Pepper: Social Cooking

Pepper: Social Cooking

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pepper App Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pepper: Social Cooking App

Social Media, meet Cooking! What happens when you combine two of your favorite activities into a community of chefs passionate about homemade cooking & recipe sharing? Introducing Pepper the App! FINALLY, the social cooking platform to create, share, and discover tasty food with family, friends, and whoever you bring into your own food network! Enjoy a wide range of functions to help you share & discover tasty recipes with the community to help expand your food network: * Build your own digital cookbook on your profile page * Share tasty recipes with the community! * Order ingredients from your favorite recipes of top creators in the community for delivery via Instacart! * Standardized recipe upload & view process * Easy-to-follow feed to support & engage with familiar faces * Advanced search to filter by ingredient, dietary preference, course, & more to help find the perfect recipes * Cook and review friends, family, & community meals seamlessly Whether you're a chef finding, creating, enjoying, or sharing your tasty recipes - Pepper streamlines the process of cooking every step of the way to help YOU expand your food network & build your digital cookbook. We put the same amount of love and care into making this platform as we do into making our tasty food. So broaden your food network & expand your culinary horizons by downloading Pepper today. Every chef deserves an audience. So come cook with us!

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Pepper: Social Cooking app reviews

  • Favorite food app! 5/5

    By Tackles the cleaning job
    Love the app! Use it all the time!
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By sngnalng
    I love this app! It’s super easy to post and share. I do wish it didn’t require the app for people to view recipes or profiles, but I understand it’s supposed to be a social platform surrounding recipes. Over all I love this app and have been seeing it pop up more and more in posts by other recipe-makers, and I make it a point to tell others about it as much as I can.
  • Would be 5 starts 5/5

    By bsproutz
    Would be a 5 star review, but I’m having technical issues with the app. I’m trying to edit a recipe in my drafts, but every time I go to edit it. It gets stuck on one of the ingredients and I can’t move out of that window.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Anonymous8337
    This app helped me share and take many peoples recipes
  • Love this app 👏🏼🌶 5/5

    By mominthesouth
    **UPDATE: the Pepper app heard my cries and answered with a new update!! Y’all are awesome! • • It would be very helpful to be able to have multiple drafts saved. I am not able to make another post without first posting the draft (that I’m not finished with yet). Again, this would come in very handy for your users. Hopefully, this reaches someone - thank you!
  • Cooking made fun! 5/5

    By Momorules3
    This app has given me so much inspiration to make dishes out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to expand my cooking abilities so many times!
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By @karen.con 😎
    This website got me into cooking and off of social media. I love trying out the new recipes and I think this app is amazing. If you’re debating on getting it, get it! 🙃
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By gingerale_726
    I can’t even finish signing up! Idk what’s wrong I put in my birthday (July 26th 2008) and I filled in everything but it won’t let me click finish or back on the last slide it’s like it’s frozen but I can slide left. I powered down my iPad many times and it still isn’t working. Please help.
  • Finally! The app of my dreams 5/5

    By Carmela VP
    This app is the best. I’m learning so many good recipes. My husband can’t believe how good of a cook I’ve become. Thanks Pepper people!!!
  • Good, but can be better 4/5

    By catchingthecat
    Pretty good app, I just wish it had nutrition information under each recipe. It would be awesome if there was a feature that lets you scan barcodes to input ingredients (kind of like MyFitnessPal) to obtain the overall nutrition facts!
  • Pretty good! 3/5

    By ChelseaK789
    I like that you can link your other socials in your bio so easily! I also like the pop up that tells you you’re putting amounts in the ingredients category. My main complaint is having to type out the ingredients and the recipe. Also, only being able to have one draft at a time is a little odd. I also don’t see a way to share my profile! I wanted to link my profile on my other social medias but I’m not seeing a way to. Overall, a good idea!
  • My favorite cooking app 5/5

    By Hubba hubbabbaba
    Such a great concept! I love how your posts are shared to everyone so you can get inspiration from all accounts.
  • Can’t even make an account 1/5

    By Lovelyyaysiaboo
    Tried making an account and can’t even get into it. Just sends me right back to the sign up page everytime!

    By cookinglessin
    I’ve been a member of the 🌶 app since the beginning! I’ve shared, created, gotten ideas, tweaked others recipes and actually copied some! It’s a feel good space for EVERY level of chef! Try it, you’ll LOVE it!!!!
  • It’s fantastic 5/5

    By they banned gme
    Very fun and useful app
  • Drafts? 3/5

    By MegLick
    I like the concept of this app but where can I find my drafts? I wrote out a full recipe and saved it under drafts so I could go take a picture but now I can’t find the draft and I’m not rewriting everything…
  • Great Cooking & Recipe App 5/5

    By jbeans555
    A friend introduced me to Pepper in order to share recipes. Now I use it all the time in order to find new meals to cook, fun recipes, and share photos and meals with my friends and family. I highly recommend Pepper if you like cooking.
  • Must Have Cooking App 5/5

    I downloaded this app in December 2021 in order to share recipes and meals with friends and family. The app has turned out to be so much more. My wife and I use it all the time in order to get inspiration for our meals and share new recipes with our friends. Highly recommend.
  • Great resource 5/5

    By Brendan Aiello
    The app has helped me get into cooking as a beginner and given me many new foods to make. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys cooking or wants to begin
  • Great APP!! 5/5

    By SplashCity8975
    Great app. I am very inspired to learn how to cook and I believe that this app will play a major role in my culinary journey.
  • cooking in the 21st century 5/5

    By Pat Golding
    great app for the modern audience inspired by the internet to start cooking. playful layout similar to the most popular social media sites with delicious recipes at your fingertips
  • I usually don’t write reviews 5/5

    By jackecksel
    I don’t usually ever review an app. But pepper literally changed my life. The amount of creative healthy recipes is amazing. And ever since I started eating better I’ve SAVED MONEY AND FELT HAPPIER. I really encourage people to use this app and bring more ideas to the table.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By natestewwart
    Allows me to view any type of meal recipes that I enjoy. Great features and easy to use.
  • Convenient and easy to use. 5/5

    By Tschmidd
    I always struggled with making decent meals. I had a couple of meals to make but I was getting sick of the same old stuff. Pepper offered new options with detailed recipes. Pepper has changed the way I cook forever.
  • Great app 5/5

    By foodreviewmike511
    This app is so easy to use and has delicious recipes designed for all. I would definitely recommend to download this app.
  • So easy and accessible 5/5

    By joe masi
    Best app I have ever used coming from a former chef
  • Next big thing 5/5

    By Perfecto Mundo bæ app
    This app is a great way to share recipes with friends and let them know what you’ve been cooking In the kitchen. From dinner parties to just randomly searching for a dinner recipe, pepper is the app for you. It’s easy to use and has a dope name. Why haven’t you downloaded the app yet?
  • This app is amazing! 5/5

    By Zachbuong
    Just downloaded this app and it’s amazing!
  • Pepper 5/5

    By elijahnyny
    Amazing app. Love it so much it doesn’t get much better than this
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By teddy123455674848
    Amazing app, so much fun.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Pllggklokbg
    This app changed the way I go about my life and my relationship with food
  • Easy to use with lots of fun recipes! 5/5

    By Brina1234567890101112131415
    I love using Pepper to post and find new recipes! The explore page is a great place for inspiration. The only thing I would change would be allowing right swipes to exit recipes so that users can have faster browsing. Definitely download if you’re looking to expand your cooking knowledge or share some recipes of your own!!
  • Revolutionary idea 5/5

    By steven lipton
    I have always wanted a place to share what I cook. Finally it has come. Pepper is the most positive social media site I have come across. Simply a great community. If you like to cook, Pepper is for you.
  • How is this any different? 2/5

    By midnite1223needausername
    I downloaded this as I thought it was something novel, but I can’t seem to understand how this app is any different than any other app in the store —disappointed…
  • Genius 5/5

    By TSUAGD2008_RBG
    I love the concept of this app! Only suggestion is to be able to scroll through the recipes once you’ve clicked on a photo. Currently, you have to go back to the explore page to scroll through. If it could be changes to swiping left or right to scroll through once you’ve clicked on a photo from the explore, the user experience would be easier.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Kitchen by Bella
    Pepper is my ideal social media. I love cooking and sharing what I’m cooking. I love seeing what others are cooking and getting inspo from it! Such a fun way to connect with others. I also love how it isn’t a “like” it is a “give compliments” … I love that so much about the app. I’ve only been on it for a day but it is already the best social media for me.
  • Best new app in AppStore 5/5

    By Jcrusso
    I’ve been looking for an app to post pictures of my wife with her favorite foods. I have hundreds of them, but Instagram just didn’t cut it. My IG is for landscape photography, not food. Pepper is the perfect solution. Not only can I curate posts of my favorite food pics, but I can find recipes from friends that look as good as they taste. Two saucey thumbs up!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By yummyfoodman
    Great app! Easy to use and extremely useful for people who love food.
  • Great concept and execution 5/5

    By TheChefCurry
    Let’s be honest with ourselves, no one has seen a cook book since 2010. Learn new recipes and show off your culinary creations to your friends on Pepper.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By declans sis
    My brother told me about it and I can’t stop using it. Truly an amazing app because I always need a place to post my food. Always deciding on if I should do it on snap chat or Instagram, now I have the perfect place to share my recipes.
  • Best food app on the market 5/5

    By Dillon Schliwka
    Love sharing my meals with my friends on pepper
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By The Frankman
    This app is absolutely electric and I think it could be the future of social media. Social media revolved around cooking has been needed for quite some time and I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before this but great idea and great user interface.
  • Revolutionary 5/5

    By KamFam91
    I’ve always been a horrible cook. And I’ve tried different kinds of apps and cookbooks. When I came across this app, it was really fun to see what other people were making but also how people made it. It’s fun to use and I really enjoy the app. FIVE STARS
  • Food and more food 5/5

    By leg19
    Great app, love all the new food recipes I’ve gotten to try!
  • phenomenal 5/5

    By mrs. pirwin
    This is such a creative idea i love it!! So we’ll made and fun to use!
  • Best social cooking app!!! 5/5

    By jesssseee123
    I am one of many who can scroll through food pictures and recipes for hours. When I downloaded this app it was everything I could’ve imagined and more. So useful for cooking easy meals and the aesthetic pictures are a bonus! Would definitely recommend this app to anyone, if you love cooking or not!
  • Great social media app that puts food first 5/5

    By Wyehsusbzhx
    Cooking is one of the worlds most popular hobbies, spanning across different countries and cultures as it connects a variety of different people. So it’s a surprise it took this long for a social media app exclusively for food to be developed. Now that the wait is over, I can say that I am so happy pepper was made. It really is a great place to post your food creations while getting inspiration from other great chefs around the world. I Love this app!!!!!
  • Download td! 5/5

    By Cocos awesome
    Best app ever and super easy to use! I always go on to find a dinner recipe and am never disappointed with the abundance of recipes, highly recommend downloading you won’t regret it :)

    By Lucaslover1357911
    pepper has really helped me get new recipes to good and it is the best social cooking app ever