Perfect Video Editor, Collage

Perfect Video Editor, Collage

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: yinfeng tang
  • Compatibility: Android
3,002 Ratings
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Perfect Video Editor, Collage App

Perfect Video is a really EASY TO USE and Full featured video/slideshow editing app. It lets you quickly Trim, Merge, Split, Reverse, Rotate, Mirror, Flip and Crop clips, add Subtitles, add Mosaic, add Watermark, Photos, and Text, pick Transitions, add Music and Recordings, and export your video clips. [PREMIUM FEATURES] 1. Keyframe animations: Various editing operations can add key points. 2. Picture in Picture Video. 3. Split Screen: Playing two videos side-by-side. 4. Chroma Key (Green/Blue Screen): Replace the video solid background with a video or photo. 5. Mosaic Video: Pixelate or blur or Highlighted a part in the video. 6. Video Color: Adjust the video color (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue,…) in a real-time manner. 7). Photo Motion: Set Ken Burns effect for photos. [OHTER FEATURES & HOW TO USE] 1) Importing Videos or Photos: Add multiple videos or photos to a project instantly. 2) Multiple canvas ratios: Video original size, 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 3:4, 19.5:9, 9:19.5, 3:2, 2:3, 2:1, 1:2, 2.39:1 . 3) Canvas background setting: Set the color or make background blur, or add a custom picture. 4) Combine: Merge multiple videos, photos or text into one video clip. 5) Split: With this feature, you can remove the middle part of the video,  speed up/down part of the video. 6) Video to picture: Extract still images from video via Split feature. 7) Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments. 8) Slow Motion: Slow down or speed up video (0.25x-6x). 9) Crop & Mirror & Flip & Rotate and Angle adjustment . 10) Reverse: Reverse video playback. 11) Duplicate: Duplicate projects or create duplicates of video clips. 12) Animated Subtitles: Add animated text or images to videos. 13) Watermark: Display your own logo on video. 14) Volume: Mute the video or increase the video volume (0-500%). 15) Music: Add multiple songs to a project. You can also choose a specific part of a song to include in your project by trimming it. 16) Sound Effects: Choose from many pre-defined sound effects. 17) Transitions: Select from a host of pre-defined video clip transitions. 18) Video Fade In/Out: Configure the fade-in and fade-out options in the Settings screen for the first and last shots. 19) Compress Video: Reduce video file size dramatically without reducing video resolution. 20) Save Storage Space: Perfect Video only saves the video location so imported videos don’t take up valuable storage space (just DON'T DELETE the original video you're editing). 21) High Resolution: Support for several formats, including 1920x1080HD, and support for up to 4K resolution on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and later. 22) Share: Save your video to your Camera Roll or share it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or via email. 23) Instant Actions: All actions are performed in an instant manner. No need to wait any more! If you have a question or suggestion, please contact us. We’ll get right back to you. Thanks! Email: [email protected]

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Perfect Video Editor, Collage app reviews

  • Little pist 3/5

    By rjancjw
    I like how it had green screen, but I didn’t like the “pro thing” that costs money
  • No green screen 1/5

    By AAAi17
    No green screen. To much liars
  • Great but crashes a lot! 4/5

    By Nitrous03
    This video editor is great and everything it has all i need but i jus tried to export a video but it crashed and drained my battery from 32% to 27% at its 25% progress. It’s been like this since I started using it (2 years) I’m hoping that there bug fixes are coming soon!
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Sonic lord
    If it weren’t for this app my Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony videos would be a failure thanks for the best app ever
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By mis vally
    Only saves the first 30 seconds of your editing
  • Horrible and does NOT work 1/5

    By blackcatqueen074838
    You have to pay 5 bucks a month just for a ten minute video and you can only get a freaking 30 second video for free. I spent all my time for nothing. I hate this app and do not recommend it.
  • 30 Seconds Only!! 2/5

    By MelissaKarma
    Ok I thought that this was a great app and it is, for short editing, I do longer videos so I was making a music video finished it I also deleted all of the screenshots already to find out I could only put 30 seconds I was mad. I also don’t have money right now to buy the pro version!!
  • Nice application I upgrade to pro 3/5

    By dbdbdndbdn
    I upgraded to pro on iPhone 6 the iPhone 6 does not work now and I try to download it on a same Apple ID on another phone but he does not pay the upgrade
  • Bad 1/5

    By tylerfromcostco
    This app used to be good, then you guys changed the layout
  • Uhhhh 1/5

    By ALexIA 💫🥶
    Okay before I finish my edit do I ever have to pay for it
  • Used to be good.. 2/5

    By lile💕
    This app used to be amazing and I would use it for everything I wanted to edit, and it was AMAZING!! but now it’s horrible! I cannot upload videos at all and it glitches out all the time. Please change it back to the old version!!!! Please!!! It would be amazing because now I need to find a new video editor.
  • Transitions 5/5

    By reginagar
    This app is so good I edit my videos and the transitions are bomb everyone should get this if you like editing videos❤️
  • It won’t work on my xr 4/5

    By madyson sithavong
    i love this app very much! i used it all the time on my old phone. i had recently gotten the xr and for some reason this app isn’t working for me now.
  • Awesome recommend 5/5

    By ayyyyyye💛
    Did this is the best app for edits of celebrities. The super transitions are free I love this app. Thank u
  • great app should purchase!🤪🤪🥰🥰🤩🤩 5/5

    By catherine louise
    It’s awesome and easy...super easy everything is free except if you want to remove the watermark and ads... it’s one time purchase..that’s it’s everything is easy and free and I couldn’t get the hang of video star or cute cut , etc so I used this app! I love it 100000000% should download it’s looks just as professional as cute cut or video star! It’s so easy! I do have a suggestion more super transitions please?!? Anyways love this app!
  • Terrible Terrible Terrible times infinity 1/5

    By Mamakp
    It doesn’t even WORK PLEASE FIX THIS!
  • Bad 1/5

    By ayannaiv
    Every photo or video I add it says it can’t be added because it’s stored in iCloud I might just stick to kinemaster!
  • Buen Editor!! 4/5

    By Javil10
    Es genial, me ayudo mucho en mis videos espero que pongan más cosas en el futuro para así, progresar en mi canal!!. PD: todo genial y muy cool y ya casi está completo solo falta que mejoren el croma y serán numero1#1
  • Question 3/5

    By cocod0ll
    I had 6 videos in the app and on New Years they all got deleted please help
  • Need a smaller format 2/5

    By jlariosm
    I liked you app up to the moment of exporting the video. No smaller size than 480p, resulting in too big videos.
  • This app is really good for 5/5

    By fufjjdjxcx
    I had trouble with a other app but when I try this app boi I was shook I love this app
  • Perfect video 2/5

    By almukdadm
    It was working great, something changed for the worse, now it’s not so good, I no longer recommend it
  • Lexos review 5/5

    By Lexo DLT
    Best video app by far & simple to use thank you
  • Great editing app 5/5

    By ❤️😁😁😁😁
    I would definitely recommend this app. It has the smoothest transitions. It’s absolutely unbelievable how many different options it has to offer. Definitely one of my favorite editing apps of all time. It makes things so easy and look so smooth. I had to write a review about this amazing app.
  • It was okay 2/5

    By netcat1234567891014
    This app is amazing, and I love the transitions! IT WAS AWESOME for the first 2sec........ after I downloaded and made one video I tried to use it again and every time I clicked a video I was trying to edit it would freeze then SHUT OFF😡
  • Great for editing 5/5

    By fncjfj
    Are usually don’t leave a review on apps but I really really like this app.The transitions are free and there are many of them
  • Truly amazing! 5/5

    By balllllllzo
    Best and easiest edit maker ever my 100% favorite I’d recommend it to anyone
  • Scammed Me! 1/5

    By melanie pop
    I really liked this app so I decided to upgrade to pro. But not only did it charge me $5.35 instead of $4.99 (like it says) it did not give me pro. When I tried to use pro it tried to charge me again.
  • Great but 4/5

    By Fliggity
    I would love this app even more if there was an option to add a video as an audio that can play over a different slideshow or video. Other than that, this is my go-to.
  • 转区问题解决 5/5

    By 郑大壮
  • Transitions + something to add 5/5

    By antł
    I love the transitions! Also, please add something where you could input the video sound, not the video
  • Gets almost every job done 5/5

    By IAmThePurplePanda
    The app has simple functions that open plenty of doors that other apps don’t have. Green screen, video splitting, adjustable text boxes and plenty more. Easy to use and extremely convient for simple projects. -Guy who rarely gives rates and reviews
  • Great App BUT... 4/5

    By BchBumm
    Greta app but wish you had the option of adding more than just one mosaic in the time slot. Currently you can only add one and to cover two different areas you need to cover a larger area.

    By Romiiiiiiikkkkkaaana
    I love this video editor, there are so many options. I spend so much time making my videos but when I go to save it to my camera roll it CRASHES!! The most irritating thing ever! Please fix this
  • Fantastic little app 5/5

    By Gaylorder dc k
    Almost every DAY we use this on multiple iphones and ipads. It's a portable dream come true. I see reviews of people giving this one star because they have issues with ONE specific issue, I've never had a problem but I dislike the tutorial EVERY time I update the version and the mosaic reminding me what to do everytime I situate the function, but would never give such a nice cheap program a bad review. Perks: Saves fast, great color balances, mosaic is so good, text animations are SWEET, and If you make music in another app, you can bring it into PerfectVideo. You can do SO much with this thing. I was so tight on budget in the past that I simply couldn't afford 5$ to buy this, but it was my first app years ago and can say from MASSIVE experience, I would write a great review of this even a week after buying it. I'm stuck on old version IOS and I still get NO BUGS. I highly recommend this thing!
  • What 1/5

    By Bananas Have Feelings
    I bought the full version a while ago and now it’s making me pay again?? And only letting up save 30 seconds worth of my video? But I already paid??
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By ...5..
    I’m an Original user on this app and I spent $5 for the pro version a while ago now it is making me purchase it again? I do not understand.
  • I've been ruined 1/5

    By SkinnyPen156969
    My entire project I've been working on for 3 days turned black. I can still see the files, but the whole thing just corrupted
  • Love it but.... 5/5

    By JezellXMarie
    I love it but I wanted to know if I could add my own audio from my camera roll and not iTunes because if I wanna use an audio from my camera roll I if that is an option please let me know how to do it! ♥️♥️

    By Gamwer
    Omg omg if your reading this you should get it it held me have a great YouTube channel 😸😸😸😸 this is 1# right now!
  • I love it BUT 5/5

    By im champ
    Why are there so few features for photo stills? Let’s add some simple animation!! & how about pictures/video ((IN)) pictures / videos... I already paid full price so I know the ability is there. Thanks in advance
  • Plz fix this 😠 1/5

    By pvglmm
    Hi. umm I just wanted to say that I can’t get the chroma key! I try to swop when it tells me to tap to edit and I tap and I’m supposed to swip and it’ll show more effects RIGHT?? It’s not working and I’m not ok 😠 Fix this plz thx 😃
  • AOK 5/5

    By BakeyMcBakealot
    The interface changed, still quality output, however seems to require more clicks to execute some of the same functions… I’ll take it though
  • Fix the audio promblem 😫 2/5

    By 🧠❤️
    Every time I try adding a Audio it’s makes it short and wokt let me add it and it getting annoying .. but the transition and the ready is perfect ! I love this app 💗.. just pleas fix the audio promblem
  • Best editing app on IPhone 5/5

    By Dignified l
    I’ve had this app for a couple years and it has never disappointed. I’ve made slideshows, videos, projects, for both school and recreation and every time people ask me what I used to make them. If you are looking for a multipurpose video editing app this is the one.
  • This is annoying 1/5

    By Jdjsnsv
    When have I ever ever put something in iCloud lol
  • Titles DON’T appear 2/5

    By Kay NY
    the titles dont appear on the final cut after its uploaded, even after you contact support
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!1!!!! 5/5

    By 😎That's DOPE 😎
    I’ve always looked for an app like this where I can make short vids with coOl transitions, this is absolutely perfect for me!!!! :)
  • مميز ونتمنى تطويره 5/5

    By sbbas8889
    ياليت يكون فيه خاصية التحكم بوضع الصوره في المكان المرغوب فيه وياليت امكانية كتم الفديو وتغيير الصوت

Perfect Video Editor, Collage app comments

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