Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

Philo: Live & On-Demand TV

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  • Current Version: 3.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Philo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV App

Philo takes the hassle out of TV, bringing you endless entertainment for an unbeatable price. For $25/month, you'll get 65+ channels and more than 70,000 hours of on-demand movies and shows! TV works around your schedule with unlimited DVR. You can save all your favorite stuff for up to a year and never miss a thing. New subscribers can watch Philo for free for a week! Sign up today to start your 7-day free trial. Here's what The Philo app has to offer: More than 65 channels: Watch top-rated channels like AMC, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oprah Winfrey Network, VH1, WE tv, and more! Tons of entertainment: Reality, true crime, comedy, and scripted drama—Philo has the stuff you love in one spot! Tune in to classic cartoons and top picks for the whole family, or catch up on the latest hit movies and original series with Philo's premium add-ons. Unlimited DVR: Save all the movies and shows you love for a year and catch up on your schedule. Profiles: Create up to 10 profiles for a personalized streaming experience. Each user profile gets its own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and watch history. Multiple devices: Enjoy Philo on up to 3 devices at a time! Easy discoverability: Find your saved shows, see what's new and trending, or browse curated collections on the Homepage. TV Everywhere: Philo subscribers can access our network partners' TV Everywhere apps. Select Philo as your TV provider to sign in and start watching! Download Philo today and start watching now!

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Philo: Live & On-Demand TV app reviews

  • Been Here Since The Beginning 5/5

    By Dia from Philly
    Love Philo and all the programs. Which show these other cable tv services do not have to cost that much. Philo is only $21.40 per month and you can record series/movies etc. Thank you PHILO
  • Ridiculous to think this is worth $25/mo. 1/5

    By HoneyyMaa
    Worst streaming experience ever. Randomly crashes on both iPad and iPhone with annoying lag. Greedy pricing for a sub par app.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Slim Jaee
    It has shows for everyone in the family, BUT the ads are repetitive and excessive for $25/mo
  • Love Philo 5/5

    By Stormygirlvt
    I love Philo I am no longer tied to a huge cable bill ! Philo has made it affordable to watch TV again !!!! With all the Networks they have I am no longer bored with the 3 local channels !! Thank you Philo !!
  • Adds are not worth it 1/5

    By qrpsnsisjajq skaj
    Three and a half minute commercial breaks. Yo I just paid almost thirty dollars for this app, that’s INSANE. And it’s not once or twice, I’m talking 4/5/6 times. That’s nearly half an hour of an interruption. Y’all need to do better, for thirty dollars I shouldn’t be watching ANY adds. Ridiculous
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By greenam5
    It’s always amusing to me that this app gets stuck on the ads and just repeats them, why should a paid service have ads anyway?
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Lil layne
    This is the glitchiest streaming app I have. It’s not worth dealing with all the bugs, especially for the price they charge.
  • Glitches way too much 2/5

    By mrs. collier
    The channels they have are really great. Play back from the begging when you tune in is really good as well. HOWEVER I’ve been with Philo for about 3 years now and it glitches way too much now. Freezes A LOT and you’re not able to watch the app for 30 mins at a time sometimes right in the middle of the show. Its been going on so much lately I had to say something about it.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By yohanduran
    I got this app to watch drag race live Literally one show and this service is $25 a month but w.e It would be worth the money IF the app didn’t error out and make me miss half the show. The commercials never crash but my show does. Do not recommend
  • Low quality 1/5

    By Jenny Jaymes
    Skips a lot and very quality streaming
  • Restart every single time 2/5

    By Henry R. Jr.
    I used to love this app, but for the last six months or so, I’ve had to restart it every single time I open it. It’s getting very annoying.
  • It would 3/5

    By t.ley
    Be nice if there was a volume slider, brightness slider and maybe a mute button For what it costs a person would think it had slo motion
  • Glad I haven’t paid any money 1/5

    By Annoyed3900
    I’m glad that I am in my first two hours of a free7 day trial so o can cancel before they charge me $25 for this useless app. I’m trying to watch a show and it will work for 5 mins then crash then I have to spend 10 mins trying to get it to open and load again and then I’ll get to watch another 5 mins and it will crash again! Great first impression! (P.s. im STILL trying to get it to reopen and stay open)
  • Q 2/5

    By wyavex
    Took my money without a notification n can’t refund crazy people
  • Won’t let me sign in 3/5

    By methanoschin
    It won’t let me sign in
  • Commercial last longer than the show. So disappointing 2/5

    By funshopper73
    Well let’s start off with 5-10 mins running commercials. Every 5 mins. I had more commercial time than show time. Can’t skip not 1 commercials. Your app took the fun and excitement out of watching Tyler Perry shows. Deleting your app.
  • Too Many Commercials! 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    Pros: No sports Cons: Too many commercials, new programming unwatchably woke, no credible news channels
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By worship junky
    At this point we are over paying to watch commercials with online content. I understand live TV has commercials but there has to be commercial free option for binge watching existing content that is not new. We get that on other services. I haven’t subscribed to cable in 7 years and before that I only watched from DVR where’s I could fast forward through commercials. I currently have Netflix, Prime and AppleTV. I don’t sit through commercials. It’s almost offensive to watch commercials at this point. If the developer wants to draw us away from those they need to be on par or better. Also the ability to skip ahead or back is not as convenient as other platforms. I appreciated the content they had but the vast majority of the channels they offer, I don’t watch. I’m glad I had the free trial. I was going to cancel my extra Prime channel and switch to Philo, but not yet.
  • Best Basic Streaming App 5/5

    By iReview9396
    We tried Hulu Live, Youtube TV, Sling, but none of them are as good as Philo. They all have ads so get past that, even “ad free” still has ads. It’s the way it is. Philo has all the good channels in one service, no adding on to get certain channels. You have the option to add some movie channels. But even w/o those they still have enough sitcoms/movies to watch. No sports but that’s no big deal for us. The best thing we love about Philo is the unlimited saved/DVR area. You can save as many movies and shows you want. And they have no expiration date. Hulu and Sling both delete recordings after a certain amount of time. This is annoying. And sling only shows 30 saved shows/movies under your watchlist, no option to load more on the list. So this was a deal breaker. Hulu’s quality is terrible, constant app crashes. We keep coming back to Philo. Please Philo never change your unlimited saved/DVR list. That’s one of the main reasons we have you.
  • Yellowstone 5/5

    By dgn0227
    Love the Yellowstone series
  • Unfortunate tech issues 3/5

    By erikasaccount
    I’ve had a Philo account before because I love the content, but had canceled it due to how much the app would lag or have technical issues. It doesn’t have the option to cast the way others do, it only allows you to airplay to your TV. As the show is trying to cast to your TV, the time continues to tick forward on your phone, so by the time it’s up on the TV it’s 1 min past where you actually were. I constantly have to restart the app, and “try again”. I repurchased because the new season of drag race would be on Philo, and unfortunately the problems are still the same as they were a year ago
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By david yolchuyev
    absolutely horrible! I have paid $25 for watching drag race and I watch almost 15 mins of ads in every episode! It is so annoying. There is streaming service where you pay so much money and still get so many ads! Also the user interface is poorly designed. Playing forward the videos is so annoying! In a nutshell, philo has been the worst I have ever seen!
  • Poorly written code 2/5

    By Jobeanscene
    There’s so much junk in their user interface that they’ve overlooked critically important functions like calendar updating. It’s a joke. You have to reboot your device to get the calendar to update. Clearly they try to update the past calendar activity before they load new information so the buffer overruns and it freezes. Crappy code, lousy interface. The only thing it has going for it is it’s cheap. But if that’s their business model, it’s a long term loser. User experience….0.05…. price…9.0…. Customer service…0.0
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Jade Mahalia Scott
    It continuously crashes on me.
  • $25 for Ads 1/5

    By tacks319
    Only streaming platform for my shows’s season. So whatever, but $25 for excessive ads is a 1 star
  • Annoying 2/5

    By E8723
    $25 a month for the app to barely work and to top it off you can even rewind?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By ravengurl51
    I’ve had PHilo since about 3 years since its been $20.I love my lifetime,Lmn we tv,vh1,own all of my shows on this one app for that price you can’t be at it. THANKS PHILO HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Βrike2432
    Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.
  • Too many commercials 2/5

    By Wigglewaum
    Has a lot to offer! But WAY too many commercials. At least give customers the option to skip through them or offer a higher no commercial service. It’s super frustrating and obnoxious
  • LOVE Philo - the app is awful unfortunately 2/5

    By liana09071919
    I absolutely love Philo. I love the channels and the shows they offer, as well as how you record the shows. However, the iPhone app is awful. I am constantly checking for updates as I have issues with it on a daily basis. For example, when I try to skip through a show (one you’re able to forward through), it jumps my spot way far forward. Then when I try to go back, it takes it back way further than I even was and I completely end up losing the spot I was in. It drives me nuts! It happens every day. I also dislike they took the pause feature away when the app is in vertical mode (I do this to type a response to a text or check mail while on commercials) - you can only make the screen bigger or close it out - no pausing. Then there are times when I try to forward through and it just freezes the entire app, then I have to close it down. Lastly, on the iPhone, the icons for the movies and shows you save are so small I can’t read the titles unless title is written in huge letters (it is not normally). So I find myself squinting at the phone when I have perfect vision.
  • I love Philo 5/5

    By flickertheflame
    It has every channel that I like. All the other services have channels that I don’t really watch but this one is the hit…. Lifetime subscriber
  • The worst streaming platform I’ve ever used 1/5

    By peterpeterdal
    Far in away the worst streaming app I have ever used in my life. I watched close to 40 minutes of advertisements trying to watch the last 15 minutes of a movie. It is so clear that this company has given up on creating a good product and has resorted to milking their existing customers for ad revenue in the most obscene way I’ve ever seen. Truly a terrible product managed by greedy people.
  • 24.99 and still advertisements 1/5

    By Slim8814
    I decided to try it and charged me 24.99 for a month but on the left corner they got a big reminder on when advertesements are going to play. U can get Hulu , Disney Plus and SPN advertisement free for 19.99
  • UPDATE to 5 star review… 5/5

    By Unhappy app banker
    New review: I’m now giving it 5 stars because they fixed it. I can finally FF through the ads. There are so many ads but as long as I can FF through them then I will keep the service. Thank you! Previous review: My goodness, the ads come FREQUENTLY and you can’t skip/ff through most of them. So frustrating. UPDATE: I am watching a LMN movie on my Philo DVR/Saved and it will ‘not’ let me fast forward this way either. Maybe Philo is unaware of this? Once it gets fixed then I will add more stars.
  • LOVE IT!! 5/5

    By Mama&Gavin
    I HIGHLY recommend this app!! I no longer pay a huge cable bill thanks to Philo!! I have all my favorite channels live and on demand! I definitely recommend this streaming platform above all!! Ditch that pricey $100-150 cable service and start streaming Philo!
  • Philo 5/5

    By Prettylady E
    Best app ever with great channels!
  • Shows 4/5

    By Mr. Madia
    I wish they had like American dad shows , family guy shows and the Simpson shows idk why the dint have these kind of shows
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Aly231990
    It will crash, it will pause and it will have no sound. I started a free trial and I am not enjoying this experience.
  • The streaming app and phone app needs work 2/5

    By FreeInTexas
    There’s too many ads. And you can’t delete old saved shows without a long process of scrolling back to the top of the saved shows every time you delete a show. Also, if your watching a series and you hit the back button. It ought to take you to the page for that series. Instead, it kicks you back to the beginning of the saved shows.
  • It’s been worth it thank God I found something that I can afford 5/5

    It’s been the best part of getting this TV to work over Samsung Thank you so very much it’s been great
  • First day… so many issues 1/5

    By mis2008
    I can’t watch anything because the ads get stuck on a loop. Won’t let me rewind or go forward, just five seconds of a single ad keep replaying and won’t let me do anything. Close the app, relaunch, resume viewing my show and the same thing happens. Can’t watch anything except for glitchy ads.
  • Expensive and has ads 1/5

    By hodgizzle
    I can’t believe this is $25/mo and STILL HAS ADS. There were 10 ad interruptions in the movie I watched, and they were all mid-scene, and often mid-sentence. It was an old movie, too. It was ridiculous. This service is NOT worth it.
  • Some shows won’t play 2/5

    By Lovely22154
    Idk what it is but some shows will not play and constantly clicks off. I see there are showing times beside the shows. Are they only available to watch at that time? I paid for the $25 subscription because I thought you could watch what ever you wanted to when ever. I’m disappointed and will not be renewing.
  • Great for live, not great for streaming 4/5

    By AnnaLuvsyu<3
    For around $25/mo, you’d expect an ad free experience. Several ad interruptions when streaming a movie… On the other hand. I LOVE the live TV option. Just wish this was more closer to $15 if ads would continue
  • Nightmare to cancel 1/5

    By reneevz1
    This is the biggest nightmare to cancel your subscription to Philo. I have been trying to get into my account for days and cannot. I feel like this happens to deter you from cancelling. I’m now on the phone waiting (20 min & counting) to speak to someone about cancelling!!! Good lord! Ridiculous!
  • What’s going on 1/5

    By OeHazel
    I liked the app enough fir 5 stars but it glitching still and I updated it. Please fix it
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Petunia64
    I love this app because I can watch my shows at home or on my phone. The price is extremely reasonable and I love the idea that it has the feature where you can save shows and watch them whenever you feel like it. I highly recommend this app.
  • Commercials are overwhelming 3/5

    By Wilonas
    Wayyyyyyy to much commercial time
  • Love even better if there’s wasn’t many commercials 3/5

    By tooksie65
    Too many commercials