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Perksy App

Answer questions. Earn rewards. Perksy is the app that pays you to play. We'll send you stacks of questions on current events, what's cool, what isn't, and from top brands that want your opinion. Each stack takes just a few minutes to complete, so kick back on your study or work break and watch your points flow in. Then, cash them in for real-life rewards like gift cards to over 100 top brands including Nordstrom, Nike, Sephora and Delta Airlines or subscriptions to favorites like Netflix and Hulu. Side note: Perksy takes your privacy seriously. We're not Equifax. Your personal information will NEVER be shared - it's securely stored and protected. Period. And that's it. Download the app now and start stacking that paper.

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Perksy app reviews

  • Scam 1/5

    By sfdsfsd
    I haven’t gotten a new stack in over a month and I have emailed them three times but no reply I’m stuck at 2400 points only 100 more for a gift card but haven’t got a new stack
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By mandamason
    You need 2,500 points to receive a $25 gift card. I finally reached 2,439 points and haven’t received a survey in get so close to a reward and they suddenly stop sending them to you. Yeah it was fun answering questions and seeing points rack up, but it wasn’t worth it. I emailed customer support to ask why they haven’t sent me one in weeks the second I got close to receiving a gift card.
  • Fun app 5/5

    By GraceHime
    I really enjoy doing these surveys, I love the graphics and the way everything is laid out. I didn’t want to give 4 stars because I think it’s actually a 4.5 star app. My only .5 problem is you don’t get surveys very often and I wish I could do them more often!
  • Great Idea. Just too Slow 4/5

    By FreekinBeezusFuzzyMonkeyButt
    Pros: Has a fantastic interface that’s very user friendly. Simple and easy survey questions that are engaging and thoughtful. Great to have in the background just as a mini cash collector. Cons: The point system takes way too long to attain the first $25 goal. I’ve had this app since December 1st, 2018 and I haven’t been able to cash in my points. Either the surveys are few and far between or the points given are too little. If the surveys/points become more frequent then it would definitely become the most enjoyable app on my phone.
  • Points 2/5

    By lizxxxx
    Good app, but the closer I get, I’m getting less surveys. They were already slow to begin with. And no I’m getting maybe 30-60 points per survey.
  • Great but could use some changes 4/5

    By Fowx Yo
    It’s a really legit app for making money but $25 being the lowest is kinda hard to get that many points when you don’t get many “stacks” and there isn’t a subscription page like the ads show
  • Fun 5/5

    By Julie Issa
    Really nice app
  • 1 Time Pay Out 3/5

    By SweetYella99
    App did well when first started using. Was receiving questions often, which lead me to obtain $25! Since then the app has not sent any questions in over 5 months!! App seems as though they aren’t trying to pay more than $25...shame!!
  • Not getting my referral bonuses 1/5

    By SHANN31
    Giving this app a 1 star, because I’ve emailed them over a dozen times about my missing referral points and nobody responds. Got 1 gift card with no problems with points or referral points all of a sudden I get nothing, but maybe a question every few days or so. Not happy right now
  • Really Nicely Designed 5/5

    By Bbangelnicknamw
    I wanna first start off by saying I don’t get all the negative reviews. Obviously you won’t be earning pocketfuls of cash or gift cards and obviously you won’t get dozens of stacks every week or even month. The developers and brands need to make money too. I think it’s unfair to rate this poorly just because it takes time to build up points. I get stacks at a very consistent rate, at least 3-5 a week, but sometimes I only get 1 or 2 a week. That doesn’t mean it’s a scam! If anything it’s a fun way to spend 2 minutes if you’re bored to work towards a gift card. You can also refer friends to get 100 points which is pretty awesome. Keep it downloaded for a couple months or so and you’ll see your points get relatively high for practically no effort. I’ve only had this since January and I already have 1,200 points. This app is also very aesthetically pleasing and nicely designed from a consumer point of view. Thank you!
  • I cant turn off keyboard 3/5

    By skylar witter
    When i need to turn off keyboard to submit a answer i cant and i have to max it out to answer
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By wawh1tn3y
    I’ve had this app for months now and I’m so close to a $25 and the surveys are at a halt. They got me. Don’t waste your time with this app. You’ll be lucky if you get a gift card. Upon reading the reviews, maybe 5 people won one. They’re buying the five star reviews. SCAM!
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By coffee3333
    I have had this app for so long and I have 2406 points. You can only get a gift card for 2500 or more. I haven’t had a single survey in weeks because I’m so close to actually getting money from them while my friend still gets surveys all the time.
  • Great App Great Perks 5/5

    By tiana2519
    I love this app. The surveys are simple and fun and the rewards are awesome.
  • Nice but quick suggestion 4/5

    By iinnocence
    I love the app it has a lot of good graphics and it really reflects the student lifestyle and culture very energetic and fun to look at and participate in. My only suggestion is the add a landscape feature to continue to answer questions at the bottom of the screen because it prevents me from continuing my questionnaires even for short answer questions.
  • Where are the questions 2/5

    By Maggiemaen
    I agree with others. It was fun until I earned my first $25 over 2 months ago and have received only 1 or 2 questions since. It keeps telling me to fill out a short quiz but won’t let me submit my answer so I can’t take the quiz. Very frustrating.
  • Can't cash out without referrals 1/5

    By jonflow
    At first, I was getting surveys daily, sometimes twice a day. They slow down as you get closer to 2500 points (that's the minimum you need to cash out). Now that I am less than 200 points away from cashing out, I'm not getting any surveys at all for at least 4 weeks. It SEEMED like a decent earner at first, but it's not an earner unless you can cash out. If I refer two people at 100 points each, I can cash out. But then those poor people might actually think the app is worth something, and it's just not. At all. Please take it from a guy who uses apps and websites to make money, and avoid this app. And, Perksy, your new logo honestly is pretty terrible. It looks like you're literally sticking your tongue out at us, mocking us for completing your surveys and knowing most people will never reach the $25 cashout.
  • Issues not getting referral points. 4/5

    By Anniexb13
    I love this app! Already made $50 in amazon gift cards! Love the questions they ask. But I have not received the points for the last 7 referrals that signed up and I sent 6 emails, so you can fix it on your end but no response. Please respond back and help me fix my account and give me the 700 points for the referrals that I didn’t get. Other than that this app is amazing. I would love to continue to use it but only if they fix my account and I get the points.
  • Where are the stacks??? 3/5

    By MackenzieRose
    Was really loving this app at first. My expectations were managed pretty accurately (I'd say) in that I wasn't planning on getting rich quickly or making money on a regular basis. However over the course of probably 2-3 months I've gotten to about 2,450 points. You only need 2,500 points to redeem them for a gift card. The unfortunate thing is that since getting this close, I haven't received a new stack. It's been more than a month. Was this all a waste of time?
  • Not a lot of surveys 2/5

    By mudmasher
    I used to get a lot of surveys but now I hardly get any. I wish there were more ways to earn points.
  • Interesting, but has several issues 2/5

    By sillygirl99
    I like the app so far, it’s only asked me relevant questions & sent me survey stacks that pertain to things I would be interested in...this is good. Perksy also doesn’t make me feel like I’m being “spied on”. You know the feeling, you talk about something & suddenly, you’re receiving an email about that VERY THING? Weird. Well Perksy doesn’t feel like it’s “listening to me” it feels more organic, like its following the places I visit online, websites & such...Which is still weird but better than the alternative. I give it 2 stars for the following reason...I get a notification that I have a stack, I go to do it & get started...a question or 2 in & it resets & says, “this stack is expired”. You couldn’t have done that BEFORE I started? Feels like it would make better sense. Just recently I received a stack for a personal info quiz, they wanted to know more about my tastes to send me relevant stacks, okay, sounds good. I went to sleep, I forgot about the stack & started it the next morning...2 questions in...”this stack has expired” I guess you don’t care that much about knowing more about my tastes so you can send me relevant stacks huh? It just seems silly to let the person start a stack & only say it’s expired AFTER they’re a few questions in. Otherwise, I like this app. Stacks are quick & fun to answer, if only they’d fix this glitch.
  • Time wasted 1/5

    By Whatever!?!?!?!?!?!,
    I have made it to $22.something and it has not given me anymore surveys. I think this app is a joke. If you want to waste time and think you are going to make some extra change then this is the app.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Joyed509
    It’s easy, quick, and fun. The graphics are cool! It takes a while to get enough point to get a perk and who knows how long to get a second one, but I love Target so I’m excited to not feel guilty for at least $25 of my purchase! Ps you get $25 not 75 cents or 30cents toward, who knows? For super long surveys. Can’t wait to earn more:)
  • It’s alright. 3/5

    By Skyybabieeeeee
    I like the app. I wish they had more than one opportunity a day to get points. Considering I’m only getting like 50 or less points each time. It doesn’t even give me opportunities everyday. It tells me every 3 or 4 days. It took months to get 2500 points when it shouldn’t have taken that much time. I overall enjoyed the app. The questions are fun but there should be more chances to get points.

    By for perksy
    why are you scamming I get 1-20 points each time but when I first did this I get 100 points. All you want is money and not to give out gift cards. There are a whole bunch of reviews say this. Fix it or we all will stop using this app.
  • Not active enough 1/5

    By fox03fire
    I’m 2 points away from being able to the app hasn’t given me any stacks for about two weeks. Seems like it lets you get close, takes the info from your surveys and then stops as soon as it gets close to having to actually reward you for it.
  • Scam 1/5

    By SantanaGotBandz
    Waste of time.
  • PlayStation 3/5

    By David Lussiano
    It great an all having all these gift cards and then getting kicked off every once in awhile, but this app was falsetto advertising itself do to the fact that it should PlayStation store cards, but are nowhere to be found.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By idkifishould
    Perksy is honestly the best app to make money for gift cards you make the money fast or points which are used to redeem your cards the amount paid out for surveys is fair and with the new update it made the surveys come your way even faster then b4
  • Same issues with stacks 1/5

    By William 2.9
    Here I am about to get a 25$ gift card and...voila no Stacks In literally 3 months.
  • stops giving surveys when you get close to reaching goal 1/5

    By bernenice12334555
    magically stopped giving me stacks as soon as i got close to 2500 points... don’t waste your time!
  • Stacks slow down the more points you get 2/5

    By Jess_99
    When i first signed up i was getting stacks daily. Then the more points I got and the closer to a reward I got the stacks started to slow down. I’m about half way to a reward now and I’m lucky to get a stack once a week. It’s a great in theory app but I’m starting to doubt it will ever actually pay out!!
  • It Works, takes 2-3 month to get $25 gift card! Great software for survey and gift cards 5/5

    By Reha Abbasi
    I have been using this app for few months (2-3 probably?) That is how long it took for me to get $25 gift card from ebay. But Hey, it works!
  • this was weird 4/5

    By MissJanei
    So earlier I had the personal quiz thing pop up. Said it would take about 5 minutes to do. Okay cool. I go to try and take it and after the first question I couldn’t move forward. The first question was “what languages do you speak/read/write fluently” I put in my answer and when I tried to submit it there was nothing in the box. Tried this again about 3 times and the same thing. So I was basically forced to skip it && lose out on points. 😔😩 But overall its a pretty good app
  • Fun !!! 5/5

    By Ememememeem
    Really love this so far - surveys are so fun & unique. Looking forward to more!!!
  • Won’t allow me to purchase my Gift cards ,The one Function of the whole app 3/5

    By krnnu7817
    I’ve been trying to buy a gift card for the longest now with over 2,500 it keeps saying error to contract Perksy Help
  • Not having surveys 4/5

    By SoraXLuna408
    I haven't had one for over 4 weeks/a month... what gives???
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Tequila77778987543
    So I cashed out once and now I don’t get any stacks so I’m going to keep the app another month and if I don’t get anything I’m done.
  • PS4 gift cards 5/5

    By mY 31
    Hello Perksy my name is Justin and I would like you to add PlayStation gift cards because I have a lot of points and I want to spend it on ps4 gift cards and I hope you get this.:)
  • Thanks 4/5

    By SamerTa
    Getting better with time. Thanks for the opportunity
  • Fix this asap. 3/5

    By FvckingRecklezz
    Im not sure if this happens to everyone but to me they literally send me notifications of a new question stack once a month or every 2 weeks.. when i first downloaded the app it was all nice and constantly getting notifications every single day and after i got my first reward they have been BARELY sending questions.. pssh disappointed 😒
  • Actually worked 5/5

    By nathanloquet
    Worked and got Amazon GC but ever since I barely get points
  • Ehh 1/5

    By -QueenCKK
    I’m sorry but that new logo looks atrocious!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By alyssa voncrash
    If you’re looking for some quick cash or anything quick by any means, don’t use this app. Rarely do I ever get “stacks” and sometimes when I get a notification and try to do mine, they aren’t even there. I’d say at most I get two stacks a week which usually get you around 40 points each. The lowest gift card amount you can get is 2500 ($25). So, in order to earn any sort of reward, you’d have to do surveys for about 31 weeks (7-8ish months). This is IF you’re doing the surveys every time they come and before the timer runs out. It’s extremely frustrating to have this app advertised as a way to earn money. The model is to have people do their surveys and collect data quickly while offering an unattainable prize, hoping users will be of service for a while before they give up trying to earn points so that the app never has to actually give out gift cards. It’s really nothing short of a scam. You are the product. Don’t waste your time.
  • Good rewards app 5/5

    By julian. m
    I’m already getting a gift card in less than 3 months amazing 😁
  • Code for extra starting money 5/5

    By Dakid974
    tq2e6G2hgU Use this referral code for extra starting money.
  • phone number problem boost mobile number 1/5

    By jacob healy
    i have boost mobile and when i tried to sign up with my phone it says error try again when i tried 5 times already this app is a waste of my time
  • please read before downloading! 1/5

    By May9931
    I honestly thought this app was really nice up until a couple weeks ago. But the thing is, once you’ve reached a certain amount of points before you can pay, they stop giving you quizzes to take points. 😐 so in the end it’s a scam!!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    I won a $25 gift card once. It took about 3 months. When I was close to getting the gift card they cut back the number of surveys they were sending me. After winning, I have only received maybe 4 surveys in 4 months. It would take years for me to ever reach enough point for another gift card.

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