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PetSmart, Inc. App

PetSmart knows being a pet parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It also raises many questions, so we’ve built our App to be a valued resource for every step of your pet parent journey. You’ll find helpful articles, checklists, and services bookings. You’ll also be able to find pet friendly places (powered by BringFido) and find adoptable pets near you (powered by AllPaws). New pet parent guides If you’re a new pet parent, we’ve got your back! Create a pet profile and receive articles to help with the first few weeks with your new pet, complete with training class suggestions, checklists and helpful tips and articles. Personalized for your bestie Personalized information based on your pet’s profile and interests helps PetSmart tailor the app experience specifically to the pets in your life. Services bookings Book your grooming appointments directly from the PetSmart App. Check availability at Doggie Day Camp and call the store directly to book. Make a staycation reservation for your dog or cat when you head out of town or register for a training class taught by one of our expert dog trainers. Scales, fur or feathers Whether your pets swim, fly, crawl or walk, the PetSmart app has helpful content to help you enjoy life as an informed pet parent. Pet friendly places We’ve partnered up with our friends at BringFido to bring you over 40,000 pet friendly restaurants, hotels, parks and beaches to help you plan unforgettable trips with your best friend, across town or across the country. Find Adoptable Pets Are you looking for a new friend? Search and share adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, and more near you. Powered by AllPaws, a leading adoption site. Play PetSmart treat trail Have fun and earn coupons with our new game. Select your pet to start then swipe to connect multiple treats. The more treats you connect, the more points you score and the more stars you earn. Once you’ve earned three stars, you’ll earn your first coupon Shop Sometimes all you want to do is get some new treats or toys for your best friend. With one click, you’ll be at our newly redesigned for our best mobile shopping experience yet. With a store locator, helpful resources, checklists, services bookings, pet friendly location finder, informative articles and videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend.


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PetSmart, Inc. app reviews

  • Needs work 3/5

    By LoraneAppReviews
    I use this to book my dog's grooming appt. Why is there no way to review or reschedule an appointment? UPDATE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE. Thats great but please consider moving it to a more prominent viewing place - like under the pet's picture. Thanks
  • Bummer! 1/5

    By Natie!!
    I just received the email about the app and I was excited about it. I live in Puerto Rico and it seems the app doesn’t work here, even thought there are lots of stores here. I tried searching for pet friendly hotels and restaurants, which I know there are a lot here. So if you can make this happen, I will gladly love to used it!
  • Can’t book appointments 1/5

    By Mia & Brian
    Easy enough to create my account and add my pup. But when I try to book a grooming appointment I get to the last step (book appointment) tap on the button and I get infinite error messages “dang it we didn’t see that happening please try again. Cancel / retry now”. Doesn’t matter which option I select. I have to shutdown the app or the message keeps popping up forever. Not so useful.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By jaj2098776
    Account information has disappeared 2 times, called the store and nothing comes up on their system. Fix the issues or I will find another option.
  • Treat Trail doesn’t work after update 2/5

    By SarahMichiko
    I continue getting the message that it doesn’t work and to try again, but it never works. It’s bad enough I have to wait so long to get new coupons. Now that I’ve waited, I can’t get it to even open. This is a terrible system for coupons!
  • Can't even load a location 1/5

    By K anda
    Trying to book some training classes. Downloaded the app 3 times now. It gets stuck on the location page and ends up just swirling around. Total waste of time - needs fixing.
  • Grooming appointment does not work 2/5

    By dutchclutch
    Any time I attempt to book an appointment there is not availability. I select any time, any groomer. I will go through a whole week of dates. Nothing available. I’ve tried the app three weekends in a row.
  • Autoships? 3/5

    By ZachHOfficial
    Really, I can’t manage more of my account from here? Overall seems good but missing some key features.
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By mertandjim
    I only wish that it had coupons for a full grooming! I had one sent to my email, I accidentally put it in my trash, I immediately went to move it to my inbox and it is gone, somewhere in cyberspace!!! It was 10.00 off my next grooming, to expire on April 13th, Rusty’s next grooming is on April 11th
  • Are you kidding!? 1/5

    By ircam2112
    Lol, this app is so bad, they don’t even have a sign in page. Oh, I guess it’s under profile. Nope. Just a blank page. And when I’ve gotten this app to work in past versions and actually scheduled a grooming, apparently that info doesn’t get past on to the store. Hopefully amazon buy them out.
  • So much trouble 1/5

    By DaveKraemer
    This app isn’t working at all. I can’t login, it doesn’t have my pet or store saved, and nothing loads correctly!
  • Grooming appointment 1/5

    By Penelope R.
    I have “added” my pet profile 3 times then it goes away. Not sure how I would be saved since I cannot log in. This is the new and improved version? Soooo I cannot book an appointment on line today. That is a first. Come on.
  • Impossible to use 1/5

    By Oldmanraging
    Can’t log in with Facebook, had to delete app and reinstall in order to attempt different login. When I gave up, I couldn’t even add a pet without logging in. Absolute garbage.
  • No user benefits 2/5

    By klssbrss
    No pet records maintenance No services history
  • Needs serious work 1/5

    By gfaia
    This app is horrible and rarely works. The website is almost as bad. If I didn’t love my local PetSmart so much, I’d find another grooming salon/pet store just to avoid my continued frustration.
  • List of Adoptable Pets is Outdated 3/5

    By Colin Oscopy
    It appears the feed you use to list adoptable pets is quite old.
  • App not capable of placing orders 1/5

    By DivaSousa
    This app is useless. I have a perfectly functioning iPhone 6 & no desire to upgrade. Unfortunately, I'm unable to place orders on in safari because the checkout page never finishes loading. I downloaded this app as an alternate method of placing orders but you cant even place actual orders thru the app. When you select shop from the menu, it reroutes you to the PetSmart webpage in safari. The only thing you can do in app is make pet profiles and search for stores.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Shadytunes1
    Spent more time trying to go back to my “home” store while trying to book grooming. Complete waste of time. Consider yourself deleted
  • Not able to book appointment through app 1/5

    By 4Dollarbeales
    Why doesn’t the app allow me to book an appointment? I even tried booking 1, 2 and 3 weeks away and each appointment date gave me the error message that “no appointments are available”. 🤪🤪🤪🤪
  • No customer service contact options 1/5

    By The awestar
    Jesus I have tried finding a place to ask some one but why does your webpage keep jumping. It is so annoying I refuse to use your website I will literally go back to eight Amazon where they have multiple options to talk to their customer service. You don't seem very customer friendly
  • Can’t Book a Grooming Appointment 1/5

    By atgmom
    I got the app so I could use it to book grooming appointments for my dogs. Except it keeps taking me to the training classes, not to book a grooming appointment. Needs to be fixed.
  • Our Dog breed is not listed 1/5

    By kai owner
    We have a Kai Ken and it is not likely listed in the breeds list.
  • Petsmart review 5/5

    By TJBMore
    Hey y’all have nice products Nice customer service 👍🐶🐶
  • Please Update This App 1/5

    By Addie & Axle
    This app was wonderful at one point but now is more hassle to use than it is worth. Constantly crashes and coupons expire without warning.
  • Bad 1/5

    By KB&K9'S
    Repeated attempts to enter requested info were not “save-able”. Causing extreme frustration-deleting app now and taking ALL FURTHER business to Petco! Big mistake PetSmart!
  • Huge help!!! 5/5

    By Glitchout
    Biggest help to a busy four legged parent!
  • Choose a pet??? 3/5

    By frustrated bunny owner
    My choices when setting up my profile pets are either dog or cat. And that's it! Even under small pet. Period! And so my cat gets three birthdays where my two rabbits get nothing from being in the PetSmart family circle in the app. And when I went to the store there was nothing they could do about it there either because the pet birthday coupon was specific for cat food even though it was my bunny girls first birthday. I find it very frustrating the app can't be slightly more specific.
  • Works way better than website 5/5

    By vcard
    Was able to book and find out information
  • Can’t shop on the app 1/5

    By amazeZACH
    Really? You can’t shop directly through the app? Redirects you to Mobile site. Would be okay if the mobile site worked, but when you have a pop up for in store pick up and can only scroll part way through the store’s a problem.
  • Coupons 3/5

    By dragonwings360
    The employees at petsmart kept asking where these coupons came from. They need to learn their companies coupons. It was ridiculous.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ashketchum111113332123
    App is saying I have a bad internet connection. I went ahead and switched to LTE instead of WiFi. Exited the app and reentered. Reloaded, said the same thing. In fact, almost every time I try to load the app, it says this. Again, being the troubleshooter I am, I went on to update the app. Still, same error message. Not sure why I still have this, will be deleted. Not worth my time and effort. Fix yo sh**! Thanks!
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By Baby Girl Coco
    My Coco was well taken care of during her grooming visit. Lara you are awesome 🤩
  • No support for Safari autofill nor keychain! 1/5

    By JimSRussell
    Why bother? Fails to auto generate or save password, nor (at least when I tried it today) allow the forgotten password to be changed!
  • Needs Apple Wallet/ApplePay support for Petperks 3/5

    By Vgz
    Fairly standard store app, but it really needs a scannable card for the Petperks card, preferably with the option to add a pass the the Wallet App. Still needs a scannable Petperks code and a pass for Apple Wallet. I’m going to drop the rating by 1-Star every update that doesn’t include this basic functionality.
  • Only dog or cat option for “my pets” 2/5

    By PretzelMouse
    When I went to make an account, it prompted me to make profiles for my pets. I have six, two of which are dogs, but that’s not the problem. The rest of my pets include two reptiles, a rodent, and a bird, but there is no option for either of the three in “add a pet.” I, as well as many others, would like to make profiles for our scaly, slithery, whiskery and feathery friends, but there currently is no option to do so.
  • Has Potential 3/5

    By samantha780
    Would be better if I could add pets other than general “cat or dog” Also would be nice if I could add my PetPerks card to my Apple Wallet.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Mal S
    Too hard to find stuff, app doesn't work right, can't even log out.
  • Love PetSmart! 5/5

    By Keribeth731
    Love the ability to book grooming appointments online and through the app! Very user friendly.
  • Treat Trail Not Working 1/5

    By The5Pack
    App had an update - just terrible! Used to work fine and received notification that treat trail Game has new coupons - the game won’t load. Nothing will load in the app. Why was it updated with such horrible flaws? I liked the app until this update. Fix it!
  • Frozen 1/5

    By Klak15
    Ap has not worked for last few days. Please send out update. Freezes up and is not usable.
  • App not loading 2/5

    By Rembrant 100
    I updated and I noticed that the app won't fully load now.
  • Dog Training class 5/5

    By Aunt Bozz
    your website was helpful! thanks looking forward to meeting Jackson
  • Ms Sanders 2/5

    By Little Girl and Boo Boo
    It is a nice idea, but you need to have a place where you can put the type of food(s) that you buy for each animal and, like with Amazon, some sort of dash button so that you can quickly order the food that you need from Petsmart and have it delivered to your house. That would make it a 10 star app instead of a 'cutsie' two or three star app. We don't need apps were we just have a photo and a description of the breed and the birthdate of our pets... We need something that works for us.
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By syoung3402
    I love Petsmart and I’ve taken my doggies there for grooming as well. Scheduling in the app is so so but if you want to find info on your appointment, you do not get a confirmation email and trying to locating the appointment info is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I found the info only once but it took so many steps that I’ve gotten exasperated trying to find it again. In the meantime I get calls from groomers about the appointment WHEN I’m actually supposed to be there, living in a high traffic area, this does not work! I’ve resorted to taking screenshots just for the info but, just makes me less likely to making future appointments
  • Very bad customer service 1/5

    By Hanonobel
    I spent a very long time waiting to find someone to help me and my wife to find out what we needed.
  • Great 5/5

    By JackieCartel
    I love petsmart they treat Mahzi really well
  • Grooming app not so great. Susan is awesome! 5/5

    By Isonhood79
    I love PetSmart and I absolutely love Susan at the Mansfield grooming location. She’s a gentle lady and so great with the two fur babies I recently acquired. I tried several other grooming businesses in the Mansfield area before I was fortunate enough to find Susan. She’s hands down the best in the area for dog grooming! I totally recommend her to anyone looking for a new groomer in the Mansfield area! However, I will say I haven’t had the same experience with ANY of the other groomers at this location. In fact, several have been terribly rude and awful, even though I’ve not had any other dealings with them besides the front desk or a phone call. Today the lady answering the phone (day after Christmas)flat out lied to me about booking an appointment. I knew she was lying so just told her “thank you”, then went online and booked my own appt. for the time she told me wasn’t available that day!!! Really? The reason I even called in the first place was because the app was not letting me get in and it kept giving me crazy messages, or going down. It’s difficult to navigate and doesn’t work properly a lot of the time. A phone call is just easier. But with liars answering the phone, it’s your call?! They need a better app that’s easy to navigate and book grooming appointments.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By LDI25
    Kept crashing or saying “I didn’t expect that to happen” every time I tried to add a store or book a grooming appointment.
  • Nice sign in page 1/5

    By In Tro
    ...that doesn’t let me sign in.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By C Gromer
    I downloaded this app so I could easily schedule services for my pet, but the function doesn’t work at all.

PetSmart, Inc. app comments


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