Period Tracker - Eve

Period Tracker - Eve

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  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Glow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Period Tracker - Eve App

Eve by Glow is a savvy period tracker and sex app for women who want to take control of their health and sex lives. Eve predicts your next period and your chances of pregnancy. Track your moods and symptoms to discover trends in your cycles. Take daily sex quizzes to become a sexpert. Own your cycle and feel good in bed. Get it, girl. SEX & HEALTH TRENDS UNLOCKED + Log to keep track of sex, moods & symptoms. + Quick, elegant logging at any time of day or night. + See your health data visualized in beautiful charts. + Identify trends and patterns unique to your body. + Compatible with the Health App for tracking Sleep, Steps, Walking+Running, Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Water, and of course, menstrual health (Menstruation, Sexual Activity, Spotting, BBT, Cervical Mucus). INTERACTIVE PERIOD & CYCLE TRACKING + Fastest and easiest way to to track your period. + Interactive staircase helps you see your cycle history in a whole new way. + Forecast your ovulation and upcoming period with period tracker predictions that get smarter over time. + Review past periods, menstrual cycles and ovulation dates to better understand your cycle & fertility. + Calendar views on period tracker show your next fertile window, ovulation day, upcoming period. EPIC COMMUNITY + Community provides an extended friend group for discussing sex & health. + Trusted information about birth control & sex, powered by Bedsider. + Ask the community anything--nothing is off limits. + Learn from other women who have been there before. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Eve by Glow is free to download and use. Should you choose to upgrade to Premium, you will unlock the following features: Comparative Insights - “Is this normal?” Compare with millions of women. Premium Content - Your next level sexual health savvy. Private Messaging - It’s like passing notes, but better. Custom Profile - Stand out from the rest. Premium Support - No more lines for you. With Premium, you jump the queue! $23.99 for 3 months, first 3 months trial at $17.99 $47.99 for 1 year after 7 day free trial ($3.99/month) $79.99 for lifetime (subscription works across all Glow company apps!) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, Glow yearly subscription is $47.99, monthly subscription is $7.99. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. For full Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service: CONNECT WITH US Web - Facebook - Twitter - @EveByGlow Instagram - @EveByGlow Pinterest - @GlowHQ If you are having technical issues or have any questions about your cycle or period, we're here to help. Please send us an email to: [email protected]

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Period Tracker - Eve app reviews

  • It’s good 5/5

    By marcelarodrigues
    It’s pretty helpful and I like the people who also relate on here
  • Tracking easy. 5/5

    I love this app. It predicts my period to the dot! Every month I’ve gotten it exactly when it says I’m suppose to.
  • more options for BC pill users? 4/5

    By anxious gal
    i love this app but i would love for there to be an option when it asks if you’ve taken your pill to say that you’ve started your blanks. also, the cycle thing is messed up by around a week since BC pills only have 28 pills.
  • The best app 5/5

    By bkue cheese
    I have seen plenty of period apps that say that their accurate but this is one is the best I’ve only had it for like a month and I already like the fact that you can tell how you feeling and some more and I haven’t seen if the period length is right but mines should be coming on in two days so well see e
  • 50/50 5/5

    By zoie_wing4586
    Quit working! Stopped counting days in my cycle, but I have a lllloooonnnnggggg cycle! Other than that it’s great... BEST app EVER totally recommend it to you and all the we on out there!! ;)
  • Love the new design hate that I have to be rich to enjoy it. 4/5

    By lolannoyed
    I’d love to give you guys five stars because I’ve used this app for so long I couldn’t even imagine using another. I love it THAT much. With that being said I do find it a bit disheartening that we have to pay for virtually everything on this app now and that’s not how it was in the beginning at all. Purchasing gems or getting the upgraded version prior to your new one was very reasonable because it made me feel like I didn’t NEED to get the upgrade to enjoy the app it would just give me more insights and make my experience better. However, this new upgrade plan you have makes me feel like in order for me to get the app I’ve known and loved for so long back and get the same insights I had before back I have to fork over even more money( on top of what could have been spent on gems etc) just so I can even half the same experience I had before. The new design on the app is beautiful I love it, but I feel like ever since you partnered(I’m assuming) with the company that gave you gave the ability to make the app have more that the app has become more about money than about consumer and getting people to stay with this app. I can’t even scroll through my app without being told every time I go to something that I can’t view or do things in the app because I need to upgrade. It’s just not fair for the people who may not be able to afford that often. It comes across as wanting to carter to the people who have money instead of making sure women have an app and space to feel safe and inclusive. I’m glad you all are moving up and being able to expand and give us more options but it’s almost like I HAVE to upgrade to even use the app anymore and it’s not right. Every feature is now practically apart of the upgrade how does that not scream money hungry. So again I love this app and everything but the fact that you all are almost forcing us to upgrade just so we can get back what we had access to prior to this update. Maybe try to delegate some more inclusive features for the free version first so we can see how valuable and easy being able to have access to that information is and then We could see upgrading because we see the value of it but to just out right expect us to upgrade because that membership lets us have access to 98% of the app now just isn’t user friendly. Thanks for your time and I hope you can come up with a solution to make your app more inclusive and useful for everyone and not just people with money.
  • Eve 5/5

    By yenaflower
    I love eve because it can not only track my period but add logs and acknowledge,give you an explanation based on my log. Also it tells you everything you need to know about girl stuff! Also you can talk to other people about things going on about you too!
  • Meh 1/5

    By Tyfizzle15
    Some stuff could be better and there is too much for me to go into. Mostly the community posting page thing.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By SaharaMyangel
    Honestly this keeps logging out and it’s pissing me off. I don’t remember when my last cycle was and it keeps logging me out.
  • Cool but overpacked 4/5

    By AllyKat817
    It is def jam packed with features as a premium member but im not convinced it's worth the subscription. The gems are okay but definitely have a lot to sort through. This is by far the best cycle tracking but maybe add more features or options for abnormal menstrual cycles
  • Can you keep the app simple? 2/5

    By Stem Mantler
    I’ve used this app for years now and it does what it’s supposed to do. No complaints about that part. But what is frustrating is how “busy” the app has gotten over time, with more and more promos and articles. Can we keep it simple? Or at least keep the home screen simple?
  • Update is so ANNOYING 2/5

    By kogersucks
    Apparently Eve wants you to pay 60 dollars a year to get rid of all the new annoying “upgrade to premium” crap all over the new update. Wish I hadn’t updated it and will download a new app.
  • Used to be a fan, not anymore. 1/5

    By Frizabella
    I’ve been using this app for the past couple years now, and it was fine for tracking all my periods up until now. I just opened the app and it completely erased all that has been tracked for the past 2 years. I have menstrual issues and my doctor always asks me to track and report back to her. Now i have nothing left. Thanks a lot, Eve.
  • Great app, but.. “Risk of Pregnancy” ? 5/5

    By Silver-money
    Dear Eve, I love your app. It’s helped me manage my cycles every month. It’s been very accurate recently because of all my previous logs. However, I noticed something today. Maybe it was there before, and I’m just seeing it for the first time, but I could help but notice how the notification states “risk of pregnancy” followed by a percentage. The percentage system is great. I can understand the use of wanting to know when you would be more likely to have pregnancy. But for me, I’m someone who one day would like to be able to get pregnant and I just feel that the choice of words for that percentage only covers a certain group of people who might actually be fearful to be pregnant, but not the woman who are striving to one day raise their own child. The very definition of “risk” is a situation involving exposure to danger or “to expose something of value to danger, harm, or loss”. For me, I don’t view pregnancy as a “danger harm or loss”. It’s a miracle. Because I am but only one woman trying to have a baby one day. I use you app to track my periods, yes, absolutely, and maybe that’s all you’re about, but if you’re so much more than just a “period” app, and more a “woman’s app”, wouldn’t you also be for pregnancies as well? My suggestion is replace the word “risk” with “probability”. That word is more neutral. It takes neither side of the battle and it’s factual. “Risk” sounds very one-sided minded. Thank you for your time.
  • used to love, now hate 3/5

    By MikaylaLovesEXO
    constant notifications, everytime i log into the app i’m bombarded with their stupid subscription, you know man, sometimes i just want to check when i’m going to bleed. is that so hard???
  • Dislike the new update 3/5

    By gingerpokemon
    Wish i could track caffeine intake with the app along side sweet, salty, and alcohol.
  • Price too high 3/5

    By Niv-Tosh
    I want my money back from my premium subscription. I was billed $41.99 when it should have been $3.99. Im upset and Apple went send my money. So over it
  • Good but annoying 3/5

    By Pkainoac
    I actually really like the app, it just sends so many notifications that I end up ignoring them, causing me to forget to log my period. All the random articles and spam kill me
  • so awesome 5/5

    By BaileyD06
    i used a generic period tracker before switching to eve, and it wasn’t personalized at all. it’s completely different with eve. everything is personalized, it’s great for health tips, it’s body positive, and adjusts based on the info you’ve put in. a truly awesome app
  • Eve helped me conceive my first child! 5/5

    By April Maes
    I couldn’t say anything more than that I am absolutely over the moon with this app. I’m in my 30’s and was able to conceive with Eve’s accuracy.
  • Complicated 2/5

    By Bmdixon
    I loved this app, and I’ll probably still use it but there’s so many pop ups and unnecessary stuff it’s frustrating. I just check it here and there but if you want something simple this isn’t it!
  • Too Pushy for Premium 1/5

    By Aleatorymila
    After a year happy with the app, they added a “GO PREMIUM” bar EVERYWHERE!! You can’t just exit out or say “no”. Makes it difficult to use the app.
  • Transphobic App 1/5

    By Moonmistghost
    Eve acts like they support trans people, but they aren't. They put an asterisk next to "trans" to be "inclussive" to all trans people, then, they don't let us change our pronouns and gender and constantly calls EVERYONE "girl" and "lady. When confronted, they ignore us, and block us on twitter for pointing out their issues even though they've gotten SEVERAL complaints about them being TRANSPHOBIC!
  • Nice and all... 1/5

    By DropDeadKassie
    But like I don’t wanna pay 4.99 to upgrade I just want a calendar that tracks my period and doesn’t say period tracker real big
  • Don’t get the premium 1/5

    By butterfly9546
    I tried to purchase the three month and it took my money but did not unlock the app.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Abbigail_
    This app is amazing
  • My thoughts 5/5

    By D says NO
    More symptoms and feelings to log or at least an option to write it in. Stop asking me to upgrade. I love the support groups, those are awesome. This is the best tracker app I’ve ever used.
  • My #1 MUST-HAVE app of all time! 5/5

    By BeautifulMess1996
    I would recommend this app to absolutely any female that I know! This app has tremendously helped me to keep my life in order and keep me prepared for the worst, especially on the days when I couldn’t keep track of myself. Love love love this app and all of the features that it offers! You can personalize your profile & your tracker as much as you want in order to fit your needs and match your personality. Not to mention, the period forecast can be a life saver for the unexpected and the gems never disappoint or fail to keep you interested! Highly recommend!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Eikko Fangurl!
    I LOVE Eve! ♥️ Ive needed an accurate app for SO long. The other apps I've tried have been weeks off, I do not have the premium, but without it Eve is still amazing. Do not waste your money on the subscriptions because the app is just as good without. 5 stars for me!
  • The best cycle tracker and birth control info 5/5

    By 6579008643246997624601
    This app has taught me so much about my own body and has helped me feel more confident in it. I learned so much about birth control and how my cycle works. Everything about it is so positive! I always recommend this app in particular because of all the info it has about birth control and even predicts symptoms you may be feeling through your cycle, not based on myths but based on what other women have said they’re feeling. It is backed up by science and really helps you take control of your body.
  • It’s pretty great! 5/5

    By Nattyyy_Martin
    I like knowing when everything is coming so I’m glad I have a calendar that checks up on me and tells me what I need to know!
  • Um, seriously? 1/5

    By Dipperpinesbirthmark420
    This app has never worked properly for me. I would log my daily symptoms, the app would crash, and then take forever to reload. I come back onto the new update to see that every little thing is now locked into premium. I’m not about to pay money for an app that has never worked.
  • Eve 4/5

    By Paige-Eve
    The calendar works great, but I really wish they’d stop asking me to upgrade to premium. I’m never going to do it. Stop asking
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By lover of eve
    This app is absolutely great for tracking my period and gives me reminders before it’s supposed to start I love the fact that they also have support groups in here and you can also post anonymously in the groups and know you have support on most any topic you can think of
  • great app 5/5

    By lizboowo
    annoying how they keep pressing me to buy glow, but other than that great app!
  • new update 4/5

    By xylina.m
    the new update makes it look all cramped up and busy. it looks ugly; not pleasing to look at at all
  • New update is the end of this app’s life 1/5

    By Taraghahremani
    It was my favorite app for years until new update came and took all the basic features to the PRIMUM! Typical money making strategy...
  • I really like it, with a few suggestions. 5/5

    By Barennaker
    Worthy of the 5 stars! Very much need help with my period health and this is a great resource. I would like to suggest fewer notifications as well as an option that didn’t always have babies all over the community page.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By IzzyPunkDaddy
    I enjoy this app very much so to track my cycle. It’s better that the previous app that I used a few years ago. The one thing that I don’t like about it is that you have to pay a premium in order to get access to the whole app. Something I feel like should be free ESPECIALLY with the cycle scope and predictions. It’d be cool if the app was 100% free.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Taylor Lautner <3
    I use this app on a daily basis. The mood predictions are almost always dead accurate. I like seeing the hormonal fluctuations throughout the month! It is also very easy to track periods and view other relevant statistics. Been using the free version of Eve for years and it has been absolutely amazing. Time to upgrade to the paid version since I use it so often!
  • I wish I had this years ago . 5/5

    By PattyR13
    I wish this type of app was out when I started my period. It's helped keep me on track with my cycle and health.
  • LOVE!! 5/5

    By 🌎❤️🙌🏼👍🏼
    This app literally is life. It has given so much information that I never knew. Helps me keep track of everything and the wording this app has it’s like talking to a friend. Lol best tracker app yet!
  • Sensory overload 1/5

    By CharletteFromNC
    Once upon a time, I did enjoy using this app but now there is just too much going on. Too many ads, the app forces buying a subscription down your throat, it seems like they’re trying to make a buck off of every little thing. I just want to log my info without some annoying, unnecessary upgrade or perk being thrown at me. It’s turning into another social media app and that makes me not even want to use it. I’ll be looking for something less complicated and uninstalling this monstrosity.
  • Ads 2/5

    By daynalovescats
    I used to love this app, but over time anything I click on is like TRY GLOW UPGRADE TO GLOW GET GLOW TO UNLOCK. I barely have any features I can even use now with a premium account. When I'm cranky and on my period and I'm just trying to keep track of my stuff, it's insanely irritating.
  • Do not listen to the pregnancy risk percents!!!!! 1/5

    By Gloria562
    I had sex on a day that said my pregnancy risk was 3% 😭😭😭😭 turns out I actually did get pregnant. I know I shouldn’t listen to an app but now it’s literally my life that’s about to change going through so much!
  • Extremely useful app 5/5

    By SimplyMiriam
    This app is fun. While I’m not one to indulge all my intimate feelings about a matter, or read all the others intimate details, I like that Eve gives me physiological insight into what’s happening in my body. I also get to understand why I’m having certain emotions and feelings. I’m reminded to prepare for the new start. It also helps me plan way in advance too! Great app!
  • No Premium 2/5

    By 1Peanut0
    I’ve been using this app forever. I wanted to try upgrading to premium and take my tracking more seriously so I can get my health under control. But every time I try to upgrade, I get an error message that says “in-app purchases are not allowed”. I’ve looked through all of my settings, and can’t figure out what is going on.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Wicca 1
    I downloaded this app about 4 years ago and it is the best period tracker for phones. The content is always interesting and they have different groups you may join to talk about whatever you’d like.
  • 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 5/5

    By autyyyy18
    I love this app, but I just got charged $60 for a year subscription that I definitely didn’t agree to at all🙃🙃🤣 now I can’t pay my other bills so this is just complete crap.

Period Tracker - Eve app comments

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