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  • Current Version: 4.1.113
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Pearson eText App

Study anytime and anywhere with the Pearson eText app—even when you don’t have an Internet connection. Wherever you are in your day, it’s easy to add your own notes, highlights, and bookmarks, and learn using interactive media. The app lets you access college-level Pearson eTexts in one place, including those from MyLab, Mastering and Digital Collections courses. Log in with the same username and password you use for the web-based versions of those Pearson products to get started.

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Pearson eText app reviews

  • Lacks support for spoken content screen reader 1/5

    By jasonjday
    I use spoken content for books. This app doesn’t support this feature. This is important for universal access and accessibility.
  • Works well 4/5

    By afamousguy1
    The app works fine for the few things it does. Shockingly enough though, the app lacks dark mode or modes that are easier on the eyes. Prepare to have your retinas burned out.
  • Does not work properly 1/5

    By kp2281900
    The Pearson MyNursing audio option does not work. Very inconvenient as this would of been a life saver for me.
  • Study Area is awesome 4/5

    By Melsurgtech
    I really enjoyed the study area on the ebook. It helped me with my lab finals! I would give it 5 stars if it would read the chapters to me.
  • Needs so much improvement. Please update!!!! 2/5

    By ConLaDon
    Two MAJOR issues: (1) Highlighting / Notes.... Highlighting works about 33% of the time. I highlight the text and then theres no highlight option. This is incredibly annoying and ruins workflow. Adding notes is the same, inconsistent. (2) Starts from the beginning of the book every time.... I read to a certain page then attempt to continue at a later date. The dialogue asks - “would you like to pick up where you left off” (it says something of this sort). No matter what I select, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ it starts me again from the beginning of the book - the title page. Incredibly annoying. I want to like this app. I want to read and take notes on my iPad. However, highlighting and bookmarks and incredible important. Please fix

    By Poo Wrangler
    Man, this app is booty. I’m using it for a college textbook I have, and the table of contents has NO page numbers. There is no way for me to skip to a page that my teacher wants me to go to. It is organized by chapters and sub chapters, but not actual pages. Also, it is not fun to navigate around. Sometimes it will be slow despite having the entire text downloaded to my device. If you turn your orientation it sometimes has to refresh. Bad!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By KayleeTomlin
    Every time I click on my textbook it just takes me to a blank black page and then force closes on me.
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Dandiculous
    This is such a great study tool. I love it!
  • Great info, *horrible* design 2/5

    By WendyWambs
    I’ve had to use this app for two years and while the information is amazing, it is just too annoying to use! It doesn’t take you to requested pages, it randomly glitches you back to the front page of the whole book, and doesn’t listen when searching in the glossary. Once again, its content is great. It is very insightful and easy to grasp— but only when on paper. The online app is very bad.
  • Fixes in the web on finals weeks!!! 1/5

    By Eve-Noura
    Worst company ever , everyone who didn’t download the app can’t enter the books and study, I have an statistic final tomorrow!! And the website and everything is under fixing for 8 hours!!! You had the weekend days to fix it. This is worst thing ever happened to me with education websites.
  • Enable speaking text please 4/5

    By B steel
    It's nice to have, I just wish the text was also enabled for speaking text.
  • Why can’t I access the eText on my IPad anymore? 2/5

    By Philosophy2.0
    Title basically says it all. Why can’t I use the eText on my IPad? It’s super annoying whenever I have an assignment and I cannot do it. I used to really like this app, but this new update or whatever happened isn’t all that great. Sorry.
  • What did I expect. 1/5

    By Pika092
    I can’t use any apps for my iPad in order to finish my study modules
  • You’d think with the asinine price of textbooks they’d have the money to make a decent app 1/5

    By Jet7445
    Search tool doesn’t take me to the term I searched for, garbled boxes of nonsense/source code in the glossary definitions, badly formatted margins... I paid over a hundred dollars for this textbook, but of course Pearson doesn’t care because where else are you gonna go to buy the book? Next time I’ll just illegally download the book since spending the exorbitant price to buy it legitimately didn't offer me any real advantage.
  • Inaccessible for blind students 1/5

    By Cornbread Austen
    The content of the PDF textbooks in this app are incompatible with voiceover on the iPhone. This company has a history of discriminating against blind students and not making their products accessible. This app is just the latest example of their frustrating and discriminatory corporate practices.
  • Prehospital care 1/5

    By jsmith 1532
    Most un-user friendly phone app ever. Hard to use and maneuver. Save your money because you will waste it.
  • Ahhhhhh 1/5

    By Johnny Semen
    I’m gonna kill myself if I load this thing one more time and I need to sign in
  • Awesome book! 5/5

    By L200012
    This book has been life changing. I enjoy all the detailed information this book offers! Great Study tool!!
  • Cannot ply any videos on iPhone Xmax iOS 14.2 4/5

    By MaMai247365
    For some reason when I click on any video - nothing happens. It used to open up the video and play, but now nothing happens when I press on “play” button. What could be the case?
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By Brandon44445555
    Very convenient! There’s been so many occasions when I just pull out my phone to study. So much easier than bringing my book or laptop around.
  • The interface is terrible 1/5

    By infinitemushroom
    I cannot stress you how bad the interface is! I have trouble toggling between one page and two page view on my iPad. This app magically decides if I want to read in one page view one day and two page view another. I have looked everywhere on this app to find a way to view it in one page view because it’s better for split view on my iPad. I can’t seem to find in. I’ve wasted countless hours by now trying to zoom into words every time I switch from writing notes and back to the eText because it just won’t let me view it in one page view where the clarity is much better. Update: the only solution to having it in one page view is to uninstall and reinstall the app. It only works until you rotate the screen. The app then keeps you in two page view until it decides it wants you to view in one page. I’m very frustrated in this. Another bug is when I rotate my iPad, the book just flips to random pages. This is quite annoying because I have to constantly go back to the table of contents and find the page I was on earlier.
  • Videos Not Working After 10.30 update 2/5

    By Zay^
    Not sure what happened but the videos cannot be played on the apps anymore. iPhone or iPad. It’s frustrating because you have to pay all this money for an access code and the app doesn’t work well.
  • Keep doing what your doing!!! 5/5

    By N:V
    I’m soo thankful this app exists. I had gotten bad grades on my first two six weeks. I hope this will help me on other day. Thank youuuj
  • Sweet jesus fix the highlight function 2/5

    By Lolo4744
    I rely on the highlight function to make note of important concepts in the text, but it’s so finicky and frustrating to use. Sometimes the highlight button won’t come up, sometimes it WILL come up and then won’t highlight what I wanted to highlight, among many other frustrating little things that happen when I try to highlight concepts. The issues I have using the highlight function add at least an extra hour to my study time and shave a few years off my life.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jastory444
    Allows you to easily access e-book if you want to read it away from home. Never glitchy and haven’t experienced any problems. 100% would recommend.
  • Fix the highlight 1/5

    By Ponderin
    I don’t need to highlight the whole sentences. And the color are terrible!

    By eileenfunny
    I don’t really waste my time with reviews but I need actually help with this one. I thought I was going to need this app but ended up not and now I can’t get rid of it!!! It refuses to actually open and when I try to delete it, it just returns when I restart my phone. Is anyone else having this problem/how do you uninstall it. Please help!
  • Horrible app, but not surprising from this company 1/5

    By Aarfuc
    I would be at least semi-okay with Pearson is a massive education conglomerate with highly distasteful business practices. I would at least be semi-okay with that if their products weren’t horrible. This company is cashing in on the “Ed tech” trend based on clout alone, because their actual digital products are miserable to use. The books on this app are not optimized to read on mobile formats like other ereader apps. The pages are just the plain old pdf which makes the words extremely small on a phone screen. There is no way to zoom to a preferred setting and have it stay that way - you have to re-adjust after flipping every page. The table of contents does not have page numbers. It does not allow tapping on a chapter title to go to the beginning of that chapter, I have to go to the first sub-heading and then flip back to the beginning of the chapter myself. This is a horrendous product for a company with so many resources. As big of a company as Pearson is, you’d think they could put together a killer ereader app. I pray for the day a thoughtful company comes along which actually cares about education and disrupts Pearson to oblivion. It’s ripe for the picking, because this company’s products and business practices are rotten.
  • E book came in clutch 5/5

    By Jesse Dabs 805
    John back right into school did not want to wait for my book to get here Romel such as got an a copy looks way better in my phone and laptop and iPad recommend 10 out of 10 would come back !
  • Love the App but please make a read out loud option! 4/5

    By Sara Dzierbicki
    I love this app but I just would like an option where it reads out loud. These Chapters r long and I remember another app having a read out loud option and that helped me substantially with getting through the chapters.
  • I have 3 apps for the SAME TEXTBOOK 1/5

    By FrustratedCollege Student
    If you’re like me and are currently being forced to take classes online you are also dealing with Pearson, the company that will charge you 200 dollars for a book that is only available to you for 6 months. That aside, its study guides are actually not bad, it has a great flash cards feature, and dynamic modules are a fantastic way to study for the chapter and help A LOT. If only they weren’t all split up into 3 different apps which all barely work. If only there weren’t such huge problems when it comes to taking notes on a tablet, trying to highlight keywords, type notes. Half of the time when selecting a word it doesn’t give me the option to actually highlight it, half of the time it doesn’t allow me to select, or deselect it because the app doesn’t understand if I want the top bar that shows my chapter gone or not. Everything with this app is difficult. Everything with this company is difficult. Just do your homework on a computer if you want to be less frustrated and take notes on a piece of paper. This is not worth it. This is from a 2019 IPAD Pro user, so you know it isn’t my tablet’s fault.

    It takes more than 10 trials to highlight specific sentence/paragraph. Really annoying and agitating that makes it hard to focus on the text. PLEASE UPDATE SENSITIVITY
  • ??????:?/)/$27272 3/5

    By howcananicknamebealreadytaken
    This app has been working fine for months and now it won’t stop malfunctioning tf fix this immediately because i have to study 😭
  • Keeps crashing on open 1/5

    By PJ Kuma
    I was able to sign in and download my text without a problem. However, the app consistently crashes whenever I try to open the Text Book. It opens to a black screen and stays there, as soon as I try to push anything else, the app closes. I am on the latest IOS and have the latest app version. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times with the exact same result each time.
  • Can’t turn to a certain page 1/5

    By Anonymous driver 26
    I’m having big trouble skipping to a certain page. It’s definitely making my studying harder.
  • Complete app! 5/5

    By kbraha
    Complete app, besides all content from the textbook, it allows me to click on the links and watch all the videos straight from the app.
  • Not able to support in book definition 1/5

    By Annoyed4737
    I was so excited to be able to read my math book on the app but when trying to read the book on my iPad it does not allow me to see the pop up definitions of text. The pop up screen only opens halfway, and you can’t move the screen to show the whole image. Renders the app useless!
  • Good, but blocks certain features that could be helpful 3/5

    By Overlander847
    I’m glad that Pearson has a textbook app because it’s a hassle to lug my laptop around when I go outside to read. The book works great, but some features seem to be intentionally blocked. Normally when I highlight text, I’m able to copy it and save it to my notes. Sometimes I like to do that with a line or two to look back at later. The PC version doesn’t have that problem. I also usually have the option for my phone to read highlighted text out loud, or to swipe two fingers from the top so that my phone will read out the text on the screen, but my phone won’t detect any text with the app. The scrubber to drag the highlight is very glitchy and usually disappears when I try to drag it to more than one word. It’s a strange thing, but the app is functional and helpful.
  • Request for pen option during reading 3/5

    By Wenru2000
    It would be very helpful if we can use apple pen to annotate by drawing marks on the textbook!
  • Okay 3/5

    By palantz
    It’s great for in the go when you don’t have data but I would love to have the option of it to be read to you with me being a mom and being busy I don’t have time to sit and read it so if you could put an reading option in it that would be great!!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Shelly7407
    The app is pretty straightforward but it is like pulling teeth going through the pages. The highlight function takes me like 5 clicks, it will highlight things I don’t want. There is no easy way to determine how many pages each chapter has. It tells you the sections, and then you have to scroll through each individual page. Takes too long to use. Not happy!
  • Great but wish I could use Apple Pencil to write 4/5

    By Kdog-alp
    This is a great app - love the different color tones. And great to have pages match up across devices. Only thing I wish I could do is write a note with my Apple Pencil, rather than having to type!
  • Efficient 5/5

    By Jmendez04
    Very easy to use
  • Overall, ok, but needs some vast improvements. 2/5

    By shawjr
    I purchased a few eTexts to help with my haul-load for everyday nursing. However, the Pearson eTexts app and the website vary. The highlighting featuring is greatly inconsistent with what I am able to use on my laptop and only sometimes shows on the app. I have a brand new iPad Pro, so there shouldn’t be any functionality lost. I would think the developers would attempt to keep up with the technological needs of students on all platforms. I do like that it does allow me to read on the go, viewing several of my texts as needed. However, in the app when rebooting the text I need, it does prompt me to go back where I left off but then takes me to the title page of the book when I agree to this. This is a helpful tool if you are merely just looking to access texts and not use all the features on the website. Oh! The webpage doesn’t support iOS 14 (yet), so it is basically useless on my iPad regardless if the browser.
  • Bad 1/5

    By ddssewwsjwj
    Bad controlling to the book; not really easy
  • Love it 5/5

    By cassidyrichh
    Love my pocket book. So much easier to whip this out and study then it is to carry that huge text book around!
  • Federal Taxation 2021 not available for download 1/5

    By ICtablet
    $147 etext book that can not even be accessed outside of a web browser on my desktop. Would have figured with an etext only offering, that it would be offered on their mobile app.
  • Do this 5/5

    By Revel0
    This is WAY better than the website that my professor was recommending because I can actually hold it and flip it like an ebook(because it is one). I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only fault this app has is that it does seem a bit jittery when moving around the UI, but other than that it is good.
  • Major problem 3/5

    By hottech2006
    It keeps switching to two page mode in landscape and there is no established way to get it back to single page mode. On an 8 inch iPad, that makes the pages about 3” wide and I can’t read them. Very annoying.