Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

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  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV App

Welcome to Philo—television for everyone! Start your 7-day free trial to access 60+ live and on-demand networks. After your free trial, continue to watch the shows and channels you love for only $25 a month. Philo’s channels include AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, OWN, Paramount, Travel, TV Land, UPTV, VH1, Vice, WE tv and more! From reality and true crime to lifestyle and scripted drama, Philo has the shows you love. Looking for content for the kids? Watch favorites like PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and more on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and TeenNick. Philo offers an unlimited DVR and the ability to stream on up to three devices at once. Start watching now on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Personalize your Philo experience by creating up to 10 profiles per household. Everyone who shares the account can have their own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and watch history. For more information please visit our Help Center: To find: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Ad Choices, and Do Not Sell My Personal Information, please visit This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV app reviews

  • Extremely expensive and there is still ads. 1/5

    By Dashy421
    Why am I paying you $25 a month and still sitting through ads? Not worth it. By far the most expensive streaming platform and the worst. It’s glitchy, there’s ads every 30 seconds, and it costs twice as much as any other similar platform.
  • Awesome Awesomeness!!! 5/5

    By Nene P.
    I’ve been with Philo for over a year and I love the price and I love the shoes it literally has every show I watch on regular cable without that high price. I really love that I can see the newest episodes live or right after they aired and I love missed them; I don’t even have to record them just save the network channel or show itself and you will see the latest. Best tv app for the price, oh you can also cast it to your smart tv if ur unable to get the app on your device.
  • Meh 3/5

    By doeisis
    It works but the amount of commercials is absurd
  • How does one access the shows and movies from the App 1/5

    By MrFxaxrx
    I am disappointed that I can access my account on other devices. It claims up to 3 devices so I should not have issues. However, the only screen I get is the page showing how much I am paying and when it is due. How do I access on other devices?
  • Scam 1/5

    By Ian106
    Cancel subscription or they will charge you and offer no refund
  • Adds make it nearly unwatchable 2/5

    By Sarah1104
    After a week of watching I started timing and I was getting 1.5-2 minutes of adds every 7-8 minutes. I’m sorry but we expect more now if you are going to ask us to pay $25/month. The worst part is that for the first 5 days, they played the same 4 adds over and over and over again.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By R.kellysWife
    It doesn’t work on all streaming devices unless…. You download this and that app, create other accounts, and just downright too much just to be able to connect to your tv. Especially when there’s plenty of other apps that you can download and connect straight to your device with no problem. If you’re using a google chrome cast unless you plan to create a google account, have a smart tv or buying another streaming device (Roku or fire stick) you might as well skip pass. One star because it look so interesting and looks like it had everything. So sad 😞
  • Philo - Apple TV 1/5

    By oraz10202
    Apple should ban this app from the store. Constant freezing and crashing. At least twice a day Apple TV needs to be rebooted for Philo to work. A quick Google search shows this has been an ongoing problem forever.
  • Great show options but horrible service. 1/5

    By Uber Eats Driver Only
    I love the options I have to watch but the service is horrible. I have to keep restarting the app and it uses a lot of storage on my iPad. I finally had to delete the app. It used way too much storage and the main show I downloaded the app for wouldn’t even load. I wouldn’t suggest downloading this app until they work on it a little more. Been loving Peacock so far!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By hichloewhat
    Philo is a bad app for people who want to watch there favorite show Once I first downloaded the app and longed in it was already charging me a fee every month The amount of money was a least 20 dollars But I do not recommend this app for people I would give this app a zero but I can’t do that so I give it a 1 for trying
  • Bad app 1/5

    By yomommamomo
    This app is terrible it’s always glitching! It jumps around and when you try to start where you left off at it makes you watch the ads all over again
  • Highly disappointed 1/5

    By *Barbie and Michael*
    Make sure you double check canceling! I got screwed over & charged about $47 EVEN though I had canceled few days before my free trial was over! Wanted to try it out before committing especially for the price. Major disappointment in a few ways but mainly the fact of it not canceling when I made sure to do so! Now I’m out $47 for nothing
  • Just joined with Roko 4k - cutting the cord! 5/5

    By OrlandoSt
    Removed from the East Coast and initially signed up with a local cable provider. The internets great however the TV service is pricey and missing contact we are used to unless we pay more.Love the quality and wide selection of both Philo and Roku !
  • Issues with Airplay 1/5

    By Iramra
    The main reason I downloaded the app was to cast the shows from my phone to my TV. I watched a few minutes of the show and then went to commercials, midway through commercials the app stops working. I wanted to check out the app since I have a free trial & decided against it. Giving the app two stars, I used it for a day and deleted it.
  • Hate it. Ads. 1/5

    By Marina Desktop
    No ads subscription please
  • Too many glitches 1/5

    By raeandlu27
    I have an iPhone and this app glitches at every commercial. Can’t get through even 5 minutes of a show. Will be cancelling.
  • Philo has some pretty decent programming 4/5

    By LeRoys IPhone
    But what would have earned it 5 stars was priced a kind of high for what is offered if 20 dollars cheaper it would have gotten all five stars as rightfully so it would definitely deserve it…..
  • You get what you pay for 2/5

    By cmm472
    I have been a Philo subscriber in the past and thought the service was okay but canceled due to the price (really not a good value considering the channels) and the advertising. I know you say that you run fewer ads than other live services, but I’d like to see a side by side comparison. In looking at the channel line up, there is a lot of duplication, with Sundance TV, TV Land and one or two others airing the same situation comedies and old drama series over and over. The only way to get a decent movie channel is to purchase add-ons, which increases the price, and the service loses its affordability. You have some additional “free” channels that you include in the monthly price, but it’s basically filler to increase the channel count and things that no one has heard of. There is such a thing as quality over quantity instead of mind-numbing junk. It’s not the same for everyone, but I would be paying $25 a month to watch about 5 channels. I don’t understand why you need my phone number; I think you are the only provider who uses that at sign up.
  • No Good 1/5

    By iTRY skillzzZ
    App is garbage now. Doesn’t work as smooth as it use to. Always buffing always closing by itself. Takes forever to watch a 30 min show
  • Review 2/5

    By Sandie1968
    Cost is way to high and I’ll probably not keep the subscription.
  • Thinking about it 4/5

    By robertwag
    I want to to get this but it doesn’t have Fox News. Otherwise it looks great. Please get Fox News on here.
  • Poor streaming 1/5

    By Ms Vora
    Every time a commercial comes on while streaming it keeps repeating. This is very annoying!
  • Not Enough Content 1/5

    By dlbutler
    Chile boo!!! Too many commercials!
  • Is there an Ad-Free Philo option? 4/5

    By AKoag
    So far, I’ve been enjoying Philo, I’m at day 5 of the 7 day trial. I’ve been able to watch many of the shows that I enjoy and some that I’m unable to get by using any other Apps. Using other Apps, I’ve been able to find 70%+ of what I like to watch. Philo seems to be a good alternative, however because I’ve been using only ad-free Apps for the past couple years, Philo seems to have way to many ads. I don’t see an Ad-Free option? If there is an Ad-Free option and it’s a reasonable price, I would purchase the upgrade in a heartbeat. I’m not sure if that is an option, if not, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to wait through the ads. These ads are between 2-6 minutes long, I don’t want to spend my leisure time watching promotional ads for things I don’t need, nor care about. If there is an inexpensive upgrade (remembering that the cost is already high for Philo) I would either upgrade to that or stop the service. I just don’t want to spend the limited time that I have on weekends, watching promotional ads for unneeded products or services.
  • Best T.V. Stream app ever! 5/5

    By SuperMom2782
    Simple a must get/have! #LOVETHEAPP 😍
  • Used and still using it. 5/5

    By fajitafefe
    I used on many different platforms on different devices and different occasions. The last time I used it I kept using it’s a great streaming app. Amazing at a great price:).
  • Be careful with the free trial 1/5

    By Ibfrannie
    I signed up for the free trial. Day two I decided it just wasn’t for me so I cancelled. At the end of the trial I was charged $26.69. I immediately called and explained I had cancelled during the trial. I was told they don’t issue refunds. Again I explained and was told to contact Apple. I did. Apple said we show you cancelled during the free trial so nothing was taken from your account. Evidently Philo cannot admit a mistake so is refusing a refund even tho there should have been no charge to refund.
  • Cast 1/5

    By lbriwb
    I can’t cast from my iPhone to my smart tv
  • Bad customer service they are scammers 1/5

    By kbihkbknk
    So I was told about philo so I decided to download it and start a free trial so after I input all of my personal information name email phone and credit card number it said thank you your free trial has started. So I then downloaded the app on my home tv and it said 25.00 due because your free trial just ended and so I contacted customer service and was told that a similar IP address similar to mine had An account before and I was like how is that possible when I never had your service so the customer service representative that called me was rude and said my kind doesn’t qualify for philo and I said what do u mean my kind n she said I can tell your African American and philo doesn’t service people like you then she disconnected the call in my face. I have never In my life ever had to deal with racism I WILL BE SUING FOR RACIAL PROFILING
  • Pls 2/5

    By neverleavingreviews
    If you're gonna charge $25 a month at least make the app work.
  • I love this App but sometimes it makes me phone hot and it Buffers A lot, and it’s not free Really! 3/5

    By Ms.Luke
    Okay that’s
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By olive_S
    Hella overpriced. Most expensive streaming service I’ve ever seen
  • My Philo 5/5

    By keeshaMack
    Good job well done..
  • Awful Price, Insanely Long Commercials 1/5

    By Jadeelizabeth0319
    $25 dollars per month and every 8 minutes there’s a 5 minute commercial. Had it only for Married At First Sight but I’ll find another way to watch it over ever having Philo again.
  • Great price love networks 5/5

    By MEarlyTV
    We cut the cable and satellite 2 years ago November, we needed a service provider for Halmark, HGTV, TLC, Uptv and many more non sports related, so we tried Philo, $20 per month, and added tv antenna for local stations, great service and we can watch it in Hotel rooms while out of town. Love the save feature and we don’t miss a program we really love. Great for the whole family. Thank you Philo for affordable television service.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Savy77872
    Gotta get the ads under control i watch more ads then i do the show
  • A commercial like every 5 minutes!!!! 2/5

    By NZIPF
    I really only signed up for the 7 day free trial to watch Pawn Stars. I like the show except for those idiots Chumlee .Ricks son seems a little more knowledgeable and that cute girl in the shop but, probably won’t sign up to pay for Philo especially due to tons of stupid ads
  • Glitching constantly 1/5

    By ZalYaBer
    It keeps bringing up the subscription page even though I have an active subscription when I fast forward a show
  • Charge every month for year sub 1/5

    By Booiscute91
    Why am I being charged again if I picked the year subscription?? That kind defeats the purpose and also I would never pay for this app every month for $30 Did I miss something ??
  • PLEASE ADD 2/5

    By Mrs Keke
    Add boomerang, cartoon network, disney xd disney junior, disney channel and tvone
  • My opinion 3/5

    By Ang_SoExtra
    Pricing is ok… but a lot of shows are not updated vs prime has all the episode listed that’s came out and philo is holding back on shows that’s messed up!! Also to many long ads !! Rereply: Yeah but y’all not updated because shows will already out and y’all would just be put out the 4th episode. So why stall or hold on to the shows!! (I’m a binge watch type of person).
  • Losing it 2/5

    By smh over it!
    I used to love philo. The price the content the ability to skip commercials… for about a month I haven’t been able to ffw or skip commercials at all ; making me rethink this entire subscription! Hate changes especially when they’re inconvenient!
  • Better and Worse 4/5

    By insomniatiiic
    I think Philo is an absolutely amazing platform. Everything about it is great, really. There’s just one thing that should be tweaked. There are more ads than any other streaming platform at more frequent intervals than any other place as well. For 25 dollars a month, if you do the math you can quickly calculate that by the amount of ads you’re forced to watch you realize that you shouldn’t be paying so much. My suggestion is maybe lower the monthly price even if it’s not by a crazy amount. Philo needs to show it’s not greedy, by doing this I’m confident people will respect the platform even more and use it more than other video platforms. Which would be great for Philo. The balance is off after all, anyone who knows about ad revenue knows this company is making a lot of money in an almost actually unfair way since it charges so much per month when it’s the King of commercial breaks currently. Though I say all this I’ve never seen a company take anything except it’s own advice and that goes for every company on earth. There’s always going to be a lot of greediness so all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that maybe people and things are actually capable of change. Anyways, love where Philo is going and hope that it continues to do things right and great as it has been.
  • Who does the subtitles? 4/5

    By NickfromDC
    On my first day of my trial I tried the subtitles and they are gibberish. Other than that the quality of the picture and the user interface is better than the Xfinity app for LG and it’s a lot less expensive for the channels I watch. I miss local channels though and wish apps like Philo had an interface for an ota antenna so you can have an integrated experience.
  • No Cast functionality on ios app 2/5

    By DoubleFaultz
    When is cast coming?!!!! Missing Google Cast in 2021? This seems elementary. Bring this app into the present by adding Cast functionality.
  • Love it 5/5

    By lilcfbutt
    I love all the channels it’s even entertaining for my teenage nieces because there are lots of MTV channel selections
  • Did not have the movie I subscribed for 1/5

    By Bo288
    After signing up and subscription, the movie was not available???
  • 61st 5/5

    By miceyross
    I loveeeee Philo
  • Good for price but not fully compatible 2/5

    By jonathon99771
    Does not support airplay, ads make VOD glitch, and if you get it to play, it will stop and replay a 4 second portion over and over again until u close the app and some how get it to connect again. This is mainly an issue because there is not a Samsung TV app, or PlayStation app available in the store.