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Pearson eText App

Study anytime and anywhere with the Pearson eText app—even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Wherever you are in your day, it’s easy to add your own notes, highlights, and bookmarks, and learn using interactive media. The app lets you access college-level Pearson eTexts in one place, including those from MyLab and Mastering courses, and Digital Collections. Log in with the same username and password you use for the web-based versions of those Pearson products to get started.

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Pearson eText app reviews

  • Very Good App 5/5

    By retryt
    It’s easy to navigate, very helpful in class. The app even allows you to continue when there’s no good connection available.
  • Good 5/5

    By Dogie paws 57
    Easy to use format
  • The listen feature. 5/5

    By Jackson Rankin
    I love the app it certainly helps with all school work and has some pretty cool functions, but the listen on MyHistoryLab function doesn’t work or won’t load which is a bummer but still a great app 10/10 recommend
  • Always freezes and doesn’t show up 1/5

    By ireviewedbecauseitsaidso
    Sometimes the E-text is convenient but it frequently has issues and keeps crashing when I need to be using it for class. Will try to delete and reinstall, but I don’t recommend wasting your time on this.
  • I Hate MML 1/5

    By Friedchickenwithnoodles
    What a piece of crap. MML makes me want to yeet myself off of a cliff every time I use it.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Seann_D
    So many things about this program does not work properly. I called customer service and was told that I couldn’t access my school work because mobile devices are not supported. If I had another option I would use it. I will be writing to my school to tell them that they should look into using another service. When I use my laptop some of the functions don’t work with that as well.
  • Paramedic student 5/5

    By Future medic
    Out standing for on the go studying. Forgot your book at home? No problem Pearson etext has your back!!!
  • Crappy 1/5

    By Mama says.......
    Forced me to download the app in order to view my eText on my iPhone and then it doesn’t let me view my eText. It says subscription expired on the app but I’m able to access it just fine on the computer. Phone is compatible and the customer service had no idea either. Waste of freaking money and Time wasted. I had to pay chegg for an eText that can actually be used in addition to this garbage company. I want a refund
  • Update 3.6.468 3/5

    By Kanni:)
    Lots of app freezing with this update. Highlighting is sometimes not working and cause app crash with freezing. Swipe to switch chapters should be optional since hand movements often cause accidental chapter changes. Overall, I generally enjoy this app and and would highly recommend it. It just requires some patience per update since bugs come and go. Model: iPad Pro 2018 10.5
  • Needed features and improvement 3/5

    By PureAC
    Please allow us one hand users to double tap to zoom in and out please. Can’t see the bottom of a book if you zoom in
  • Review 4/5

    By karensotolovw
    It’s great that you can read while on the go. Not having to carry a book is great. Although the only thing I didn’t like; I don’t whether it’s this particular book or the app but Apple iBooks provides you with a definition of any particular word. Which I find helpful when I don’t know the meaning of a word.
  • It’s a good Textbook 5/5

    By St. Marks student
    The textbook works well and I’m happy with it. I can access all of my math work and the account gives me no trouble.
  • Mehhh 4/5

    By Jefa111
    It’s better than carrying 10 lbs book. Wish your able to annotate the etext on the iPad would be really helpful
  • Nice addition to print book but no ability for iOS to read it aloud 2/5

    By arobni
    They need to add a read aloud reader to the app or format the app in such a way that the document reader on the iPhone can read the text aloud. iPhone can read tons of on screen text, why not this ebook?
  • i want to copy and paste the text 5/5

    By Molly Soda Blue
    sometimes when i am reading my textbook, i like to copy and paste into an app that reads it aloud for me. if you won’t let me have this, at least add a feature to your app that will do this for me. i still miss the only person i have ever loved and a love lost is about as great a torment as grief.
  • Fix it please 1/5

    By Jfloes90
    You know what’s really fun? When you are reading a case for your business law class and the app keeps crashes when you change the page
  • Crap navigation 2/5

    By Rianneacey
    2 stars because of navigation problems. Started out as 3 stars but I kept running into more issues. For as much money as students are forced to throw at Pearson, you might think the app would at least have the basics figured out. I can’t specify what part of a chapter I want to jump to from the table of contents. For example, I want chapter 1 > section 1.2 > practice problems. Instead my only option is chapter 1 > chapter 1. Pointless. It’s annoying to have to keep swiping and swiping and waiting for the pages to load, especially if I need to keep referring to the text during my homework. Can’t enter the page number I want to jump to. Search feature doesn’t tell you what page or section the results are from. Tried using bookmarks to make up for poor nav. Bookmarked each section of chapter 1. In “my bookmarks” they’re all titled the same thing “Chapter 1: Graphs and Functions” then the page number. Not helpful. At least let me name the bookmark whatever I want if you aren’t going to put the effort in to tell us what it is. Zooming in sometimes crops the bottom of the page off and won’t let me bring it into view. I don’t like precalculus. I like it even less when I have to use this app.
  • There is no text 1/5

    By twilightm45
    The app was working fine but now as I study for my exam the text will not show up. Pearson needs to get it together.
  • Add copy and paste 4/5

    By Crossbolt27
    We do work on our iPad and in stead of copying and pasting important parts of the text we have to type it out. It is a great app other than that
  • Keeps Freezing 2/5

    By iCy_Me
    This app keeps freezing when you open it. You have to reset the app a couple times before it actually works. Bookmarks and highlights does not sync when accessing in other device or from Pearson Lab. It’s fine when it’s working apart from the not syncing part of bookmarks & highlights and incessant freezing.
  • Play the book 5/5

    By Momma jobs
    The only thing that would make this better is if they had the option to read it to you.
  • Good product 5/5

    By ralph_ruiz2001
    Great to read on the go, however, I think developers should also create an app to allow homework to be done. Sometimes I'm on the go the whole day and I find myself read the chapter, but I also have homework to do. The thing is i can’t do any homework because this app doesn’t have the option to do homework, it would be really useful to have the homework option.
  • Navigation and UI is horrendous 1/5

    By Mdog62
    Everything looks the same, sections aren’t separated by pages, page numbers are hard to find. These issues would extremely mitigated if you actually let me go to a specific page. It’s such a simple feature, yet it’s absent. Teachers assign readings by page numbers, how am I supposed to efficiently do them if I can’t get to the pages?
  • help?! 4/5

    By Teammm_grimmie
    This is gr8 I use this all the time but it won’t rotate to whole screen on my phone. can someone help?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By gfjchjh
    The pearson etext for nursing randomly freezes. Also, the “continue reading” option doesn’t work, it takes you to a random page. And now bookmarks don’t work. Great. Lower your prices for garbage products, please.
  • The whole page 3/5

    By Victoria-Fangirl
    The convenience of having the textbook within reach and easy to carry can not be ignored. Though I wish there were different colors which use to highlight and ways to easily access notes from the textbook page rather than flipping between two different areas. There is also the issue of the textbook never saving my page, so I have to either bookmark it or search for each time. The greatest annoyance however is that the very edge of the page is eaten by the page turning interface. With my inability to adjust the page size so I can the last few words on the page, I’m forced to pull the page up and hold it, making note taking and highlighting hard. I suspect there is little that can be done, as there is little incentive for them to actual change the situation or issues. Yet I felt it important to share these glaring flaws in a rather convenient application.
  • First review ever 1/5

    By apple requires a nickname here
    Because this is horrendous enough of a product to make me do it. Pain to navigate (both in the app and the web version, so beware all around) and the pages won’t scroll up entirely. There have been folks complaining about that for awhile and apparently Pearson doesn’t care. I really really regret buying the etext on the assumption this would be user friendly.
  • Eh... Need better content organization AND AUDIO 3/5

    By Michael_Zucker
    It’s an OK app and does what it says, but IT NEEDS AUDIO!!!!! Really do not want to go to the myBradey website every time I want a text book read to me. Please add!!!!
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Verte artístico
    I enjoy the app would love it if there was an audible option
  • Great study tool 5/5

    By Boo yea!
    Able to use the app to read my school material but also quiz myself with the self help study sessions they have. Great for on the go
  • Great app 5/5

    By Candel38
    It’s very convenient for me to be able to read my textbooks on my phone. I love it!
  • Nursing Student 5/5

    By SBergs22
    I love this app! It makes reading our required textbook so much easier and highly accessible. I can read anywhere I want and the start up is really easy. Any future students that like a 3 vol. textbook in your pocket would love this app
  • Fetching my bookshelf for 3 days 1/5

    By ALISHER0521
    Since I downloaded the app it started fetching my bookshelf and still I don’t see my book for my school. This is one useless book reading app I have ever seen. Do not recommend. I am stuck with it because of my college.
  • Pretty expensive to not work 1/5

    By plind04
    First off I should let it be known that I hate Pearson and think they exploit college students with overpriced books and required codes. But you’d think that some of that money would go towards a decent app; nope. The app is horrible, buggy, and one of my books apparently decided to be filled with mostly blank pages. It works fine on their slightly less terrible website but I would like to read it from what I want to read it from, not whatever my last option is.
  • Too make issues for the price of the book 1/5

    By cpayton8296
    So I have an online class that requires us to have the online book. I was excited that I could read the book on the go and high light stuff. So when I get home I can write all my notes.. well I just got on the app to do some more reading and ALL MY NOTES ARE GONE! I was getting ahead in class so I don’t fall behind with my busy schedule.. and now all my hard work is gone. And I’m starting over again. You should really get this fixed since every other review I have read says the same thing. Oh and it keeps telling me my subscription has expired.. I just bought my book.
  • doesn’t show formulas??? 3/5

    By yourfaceisveryawesome
    downloaded for engineering mechanics (physics basically) and it doesn’t show any formulas...
  • Overall a fairly terrible e-reader 1/5

    By NDR7777
    -Doesn’t have the chapters subdivided like on desktop so that they can be quick navigated to -Can’t view in landscape mode -Zoom function doesn’t allow the bottom fifth or so of the page to be viewed -Manual bookmarks must be made in order to save your spot in the book (the “pickup where you left off feature has been available on just about every e-reading app for awhile now); unable to navigate to a specific page number But why make the app more than barely functional when you have a monopoly on the textbook and e-educational market.
  • Notes are gone 2/5

    By Just.Amanda
    I’m normally a person who prefers a hard copy; at first I was excited, highlighting in different colors for different categories and adding my notes, the study tool feature is amazing but what is NOT amazing is the fact that my notes from last night are completely gone this morning. I planned to review my notes from last night and move on but now I have to backtrack. This needs to be fixed!!
  • Difficult to read ebooks on a phone 2/5

    By RaiMann
    I can zoom in to read, but if I do that, I have to hold the text the whole time to read what’s on the bottom paragraphs. If I let it go, the page bounces back up. I can read the rest of it fine, but this needs to be adjusted so I don’t have to read the book in tiny writing. You also can’t rotate the screen either, it can only be read in portrait mode. What’s even the point of having the ebook?
  • Update failure 1/5

    By SR0728
    Your last update made the app getting stuck even more than usual and none of its functions work. I can’t even log in or out of the app any more it just stuck on a random page
  • Old version was better 1/5

    By Ekswimmer111
    I had the old version and updated it to this. The old version allowed you to scroll through pages easily and preview them, as well as jump to a certain page number. The new version makes it very difficult and comes up with every time the number 50 shows up in the book should you search for page 50.
  • I can’t see the crazy small text 3/5

    By Gretta McCrane
    I give myself a headache trying to read the size of this text. Please add a zoom feature!!!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By meddstudennt
    Whenever I highlight, its all gone by the next day when i want to review the key points, or gone within the hour. It’s frustrating, if i had the choice, I’d buy the hard copy textbook but my school doesn’t offer that. Aside from fixing the highlighting issue, i wish they’d add underlining or a way that i can write notes on the sides of the paragraphs with my Apple Pencil.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mishap4real
    I was always on the go so this help me so much we being able to read.I could pull it up anywhere without needing the internet and using data.As a college student I need pretty inexpensive books so the digital book is the best on my wallet.
  • Works fine so far 4/5

    By NeeenjaPreez
    Haven't experienced any issues. However, it would be better the bars at the top and bottom to disappear when reading. It slightly covers text and I have to scroll up every page. It would be best if that could disappear and reappear with a tap. A page finding function would be useful as well.
  • Introductory Chemistry by Russo 4/5

    The text is very interesting and engaging. In the app, one problem: I can bookmark it but I cannot get to my bookmark page when I reopen the book later.
  • Stressful 1/5

    By UM2223
    I can’t highlight and have my iPhone speak the words on the screen
  • Mode 3/5

    By GoProOrNah
    No landscape mode
  • I love Pearson eText 5/5

    By Math is a lot of work
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Gina Mills

Pearson eText app comments

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