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PetSmart, Inc. App

At PetSmart, we know being a pet parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It also raises many questions! So, we’ve built our app to be a valued resource for every step of your journey as a pet parent. You’ll find helpful articles, products, services bookings and can shop for all your pet needs in one place. • With in-app shopping, you can get all your pet essentials in one place. In a rush? Get your order in 1 hour with buy online pick up in store. • Sign up for our Treats loyalty program. You’ll earn points every time your shop & you can manage your account through the app. • Get your pet looking fresh with in-app salon booking, appointment management & easy rebooking • Check Doggie Day Camp availability • Make & manage PetsHotel reservations • Play Treat Trail – connect treats, earn points & get coupons • Tailor the app experience to your entire pet family with personalized offers & content With a store locator, helpful resources, in-app shopping, services bookings, informative articles & videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend!

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PetSmart, Inc. app reviews

  • Very slow/unresponsive 1/5

    By 1111121111112111
    It took me multiple tries to just log into this app. I had the right password but the app wouldn’t load. Then again I’m the app the back button would not load so I was stuck on a page. It also does not show my points and available coupons.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kmiller1010
    Freezes and crashes as soon as you add one thing to your cart. You have to close the app and go back in to add one more item in there. And continue doing that the entire time. Ridiculous and not even worth the time

    By raaayyaa
    This app is quite difficult to manage. It FREEZES when i’m looking for products, I have to close the app & open it again. PLUS I did an ONLINE PURCHASE & they don’t send you a receipt for the items you PAID for. Please update this app & fix these bugs
  • Pages keep freezing 1/5

    By Xzavier_Ortiz
    It is horrible to shop the pages keep freezing and in order to continue you have to log out. I do not recommend
  • Needs a lot of improvements 2/5

    By 👾!
    First time using the app seems pretty easy to use kinda slow but easy the annoying part is once I got to the store to pick up my item apparently i didn’t place the order even though the app said once I arrive to call the store and I did call and was told that I never placed an order not only that the app gave me an order number that didn’t exist so I got off of the app and refreshed it but the order number disappeared!!! my order was no where to be found, this app needs a history of recent purchases because I just got scammed that way I can at least show the people at the store that I did make my purchase at your location Also I didn’t even get a confirmation order I wasted gas and time
  • no previous history 1/5

    By Ivy7770
    i don’t see anywhere in the app where you can view previous orders. i picked up my order curbside and they weren’t able to print a receipt and the girl wondered what i had ordered. once the order is placed it goes away and you can’t see what you ordered. i also did not get an email confirmation unless it’s delayed a few hours.
  • Kinda frustrating 2/5

    By dyxyn cox
    Be prepared to restart the app VERY frequently, and change the store every time you put something in your cart because it changes to a store that I’ve never ordered from every time I put something in my cart.
  • Unresponsive 2/5

    The app frequently locks up when browsing.
  • PetSmart is too large of a company to have an app this horrible 1/5

    By Outsider524
    It’s 2020 and iOS isn’t exactly a spring chicken, so why is a major retailer putting an app out that crashes, freezes, or fails to complete basic functions such as searching for products to order?
  • Missing A Lot of Details 1/5

    By ReddingGal
    This app lacks the ability to track online orders- unless it just doesn't show orders placed via the website and not through the app? Also, there are no directions provided to you to say if there will be a notification of when your online order is ready for pick up at the store. After using the Target app regularly for online orders, I must be spoiled, but I don't think so. This app is lacking a lot. Under the section of treats points, it doesn't even show me points earned. Maybe it's a glitch from the recent influx of online ordering because of the corona, but I would think in this time, PetSmart would want to improve it's app to be user/customer friendly.
  • Fair 2/5

    By Brad wall 2534
    Not user friendly
  • Never works 2/5

    By 908fox
    I have only successfully been able to order once. Now, I can never get to the cart. I get everything selected and then I hit the cart and the app freezes.
  • Super glitchy 1/5

    By countrified_girl
    This app needs a lot of work! It won’t load all items to view while shopping and won’t let me access my shopping cart to see what I’ve already selected. I’m hoping I can use the website to complete an order for curbside pickup since the app won’t cooperate.
  • Honestly just awful 1/5

    By Sprinklesprankle
    After the latest update I literally cannot add anything to the cart.
  • No option for order tracking 1/5

    By ckumar111
    I ordered item online but there is no option to check the order status. Really weired. Didn't expected this from a shopping app.
  • Poor function 2/5

    By nugget1748
    Every time I open a new tab in the app and I go back, the app freezes and I cannot tap on another tab. For example, I click on shop for dog and then click on food. Then I go back to the other options and it’s frozen and I can’t click on anything else other than the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • PetSmart 2/5

    By bob the taylor
  • Does not work well 1/5

    By Meat Lover 2019
    The app does not work well
  • Confusing to sign in for already members 1/5

    By crecbudb
    Very confusing, I already had points from being signed up at the store a yr ago and this app made me register as new and doesn’t acknowledge any of my last services or points, never asked for Treats number, which I was never give, they always ask my phone number. This app never recognized my phone number which was on file put me as new with no points, probably messed my account.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By laclawsslp
    I have tried many times to order online for in-store pickup and each time it freezes when I try to actually complete my purchase. Also, the dry cat food I buy is available only as an in-store pickup and there’s no way to add it to my cart to pay for it. Guess it doesn’t matter since I can never complete my purchase anyway. I was contacted by the developer today and told to update to the latest version of the app. I already had the latest version downloaded. My husband has an Android phone (mine is an Apple 11 Pro Max) and the app worked fairly well with his phone. We still had to call the store to see if they’d gotten our order because we only had confirmation from our bank that it had been paid for; I don’t know if this is an app or PetSmart personnel issue where they don’t have enough employees to work online orders. All in all this app still doesn’t work like it should-for whatever reason.
  • Checkout 3/5

    By hatepickinganickname2020
    I can not even see my checkout. My app updated and all I see when I click on my cart is nothing.
  • Very buggy! 3/5

    By blaustin44
    This app either doesn’t add my product to my cart or doesn’t save things to my cart nearly every time I use it.
  • Needs to show current and past orders 4/5

    By gfm111
    Would have received 5 stars if your app displayed current orders to be picked up, shipped or past orders.
  • A little difficult 4/5

    By vbbdjdhrj trnzj
    It won’t let me sign in or use face ID
  • Crashing Nonstop - Can’t Reomve Items from Cart 2/5

    By JonWiens
    The app continues to crash and it won’t let me remove items from my cart :/ -Iphone 11 pro user
  • Errores en app 1/5

    By cris-moly
    App no abrí mi cuenta. E tratado y tratado pero sale error de autenticidad, luego ingreso directamente desde su página web y si me deja abrir mi cuenta.
  • App needs work 1/5

    By J2eldred
    This app freezes a lot. It’s very painful to use because it seems when I find something to look at then back out of the product page to look around some more the app just freezes and I have to exit and reopen the app
  • STILL doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dr Ladybug
    Until you get rid of the “red circle update” issue (STILL shows after a year and MANY so-called app updates; shows EVEN WHEN LOGGED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!), you get a 1-star rating.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By chris10a
    I do have empathy for the businesses that are scrambling to stay open and also be compliant with tough health regulations- people will be, people. However, if you’re going to make promises on your app about earning extra points by completing a profile, could you be more clear when that profile is truly completed? There seems to always be one more email of a friend it wants just because they’re picking up my stuff? Yeah, which leads me to that 10% discount I was supposed to get for ordering online, but using the curbside service to help with COVID19 concerns, you know like the 1000 points I was to also get when I finished my never-ever ending profile? I really have the time to see this through! I simply am to annoyed at this point to do so and worn down by mean people so I’d just like to bring to the lovely I’m sure folks at PETSMART that I didn’t get what I was promised today and I had the time and the headache to notice. This was all done through the app which isn’t as easy to navigate as it looks. Your search bar needs serious work because several times it showed me that the Glendale location had no matches at all for Hill’s Science Diet cat food wet? I’m sincerely trying to help you help others not spend an exorbitant amount of time on your site looking for things and having the experience which started off well, go sour. All of that aside, thank you kind animal people for being open, friendly and stocked. Believe it or not I really appreciate you all!
  • Pick up needs major system changes 1/5

    By Mikey T Ward
    Need to change the car pickup option to be based off of GPS and not requiring us to call the store as it wast time and money. Espchsly those who are disabled and can not talk on the phone.
  • freezing app 1/5

    By hu_hu_huyen
    app keeps freezing when i tap on a product, afterwards i cannot view any other product or go anywhere else on the app without closing out of it and restarting it. in some categories it says there is no product available to view. i got so frustrated with this app and closing in and out i just went on the website on my laptop to finish my order. i only use petsmart because it is a walkable distance to where i live but this bug is incredibly annoying and makes me not even want to order anything at all.
  • App Freezes 1/5

    By macvelle11
    This app freezes like crazy and it’s impossible. It is really frustrating considering the covid-19 and many people need to pick up pet supplies.
  • Times out blank screen 1/5

    By tired 000001
    Pages come up blank after you search for something. Go back arrow and re search and it works. Then after a while get white screen of death you have to close app and resented. Go to pay says something is wrong with order but doesn’t tell you what in your cart is the issue. You delete the clothes and it lets you pay. So you don’t get to buy clothes with the app and pick them up. Worst App.
  • purchases status. 2/5

    By brunoALS
    It does not show purchases status.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By nootnootravioli
    The app keeps telling me that my email and password are incorrect, even when I login with the same ones on the website.
  • Can’t find orders 1/5

    By joe2664
    I brought salmon oil for my dog and can’t find my orders
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By Jax&Kam
    This app was pretty good but when ever I tried to use the store location finder it kept saying no results found and that was the biggest problem. It would have been a good app but the locator didn’t work and it was really frustrating.
  • Freezes after search 2/5

    By Dr-Groovy
    Great looking app. First time I used it, it was great! I was able to order. This time around it freezes after viewing a product and returning to the results. Every other tab works except the search results page is frozen.
  • Useless during COVID restrictions 1/5

    By hrdillard
    I have been a PetSmart customer for almost 25 years. Today, I am reconsidering that choice. PetSmart began offering curbside pickup in response to the COVID restrictions. However, only SOME of their food is available to be picked up curbside. If a 30-lb bag of dog food is available curbside then a 12-pack of Friskies canned food should be available, too. Interestingly, it’s the premium, expensive brands that are available. We all understand right now when we order something that ultimately is unavailable when we pick it up. However, the app says that half of their items are “Available for in-store pickup only” which is very different from being unavailable. I have Type 1 Diabetes which puts me in the high-risk group. Because food for my pets is as essential as food for me, I will have to put myself at risk by going in the store in order to feed them. This app and curbside pickup are nothing more than a PR gimmick if PetSmart is not making ALL cat and dog food available on the app.
  • Petsmart 1/5

    By theywontsendabadreview
    Never went through couldn’t back up finally had to go in and buy and cancel order
  • App won’t let me pay for curbside order 4/5

    By Barb98765
    Hi all, I am in the middle of trying to place an order for curbside pickup on my iphone. At step 2, I clicked that I am picking up the order, and then clicked on the “Next Step: Payment Details” button. It scrolled down the page and I see what I owe. But there is no button there to take me to the next step and I’m stuck not being able to pay. Any ideas how I can get past this and complete my order? I would have given the app 5 stars if I got all the way through.
  • Great App 4/5

    By fish friend 7
    Easy to use. But there should be a guidance area about how to get the full use out of the app. Such as writing reviews
  • Preferences Changes 3/5

    By Cat Lady Lee
    Messed up my email. Unable to change it unless the bad email is verified. Can’t verify the bad email because it doesn’t exist. APP should at least allow addition of new or right email with ability to check which one to use.
  • Worst shopping app 1/5

    By rei pei
    I have tried, to no avail, to shop from this app, especially when we are trying to social distance and do a pick up order. When I search for something, I get “no results found” for an item that is clearly there. I try to filter results and the app shuts down. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. Maybe too many people are trying to do the same thing and that’s why but I am leery much done trying on this platform.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By destinydishmon
    This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to order pickup in store through the app. It charges my card $60 but then decides to tell me a message that says my card details are wrong. How are they wrong if you are charging my card? This is annoying af. Now the person picking up for me has to go to the store and hand pick the things I need instead of just being able to pick it all up once LIKE I PAID FOR. Try calling customer service for a refund and they aren’t even open. Y’all are about to lose me to chewy I ain’t even playing. Hire an IT guy who can actually design a functioning app.
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By nottsjen
    My old account which I use in store works but on line stinks says email not valid yet I get email with point stats ugh
  • Klunky 1/5

    By gold tower
    Not user friendly
  • No se logra conectar con la cuenta de FB 1/5

    By ElGitanoBoricua
    No se logra conectar con ninguna cuenta y no permite hacer cuentas nuevas
  • Freezing/Crashing 1/5

    By Mmmoodd
    Keeps freezing

PetSmart, Inc. app comments

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