Period Tracker - Eve

Period Tracker - Eve

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  • Current Version: 2.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Glow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Period Tracker - Eve App

Eve by Glow is a savvy period tracker and sex app for women who want to take control of their health and sex lives. Eve predicts your next period and your chances of pregnancy. Track your moods and symptoms to discover trends in your cycles. Take daily sex quizzes to become a sexpert. Own your cycle and feel good in bed. Get it, girl. SEX & HEALTH TRENDS UNLOCKED + Log to keep track of sex, moods & symptoms. + Quick, elegant logging at any time of day or night. + See your health data visualized in beautiful charts. + Identify trends and patterns unique to your body. + Compatible with the Health App for tracking Sleep, Steps, Walking+Running, Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Water, and of course, menstrual health (Menstruation, Sexual Activity, Spotting, BBT, Cervical Mucus). INTERACTIVE PERIOD & CYCLE TRACKING + Fastest and easiest way to to track your period. + Interactive staircase helps you see your cycle history in a whole new way. + Forecast your ovulation and upcoming period with period tracker predictions that get smarter over time. + Review past periods, menstrual cycles and ovulation dates to better understand your cycle & fertility. + Calendar views on period tracker show your next fertile window, ovulation day, upcoming period. EPIC COMMUNITY + Community provides an extended friend group for discussing sex & health. + Trusted information about birth control & sex, powered by Bedsider. + Ask the community anything--nothing is off limits. + Learn from other women who have been there before. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Eve by Glow is free to download and use. Should you choose to upgrade to Premium, you will unlock the following features: Comparative Insights - “Is this normal?” Compare with millions of women. Premium Content - Your next level sexual health savvy. Private Messaging - It’s like passing notes, but better. Custom Profile - Stand out from the rest. Premium Support - No more lines for you. With Premium, you jump the queue! $23.99 for 3 months, first 3 months trial at $17.99 $47.99 for 1 year after 7 day free trial ($3.99/month) $79.99 for lifetime (subscription works across all Glow company apps!) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, Glow yearly subscription is $47.99, monthly subscription is $7.99. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. For full Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service: CONNECT WITH US Web - Facebook - Twitter - @EveByGlow Instagram - @EveByGlow Pinterest - @GlowHQ If you are having technical issues or have any questions about your cycle or period, we're here to help. Please send us an email to: [email protected]

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Period Tracker - Eve app reviews

  • Pleaseeee give it a go you won’t regret!:) 5/5

    By rosebriyoukno
    I have only had this app for about two days I originally downloaded it to keep track of my period but there’s is sooo much more they have all kinds of group chats for woman for almost anything you are dealing with this has honestly help me get some deep stuff off my chest that I wasn’t able to talk to friends and family about but I can go on this app and open up and there’s millions of woman on here that respond almost instantly. So if your looking for a good safe place this is it. Thanks Eve I can’t wait to find out more about this app it’s helped me so much just in the little 2 days that I have had it <3
  • Not pleased with the update 2/5

    By JazDew
    After having Eve for the past 2 1/2 years, the app updated sometime during this past week and none of my previous information was stored. I’m literally starting completely over w/ keeping track of my periods and it’s upsetting
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Li$h5
    I went premium!!
  • Best lady app 5/5

    By kittyxcatee
    I wouldn’t be as sane and as caught up on my body/questions/concerns if it wasn’t for this app 10/10 recommend to everyone
  • Great tracker app but.. 5/5

    By MommaZehra
    I rated 5 stares because as far as the tracker part of it goes; it’s phenomenal. It’s always accurate and the AI of the program basically knows my own cycle better than I do at this point. What’s bothering me is the fact that I bought gems and they aren’t showing up...when I go to the store all it says is “unlock all for free” which is basically trying to get me to sign up for a free trial if premium for a week....where are my gems? I paid money for those and would like to actually use them. I already updated to the most recent version available, deleted and reinstalled the app. This is just a little disconcerting, however, I still wouldn’t use any other tracking app
  • Wow!!!! 5/5

    By Sbot101
    I actually love Eve... the ladies on this app make me feel right at home 💖
  • What the hell?!? 2/5

    By Cuteliz147
    So I am 11 years old and my period started about a month ago so I tried to get this app on my iPad and it is 17+ so I asked my mom if I could get it.Then I put in my name then when I got to my age I wrote in my age but it says I have to be 13 to use this app I don't think you understand that girls can start at any age and I do not understand the app at all..
  • Ugh 1/5

    By chrisb323218
    Hated this app. It’s not user friendly.
  • Period tracker period. 5/5

    By Barbiee_x3
    This is a good app to track your period. Simple. If you want to know when your period is coming and your ovulation period, it’s a good app. Extra items like if you took your pills, had sex, exercise, and etc. give you some health facts which I don’t mind. You can talk to other girls and what not it’s a good app period. No pun intended
  • Accurate as Hell! 5/5

    By meeka-sha
    love it! 10/10 helps me soooo much.
  • Eve & glow 5/5

    By lil'chic
    Like these apps the the chat rooms are great, full of deep insight to the out right hilarious comments
  • Won’t be using this app again. 1/5

    By catwomen754
    I’ve been using this app for years. It really helped after I had my son and my cycle was so irregular. Then it deleted all my information. And now has nothing. Cool.
  • Period tracker 5/5

    By Garciales2
    This app helps me track my period when it’s coming and how long is it going to take for the next cycle to start.
  • Idiots 3/5

    By xoxrach
    The “fact” of the day was that you CAN get an STI from a tattoo needle.
  • Almost 5 4/5

    By Fast rate Cardio mom
    I wish it was all free! Great app!!
  • Seems fine but needs one thing 4/5

    By akelly5682
    When asking you when your last period started, there should be an option that it has just started. Today at the time of writing this is the 7th and mine started the 6th but because of how you log it my data is off and it thinks my period is ending today. Please fix this
  • Needs let us customization view 2/5

    By Ivy1908
    My daughter uses the app to track her period. It does a great job with tracking it. However there are no settings to customize the view for the topics/articles. So my 12 year old has articles/topics that are way too mature for her. They should allow the user to customize a view (topics/articles and polls) for teen, young adults and mature women. Because all topics are not appropriate for everyone.
  • greattt 5/5

    By @dolliy.b
  • Too many notifications 2/5

    By mlmcxo
    I’ve had eve for about 2-3 years now & it seems like they’ve been sending out more & more notifications. At first it wasn’t a problem & I have them on to get the “your period is coming” reminder. But recently they’ve been sending notifications like “Moves he’ll love in bed 😈🔥💦” and other sexual ones with the cringy emojis. These notifications are embarrassing especially when they pop up while I’m at work or when I’m trying to show someone something on my phone. I’m just trying to track my period lol.
  • 🥰🥰 5/5

    By yamilethmariee
  • Fan of Eve 5/5

    By BridgeJamTem
    I love this app! I use it as well as my 11 year old daughter who started her cycle at 9 years old. I love the way the settings can be customized to fit me as an adult and my daughter as a pre-teen with an adult cycle. The fertility tracking is a nice feature and the app is easy to navigate. Lastly, the EVE community is AWESOME for social networking!
  • Eve for me 5/5

    By unlemon
    Honestly was very skeptical about this app but I am floored at how amazing it is! I am a cheapskate beyond cheapskate and even I splurged for the year of premium . I’m not trying to conceive or track my fertility it’d still so useful tho for cycles and the daily meditations have helped me calm down my mornings an ungodly amount. I’d recommend this to anyone - at least try it for a month. You have nothing to lose and only gain to be more in tune with your self which makes a huge difference! I’ve never reviewed Kr rated an app in my life so I think that speaks for itself lol
  • Making the community part optional 3/5

    By Hanji's Logic
    I love the app except for the community option. Can there be a way to make it optional so I don’t get a thousand notifications throughout the day about new topics
  • This is dope 5/5

    By Amilove8
    I love everything about this app. This is literally the best period app I’ve ever used
  • Login issues 1/5

    By jshipp323
    This my third account that I’ve had to create because the login keeps saying my email address is found...when I got locked out the first time I created a new account...and now that I got a new iPhone I’ve found that I’ve had to create another account and all of my data is lost
  • Looks good. 4/5

    By KDE bla bla bla
    I haven’t gotten my period yet, however I’ve been looking at different apps. This seems like a very high quality app. The only thing I wanted to point out is that this app says its for 17+, however I’m sure many girls who have recently started their period could use this. I understand that there are questions concerning sex, however I believe that girls who have gotten their period have already had the talk about sex. It should not seem inappropriate or gross for a girl to see, and I doubt there would be an issue concerning it. There could be this explanation in the game description for caution. There’s also a large chance that girls using this app would be masturbating, which is completely okay! I’m very happy that this app includes that detail, and I don’t think young girls should be excluded because of it. Also, many girls under 17 have sex, so questions like those would be necessary for even girls under 17. I just thought I would point that out. Anyways, the app seems wonderful. I’m not sure if this is in the app, but I think reminders for using protection during sex and that infertile windows should not be used to determine when to have sex, as it is is still very possible to become pregnant even when not fertile, should be added(if not already included.)
  • Limited free app 1/5

    By nah345291010
    You can literally only record your period and everything else is a paid monthly subscription. Totally not worth it .
  • Try it Free?! 5/5

    By keyinmoon
    I tried but the app wanted me to buy a subscription. False advertising? I think it probably tracks your period well despite the faulty advertising.
  • Good but too heteronormative 2/5

    By Kayrsea
    I appreciate Eve’s consistency with tracking my period and health cycle—such as how you may be feeling during your cycle thanks to hormones. I hate how heterosexually oriented the app is. Eve makes the assumption that those using the app are cis females sleeping with cis males. The only opportunity for me to see queer gems is if I purchase them. I’m a cis woman dating another cis woman—this content doesn’t cater to me as well as others in the queer community who also want to track their periods. Period cycles are not only limited to cis females; trans and queer individuals experience them as well.
  • Get This App ! 5/5

    By Big sister 24
    i love it ! it helps me track my period and there are even groups that you can join to talk to other people who may be in the same position you are. it gives great advice and it’s super fun hearing all the different advice !
  • Transphobic 1/5

    By svnrises
    I wrote a small suggestion in a community page that the app could be made more gender neutral and received nothing but catty responses about how “only women have periods”. The community is a bunch of bullies. All I wanted was to have an option for the app to not constantly call you “girl”.
  • At its core, this app is not made for women 1/5

    By Balush
    Though the app is definitely functional and user friendly there are several things I found very unsettling. It’s meant to be a female health focused app and yet an overwhelming number of posts and articles are about sex and pleasing men, completely disproportionate to the minimal information about women’s own bodies and cycles. The daily tips they share seem to be cutesy written affirmations rather than content that’s useful and educational for women wanting to learn more about their bodies and TRACK THEIR PERIODS. Also, please lose the algorithm that adds the words “babe” and “girl” to every other sentence. Women can read and understand the English language perfectly well without them. It seems the app has lost the point, or maybe the male founders prefer to focus on collecting information about women for profit rather than cater to the market they claim to be serving.
  • Good concept, toxic community 2/5

    By hannahlmusic
    I love the idea of this app and it has the potential to be great. However, with so many other apps allowing you to track your period one of the main things that drew me to this one specifically was the forums. I love the idea of girls being able to reach out to each other for advice. But the problem is that the community is extremely toxic. I finally deleted the app and decided to use a different one with just the tracker because I got so tired of seeing girls tear each other down and be so incredibly rude. And this happens literally all the time. Girls will gang up on other girls if they think they posted a “stupid question”. It’s just disgusting. I know this is to be expected because people can be cruel to each other, everyone knows that. But I wish Eve would focus more on the bullying happening on their app. I can only imagine the impact it has on users dealing with depression and other struggles who reach out for help and are treated so terribly in return.
  • amazing! 5/5

    By Child Of the LORD our God
    this app is amazing for women who have all types of questions as you can post them anonymously, and it has the plus of tracking your cycle! 100% reccomend.
  • love it! 5/5

    By kkeilaniflynn
    I have been using this app for about 6 months and I love it. it is so helpful with problems and other questions. it also tracks things properly and accurately. i definitely recommend this app!
  • Period 2/5

    By NicciBitch
    Is this true
  • where are my comments ?? 3/5

    i’ve been on Eve for quite some time, i joined in 2016 and i’ve never really had much of a problem. but now when i get on and try to ask for advice or what not my comments are gone ?? and if it’s not on my posts it’s everyone else. there’ll be 20 comments and i’ll see nothing ?? i rarely use it but to track my period so idk if i got banned or there’s a glitch but i’d request for this to be fixed. thank you.
  • Tracks fertility window-prevents pregnancy 5/5

    By Zion Battle
    This app has allowed me to track my periods and prevent pregnancy. It has a calendar that displays my individual cycle so that I can see when my next period will be. More importantly, it displays fertility window. Boyfriend and I have natural, condom free, birth control free sex by using this app. Highly recommend.
  • Hetero af 1/5

    By Jesasketch
    Just so disappointed that this app is only marketed to straight women- very heteronormative and also disappointing that they talk about beauty and makeup. Just seems like it was created by men’s Maybe imagined that there are women who have sex with other women (gasp) or trans or non-binary people or are polyamorous. It’s for normies only.
  • Great 5/5

    By LeighBlue85
    It’s a perfect way to see when you get your period or ovulation week. Even how late you are plus keep track of your feelings. It’s a community to find answers or others that are in the same boat as you.
  • Tried other period trackers, but this is the best. 5/5

    By 1Cinnabun1
    After using Eve for about a year, once I got a new phone I decided to download some other period trackers just out of curiosity. All of the other period trackers I just didn’t like the format of, and I didn’t think gave enough information. I love how Eve is not only a easy to use period tracker, but they also include things such as side effects, to emotions, sex, and even if we indulged in sweets or alcohol. The thing that makes Eve stand out the most from other period trackers is that it has its own community. It tells you if women with my same cycle also experienced the same side effects I had, and some of their posts about it. Eve has such an amazing and supportive community throughout the app which I was amazed by. It’s also apparent how the developers and team behind Eve are passionate and care about not only the app but the community built from it. My only complaint is how I wish there was a way to access some gems for free, maybe through ads or something. I understand how profit has to be made somehow but it would be nice if there was another option. Overall, this app is amazing and has saved my life when it comes to periods.
  • Help 4/5

    By jcmonroee
    Having trouble logging into my old account I don’t remember the email or phone number I used maybe add a user name login also. Other than that I like the app.
  • Good but 1/5

    By t6969698ss
    Stop trying to get me to buy premium.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By flamin-tacos
    Not only does it provide a passcode to get into the app to provide privacy, it sends daily reminders depending on how you set it up. The design itself surprised me, as I never expected a period app to have such a fluid and smooth design and animations. The app is up to date with everything! It has information on ALL types of protection — I myself had never heard of half of them! The community within Eve is very open and makes it easy to embrace the sexual part we all have. Overall, Eve exceeded my expectations!
  • Nice function, but I really wish it was more inclusive 3/5

    By Deemo is an amazing game
    I like the structure of this app. I like being able to log my mood and get info based on it and I like the community stuff. But its really funny how the app has a group on trans stuff, yet it calls every user female. Its also funny how on even the posts that talk about not misgendering trans people, they call the reader “girl” or “lady”. Not everyone who has a period is female. Trans and nb people can get them too. There’s a lot Eve could do to make their app more inclusive; please use more gender nuetral language in the app as a start. If you’re transgender and have a lot of body dysphoria, please take care of yourself and find another app. You deserve better than to be constantly referred to as something you are not! 💛
  • Support & fixed login 5/5

    By MissNick
    After my last review I was contacted by a customer support specialist that was ready to assist. Thankfully, I had finally figured out on my own that my account email had needed to be verified. Once I verified it on my old phone, I was able to login from my new device. Customer service was quick and attentive although I ended up not needing the help. I have used the app for years now and love how it has saved all my info and “learned” how my personal cycle runs so that it’s always nearly 100% accurate!
  • Entertainment 5/5

    By MTtiger
    Who knew tracking your period could be so entertaining!
  • Amazing ANDfeminist 5/5

    By Cornhell2005
    Really intersectionally feminist app, not on that white girl bs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the women here support each other
  • Great but wish it was all free 4/5

    By Böñd_gîrł_11
    I love this app but I wish I could get all the features without paying, but the girls on there supported me through a tough time even though they barely knew me.🙂❤️

Period Tracker - Eve app comments

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