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  • Current Version: 17.15.2017110228
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peet’s Coffee & Tea LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Peet’s Coffee App

Get rewarded for your love of great coffee! Download the Peet’s Coffee® App to access Peetnik Rewards, where you’ll earn points towards free drinks, gain access to exclusive offers and rewards, and pay quickly and easily with your Peet’s Card, all in just one scan. Program Benefits: • Get a free beverage after your first check-in • Earn a point for every check-in. 15 points adds up to a free beverage • Enjoy a free birthday beverage • Access exclusive offers Add a Peet’s Card for the fastest way to pay!


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Peet’s Coffee app reviews

  • It's 2018... support Apple Wallet and Apple Pay 1/5

    By Steve A Sims
    The App Store entry says that Apple Wallet is supported yet I can't add it to my Wallet. Apple Pay has been out since 2014, yet I can't reload my Peetnik card with Apple Pay and it's already June 2018.
  • Weak, weak app 1/5

    By Malibucreek
    Love Peets. Hate the app. No mobile order. Auto reload doesn’t work anymore and it never gives the promised bonus for adding $25 or more to your account. There’s no excuse for this app to be this unfunctional.
  • Wallet integration? 4/5

    By amop
    Could you integrate into Apple Wallet? Would be much easier than having to find an launch the app itself. Otherwise nice and useful.
  • Not useful or user friendly 1/5

    By Average user
    The ui is antiquated. It’s like it came out of a rewards booklet from the 1980s. It needs make the buying experience better not replace a stamp card. Suggestions for improvement : 1. Allow the order of beans when they are freshly roasted with scheduled pickup. 2. Allow orders of coffee and schedule pickup now or at a specific time. 3. Auto redeem rewards when eligible and send notification saying you have a new coffee available. 4. Modernize the UI 5. Add food to the menu so that everything can be ordered from the app 6. Add the first name of the store manager or cashier to the order so that we get to know each other. 7. Add Apple Pay option for paying for drinks
  • Mostly worthless 2/5

    By jtmaysfamily
    Adding a card and combining balances is horrible. You can’t keep track of multiple gift cards. Please add order ahead.
  • Does not support Apple Wallet 2/5

    By Vizspring
    This App Store listing says this app supports Apple Wallet. However it does not appear to be true. The app is functional but clumsy, slow, and poorly built.
  • Not much functions in the app 3/5

    By Cjbvfgjcssyihg
    This being Peet’s Coffee, one can’t help comparing it with Starbucks whose app really does a lot of functions (mobile order, reload, use stars, keeping track of stars earning campaigns, password protection of account, menu details, store locators, etc etc). Peet’s app is almost like an afterthought, since it doesn’t do much AT ALL which is a pity. These days, if you want to be in retail, customers expect a lot from you, and most customers are tech-savvy. Peet’s really needs to do a better job. Pretty graphics and QR code alone just won’t cut it anymore.
  • Tip the workers 3/5

    By ResultsMatterB
    Let customers leave TIPS on the app. It’s crazy not to offer this, Starbucks and other competitors do this. Make it easy for customers to tip employees. This is important.
  • Much improved! 4/5

    By JavaBilly
    Thanks for listening Peets! This has turned into a useful app that has addressed lots of issues. Congrats!
  • Playing Catch-Up, Store Staff Uninformed 1/5

    By paul4791
    May 14, 2018 update: This is the coffee app. for you, if you like disappearing rewards. The clerk asked me if I wanted to redeem my reward, I said no, he pressed buttons, and I ended up paying for my drink and losing my reward. The Peet's app. is still garbage! Amusingly, this morning at Peet's Opera Plaza in San Francisco, the customer ahead of me presented a QR code from the app. to a dumbfounded employee who had no idea what it was or what to do with it. The employee embarrassed the customer, who had simply followed the instructions on the big poster in the store, encouraging us to try the app. A big, international coffee chain that I won't name here has had a loyalty program for over a decade, released its loyalty app. a long time ago, and successfully rolled out in-app. ordering two years ago. Peet's is badly behind the times, and has done a lousy job just trying to catch up with the competition.
  • Simple 4/5

    By DC Peet's
    I actually like the app because it is simple. One thing that annoys me about the starbucks app is that it is driven by promotions constantly trying to get you to buy more to get more stars and the star system is complicated. At Peet’s one purchase is one star, very simple. There are limited promotions within the app and they recently seem to have stopped. I find the promotions mostly useless anyway as they will never get me to change my coffee consumption.
  • Mobile order? Add a tip? 3/5

    By counter998452
    Add these features, please :-)
  • Add Apple Pay 3/5

    By Sweetcash
    The app does what it’s supposed to, but it’s shocking to me that Apple Pay is not an option to add money to the card. You have to add a credit car all over. Please add Apple Pay
  • No mobile order capability 1/5

    By Katisi
    I downloaded the app to cut the wait time for coffee. The Pete’s locations near me are so slow (waiting 20mins for coffee) so I got the app hoping I can order/pay ahead and run and grab it on my way to work. But that’s just not the case. I see no value in wasting space on my phone for this app
  • Coffee is much better than the app 3/5

    By nikirivers
    I love Peet’s, the coffee is superb. The app needs work. It is awkward trying to scan your phone into the reader. It’s never clear when is the right time to scan, what angle you need to hold it at or if the scan was completed. The other thing that drives me crazy is that it gives you a point per visit, no matter how much you spend. The result has been that I visit the same amount but spend less. The Peet’s card was so much better.
  • Convenient and easy but 4/5

    By cevillar
    I wish there was a tipping option.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By Cabdel
    So happy Peet’s Coffee & Tea has an app. It allows you to check in to earn points toward a reward regardless if you use your app to pay. I’d love it even more, however, if the app supported Wallet.
  • Where’s Apple wallet support 3/5

    By Scooters dad
    The App Store description says this app supports Apple Wallet, but I can’t get it to show up there. Otherwise good app and great coffee
  • App blew up 4/5

    By dean fearce
    Just checked in at our local Peet’s with 3 more check ins for a reward and the app blew up and sent me back to zilch, zero, big O, Nada. WTH? After a reset the check ins reappeared so adjusting this review and my apologies. Thanks for your quick response.
  • Need Pre-Order / Pre-Pay Functionality 3/5

    By Reluctant No More
    Please oh please add pre order services!
  • Paying 5/5

    By Kendra Walters55
    Such an easy process. Show your phone and you’re done. Easy peasy. Great way to earns stars fast too. Try it out.
  • Easy to use for Seasoned Seniors 5/5

    By Edwin Ryan67
    Just played with it and it was easy to order, pay & reload. Keeps me up to speed on any specials.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Allison Washington45
    I love that I can reload my card really quickly, so that I’m able to get all of my rewards, also really easy to use
  • Peet's Coffee in your pocket. 5/5

    By Heidi Ellis;
    Love my Peet's Coffee app. Love the fact that now i can use promo now and then. Whereas before using the app, I have no clue that a promo exist.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Sean Campbell23
    Convenient app. l'm a fan of Peet's Coffee and i love the app. Love the locations, promos, pay card feature of it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Colleen Mcgee67
    Now that I figured out how to make it work, I find I go to this very often. It is not intuitive. But it is very helpful.
  • Auto pay, shmotto pay 1/5

    By Steamboat1313
    After setting up auto pay, this POS app still tells me that I don't have enough money on my card for a coffee. So my wife sets up autopay and shows me what a genius she is because obviously, I must have screwed it up. Guess what? After we go to Peet's a few times and boom, I can't afford our coffees again. My CC was still valid. No idea how Peet's app keeps screw this up. Don't care. Deleted app.
  • User friendly and easy to use 5/5

    By Evelyn Bennett1
    I love how easily I can reload my card, heck you can have it automatically reload when it go empty. Love the earn and redeem points feature too.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Marion Peterson-
    Makes everything so much more convenient. I don't have to deal with cash or searching for my gift cards. Love the rewards
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By knitteresa
    1. The 15 visits required to get a free drink doesn’t make sense. This set-up encourages customers to order each item separately. Not good for anyone. The reward should be for 10 drinks purchased or x dollars spent. 2. I’m using the app to pay, but cannot tip with the app. So now I’m juggling wallet, cup, and phone. The app slows customers and reduces your barristas’ tips. 3. There should be two buttons. “Check in” would be used with any payment method. “Pay now” would pay with the app and automatically check in as well. This would speed things up. 4. The screen with 15 cups is pretty, but useless. This information is on the first screen. 5. Menu and ability to pre-order would be very helpful. 6. Ending rainchecks and paper coupons takes away value from customers and takes away barristas’ ability to provide excellent customer service. After being badgered to get this app for months, I’m unimpressed. I will be making more of your excellent coffee at home and spending less money in the store.
  • LOVE THIS 5/5

    By Betsy Jackson"
    I love Peet's Coffee and this just makes it a better experience. All the things you can do with just this app is incredible.
  • Most Used App 5/5

    By Lynne Gibson9
    Life should be as easy as the Peet's Coffee app: easy to load, up-to-date information, and my best friend in new cities.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By Donna Meyer2
    Love the app! Super easy to upload money and no need to carry an actual card. Rewards and everything are linked!
  • Love Peet's Coffee, Love the the app! 5/5

    By Lena Hill,
    As a very loyal Peet's Coffee customer I'm very happy with the updates to the app. It's easy to use!
  • Absolutely Awesome 5/5

    By Jacqueline Pena:
    It is so convenient and fun to use. It prevents the lost of your Peet's Coffee card when it's right on your phone.
  • Love Peet's Coffee app 5/5

    By Charlotte Daniel1
    Of all the store apps I use, the Peet's Coffee app has always been ahead of the game. Super easy to use... love it!
  • I love Peet's Coffee 5/5

    By Molly Stevens13
    Great way to earn extra. I mean you going to purchase your coffee anyway, why not use the app and get points for a free drink?
  • Where’s order ahead / mobile ordering? 2/5

    By DavidJackson19
    I love Pete’s but find myself going to SB because of their order ahead feature. Time to catch up Pete’s.
  • Please add tips! 4/5

    By rocket.fuel
    Love the way Starbucks app lets you add tips. I rarely have cash for a tip and adding tips to the app would be fantastic. When I go into a local coffee shop that uses Square I can easily add a tip but paying with plastic or the app at Peet’s I can’t. I hate’s 2018 not many of us carry cash these days 😒
  • Used to work, now loses track of points and cards 1/5

    By Jpsl3
    I’ve used this since day 1 and it had been fine. Not a lot of functionality but it worked. All that changed in the last couple of weeks. Now it has lost my account information - including my card balance - twice and when it does it loses all of the check in info too. Still signed in but my money is gone. I think this is called theft.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By OaklandA's1
    Couldn’t use this morning. Boo! App crashes
  • Easier option to load payment 3/5

    By somphonek
    Need an option for Apple Pay to reload card amount. I’ve literally walked out of Peet’s and went across the street to Starbucks because I couldn’t add funds to card without having to input my debit or credit card. Tedious and inefficient.
  • Missing Something 3/5

    By TJ in Sonoma
    I was really excited that Peet’s finally created a rewards app however it is missing Apple Wallet compatibility. This is crazy in 2018. Hello developers, are you listening? This would be much better if fixed.
  • No Mobile Ordering, Not accepted at every store 1/5

    By Cellcustomer
    Having an app without mobile ordering is unnecessary. CapitalOne Cafe Peet’s on Boylston St, Boston, MA just refused to accept my Peet’s Card as payment. I emailed Customer Service so customers are notified if some Peet’s location won’t accept a Peet’s Card for payment.
  • Good when it works 2/5

    By abcbarb
    I have not been able to update this app. The last time I went to Peets, I had to pay cash even though I have money on my card because the app was trying to update. I got my rewards points with my phone number, but could not pay without the app working. Have tried to update since then and it doesn’t work. Goes 75% around and stops. Very frustrating.
  • How do you pay with this card? 2/5

    By Ergulon
    I use Peets card once every couple of months, I always struggle finding the place where you pay. The counter help is clueless.
  • No ordering ahead 😑 5/5

    By Annie_DC
    Love Peet’s! Just wish they had mobile order ahead!
  • Love the coffee, hate the app! 1/5

    Rated it with one star, with the usual thought experienced by many that I’d have given it zero stars if that were an option. App DOES NOT work over WiFi, stalls and fails to register “check-in” when purchasing beverages. Also had a problem when adding funds to re-load my Peetnik account, charging my credit card twice for one reload. What a disappointment. Sorry to say, Starbucks app is WAY superior… but yet, I still prefer Peet’s for a superior cup o joe.
  • Please add mobile ordering!! 4/5

    By Friends with Words
    Would stop so much more often with mobile ordering!!!
  • Add A Menu 2/5

    Installed app to get store menu so I could decide what to get. Checked whole app and do not see menu! Wasn’t looking for mobile ordering, but just a menu. Seems like a basic thing to provide. Would also like to see it available in the Apple Wallet so do not need to find the app to checkin. Last mobile ordering would be nice or even if you can build the order in app then when you scan the checkin code it would load the order. Any time saving would be great....

Peet’s Coffee app comments


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