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  • Current Version: 2021.2
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Experience the PGA TOUR like never before on your iOS device with the official PGA TOUR App. Follow all of the action from a single app, available for free from the PGA TOUR. iPhone Features: - Real-time leaderboard with player shelf allowing quick access to player scorecards, profile, and video - Live player scorecards now featuring SHOT TRAILS, PLAY BY PLAY, and LIVE STATS - Groupings view with TEE TIMES and LOCATION information - Access to LIVE video for every PGA TOUR event - VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player features, and more - Course detail with hole layouts, descriptions, and live stats for each hole - All the latest news from - Push notifications for following your favorite Tour and players - Champions Tour, Tour, PGA TOUR Latinoamerica, and PGA TOUR Canada Coverage - Location awareness for improved experiences while onsite at select PGA TOUR events iPad Features: - Shot trails and shot plots for all players - Real time contextual stats based on each players actual ball position - Shot plots show how players are scoring from different positions on each hole - Full 18-hole view to show where your favorites and leaders are on the golf course - Live audio for most PGA TOUR events allow you to listen live while you navigate through the app; integration with PGA TOUR Live app for live video coverage - Detailed course information including satellite imagery, rough height, and stimpmeter readings for most PGA TOUR courses - Easy to access leaderboard drawer provides full standings, tee times, and the latest FedExCup rankings - Push notifications allow you to follow the action even when the app is closed - All the latest news, videos, and social content from PLEASE NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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PGA TOUR app reviews

  • Best League Run Sports App By Far 5/5

    By mt10236849
    Honestly don’t know if any flaws this app has. As good as you can ask for, stop checking the ESPN for golf asap!
  • Poor Service 1/5

    By james_lu4
    If you enjoy watching commercials then this is the channel for you. On the other hand if you enjoy golf then look elsewhere. The number of ads is disgraceful.
  • PGA RATING 1/5

    By greatleader #1
    The PGA could be good if they got rid of the bad leadership at the top. Giving into the media and woke groups and every other group out there makes you all look like a Bunk of weenies. How sad a president of a organization is such a bad leader and doesn’t stand up for the majority. We had a president who stood up for the majority and the you all cried and would not stand up and be leaders. Now we have a guy that gives into every little cry baby out there and you all are probably proud of being just like him. I still watch and play golf but will never support the current PGA leadership until better people and smarter people are running it. THE LEADERSHIP AT THE PGA SUXS.
  • Poor experience! 1/5

    By raaaaaaahm
  • Rahm 1/5

    By anti pga
    This is absurd!!! If he has to withdraw then the two players and any player that has come in contact with him should be tested! Covid is over!! Almost every city has opened up and vaccinations are in the millions! Why get one if I’m still gonna be tested?! I will not get one now thanks to the pga tour.
  • Subscription cancellation 1/5

    By 380Tremont
    How do I cancel my PGA tour live TV app subscription?
  • Too much Tiger 2/5

    By Finoday
    Messages every day about Tiger instead of the winners and leaders. How do I unsubscribe? Was much better until time delay. Was this a result of TV or sponsors?
  • App is an afterthought 1/5

    By JC1841
    Every major tournament has an app that updates quickly, rarely force quits, and contains meaningful content for golf fans. The most reliable elements of the PGA Tour app are that you can guarantee it will force quit, you can guarantee the leaderboard will be incredibly far behind, and you can guarantee the user experience will be clunky at best. With as much money as the tour pulls in it would be incredibly easy to improve this app to at least compete with the apps dedicated to the majors. Unfortunately, this app being an afterthought is just another indication (along with their avoidance of any hint of conflict, their unimaginative tournament formats, and their pricing the new media contract so high that Networks have to flood the broadcast with commercials to be able to afford it) that the tour couldn’t care less about the fan experience.
  • Crashes phone repeatedly 1/5

    By ihatekentucky
    Maybe it’s a case of needing to upgrade from my iPhone 8, but this is the only app that repeatedly freezes the entire OS after using for 10+ minutes. I actually like what they are trying to do with the app, but it take too long to update the scores and (most importantly) freezes my phone. RIP
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Kkirwin
  • Always behind 1/5

    By Dork Nozzel
    This app is always behind sometimes by 30 minutes. When a event runs over because of weather delay there’s no option other than to pay. Hate this app ESPN much better
  • Slow to update 1/5

    By Millido
    Leaderboard and current scoring is at least two holes behind. Trying to follow on the course and I have no idea where things stand, particularly since they aren’t using standard bearers.
  • 3/5

    By steveg3672
    This app needs to improve. The up to date results seriously lag the television broadcast. It is often up to two holes behind. I use the app to follow specific players and the lag in information is frustrating.
  • Poor Updates 1/5

    By MKL07
    The app is. never current It is a joke. Every time I check results they are wrong. Very sad based on technology today to see this issue occurring time & Time again
  • Always a hole or two behind 2/5

    By arsant86
    This is really the best/ only suitable app for golf. However, I don’t understand why every other sport has live updates but this app is at least 15 minutes behind. The developers should check to see what all the other sports apps use to make live updates, to be more consistent. It’s not even worth looking at the app for the leaderboard if you have it on tv because you will be confused.
  • So far behind the action 1/5

    By kbakst
    The app is consistently 2 holes behind the live action. Makes the app useless except for looking up schedules or past events.
  • Behind 2/5

    By chetnewberry
    Love the app in general but it is so far behind the actual tourney being played it’s unreal. If you want up to date score you have to use ESPN or fox app. You would think the pga app would be able to give up to the minute scorecards like the other sports apps.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By RumiTavern
    The app needed 17 minutes to update scores on the Championship’s top pairing after the first hole. Enough said.
  • Cant stand the ad placements 1/5

    By mont0307
    Ill just use google
  • Not that good 2/5

    By jbeast29
    Too many pop ups
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By disappointed#987654321
    Why can’t you keep your app up to date? The Score is more accurate then the PGA app. I may have to start using it for my Golf info.
  • Updates 2/5

    Updates are incredible slow and late. Some time 3 or 4 holes behind TV and other apps. I mean it’s your tour why isn’t this app better then the others?
  • Updates 2/5

    By johnny weekend
    This app is constantly 2-3 holes behind every week. Why is it so hard to update scores? ESPN is more current than this. This app is a joke.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Patrolbill
    Never updates till two holes later
  • EHola 5/5

    By Juane1999
    99 Si-
  • For a “PGA” app, it’s unreasonably slow to update scores. 2/5

    By Pelicanpoke
    It’s fine for keeping up after the fact, but don’t expect scores to be updated in a reasonable timeframe. I have to go to non-pga apps to get semi-real time updated scores. Their technology seems to be a decade behind.
  • Scoring update horrible! 1/5

    By robeli
    Scoring is at least 10 minutes behind.
  • Slow slow updating app 3/5

    By lotsofprescrpts
    This app must run at least 60 minutes or more behind live scoring. If you can improve the live scoring you’ve got a 5 Star App. Until then I’ll keep the TV on and continue looking for an App that is more current. Terrible service given your capabilities.....
  • Love the pga 2/5

    By john shirk
    But don’t understand why the masters app is so much superior to this one. When they only have one tournament a year. This is by far the slowest and most outdated app of any sport. I’ll still support it. But not sure why it’s so slow to update.
  • App is so so 2/5

    By Pablo2626
    I hate the leaderboard. The print is too small and you can’t expand it. Darken the players names for better readability and make it so you can expand it.
  • Too hard to read 1/5

    By the man21!
    Need a larger font or perhaps a bold font on description of last shot
  • Update City 1/5

    By Mildew2256
    It seems like every time I open this app, I’m forced to update it. Update, after update, after update. Can’t the PGA put out a stable app that’s good for at least a few months? Apparently not.
  • Where is the full year schedule for each category 5/5

    By Stacie's Stuff
    Love the app, but couldn’t find the full schedule of events without leaving the app
  • Golf Fans Best App... 5/5

    By PDBE11813
    Without doubt for a golf fan, excellent app!!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By iomkivoe
    Enough said
  • Tourcast not working on iPhone 12 3/5

    By evylmatt
    Not working at all with my new phone. Tried downloading again and rebooting but no luck.
  • UX needs work 1/5

    By aaron asedo pga
    You should reach out to my wife for help with your user experience
  • Slow 2/5

    By Bill Jablonsky
    I don’t know why it’s so slow. Each time I open it, it takes about a minute for the leaderboard to update. Faster to just google it or use ESPN. Also, many of the other parts of app either don’t work or are so slow it’s hard to tell if they work.
  • Open Coverage 1/5

    By texmud
    Terrible. Leader board very slow to update. Totally unreliable in terms of being current on scores and positions.
  • Featured Groups Alert Days Before on PGA Tour Live 3/5

    By BQ-32
    Make it easier to find out who the featured groups are on PGA Tour Live. No clue how to find this before the actual day.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tinycomb
    This pga tour app is garbage.
  • PGA tour app 1/5

    By blinderfidget
    Half the screen filled with an ad. Horrible. Useless.
  • PGA tour 4/5

    By Golonggo
    I went to the app store to get the update. Tried to reopen pga tour and it sent me back to App Store. (Tried twice) HELP
  • Font too small! Geez guys I know I’m in my 59’s now, but it’s the smallest font in an app ever! Ok 2/5

    By BigVanillaThunder
  • Scoring 3/5

    By CKMF Danny
    Scoring is always behind. You can find more up to date scoring on ESPN.
  • Videos mismatched 3/5

    By Rwattersjr
    Individual player videos don’t correspond to the correct holes on the scorecard.
  • PGA tour app 5/5

    By mightysparr0w
    Want to follow your fantasy golfers when your not near a TV ? Download the PGA Tour app , concise stroke by stroke results, right to you phone And it’s Free !!
  • Terrible changes 1/5

    By Snuff game
    Two weeks ago this app was great. I could follow my favorite player on every shot. Now I can’t even find the leaderboard!!!!!!!!!
  • Updates are terrible!!! 1/5

    Updates are terrible!!!