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  • Current Version: 3.12.0
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Philips Hue App

Transform the way you experience light with Philips Hue. The Philips Hue App makes it easy for you to get the most out of your Hue lights and accessories. CONTROL YOUR LIGHTS WITH EASE With the Philips Hue App, you can easily organize your individual lights into rooms. Switch rooms on/off or change the color or brightness of all your lights to match your mood or your activity. It's easy to control no matter how many lights you have. PLAY WITH 16 MILLION COLORS Transform your lighting into an extraordinary experience with our color palette. Effortlessly choose from 16 million colors or any shade of white light. THE PERFECT LIGHT FOR ANY MOMENT OF YOUR DAY Choose from four preset light recipes that support your daily routines: Energize, Concentrate, Read and Relax. Get ready for the day with cool daylight that helps to energize your body and mind. Stay focused with finely tuned bright white light. Or put your feet up and relax with warm white light for the perfect end to the day. TRANSFORM ROOMS WITH ONE TAP Enjoy a sunset in Honolulu or a night out in London's Soho district. Simply tap the scene to transform your room. The Philips Hue App features over 30 scenes handpicked by our lighting designers. Let their expertise help you instantly transform your room. BRING YOUR PICTURES TO LIFE With our state of the art picture-to-light algorithm you can easily transform your favorite picture into a personal Philips Hue scene. The algorithm extracts the relevant colors and intelligently applies them to your lights. Now you can use your Hue lights to relive your memories using your own pictures. YOUR LIFE, YOUR LIGHTING ROUTINES Automate your lights any way you want. Start at a specific time or when the sun goes down, turn on and off or activate a scene. You can even mimic being home by randomizing the routine. HOME AND AWAY Set it and forget it. With the App's location awareness feature, your lights will automatically turn on when you arrive at your front door or turn off when you leave home. WAKE UP AND GO TO SLEEP Configure your lights to help you fall asleep at night and wake up energized. Create your own personal sleep routines to automatically dim the lights in the evening or gently wake you up in the morning. VOICE CONTROL: YOU TALK, HUE RESPONDS Surprise your guests or simply never struggle again while walking into a dark home with your hands full. Whether you want to turn your lights on and off or change the brightness of a room, a lot can be done using your voice. Explore the possibilities of voice control with the voice assistant of your choice. WIDGETS + APPLE WATCH For quick and easy control of your lights you can use the Android and iOS widget. Setting it up is quick. Using it is even quicker. You can also use it to trigger your lights instantly from the device you wear all day on your wrist: the Apple Watch. Discover more on:

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Philips Hue app reviews

  • worst app!! 1/5

    By 评论可不可以不要这么麻烦
    please return your Hue lights now once you see this review. completely doesn’t work.
  • Still missing features from original app 2/5

    By Cowp
    A killer feature in the original app was writing timers that included fade times — for example, wait n minutes then fade into a scene over the course of y minutes after that. I used it every night to gradually dim things to nighttime colors. I can’t find this functionality in the new app, and from internet searching it doesn’t appear that many other people can find it, either. In addition, many other functions that used to take one tap now take two or more.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By chidis
    The lights are great but the app is awful. They update it constantly and each update makes it worse. The current update has the app alternating between “need to update” and “cannot connect”. If it wasn’t for the apple home app the lights would be unusable. If I didn’t have so many lights I’d look for another brand.
  • Home routine & app stability 1/5

    By bworland
    Very disappointed that the home routine only functions half of the time. Great idea to have lights come on to welcome you home, but it’s a bummer when these don’t work so you never know if you’re walking into a dark home or not. App/connectivity seems to be quite unreliable, as I’ve had the system for about a week and have twice had to completely rebuild in order to reset connectivity. First time I thought it may be an issue with my internet provider or Alexa connectivity, but after resetting both of those, the only resolution has come from deleting and rebuilding the entire configuration. Great system & features when they function correctly, but too hit/miss with reliability.
  • Update feature is incredibly intrusive 1/5

    By COMD7
    Update feature is incredibly intrusive. You basically cannot control any light or enter the app if it’s time to update. And more importantly, it rarely connects,?so your stuck with an unresponsive app that cannot let you use the lights because there’s an update, and cannot update became it cannot connect.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By 41EL
    Junk. Won’t find lights either when searching or entering serial number, even right next to the hub.
  • Connecting... 1/5

    By AmoryBlank
    This app doesn’t work, or works for a bit then stops working. My lights have been entirely unresponsive via the Hue app.
  • Routines are hit and miss 3/5

    By whsggsg
    How hard is it to turn lights on at a certain time, and off at a certain time? Hue sure doesn’t make it easy; they work for a couple days and then they don’t. If I’m setting up a routine say at 6:00 PM for the lights to come on at 5:00 PM, Once I save the routine the lights should come on, right? Of course not. Nor do they go off when you save at a time outside of the “on” range. Why so complicated, Hue?
  • VERY Dissatisfied and disappointed 1/5

    By Good hndz
    I have had these lights for over four years, and invested well over $500 between bulbs and the latest hub. When I first bought them they worked like a charm, now other than the fact that I can change colors and control the lights from my phone, all the other features are useless. HomeKit recognizes the lights five out of 10 times. And routines such as “vacation mode” and “home and away” with location aware don’t work at all anymore. When I go to location aware, I can see exactly where my home is on the map, but the Geo fencing feature simply doesn’t work. I’ve logged in and logged out of the app. I’ve installed and uninstalled the app. I’ve done all the troubleshooting that is suggested or I can think of. And based on the other reviews here, looks like I’m not the only one with these issues. I also love the fact that the developer will respond to your email asking for screenshots of what’s going on, how my supposed to screenshot an app that shows that it’s working, but doesn’t physically work in the real world? Considering what these bulbs and system cost, I would avoid them like the plague until they can figure out how to make them work reliably and consistently.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jonny500
    It keeps throwing the light into the wrong room and won’t let me fix it. Terrible and confusing design. Same frustrations as many reviewers here. Embarrassing!
  • Spectrum cycling 3/5

    By Kellen. W
    There is no setting that lets you give an order or pattern in which the colors change or spectrum cycling.
  • 2nd Bridge Can’t Connect - Garbage Tech 1/5

    By Thug Passion
    I’m now on my 2nd Hue Bridge and it is just as garbage as the first one I returned. The few times the app recognizes the bridge it pushes through the update that then crashes the app. From there it doesn’t recognize the bridge and that’s it. Given the extensive support bot inside the app, I’m guessing they know that this app and bridge are straight junk. Would I be able to get these lights to work if I had an Echo Plus?
  • Hue 3/5

    By Hotfuss6060
    After latest update, Alexa won’t work with the Hue anymore. What is going on with that? Is there a fix?
  • HomeKit no longer works after recent update. 1/5

    By Cody Porche'
    This most recent update killed our HomeKit. Do not install! You’ve been warned!
  • Issue with the new power-on behavior option to keep settings. 3/5

    By Danie82
    I thought this would be great for when the main wall switch is turned off but I quickly found out it only works ONCE. If the wall switch is turned off once more and then back on the lights revert to default. I just noticed this update. I’m not at home to try. Has my issues been addressed in this update?
  • Nice 5/5

    By James Terrell Johnson II
    I like this app better than the LIFX app
  • Latest version doesn't connect 1/5

    By Nobodys_Side
    I just updated and now it can't control my lights, which is really the one key function of this app. Thankfully I have alternative apps and homekit still, but now this app is unusable
  • Fails to upgrade hub 1/5

    By LIBeaches2011
    App wants to update the harmony yet, yet fails to connect despite being signed in and on local network. A few more updates to the app since I last submitted this complaint. Still ongoing. Strong, steady connection to the network, yet the app... fails, still. The majority of the house is full of hue bulbs and I believe that as they age out, I will look at some of the newer offerings on the market unless these software updates actually provide stability.
  • Completely broken. Consider a competitor whose app works such as LIFX. 1/5

    By charlesA222
    I moved recently, and had to set up my wireless network again, which meant resetting my Hue bridge and bulbs. The app can find the bridge perfectly fine, and that is it. I've been trying to complete setup for over a week now and it simply times out attempting to finish pairing, every time. Phillips: what the hell? Qa/qc your app before pushing it out. Update: still broken garbage. My lights are effectively dumb bulbs and the app & bridge still don't work together. Update, 17 Jan: still broken. App sees the hue bridge but times out attempting to pair.
  • Works fine 5/5

    By carlvjack
    Not sure what some of these other reviewers are doing differently but I use this app on my phone, tablet and watch and it works fine
  • Horrible usability design 1/5

    By Complete-scam
    Editing a scene is near impossible to discover. When you get there, the groupings are arbitrary and rigid. Far too difficult to find where your scenes are hidden. WAY too many levels deep in the UI. Total nightmare. Why can’t I edit things in context?? You make me go to settings where all the same things are just listed out again. You guys are the top name in this category and your app is blowing it for you (and your users) Hire better designers or tell your devs to listen to the better solutions your designers hopefully have.
  • Horriable, no worse than... 1/5

    By CopaGuy
    This is a downgrade. Terrible piece of work. If you want to try it do not delete your original app. This App reminds me of iTunes which is by far the worst program ever written for the Mac or the PC. Phillips fire the entire team and hire some high school kids.
  • Great bulb, terrible app. 1/5

    By icemanwhitethunder
    I love your bulbs but this app is unresponsive and terrible.
  • The original app still has better features 1/5

    By luckeyg
    Don't even waste your time with this app. The first generation version which they try to make you feel bad for even using is still dramatically better. The original app lets you create custom scenes with any light in your entire home
  • App crashes. Horrible. 1/5

    By iejeheirind
    Seems it cant handle switching bridges in the app. Ever. Or disconnecting from wifi then reconnecting. Crash crash crash. Takes 10+ minutes to recover.
  • Always stuck in Update available 1/5

    By nick-00976
    This app is always stuck in the ´Update available’ panel. And if you don’t want or cannot update (because it cannot connect, connect to what? The app does not tell!) you are stuck in this panel and cannotnuse the app Pretty bad
  • what a stupid app 1/5

    By macerickX
    freaking doesn’t let me control my lights if it’s unable to update few bulbs !!! This is pure failure on part of the designers. The end user can not control lights if our app has difficulty in updating lights !!! Why the hell are people using these bulbs.
  • Doesn’t stay connected 1/5

    By MsDAnna2i
    I’ve never wrote a bad review about anything but I am so frustrated with this hue app that I could just scream! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Hue bulbs, the Phillips hue bridge and cannot stay connected or control any of the lights! I can get it to connect 1 out of every 10 times! Why is this so hard or difficult!? Do we need a new app programmer perhaps? Because I don’t know how else to stay connected or to operate these lights and if there is another way please inform me!

    By Beezermigs
    I owned and used the hue lights and hub for 3.5 years now. They’ve been great up until a recent update. Now they don’t work at all, EVER! I was told to download the v1 app, that it would work better with my “old hue bridge” device. But now, no matter what, the app won’t connect. IT IS THE SAME PROBLEM EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING. Sounds to me like you should consider a different brand of smart lights, as these as dumb lights.
  • Critical setup bug 1/5

    By StickyC
    Just added a bunch a bulbs to my system and downloaded the new app to make them. There is no way to identify which bulb is which! At the very least, I should be able to tap the generic named entry to flash the specific bulb. Kind of a jon-starter. I'm hoping one of the other apps I use for home automation can do a better job.
  • New update 4/5

    By power outage update
    Oh how I hope this new update helps. We had huge storms recently and the power kept going off, and in the middle of the night the hue would reset and it would turn on bright in the room!! (So annoying) after about the 4th time I just had to turn it off by hand. So hopefully this update will help in those situations.
  • Need Better Out of Home Support 2/5

    By yakone
    When controlling your lights while outside of your home (and network), too many things go wrong. There needs to be more support for handling software update issues, and errors. I have a light that was working fine for days and then suddenly it's unreachable. There isn't a lot of off and on inside the home. These are lights that primarily function on a schedule. The app is little if any help on iOS and Android. 😒
  • Great light, worst app ever 1/5

    By DMBTX4life
    I love the lights but I swear this app will drive a crazy man nuts. YOU HAVE TO UPDATE THE STUPID APP EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WHY DO YOU NEED TO UPDATE A LIGHT APP EVERY TIME!!!!!!
  • Feedback for Improvement 3/5

    By Dagonr
    As with many others, I would like to be able to assign actions from the hue dimmer or Friends of Hue switches to individual lights, not just rooms/scenes. I would also like to be able to trigger an action when two buttons on a Friends of Hue switch are pressed at the same time. Example on the Illumra dual-rocker switch, if I press both up bottoms, I want to trigger and action and if I press both bottoms down, I want to trigger another action. Currently you can only assign an action if one button is pressed at a time. I have the Hue Hub, so would expect these to be possible.
  • Just doesn’t work 1/5

    By markaragnos
    location based triggers don’t work timers don’t work scenes don’t work hard to add more bulbs if the basics can’t be trusted to work consistently
  • Too many updates 2/5

    By Here in DC
    Overall I like the capability of the app, but it feels like every other day I’m forced to update the app or my light bulbs, which just becomes cumbersome when I’m trying to quickly do something like turn a light off. Please less updates.
  • Can’t update inside the app 1/5

    By HiSloveneverfails
    I purchased a set of lights & a hue bridge. After updating everything & syncing it, it was working fine. On the third day, I get an error message that I need to update the product, but the update button is not an option to select. I’ll try to contact the service number tomorrow.
  • Can no longer control lights from outside the home 3/5

    By LexisLuther
    After a great deal of hesitation, I finally ditched the old app and moved to the new one (at the behest of Hue nag messages and in order to support new devices. Now with the new app, I can no longer control my lights from outside of the home. The app prompts me to push the button on the hub, I do, verified my e-mail and... nada. Cannot connect to Hue Hub. :(. It does work on the same network when I’m open, just not remotely.
  • App issues 1/5

    By jtinsley_
    Hue app will not sync with other apps. Example: tried to connect hue the google, Alexa, and Nest each app kept timing out when tired to connect. Yes I did check my internet and yes I’d try cleaning up the lights and yes I did try relaunching the apps. No I’m not unplugging it and plugging it back in
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hussein AlBehary
    Variety of colors, ease of use, Beautiful UI
  • Very awesome light 5/5

    By DaikaijuMothra
    I enjoy this bulb as I have one in my living room and one in my son’s nursery. I love the fact that you can dim the bulbs through the app or even through Alexa. All very positive things to say and discover with this. You can set up different rooms, dim individual lights (through app) and even set up home-and-away lighting! However user friendly this try’s to be, any smart home will have bugs... I’ve tried out a few of the other smart lights on the market.. and... well, I didn’t feel so smart trying to set them up. The Hue app itself is a bit touchy (at least mine is, and no I don’t update all that often, so that probably my problem) it has a hard time getting out of the “connecting” step. So I’m trouble shooting the old fashion way. Remove and Reinstall. I can’t really give you a list of cons, as I am quite happy with this device and its functions. I have even looked at picking up more lights and bridges to better suit my two rooms. All I can say is try it for yourself, and realize this is still a work in progress in the long run. The developers are doing great things, and are always patching, updating, and improving this product as generations come out. (Thanks guys and gals) So overall 5/5 because there is honestly nothing wrong with the lights and the app is still a loving work in development. 😊
  • Can’t group lights within a room? #fail 1/5

    By peterp416
    Hey Philips: please add a way to group lights within a room. There are countless use cases, and I know Apple’s Home app can do this but it should be possible to do within the native app. In my case I have strip lights which I need to combine multiple bases of because the total length exceeds what one base unit can support. I also have outdoor lights which I want to group as one, such as on a walkway.
  • Great lights, horrible app. 2/5

    By Andrew.mills
    Even though I think Philips Hue Bulbs are a bit overpriced, they work better than any other app controlled lighting I’ve used and they’re worth paying a little extra. The app however is horrible. They’ve got some great ideas and the controls are somewhat easy to use, but they’ve put it all together in a very confusing app. Some of the custom scenes I’ve created don’t show up from room to room. Instead they’re only usable for the room I created them on. Also Hue Labs is SO complicated and it takes way too many clicks to get to it. If I wanted my hue lights to gradually change from color to color on their own, I can’t figure out a way to get them to do that. My cheap remote controlled LED strip lights off amazon even do that. To the developers: if you’re reading this, please take the time to make your app a little more user friendly. And I would love to see Hue Labs integrated a little better into the app, and made easier to use. Also custom light programming would be awesome, such as specific light changing patterns and speeds.
  • Doesn't work with v1 1/5

    By Bs unique nickname
    Great. Now I have to use two separate apps to manage two separate bridges (v1 and v2). Thanks guys. Great UX. Are you going toss in a free updated bridge too?
  • 1/5

    By Pkinney1a
    Still no sensor option
  • scenes can’t leverage multiple rooms 1/5

    By i.togusa
    the first gen app much more flexible. years later phillips has made the app more slick n visually pleasing but it’s still fundamentally inflexible. why “scenes” are per “room” completely eludes me. scenes should allow me to configure any or all lights i have at any color and brightness setting i want — same goes for routines. again this was doable first generation and haven’t been possible since. i’ll continue to use my homekit app to work around the hue app limitations.
  • Controlling individual lights in a room with a switch 3/5

    By Fgjkoigh
    I love like the hue line a lot and have bought tons of it indoor and outdoor. Today i was setting up sensors and switches. And i find out after mounting them that a switch can only do all lights in a room. Basically u cant have several switches set up in a room controlling individual lights. Come on now philips..... im baffled that this isn't an option... so lame. Please come with this easy feature for a future update
  • How is this app even allowed to be published? IT DOESN’T WORK! 1/5

    By TR.24
    Stays stuck “updating” Unreal how a large company can hire such pieces of trash for developers. You’re just wasting people’s time with this nonsense.
  • All that $ and can’t develop a user-friendly App 1/5

    By Phi Delt 941
    G.a.r.b.a.g.e. Fire the lead designer.

Philips Hue app comments

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