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PetSmart, Inc. App

At PetSmart, we know being a pet parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It also raises many questions! So, we’ve built our app to be a valued resource for every step of your pet parent journey. You’ll find helpful articles, products, and services bookings. •NEW! Treats loyalty program – sign up, earn points when you shop & manage your account via the app •Pet services bookings – schedule salon visits, check camp availability & make PetsHotel reservations •PetSmart Treat Trail game – connect treats, earn points & get coupons •Personalized offers & content – tailor the app experience specifically to the pets in your life •New pet parent guides – create a profile & receive useful tips & articles to help you with all your pet parenting needs!
 With a store locator, helpful resources, checklists, services bookings, informative articles and videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend!

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PetSmart, Inc. app reviews

  • ¿WHY? 1/5

    By Kriistiiaannaa
    Why do you have an app when it redirects me to my Safari browser? Seriously. The reason I use an app is so I don’t have to utilize the browser. Apps are more USER FRIENDLY, unfortunately however, the PetSmart app is anything but. Please, fix the nonsense for the people.
  • Clean doggie!! 5/5

    By Angelleejohnson
    Hannah bathed my dog today and she looks and smells fresh and clean!! Always a great job!!
  • Whats the point of this app? 2/5

    By trdarch
    Not sure the use of this app. You can’t place orders with it. You can’t look up past orders with it. I deleted it as it was useless for me.
  • Great 5/5

    By Sixshooter4rangers
    Great app I can book for my dogs grooming services on the app very easy and convenient
  • Mariana F Amez 1/5

    By mariana amez
    Bad sevice
  • Real easy to use ! 5/5

    By Gestevez
    This app is cool and very easy to use
  • The app is not fixed 1/5

    By Edmax49
    The app isn’t working. You just updated it and I can’t use my print ID to log in. There’s no reason that shouldn’t work.
  • can’t log in w/ google account 1/5

    By hwanta87
    ive been trying to log in for at least 2 months, but even the newest update wont allow me to log in. ive tried to re-install the app, but it did not work.
  • Authority Dog Food 4/5

    By gfruhcdt
    Wish you had more lamb and beef Authority dog food in stock. I have to drive to different Petsmarts to find enough for my two dogs. Like to buy in bulk because we do not live close to a PetSmart ( 50 miles away).
  • Wish you could cancel on app 2/5

    By Melodywak
    I wish you could also cancel your grooming appointment on the app, too. There’s no way to go into your account to see the grooming appointment or time, no confirmation email, and if something comes up and you need to cancel, there’s nowhere to find the scheduled appointment to change or cancel.
  • Site 1/5

    By lktijgdfjn
    Lousy web site difficult to navigate etc
  • Purchase support for mobile phones 3/5

    By Bobcat30
    I was hoping that I could make purchases with this app because when accessing the Petsmart website using my iPhone, the “send to cart” function does not work.
  • u can’t get your old points 1/5

    By Cookie bady
    u can’t get any of your old points
  • Not Useful App 1/5

    By Rmborgie
    This app would be useful if you could actually shop or see and review your previous orders. You are instead redirected to the website for these activities. And you have to log in again. Beyond that I see no need fir this app and will be deleting it.
  • Can't log in with no reason 1/5

    By Kllm3344
    My Internet account can't log in to this app... Said email not recognize???
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Iatrosm
    I can’t even find a way to shop for food or litter on this app. I deleted it.
  • Error. 1/5

    By CTJ1416
    Logged me out and every time I try to log in or reset my password it keeps saying error. No matter what I try.
  • Rob 1/5

    By Robert Russo
    Multiple accounts under one app. Trying to access points is a nightmare. Unable to merge. 3 case numbers over the course of one month and no resolution.
  • Ummm 3/5

    By kr259
    I don’t understand why you can’t shop on this app. You should be able to place and track orders
  • Love the customer service and the knowledgeable staff 5/5

    By Rach3l Marie
    I love how everyone there is so friendly and will stop in the middle of what they’re doing to help you find things you need and for as long as it takes. They’re very knowledgeable on animals and what they need and the food products there along with everything you need for your special animal.
  • Points systems not good 2/5

    By marisa wilt
    I did all the redeem points it says it gives u but it didn’t give them to me
  • Still Bad 1/5

    By marvel goose
    Opened back in 2017. App couldn’t even correctly schedule a grooming so I dropped it. Decided to give another shot. Remembers me, doesn’t remember my dog, and crashes after I fill out all the data on her. Whoever is in charge of online customer experience should be spayed or neutered or both: depending on which is more painful
  • Trash 2/5

    By Maya Sinclair
    This app stinks worse than my Great Dane’s farts
  • Can’t use app to make grooming appointment 1/5

    By ebtrego
    To be fair, trying to make a grooming appointment online doesn’t work either. No matter which date/time is selected, it doesn’t work, even though it shows appointments available.
  • Can’t cancel an appointment via app 1/5

    By Kimmy0108
    Not only can I not cancel via app, I didn’t get a text to confirm my appt, which they normally send, via which I could possibly cancel! Email confirmation was sent, but again, no link to cancel an appt. POOR user experience!
  • Disappointed by grooming booking 1/5

    By Ben in Charlotte
    I booked an online grooming Appt. An hour later after setting off on my errands with the dog, the local Petsmart called and informed me the time did not work for their schedule. The team member informed me that the app is hit or miss on scheduling times and it was better to just call. That begs the question.... why have the app and their recording requested that I use it when I called to book an appointment in the first place. #frustrating #wasteofmytime #poorcustomerservice
  • NatiWatty 5/5

    By Natiwatty
    Love it
  • Crap App 1/5

    By Nursebetty55
    I used to love this app but now it’s crap. I can’t login anymore so it is useless. I only gave it one star because zero was not an option.
  • Terrible App for Appt Booking 1/5

    By Spudlyn
    Good luck booking an appointment from here. It took forever for me to get the app to select a store that was NOT the nearest one. Then I tried repeatedly to enter info about my dog to book services... only to be told that my dog’s already in their system. This would be fine if there was ANY FREAKING OPTION to select a dog that’s already assigned to my account. And to add insult to injury? When I go to my account there are NO dogs listed as being attached to my account. Yeah, I’m going online to book services and deleting this app. It’s worthless.
  • Wish they would move “unsubscribe” more to the middle 2/5

    By fraustypawz
    It’s NOT just PetSmart, but if they listen, it will be a start. Reading through my emails and going back a page, I sometimes hit the blue “unsubscribe” by mistake☹️. At times I wish I had a pointed finger like the alien in ET. If this helps, I am on an iPhone 6S+, and I do keep up with many of the mobile app updates. Also, I play “treat trail”. It’s a fun game and sometimes I score enough points for a coupon but the bar code coupon area doesn’t acknowledge that. I thought it did the last time I played. Is it supposed to get added? Treat Trail not working - 1 March 2019 Deleted another star because I can’t play Treat Trail. I tried closing it and trying it again, several times. No luck. Is there a # of Times I can play it now? I have the latest mobile app update too😡
  • What has happened? 1/5

    By bookgirl329
    I cannot log in. A couple of weeks ago I got a message saying someone has noticed fraud on my account. Uh... okay. No other site reported an issue. I think it odd that someone is targeting Petsmart. Since then, the app is useless to me. I reset my password and I can log in on a browser but NOT through the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no good.
  • Please update the dang app so I can purchase in it! 1/5

    By Brandnewplaya
    The reason I downloaded the app was to make purchasing food/items easier, yet every time it kicks me out to the Mobile site and I have to log in, AGAIN. This is very annoying and for me defeats the purpose of the app taking up space on my phone. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!
  • Awesome, simple app! 4/5

    By 644146S
    I love it however, I wish that I stayed logged in so I didn’t have to log in every time I open the app. I also wish the shopping was in-app and not in a browser. Other than that I love it. It makes staying up to date on events and sales easy.
  • Frequently “session expired” 2/5

    By JaneDoe789
    This app makes me log in EVERY TIME. Always alerting me “session expired”
  • Needs Apple Wallet Support 3/5

    By Juelz8302
    Add the function of pushing store card/membership number to the Apple Wallet for quick and easy seamless checkout.

    By Heights Bulga
    If I want to go directly to the website then I would not have downloaded the app!! Really like come on all these updates and still it tells me my session is over, I hit the shop and 💥 it takes me out the app to the internet go figure 😡😡😡😡
  • 2196 pet trainer- 5/5

    By Koolmankillya
    I love our Petsmart app! It really helps my pet parents choose which classes are available and which day and time they all start. Also it really makes booking appointments for grooming a breeze. Thanks for a great app!
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Imahag69
    Can’t shop on the app
  • Errors 1/5

    By Sassyray18
    I tried creating an account with the app but kept getting different errors, so I made one on the computer. I then tried to log into the app, but kept getting a different error.
  • Use the app to book services they say 1/5

    By #howhardisit
    Sign up so you can book services for your dog but the only option it gives me when selecting your pet is that pet already exists but never gives me an option to pick my pet only add one that is apparently already there- how does one start using the app if you are already an existing customer? It definitely should not be this difficult
  • Applied Receipt 1/5

    By Toria46
    Trying to Add on Receipts After Buying “ Purchase & it Wont Let me Add On “ $41.77 How Do Add On & I Tried Online “ & App Docent Help ?
  • Unhappy Loyal 7 yr customer, NEVER any coupons/rewards..horrible member account keeping 1/5

    By @jz4dayz5
    I give it one star because over seven years I’ve only received one $5 off $25 the other day and no other types of incentive or reward for all of my hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. Being a ‘supposed member’ for seven years and receiving nothing is ridiculous! Just the other day when I thought I had PETSMART’s app process down and signing in wasn’t a two hour-only-way-in-is-changing-password deal and I could add all of my close to $100 monthly/bimonthly purchases into the app for member benefits/rewards, I was wrong. Completely wrong. Still a huge headache and MY PURCHASES ARE NOT IN MY ACCOUNT! It continues to be an app that has me chasing my tail to figure it out and try to get any kind of coupon or reward promotion. I have had the SAME email the whole time and the SAME (two)phone numbers listed on my account the whole time I’ve been signed up with PETSMART(I’m so disappointed that I don’t even want to call myself a PETSMART member...what’s the point? They never reward that status) Not sure why all the insanity and confusion in connecting all of my hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of purchases that I have spent over the years into my account/app. Having bearded dragons and three cats that I love dearly and are my babies, means that I hold back no expense on them and am ALWAYS in the pet store buying over what their needs are and spoil them. One would think PETSMART would return the loyal customer favor and give back some love in coupons/promotions to keep those kinds of customers happy. Nope. I think I’m done trying to see this company as one that says to be a company with good deals that offer frequent and valuable promotions/sales/freebie trials on foods/coupons etc. Yet, nothing but a $5 off $25 the other day. I NEVER wrote reviews or complain. EVER! Because life happens and things aren’t always perfect. But I’ve given it seven years. Still disappointed. Horrible, I mean horrible technology they have in connecting your purchase to your account. And I use the same number/email EVERY SINGLE TIME. Time to change my routine pet store shop spot, I guess.
  • Poorly written app 1/5

    By Justjack51
    Looks like you finished your appointment three or four different times in the process. I thought I had an appt for my dog only to find our I did not quite finish the booking. Went back and redid and realized how poorly the UXD is.
  • App opens in browser 1/5

    By msrubi47
    when I open the app and then go to the shop link it opens up in my browser at the website. at the top it has a banner to “get the app in the App Store” useless.
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By Jennstrack
    Not easy to use. A little confusing.
  • Purchases 2/5

    By ehallm
    I’ve made numerous purchases that don’t show up on my account
  • Broken app? 1/5

    By FollowTheFirefly
    I’ve been contacting the app’s customer service department for weeks trying to get my login problem sorted out, but aside from a single very garbled phone message, no one is responding to me at all. I tried to make a new account to solve my problem, which I shouldn’t have to do in the first place, and it keeps saying that it cannot use my email because it doesn’t meet configurations. Why did an app that once worked well suddenly crash?
  • My review 5/5

    By dmcee4223
    This app is really easy to use and helpful.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By dancelikepassion
    Doesn’t work. Can’t finish when I try to put in breed. Second time I’ve tried!

PetSmart, Inc. app comments

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