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  • Current Version: 5.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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PetSmart LLC App

At PetSmart, we know being a pet parent is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. It also raises many questions! So, we’ve built our app to be a valued resource for every step of your journey as a pet parent. You’ll find helpful articles, products, services bookings and can shop for all your pet needs in one place. • With in-app shopping, you can get all your pet essentials in one place. In a rush? Get your order in 1 hour with buy online pick up in store. • Sign up for our Treats loyalty program. You’ll earn points every time your shop & you can manage your account through the app. • Get your pet looking fresh with in-app salon booking, appointment management & easy rebooking • Check Doggie Day Camp availability • Make & manage PetsHotel reservations • Play Treat Trail – connect treats, earn points & get coupons • Tailor the app experience to your entire pet family with personalized offers & content With a store locator, helpful resources, in-app shopping, services bookings, informative articles & videos, the PetSmart App is a great resource for a great life with your best friend!

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PetSmart LLC app reviews

  • The worst 1/5

    By nooone.
    I can’t even open the app at all. Forced closing itself. Don’t download
  • Barely Usable 1/5

    By Snugglesaurus
    I want to use the app, but it’s barely usable because it keeps loading & you lose your spot or can’t move forward and sometimes the selections don’t work for choosing different size. I hope these issues get fixed so I can use the app!
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By kathyb53
    I am deleting this useless app. It won’t allow me to create an account. What a piece of crap it is!
  • PetSmart App 5/5

    By carol ellis
    It has everything you can buy all services make appointments everything you need at your fingertips !! I love it and so easy to use ! CarolEllis I have a dachshund Piper and I’m handicapped so getting her there for an appointment is so difficult so whenever I call for a grooming they work with the time & day I need . They shorten her nails short as they can with a Dremel I know she’s hard to do that because she hates to have her paws touched and she’s so soft & smells great ! The people in the grooming department are very nice , knowledgeable, great work and patient !! I couldn’t take her anyway else ! She’s done on fantastic time it gives my daughter time to get all her & myself needs for all the pets we have a great prices ! Thank you Carol Ellis & Piper ♥️🐾 Sent from my iPhone
  • Your app stopped working 3/5

    By SuZqZ222
    VERY frustrating. I ordered items on the web instead, but I didn’t get any “treats” points on a $50+ purchase. DO BETTER. I like your store (sometimes) because it’s really close to home, but they’re ALWAYS out of what I need. The purchase I made today was SPLIT between TWO STORES and didn’t indicate that until AFTER I checked out. 😡
  • Can not make corrections on auto ship orders 1/5

    By Lrillings
    Can not make corrections or stop auto orders before they are sent out
  • Awful app and browser is too 1/5

    By muffin7771
    App and website were both awful and it costed me losing thousands of points because payment wouldn’t go through until points bonuses were expired so I didn’t get my points.
  • You should hire a new app development team 1/5

    By chri9527
    This is possibly one of the worst corporate apps I've used. The app is very buggy, slow, UX is terrible. Probably should invest in a QA Team.
  • Does not let you change emails 1/5

    By UptownZee
    Pretty crappy experience. Accidentally used the wrong email when I downloaded the app and although it has a change email option, it doesn’t work. Tried it on several occasions.
  • No support?!!? 1/5

    By SOADrocksit
    Ridiculous. Hie do you get help?
  • Not accurate on points 2/5

    By VLD 2019
    Purchased dog food and never got my points added to my account. Got a mailer and scanned to also get extra points if activated so I scanned the QR code and says activate but not even a point for my purchase much less the extra points I was expecting. Coupon I had inside app was for 20% off. Wanted to buy 2 different items and store wanted to take it off the cheapest item $1.99. Really? Couldn’t use it on the bag of dog food. So I bought only the bag so I could get the 20 % off. Now I either have to make a second trip back or buy online from chewy and wait few days. Sorry, but when times are tough with everything being stupid expensive little things like this can make a difference.
  • Beyond slow 1/5

    By 84shawn
    Your app is so slow. You have too many things trying to load once the app is open.
  • Poor app, hard to use 1/5

    By Pd11111111222
    Hard to change orders, subscription program is silly. Tried to cancel an order 48 hours in advance. No help in the app. Its way behind today’s standards.
  • Cannot place orders 2/5

    By livinoelle737
    There is a tech issue on the desktop website AND the app where the card information is unable to be processed. I obviously triple checked my information and used different cards. Same error message. This renders the app completely useless, especially when I am trying to autoship prescription pet food my pet MUST have. Very frustrating, please fix.
  • Terrible with payments 1/5

    By yanira218
    I just placed an order and an error message came up that my payment couldnt be verified but when i look in my bank account, i was charged twice.
  • Appointments 1/5

    By sceduling
    I have had ongoing problems trying to schedule appointments . I have had a plan with pet smart for 10 years I was able to consistently see the same doctor so that I knew and trusted . For the last 2 years it has been a nightmare to try to get an appointment. I end up seeing random vets because the 2 that are consistently there are so booked up. Forget trying to get a sick pet in! I am questioning what keep my plan and business there because of the scheduling issues. I tried to call yesterday got a message that hospital was closed. I called the front area to ask why - they weremt actually closed / phone issues left a message no response.
  • This app is bull… 2/5

    By Chicken98-
    This app is a good idea and all but I can’t search for anything because it doesn’t load and then just closes completely. Not to mention it’s soooo slow. Please fix this or just take it off the App Store is so annoying. I just want to see how much dog food is! Ugh. 0/10 :(
  • Awful. Don’t waste your time downloading this app 1/5

    By K1l9j90
    This app is slow and checkout is extremely frustrating even with all of your info already saved. Even with updates and the latest version downloaded, this app is still terribly slow and constantly freezes. Store pickup option is a waste of time because they never have the stuff I need in stock at any of the stores within a 50 mile radius of me. Really disappointed in this app.
  • Something wrong 1/5

    By JennS76
    Every time I try to make a purchase online I am not allowed. I have tried on the app and on the website itself and to no avail it’s always a total bust. I have waited between two to three months hoping that this would be enough time for an update on both method. Please fix this. We really needed you guys tonight. Please fix you app!
  • You can’t check out because they don’t want digital business or 1/5

    By JJia22
    The featured review by App Store is from two years ago and talked about bad checkout experience. Apparently there hasn’t been any improvement in two years as checkout is exactly what I had the biggest problem with (not to say I had no issue with other parts of the app). Why break checkout in five steps? Why ask me to prove I’m a human after I logged in with Face ID? Captcha is such an outdated technology and your version is beyond horrible. I had to click on a dozen pictures before I got to verify and more often than that it simply reset and asked me to start all over again. Even when I finally passed all the steps, the “review order” button was still disabled without any indication what’s wrong or missing. I think somehow the app determined I’m not a worthy customer for Petsmart. I tried switching to the website on my phone and it was equally slow and also stuck at checkout. Bought what I needed from Amazon with free same day shipping instead. We recently got two kittens from an adoption event at a local Petsmart. For that reason Petsmart will always hold a special meaning to our family and certain services by a brick and mortar store simply can’t be replaced by online stores. However, if Petsmart is any serious at digital business, you are failing really really badly so far.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By cras1988
    This app doesn’t work .
  • App dies or doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Bert5244
    This app dies at checkout often, refuses to accept an order and crashes unless you also donate money for pets, and then it often crashes and you lose your cart and have to start over. Then, it will not save store location, so doesn’t work at all.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By Rhexman00
    This app is terrible to use. I can’t add items to my cart
  • Can’t Check Out 1/5

    By Babysymmetry
    I’ve ordered from the app before but for some reason it’s being stupid at the checkout section. I need to press the “Next Step: Shipping Info” button but nothing is happening and I think I’m switching over to the Petco app now. This is so freaking annoying man

    By disappointedinpetsmart
    I have spent 45 minutes plus trying to purchase dog food. The app won’t save my address, Vet info, or card info. Every time I went to hit purchase it took me back to the first page making it impossible to purchase anything. I love petsmart but I am choosing to go to chewy bc of their horrible app interface.
  • Can’t this big company afford an app that works? 1/5

    By Why did you change it
    App is very buggy. I can’t get it to products in the search. Hard to find stores. Works for services but not products. And it’s been this way for years. I give up.
  • Not able to purchase 1/5

    By PetSmart app not working
    Fix your app…doesn’t allow you to purchase item
  • Checkout Hassle 3/5

    By Beefyb4
    Since the update the app no longer allows me to add items to my cart, and on the off chance it does let me, I can not view my cart at all or checkout. I’m assuming something broke during the update, but as of right now the app is only a three stars as I’m still able to view wether or not an item is in stock in store or not. I have no problem with having to walk in and buy an item the usual way. I just miss the convenience of paying before hand and only having to pick it up. Now that being said, it’s impossible for me to buy an online only item. As for some items the only option is pay online and have it shipped. If I can’t pay I can’t order 😭😭😭 I hope this little glitch is fixed soon.
  • Flashing screen? Search results completely wrong? 1/5

    By Peela
    This app is a disaster. Searches come back with completely different products than what is described in the search. When the results return, wrong as they are, the screen flashes repeatedly for a good half minute before your wrong results appear. I'm deleting this app today and hoping the developers fix this stupidity. Otherwise, shopping at PetSmart will have to cease.
  • Too buggy for a major corporate shopping app 2/5

    By MuffySinclair
    I hate this app. Things go wrong constantly. Sometimes when I click on a sale or promotion, the app gets stuck in a cycle of loading and then immediately reloading the page so you can never see the promoted items. Currently the checkout function is broken. It seems to load for a long time and then throws a “Ruh-roh! Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later” error message. I haven’t been able to check out for two days. Petsmart is a large corporation; there’s no excuse for having what should be a straightforward shopping app with this many problems. Ready to start ordering from Petco even though they’re further away
  • keeps crashing 2/5

    By snjdksks
    the app is great so far but i can barely scroll through items without the app crashing constantly
  • No way to cancel a reservation! 2/5

    By K8TheSk8
    Works until you need to CANCEL A RESERVATION! This function sb added immediately. Right now, in order to cncl a reservation you have to call, there is always wait time from 10-20 min Ridiculous! Plus SIGN OUT should be listed first on account page!
  • Messaging update system 2/5

    By frequent flyer12345
    It would be helpful to have electronic updates or comments for owners to check in on pets during camp or boarding. Rather than calling and sitting on hold for 15 mins, sending a quick note for an update would be much easier for those not needing an urgent response.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By vaIeriiaa
    I tried to pick up my items through the app and I have never been more frustrated in my life. I could only put items in my cart but when I tried apple pay it charged me 3 times and wouldn’t go through. I finally tried the check out option where I put in all my information but when I reviewed my order it would keep making me verify that i’m not a robot. No point in having pick-up in store option. 😬
  • Can’t use gift cards 1/5

    By GF Help
    Not a big fan of this app because you can’t use gift cards on it. Hope they get it fixed and maybe I will change my opinion.
  • Not so user friendly app 1/5

    By Boopie13
    The app is frozen and cannot access it to move to the area where I want.
  • There are a couple issues 4/5

    By biscuitflyer
    Overall it’s a good app. However , there are a couple issues. The good is it has an adequate search engine. The issue is it isn’t always accurate and honestly that’s what’s needed is accuracy. If you order to pick up you don’t always get accurate info. I discovered in the app an item was listed as insufficient product for my request. Only to get to the store myself to see what else might be available. Wow ! There was the product I was told wasn’t available. It often doesn’t suggest a similar product either if the one you want isn’t available..( or is but is indicated it’s not , or it is at another location without resorting to shipping which is subject to a minimum purchase for free shipping ). If the stock and any arriving stock could be accurately counted, that would be helpful. Or - just forget online and go to your local store. It saves frustration
  • Update To App 1/5

    By Daniortho
    The latest update (run today) is causing the app to crash! I tried to go thru App Help & access was denied so I had to post here instead.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By LStep1800
    This app crashes every time I use it
  • Was Great App Till it wasn’t anymore 1/5

    By CcdScorpius
    I’ve used this app several times to order 40 lb bags of kitty litter so I could have someone else lug it from the shelf to the car for me. Two weeks ago it quick allowing me to do that, crashing whenever I clicked on the cart icon. Attempts to have it fixed through customer support and now the app folks have failed so far. I’ve deleted the app several times and redownloaded it from the cloud to my iPad. I have the latest software and always keep updated as they become available.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Coctober
    I gave this a three. For the past two weeks I have not been able to place anything in the cart and since I am unable to enter a store it has been impossible to shop at PetSmart. Unfortunately I will not be using a different store.
  • The worst app on my phone 1/5

    By acbarn
    Slow, buggy, and freezes all the time. Literally the worst app ever. Searching for something is so unnecessarily difficult and it’s ridiculous that there’s no way to scan an item in store to see it online. It’s almost like it hasn’t been updated since 2015. The only thing I’m able to do on the app kinda okay is a curbside order, otherwise it’s a nightmare!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Redroz21
    I downloaded this app to take advantage of the treat points, because I always buy my puppies their “cookies” from there. I intended on placing a store pick up for tomorrow. Well, I was able to put the items in my cart, but when I went to pay, the app glitched and kicked me out. When I got back in, my cart was empty and I wasn’t given the option to add anything to my cart. Nothing. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly, as it seems it could be useful when it works.
  • can't sign in 1/5

    By 123royalblue7
    the app does not work when I try to sign in But I'm able to sign in using my browser
  • No way to contact if there is a problem 1/5

    By dogardens
    There’s a problem. For pickup availability the NO availablity when checked Plus, already went through process when bought at store, now online checking all over again. Why?!
  • Ordering issue 3/5

    By Sd08NC
    I tried to order some dry food on line for in store pickup but could not do that or place it in cart. Something is broken.
  • By 2022 Standards, it’s dreadful 1/5

    By Meofsh
    I mainly place orders through the app because there’s so much construction going on between my home and my local Petsmart that it’s not worth the drive. ….Or is it? With how many terrible ordering experiences I’ve had with this dreadful app, it almost makes the long drive more worth it. This app seems like it was designed by someone on Fiverr in 2012 and then was just never updated ever again. It’s horribly glitchy, badly organized, and let’s talk about the partnership with DoorDash. There is NO customer service if something goes wrong with your delivery. You cannot report a problem about your delivery through the Petsmart app. If you try to contact Petsmart, they tell you to contact DoorDash. If you contact DoorDash, they tell you to contact Petsmart. Just an endless cycle of no one taking responsibility, and you being out of pocket. I don’t understand how that’s possible. You can place orders through an app, but then can’t report issues with the orders? My Petsmart is constantly forgetting to include things in the order, so god forbid I needed something desperately. If they forget to include it, I need to either A — take a half hour (x2) and drive to go get it myself or B — Wait a whole new day to get it tomorrow. Because that’s the other thing with the app. Unlike regular DoorDash, where you can place an order and get it within an hour, the Petsmart app only allows for these weird pre-scheduled delivery timeframes through DoorDash. Basically you have to place the order by like noon, or otherwise it won’t let you schedule it until the next day. So if your delivery is missing something? Guess you can’t have it until tomorrow now. Oh and what happens if your DoorDash driver does a terrible job delivering? Leaves your order several hundred feet from your house out in a boiling hot parking lot? Delivers to a house down the road from you? Nothing happens. You lose your tip money to the driver, and the driver never gets reported. It’s just caveman-level nonsense, seriously. You’d never know this system was being operated in 2022. Multi-million dollar company and it has the app budget of a local 1-person business.
  • No “add to cart” option now?!? 1/5

    By GeoRockGirl
    So many issues now: 1) “Add to cart” button is completely gone. 2) No way to add items to cart for pick up even when store location is added (multiple times). 3) App freezes and you have to force quit. 4) App completely glitches and shuts itself down.
  • Online booking for Doggy Day Camp 1/5

    By TM Ruth
    Please update the app to allow online booking for Doggy Day Camp as with PetsHotel. Waiting on hold for more than 20 minutes each time will cause me to use one of yoir competitors.

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