Petco: The Pet Parents Partner

Petco: The Pet Parents Partner

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  • Current Version: 7.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Petco: The Pet Parents Partner App

The Petco app is the Pet Parent's Partner. Use it to expertly pamper your pet both online and in our stores. GET IT TODAY You can buy in the app then pick it up at over 1,000 locations across the US. Leverage our Curbside Pickup option to help protect your health and safety while minimizing social exposure by ordering online and getting your items hand-delivered to your car. PERSONALIZED TO YOUR PETS Set up your pet and the app becomes your partner, helping you find and access all that you need for your pet. Manage and track your pet’s complete health and needs. Look across your purchase history online and in-store to make sure your pets are covered in all care categories so they can live a happy and healthy life. BOOK GROOMING APPOINTMENTS AND GET REWARDED Did you know grooming is an essential part of your pet's health and wellness? Schedule an appointment to meet your new groomer - a skilled stylist who understands the care and attention your pet needs based on their age, breed, hair and skin. Plus, join the Petco Grooming Perk program and get rewarded for making your pet's health a habit. Need to rebook, reschedule or cancel? You can do that in the app as well. PERSONALIZED SHOP Setting your pets up with Repeat Delivery, quickly buying something again, and finding the best nutrition and supplies has never been easier. PALS With the app it's easy to track and redeem your Pals rewards.

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Petco: The Pet Parents Partner app reviews

  • Friction at every point 1/5

    By YeahDatBFun
    Brutal to set up account and password reset. Checkout was painful and it took me multiple attempts to place the order because inventory wasn’t available - tell me that I’m cart, but after Apple Pay. Worst experience in years.
  • My trouble ordering with this app 1/5

    By majilajboo
    Your website is archaic next time I’ll send smoke signals and I’ll get it faster
  • Slow website 1/5

    By Bamagyrl70
    Very slow website
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cheyennerspidle
    The app is SO BUGGY its constantly logging me out, glitching and freezing up and it’s ridiculous!!!
  • Every time I use it there’s an issue 1/5

    By Amanda Boccia
    Every time I use the app there seems to be an issue. I can never use my nutrition perks, but I am forced to use the app to use them. When trying to browse the site for things, it suddenly stops working and I have to start over. I always end up doing it in my browser or on my laptop. I have never used it and not had an issue and am shocked to see all the good reviews. If I wasn’t forced to use it, I would never use it.
  • App made easy for my pet 5/5

    By Gabyness
    GratefulI I looked online to purchase his first Cubs jersey as I am a new fur mom I went to Petco this morning only to find out that the one cubs Jersey I found had no tag when I ask the front desk cashier to check the price on it she informed me that it would be $30 since I already made so many expenses I was hoping for something a little less ironically I found it just now for way less on the app I definitely recommend the application it was easy and to the point I love that it offers Apple Pay! Happy new fur mom ! & happy Zues The Alpha Pom 🐾
  • Could be better 2/5

    By G'stictac
    If an item is no longer available it should not allow you to put in cart and pay for it.
  • App is garbage 2/5

    By JONNJ
    App moves slow. Difficult to navigate. When tracking number is assigned to the order, you can not “track” through the app for delivery updates.
  • Terrible app for repeat delivery 1/5

    By darkfire-shadows
    Unable to edit orders. I tried to cancel one food the cats stopped eating. It cancels the entire order. There is no way to adjust an item to 0. Horrible.
  • Not a fan of the app 1/5

    By jsarah77
    I don’t like that it has my dog in there twice and I can’t change it. I didn’t add my dog twice so idk why it’s like that. I also don’t like that I can’t change my name in the app. I got married, but I have to call to change my name. I’ve tried to call twice, but just sit on hold for an eternity. It’s ridiculous. Oh, and they can’t change it at the store. So so stupid. Finally, trying to schedule grooming appointments is such a pain. It always says the soonest appt is a month out or more, but if I call the store they have availability that week.
  • Very slow app 2/5

    By MannyTheBeast
    Too many bugs on this app. This app needs some software updates and touch ups. It buffers way too slow.
  • Pretty iffy 1/5

    By anjasaurus0907
    A lot of the things that are labeled as available for pick up are not in stock so it’s pretty infuriating to wait a day or two to find out that the item is is actually not available and I could’ve not wasted my time by ordering at Amazon.
  • Please Update App 2/5

    By 8093099
    I searched for a specific brand of dry cat food and everything for dogs appeared.
  • Always an Error 1/5

    By KVillanueva
    Every time I see this app I’m eager to check out the sale items and other things to support my puppies health. Yet, each time I add something to the cart and try to check out it looks like it’s processing my order but then it’s rejected because that item is out of stock. Why can’t the app tell you in advance of checkout that the items are out? So then you have to go back to order delete that item find something new and then attempt to check out again. It’s so frustrating! In my last order I did this eight different times for readily available items. If the resources on there than don’t put them on the app. Frustrated long-time customer.
  • Slowest loading app ever 2/5

    By Emmaw888
    The title says it right there. I’m using a brand new phone and it still won’t load in under 3 minutes.
  • They never honor their promos 1/5

    By Msbioch
    I am so sick of having to fight with customer service over promos not honored on their website
  • App needs reworked 1/5

    By Katelyn1997
    Everything is always slow and glitchy. The app can never remember I am signed in when I open it. It prompts me to add my info as if I’ve never opened the app before. Trying to add items to cart and checkout is a bit of a nightmare. Definitely needs a huge update.
  • Great idea, but mostly useless… 1/5

    I honestly LOVE the layout and the idea behind how it’s set up… however, it’s more useless than it is helpful. While scrolling or trying to find something, it just glitches and buffers every time I try to scroll. If something is in my cart, I get an error message…. I also have an error message pop up when trying to scan barcodes in stores. And the most frustrating!! When I try to sign in to upload my points from their Vital Care, it continuously signs me out instantly and I can’t use my coupons through the app. It’s becoming more and more frustrating. The app seriously needs to be fixed, if they want their customers to actually benefit from it. 🥴
  • Faulty app 1/5

    By Shmurah
    Several times when I was scrolling, this app crashed.
  • Blows 1/5

    By anaydavis
    Can’t even log in since the latest update.
  • Sign In with Apple doesn’t work 2/5

    By andrewtrim
    The app is mostly smooth as far as UI goes, but the fact that Sign In With Apple doesn’t work makes it hard to want to start using. All I get is an error that specified email address is not correct.
  • Website could be easier to use 3/5

    By Photographer Al
    This website sure could use a minor overhaul to make it much easier to find your product.
  • Great store, new online interface needs help 5/5

    By MomMonster2
    It looks like petco has redone it’s online shopping interface. It’s a bit kludgy now. For example, I found that you can’t really search for items. Every search term I entered came back with a message of an error I think that the element couldn’t be found. However when I searched by pet type, I found the item I was looking for very easily.
  • Issues with purchasing 3/5

    By Dancingtuts
    I tried for several days in a row on different devices and multiple times a day and was unable to place my order. I believe it finally went thru on the 3rd day. That is ridiculous! If i could of gotten the item anywhere I would of but its a whole hearted treat and my pup just loves them. I would love to this get resolved since it took multiple attempts again today to get my order thru.
  • App bug 3/5

    By jdkane527
    After I search for an item and try scrolling on the search results, the screen just refreshes and doesn’t scroll, so I’m limited to browse only the items that appear.
  • This app needs work… 1/5

    By missa_missa_missa
    It is constantly malfunctioning. It has taken me several days to make an order. It just didn’t work the first hundred times I tried. Thankfully it finally did. I was about to give up and just go to the store which I was trying to avoid. And any time I open it, the only option is to set up a new pet. And then finally at like the third page you can skip to the home page. It would also be nice if it had bag size or quantity next to the price so I don’t have to always click on it to find out.
  • Customer service refuses after 4 calls, to help with Pals Rewards 1/5

    By BigD Bodybuilding
    The store team member mentioned to download the app and on your 8th bag, it will be free. I did so. And bought 8 bags to stock up. The nearest Petco is a distance from my house. So I fulfilled the 7 bag limit. After 48 hours, nothing appeared. Customer service didn’t help with the problem. I’ll try calling again. We’ll see. One, shouldn’t have to call. Two, the system should fulfill the promise. Poorly executed Petco. I found out when downloading the app it creates another Pals account other than the one used in the store. One CS agent said they could merge the accounts. Another said they would add the free bag. Another said when I logged in the next it created a third account, she mentioned it was deactivated and ended up deactivating the account with my points. I’m on the 4th call and they literally just told me there is nothing they can do. I’m out of luck. Since the gal deactivated my points there is nothing they can do. They can’t just add the points, send me an email with a bag, or just call the darn store and tell them to hold a bag. Seriously pathetic Petco. This program is a lie and you are dishonest.
  • Using the Phone app it’s difficult when placing orders can you keep on getting kicked off 3/5

    By nyctitanic
    Once they fix all the glitches on the Phone app then it will earn five stars
  • Very slow 2/5

    By Hdwkvsalp
    Very slow at loading things and doesn’t tell you how much of a product is in stock. So if you’re trying to get 3 cat collars it makes you go back to change the qty until it’s right
  • Too slow 1/5

    By strait123
    Too slow
  • Not all orders are display 1/5

    By Gustavo ch
    My cart shows only 2 orders I have alway purchase from 1 year my orders . 3 orders are missing in my cart . I always buy from Petco so I can get my free bag .after you buy I believe 7 bags.
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By Monica R. S.
    I hate this app so much. I love Petco and have always had great experiences here, but lately the app is the most worthless thing. Rewards won’t apply, the circle just spins and doesn’t apply anything. I have a free bag of food reward that it tells me I’ve already used, so then placed the order charging my card instead of using all the rewards I have in my account that are close to expiring. The last three or four orders I’ve done through the app, I’ve had issues and had to reach out to customer service for help. They always help me out, but it would save everyone’s time if the app would work how it is supposed to the first time. I’m over it.
  • Glitches 2/5

    By murray161
    Half the time when I try to book an appointment it just freezes
  • Glitches 2/5

    By sgadoury
    The app seems to be very glitchy and slow.
  • Love PetCo 5/5

    By cool funds online
    Awesome business in store and online
  • worst app checkout to date. 2/5

    By rseejean
    i was struggling with the checkout process, so i checked and did need an update. thought it was my fault. was even worse after the supposed fix. “same day” order glitched 3x, i kept going back and trying to fix. (the petco website was having the same problem.) i finally got so the checkout confirmed same day delivery was chosen, and the email confirmation now tells me everything is gonna be shipped in 2-5 days. 😤 what the HECK man. deleting the app, and done with petco’s foolishness altogether i think. a hot mess.
  • Same day delivery 1/5

    By jordandrue
    Same day delivery option is confusing and nobody at the customer service line was any help at all, and somehow there isn’t any managers in the entire company that are available to speak… I’m not amused I think they use false advertisement to get people interested in vital care/rewards
  • Could not find a product I wanted 1/5

    By debbieaccount
    I could not find an automatic feeder on your website so I went to Petsmart
  • Very laggy 3/5

    By kneeahbear
    Very convenient app for me and my 3 pets, but this app is extremely laggy and slow.
  • Not good! 1/5

    By Mag and Lou
    One of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever used. It never recognizes my account, won’t let me change password. They talked me into using the app while I was in store shopping- telling me about the perks, tracking purchases for my specific pets for free food, etc. it really isn’t worth the time and effort needed to even try to use it.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Roccley
    Keeps refreshing. It took 45 min to order.
  • App is super glitchy and slow 3/5

    By dawsong37
    The touch response is super slow, and there are times I’ll search something and it’ll show me no results, even though I know there are results for what I’m searching (for example, “cat brush”).
  • Placing a prescription order 3/5

    By BSN46
    It was not an easy process to place a prescription order. No where does it give me the ability to upload a copy of the prescription. It did not prefill my existing address even though I have an account and was not clear how to do so. Winged it and finally got it to go through.
  • Excellent Experience 5/5

    By 6/15/2020
    Today I use the online app for the first time instead of going into the store and I had a great experience! Will be back again. 10 out of 10 recommend.
  • Annoying 3/5

    By T-i8+
    This is the most “neediest” app ever. Always needs an update, always glitching. Literally signs me out of my account every time rather updated or not. Very inconvenient and almost feels pointless to have. I’d rather navigate the website.
  • App needs more Input options 4/5

    By Someone_that_cares
    Since Petco has positioned itself as a one-stop-shop for pet’s Whole Health: This app could be a great place to keep all the info on my dog. For instance, if I could input the vaccinations she receives, then the app could trigger a reminder when expiration is near. I’d also like to be able to type in her microchip & license information, so if something happens and we’re not near home (where the paperwork lives) I would have her info at my finger tips. Plus, if I could input dental & other treats (that you do not sell) would be nice. That could also be a beneficial tracker for Petco… if enough dog owners use a particular dental chew, then Petco should consider carrying it.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By lillipup652
    Everytime I click on something I get a white page. I finally was able to put my dog food in the cart and everything looked good to check out but it won’t let me put in my order when it has my card selected and I chose the pick up in store option. Won’t even let me see my card details to make sure everything is correct. I’ve been having a lot of problems with the app for a while now but this is ridiculous.
  • buggy app 1/5

    By RainGamma
    too many bugs that get in the way
  • Complicated 2/5

    By j4al
    Site is Too complicated