at ease. Helping me to connect with other moms, ask questions, and meet people just like me. I recommend it to all moms. :)
  • Great App! 5/5

    By KT Werner
    I’m an introvert so my circle of friends is pretty small. Peanut has helped me come out of my comfort zone and I’ve made friends and my kids have new friends too!
  • Having a hard time with app 3/5

    By CrisannaRothfuss
    Hello, don’t want to leave a bad review because I haven’t tried it yet. Every time I try to log in the app crashes. My phone is fully updated and so is the app. Tried to contact instead of leave a review but it wouldn’t let me because it wanted me to log in but still crashed when I tried to log in taking that route as well. I’ll change my review as soon as I am able to give it a try! Thanks so much.
  • A must have app for mom's! 5/5

    By Kenjjjjjjjj5
    Sometimes as mom's we can lose our identity, our friends, and our community. Transitioning from no kid life to kid life is a big change. This app helps you get the support you need and help build a community of like minded helpful mom's. And really we all could use any help we can get. DOWNLOAD NOW!
  • Great way to meet other Mommys 5/5

    By DiazS99
    Honestly I’m not a social person but this app helped me meet other moms who are like me and have children around the same age. It helped me see that some situations that I have going on in my life are similar to other Mommys lives. It helps to know that I am not alone and I have the support from different mothers all around the world and near by.
  • Slow 1/5

    This thing loads super slow.
  • Deleted the app 2/5

    By ashleeh6
    It’s a great idea and have nothing bad to say about the app itself but I’ve reached out to several moms on here that I matched with and no one ever responded. The only place people even respond is on the discussion forums.
  • BFF making app ever!!! 5/5

    By Mollyegolden
    I can’t explain how thankful I have found this amazing app. Moving to a brand new state with no friends and no idea what there is to do around. Connecting with moms that know the area and are interested in being your friend has been such a blessing. I’ve made 2 best friends from this app and we are inseparable! We go to the gym, the park with our kids, mom night outs weekly and we have even made our husbands friends in the process! They have made my life so much easier! This app is a must have for any mom- it is definitely what is missing in your life. Download it now you won’t regret it!
  • This works! 5/5

    By Ap€rs0n444
    Had a slower time making connections at first but I’ve gained 2 best friends that I can relate to as moms! Love it
  • Isn’t this the best app ever! 5/5

    By itsmsayala
    To all my mommas who feel alone, who feel lonely who feel like no one understand... PEANUT DOES. Safe happy place for mother’s to come and let lose and get raw honest truth from other moms. Hands down the best app I’ve downloaded yet.. don’t miss out.
  • Love me some peanut. 5/5

    I’ve met some pretty great mommas through this app. It was pretty hard for me to build a support system with a new baby in a new city, and PEANUT helped me tons. I do wish I could see who waved at me without waving at them first!
  • Great Community of women helping women. 5/5

    By lnreyes2
    Hey Mommas! 👋 When my son was born, I was constantly filled with anxiety and worry. The baby blues became so much more. It turned into Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and depression. I needed help. Before I was brave enough to go to the doctor, I had this app. Peanut. What a life saver. I got to talk to other new moms and not new moms about what I was feeling, advice about breastfeeding, advice about my son. This helped me A LOT. Peanut is a community of mommas. A community of first time moms, of step moms, of single moms, of not first time moms. It’s a community of moms helping each other. Women helping women, gathering with each other to let you know you’re not alone. Need time to talk to another adult? Schedule a play date with a local mama! Need advice because your baby is sleeping on their belly for the first time? Make a post and ask other mamas about their experiences. Need an estimate on what other mamas have paid for day care? Make a post! The great thing about Peanut is you’re connected to other mamas in YOUR community! Mamas you probably didn’t know existed because we stay inside all the time! LOL! Peanut is NOT just for first time moms either! It’s for ALL moms! We know how hard it is to be a mom. We all need support! Come find your mom gang with Peanut. ❤️
  • Best App Ever for Busy Moms! 5/5

    By Moomoomal
    I began a few months ago on this app and have grown to love the conversations and tidbits of advice that I’ve received from other mothers & moms-to-be. The meetups all have been great in my local area and I can’t wait to meet many more mamas once my baby comes this August! So many sweet and like-minded women and their kids are on this app and it’s a great way to meet others who are in the same area in life as you are and going through the same crazy busy lives!
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By kkbrunch22
    Someone hacked my account, made posts and now I can’t log into my account at all. No response from peanut.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ashleemom
    This app is genius! WhAt am amazing way for moms to connect and be able to chat
  • Mom friends 5/5

    By A_nnetka
    I love the idea making it easier / helping moms to find other mom friends, because becoming a new mom, I found it more challenging than I expected it to be. But it is crutial. It really is easy to open a profile on Peanut and be able to see moms around, the age of theirs kids, and their main interests.
  • Fun way to make mama friends! 5/5

    By MacFejz
    I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now and love that I am able to meet other moms in my area with similar interests and kids with the same ages!
  • Mama Must Have 5/5

    By britfine
    Who wants to Mom alone?! That’s how I felt anyway. I am a first time Mom and my work has me far away from the community and friends that I grew up with. This was the best social tool I found to quickly connect with other mamas who are in the same space of life as we are. Within 20 minutes of downloading I had my first coffee play date! Download and connect. You will not regret it.
  • Great concept 5/5

    By leilani92
    I like the concept of this app . I haven’t made any real like connection yet . But I can’t wait to see how this turns out !
  • Amazing app for Mom’s who need support 5/5

    By Itlsunshine
    I started using this app 1 year ago because I wanted to meet new people. I made some very good friends but now I moved cross country and I only have family here no friends. I hope to make lasting friendships using this app!
  • Finally!!! 5/5

    By Meggonk
    I must admit I’m a bit shy and living away from where I grew up, all my friends and family has proven challenging the past few years, but even more so now that I’m a mother. I found this app after several awkward attempts at making friends at local activities geared towards mamas and babies. This app takes the guesswork out of trying to find mamas who are also looking for friends. No awkwardness necessary! My daughter and I meet for our first play date tomorrow and are very excited ☺️
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By Kb13tm
    What a great way to get out in the community and meet other moms. Peanut gives you the opportunity to make friends! Bringing everyone together ❤️

Peanut - Meet Mom Friends app comments

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