Periscope Live Video Streaming

Periscope Live Video Streaming

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  • Current Version: 1.33
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Twitter, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Periscope Live Video Streaming App

NEW: Start earning when you go LIVE! Super Hearts are virtual gifts you can give and receive during live broadcasts. Use Periscope to: • Broadcast live video and interact with people through hearts and comments. • Discover popular live video streams from around the world or search for broadcasts by location or topic. • Give and receive Super Hearts to show support. • Missed out on a live video? Don't worry — watch the best parts with replay highlights. • Instantly share your live videos to Twitter and other social networks. • Broadcast privately to specific followers or friends.

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Periscope Live Video Streaming app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By 😎🤪😛🤣
    This thing is awful
  • Child Sexual Abuse 1/5

    By Bush.whet
    A few minutes ago, I encountered a live of an underage girl being raped by a man. She was screaming and crying while that monster was satisfying himself. Luckily the account was reported and was taken down. But to see that this monster had a platform to go on to do this and stay for about a mere 20 minutes is not good. Please, as a teen myself, seeing a girl who is as young as me being raped is horrible. The people at Periscope need to come up with something to not let this happen again.
  • Not safe for kids/ disgusting app 1/5

    By sr1ny
    Attention parents, media, and everyone else, stay away from this app! You will be exposed to girls asking for you to send them money for “private shows” and guys with their pants down exposed. They also ban people’s accounts based on what you comment without explanation. Please rate one star!!!!
  • Essential with kids 5/5

    By Logaspyn
    If I didn’t have Periscope I would not be able to see my kids when they are away and playing or sport or dancing. This has been the most important app as a parent. A great idea. One thing I wish was better reception sometime but I know that is not a Periscope thing. And the definition on the video is only as good as the phone or persons device who is recording the live video. It is not the same as High Definition video, but it enables me to see my kids live and therefor I am very grateful!

    By REECE4551
    I LOVE THE PERISCOPE APP! IT HAS HELPED ME TO REACH MANY PEOPLE AND MAKE HUGE IMPACT WITHOUT HASTLE! My only recommendation would be to creat a way for us to be able to save our favorite videos that we come across to a “Favorites” tab, so that we are able to easily access the videos! I believe this would be beneficial to many of us who use periscope on a daily basis! Hope this helps! AGAIN, I LOVE PERISCOPE!!
  • I enjoy it for the social networking 5/5

    By bdschbji
    It’s great to get my social lives further from just twitch and YouTube
  • Great app 5/5

    By tripplog

    By checkoutpage
    Can’t connect to periscope with pods
  • AirPods 2/5

    By abdullah771
    After the Last update , Not connected with AirPods !!!!
  • Broke 1/5

    By Jic200
    It was nice; but, broke big time. Everyone that works there spends the day drinking coffee and eating donuts, There is no help!!!! Why is there no help!?? Will will never get noticed of broadcasters that you like and follow. Again coffee drinkers and donuts eaters. Fix
  • app now causes voiceover to freez up 2/5

    By blindguy21
    If I now open the app with voiceover, it causes voiceover to becomesluggish to the point of being unusable. I have to exit the app to get voiceover back. .
  • Freezes After Recent Update 1/5

    By Teammm_
    After recent update, the app freezes as you are scrolling down the feed on any page. It freezes at different points within the app. Hard reset didn’t resolve and deleting app didn’t resolve. It is repeatedly unusable. I’m running 12.2 on iPhone 8.
  • Audio guests and voiceover don’t mix 3/5

    By The summer girl
    As a totally blind streamer, I love the idea of allowing guests. That way I can hear what they have to say in their actual voice rather than VoiceOver’s. However, every time I try to bring up my guest list, the broadcast ends. After trying a ton of times, I’ve accepted one call successfully. A friend and fellow voiceover user told me she’s having the same problem. This feature would be perfect if I could make use of it. Please try to fix it ASAP.
  • Scrolling issues 2/5

    By ed tone
    Keeps freezing, when I try to scroll through the list.
  • Periscope 5/5

    By Rawpancho
    Nice I like it
  • I’m always getting banned for doing nothing 3/5

    By 6guanto
    I don’t even post anything on my accounts and I always get banned. This is my third time making an account. Other than that, this app is great. Still giving you guys three stars though.
  • Full of Graphic Nudity!!! 1/5

    By Tyndir
    Within 60 seconds of downloading the app I saw graphic female and male nudity. 3 women & 4 men. Not safe for kids. Women on there asking for $$ to strip. Gay men exposing themselves. People doing drugs and getting high. How is this app even on the AppStore!? It’s owned by Twitter so I thought it’d be reputable. I was wrong. It’s utterly disgusting. Stay away!
  • Biggest Piece of a Trashy App Out There 1/5

    By cosmicviewer
    It ain’t worth the hassle to see the sh*t they show on the nasty service! There are guys that I believe still live in parents basement looking for someone to talk to, and some “females” that looked about as stoned as you can get trying to have people pay to watch them! YUCKKK! I thought there was education things on here. All I found was how to throw up 100 different was by watching this app!
  • Help 5/5

    By ytytyttu
    It’s not working with me I don’t know why !
  • Can’t play audio without screen on 1/5

    By natethegreat88
    The app claims to support background audio, but the audio dies about 10 sec after the screen locks. Basically, Periscope forces you to tap your screen every 30 sec or so to keep the phone from locking the entire time you listen to anything, as your battery dies from having the screen on to get around Periscope’s inability to think through UI. “Background audio,” my tookus!
  • Love periscope! 5/5

    By LisaBurden
    I love the more intimate nature and connection you get with periscope as opposed to other social media... actually one of my favorite media forms
  • Ms Ramirez 1/5

    By mster ramirez
    In this app you can find teenagers doing pornography kids like10 years old without clothes doing bad things it’s not safe at all parents be aware of what your kids are doing and what are they watching
  • Love This App 5/5

    By M. Rarement Vu
    I actually feel right at any scene any place with this app. My iPhone only enhances my experience, and when I’m bored, need news, or want to join in with my favorite Scoper I always enjoy my time using it.
  • Please Stop Banning People for no Reason. 1/5

    By PS4Player977
    This app used to be great but lately Periscope has been banning people for no reason and giving vague explanations. A user who I was watching got banned for just talking in their live nothing explicit or abusive took place.
  • Periscope has issues 2/5

    By ZippityDont
    Periscope brought me the world and introduced me to new friends. Wonderful. But the app has persistent issues that customer support seems to dismiss out of hand. •Accessibility - The interface is abysmal for anyone with (or without) visual impairment. Why oh why are commenters names in a gray colored font? Why? People use this app outside, in the sun much of the time. Broadcasters have trouble reading their commenters names. It’s why I stopped broadcasting. Use a black font!!! The same is the case for profile pages. Why all the grayed-out fonts? What’s the purpose? To make it harder to read? •You, for some reason, blocked/deleted my 3yr old account without so much as an explanation. I suspect it was bands of political trolls filing false reports. Three years of Scopes, followers, friends, and hearts - gone. All attempts to contact you went unanswered. Had to create new account. •Tech glitches- Can’t see comments when viewing on Twitter. Tapping to correct a comment before sending collapses the keyboard •Your inability to control sex bots. Everyday I must block daily2-3 of them. •Not allowing us to see ALL our followers or commenters. Why? Periscope could be a great app but with these issues it’s not possible. Hire a good sensitive UI team, fix accessibility issues, all I’ll rethink my rating AND GIVE ME MY OLD ACCOUNT BACK‼️
  • Some dysfunction 3/5

    By Mana Javandel
    I love the service but us in countries who have low bandwidth old tech internet, have problem using the service both by app and browser versions, cause it never loads completely because of the slow connection we have and the heavy load the service has.
  • Like this app 5/5

    By Countsaja
    I like this app,its great video sharing app👍
  • Going live with others: Voice & Video 4/5

    By LeemFrazier5
    Please make it to where we can go live with others not just with audio only.. we need live video too..
  • I just don’t like it 1/5

    By Bowler bob 118
    When you put on the periscope app that you can talk to people it really turned me off so I deleted the program so I’m sorry
  • Omg 1/5

    By tayjoir
    I liked it but now it will not let ma log in again so uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghggggggggg
  • Great place to be anonymous 4/5

    By Chris Ripka
    Having used Live streaming services for several years including Periscope, it’s much more difficult to build an audience of followers in this platform. It is however a fantastic platform to try new material out on. It’s not my go to streaming app but I definitely won’t be getting rid of it any time soon. And I’m sure the followers will come.
  • background play is back! 5/5

    By Running Doug
    Yay, they listened to our reviews and added background play back.
  • Periscope is great! 5/5

    By meroceanmu
    Thanks Periscope!! I only wish more used this app in my circle of Twitter friends I follow.
  • Drama bullying female exposed 3/5

    By Newjersey8
    So much drama bullying girls exposing themselves. Lot of problems indeed something has to be done about OR somebody will get hurt or killed but hey this is what makes this app so great that’s why it got 3 stars
  • Too much soliciting for sex 2/5

    By Frankie22765
    Don't let your kids use this.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By msndchmdsbvjhw
    I loved this app until boys invited me to a private live and did inappropriate things please fix this
  • Account 1/5

    By Kodrus
    They deleted my account for no reason.
  • Very fun app to enjoy 5/5

    By kjestergirl21
    I been using periscope about 2 years now. And it’s really good to talk to people across the United States and other places in the globe. Has very good calling service an other features as well. I do highly recommend it to people who want to talk to someone who has the same interests it’s not like Facebook or insta or YouTube. In the future I am looking for new ways to explore people who could be friends. The downfall it all depends on the ages like 21 and up they could use it to travel without living their own home to go places it’s in all in one app . I would be happy if they could do a periscope for kids who are underage like children could talk to other kids from different places . I truly feel like periscope has changed me as well I am hoping it will change others as well . Whom been on this app since I started using it .
  • Great App 4/5

    By AnalogJunkie
    Great app! Easy to use, lots of great content.
  • I hate it I hate it I hate it 1/5

    By helepine
    I hate this app it doesn’t let me sign in every time I sign in it kicks me out I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate this app every time I try to login it doesn’t let me🤬
  • No more playing in the background 1/5

    By Tj soccer mom
    This app is now useless to me. I used to listen to scopes on my phone while I checked my Twitter feed or email but now this can’t be done. You can no longer minimize. Trying to find the scopes I love on the podcasts apps. Bye Periscope
  • ?? 3/5

    By My2gyrlz
    Is the feature gone where you canrun the app in the background and use another app like messages etc? I did it yesterday now today I can’t.
  • Children should not be on here! Child molesters run rampant on this 1/5

    By WasBlindNowISee
    Periscope has an age of 16+ However I think it should be 18+ . The biggest concern is how rampant pedophilia and child pornography is being shared and promoted on its platform. One example is once a child goes live (usually ages 6-15) a lot of users will start to comment during their live. The profiles will Pose as teen boys and entice the young girls to join a private live group so they can share with their sick pervert friends . Majority of the fake profiles are Pedophiles that have a sick agenda to screen record, entice the girls sexually, and at times they will blackmail. There are a few ways to report this and a group of adults are working on it with law enforcement . this needs to be known and something done about it! Reporting “Child safety” during a stream hardly helps
  • It was a 5 until.... 3/5

    By Queen Phe
    I love using Periscope however as of yesterday it doesnt allow me to toggle between apps while listening or viewing app. Did something change?
  • Background audio gone 1/5

    By slartibarphast
    Update broke this!
  • Background 1/5

    By FoodForLovin
    1 star for removing background play. It’s unusable to me now.
  • the new feature is the end of my time with periscope 1/5

    By echristopher45
    i used to love this app... but now that everyone has other people come in a scope with them, it’s terrible. it’s like sitting in on 1on1 convos. thanks for the years periscope. i’m out until that feature is gone
  • iOS background capability 3/5

    By adidas5402
    Am I the only one that lost this in the most recent update?
  • Audio background not working 1/5

    By Spaniard1
    Yesterday I had no problem with playing broadcasts in the background while not in the periscope app and today it is not working. Was this removed? I don’t even see the option for background audio anymore. 1 star until it is fixed.

Periscope Live Video Streaming app comments

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