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Philo App

Welcome to Philo—television for everyone! Start your 7-day free trial to access 50+ live and on-demand networks. After your free trial, continue to watch the shows and channels you love for only $20 a month. Philo’s channels include AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BET, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, History, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, MTV, Nickelodeon, OWN, Paramount, Travel, TV Land, UPTV, VH1, Vice, WE tv and more! From reality and true crime to lifestyle and scripted drama, Philo has the shows you love. Looking for content for the kids? Watch favorites like PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, and more on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and TeenNick. Philo offers an unlimited DVR and the ability to stream on up to three devices at once. Start watching now on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Personalize your Philo experience by creating up to 10 profiles per household. Everyone who shares the account can have their own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and watch history. For more information please visit our Help Center: Terms and conditions: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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Philo app reviews

  • To many commercials 3/5

    By millezz
    Way too many commercial breaks. You'll watch the show for five minutes and then commercial..... i’m paying 20 bucks to majority watch commercial
  • Not acceptable 1/5

    By tuudots
    U can’t watch everything when u want, bogus app really 0 stars but they forcing me to put a star smh
  • Horrible do not buy 1/5

    By Wturner
    This application is ran by scam artist they don’t offer a wife selection of channels like they suggest and they won’t let you do anything into you enter card information. They claim they won’t charge you until they notify you before hand but the do not they charge you anyway and do not issue refunds do not fall for this scam.
  • Best streaming service ever! 5/5

    By Jvnorth
    I really love Philo. A lot! We used to have cable, but our family realized that it was super expensive, so we started using Roku. I was really starting to miss watching Nick Jr, despite being 10 years old at the time. Months later, in the summer of 2018, I started watching Nickelodeon videos on YouTube, but it was regular Nick, not Nick Jr. I especially was enjoying The Loud House videos and wanted us to get cable back so I can watch Nick on live TV. Then, a year later, my aunt got a free trial of Philo, and I was hooked! I would watch Spongebob and The Loud House for hours! Since I was enjoying this app so much, our family decided to get an annual membership. To this day, I still love watching Nick and I’m always looking forward to new episodes. So this was my Philo story. I ❤️ this app!
  • 1/2 the price of others but you get what you pay for 2/5

    By CloudRebel
    Update, 1/3/21. I received a developer response to my review/complaint and I don’t think he read what I wrote. His response was as if I don’t know how to save a show for later. My problem is that any show I save for later, “continue watching”, does not finish the final 2-3 minutes of the show and jumps to the live channel and I cannot go back to watch the end that I got kicked out of. Also, If I search for the episode and try to re-watch it, I have to sit through the entire show instead of scroll to the end and immediately watch the ending I got kicked out of. My fix will likely be to go back to Hulu Live. For 2xs the money you at least get support that understands what you are saying. If I pause a show and continue watching it later the end of the show gets cut off and I don’t get to see how it ended unless I watch the show again in it’s entirety or I can find it on Peacock or Pluto where i can drag the slider to the end and watch the end of the show that Philo rudely cuts off. Happened to me 3 times.( Roku app doesn’t perform well either. Many live channels freeze at times. Thought I would throw that in.)
  • Great service!! 5/5

    By sanctifiedsister
    I love it! All the channels I need for a great price!! Thank you Philo ❤️
  • Casting from phone to tv 3/5

    By Brielle Edwards
    Will I be able to cast Philo from my phone to my tv?
  • The $19.99 a month is a lie. 1/5

    By shfost
    The $19.99 a month is a lie. They charge you more every month. My first charge was $21.99, my second charge for January was $22.01. And will work with Apple to ensure this app is removed from the App Store.
  • Question 5/5

    By TammyLHolm
    I’ve just ordered this and think it’s great! I was paying $70 month for cable and didn’t know my ruku through y’all would be so much cheaper. Anyways. My mom does not know much about turning to Philo and is THERE A WAY THAT I COULD MAKE IT EASY FOR HER TO FIND? She BASICALLY ONLY WATCHES ISPN. I HAVE TRIED TO LEAVE TV ON BUT AFTER A WHILE A SCREENSAVER COMES UP. CAN YOU HELP ? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I went to the settings and where able to do it. THE ONLY THING I WOULD LIKE TO ASK NOW IS, SINCE MY MOM CANT GET TO THE CHANNEL THAT SHE LIKES , I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO TURN THE TV OFF. IS THERE A WAY THAT I COULD DO TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR HER TI BE ABLE TO GET TO IT ?? By the way she only watches INSP. PLUS SHE CANT SEE THAT WELL. I SO MUCH LOVE YOUR CHANNEL LINEUP AND THE PRICE YOU CANT BEAT! I don’t care what some people are saying About your service. I really think it’s great and it’s way way cheaper than dish and direct tv!!
  • Needs more casting options 3/5

    By gtgdsthjgdfhff
    Philo is a cool app with lots of features however, there need to be more casting options I can not cast with my iPhone only with android please fix for $20 a month casting from any device should not be an issue. Please fix or lower the price because right now it’s definitely not worth the $20
  • Ads 2/5

    By Taran432162
    Ads on an app you literally pay monthly for? This is a joke right? What are people paying for exactly? You can literally watch these movies and shows anywhere for free. You want people to pay to watch 5min ads every 10 minutes? Not worth it. Delete
  • Grid Guide? 2/5

    By Ann No Ying
    Why is there not an option to use a grid guide as it appears on a Roku to see all channels on the left side? Annoying and not user friendly.
  • Cancel 2/5

    By MarieD46
    I have been trying to cancel Philo from my phone and I can’t please cancel it for me Shawnda Dixson
  • Fix the app 3/5

    By hate long commercials
    I like it but god it always says it’s not connected to the network. Everyday 20 times a day, it’s so annoying. I have to go out the app and back in all day long idk what the issue is.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Nice102505
    This app is trash I JUST downloaded it click on the show I wanted to watch and watch 8 ads straight! I haven’t seen the show yet! I wasn’t watching Live tv. AND it doesn’t mirror to the TV(airplay)! You can hear the sound, but the picture is Blank!
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By FrancisPoseidon
    Videos listed as “Video on Demand” aren’t actually video on demand. But feel free to watch at midnight or whatever random hour they might be “showing.” Utter garbage. Waste of 20 bucks. At least my garbage cable provider actually had video on demand. In response to the developer: Recording a show at the convenience of the channel and then being able to watch it is NOT the definition of Video on Demand. Your product is garbage and a waste of money. Hopefully others don’t get roped into your bait and switch scheme.
  • Annoying 3/5

    By LanettKee
    Philo is annoying on the iPad! Where is the guide? All I have is home and live
  • Way to many adds 1/5

    By jrjwnd dnssh
    If I’m going to pay $20 a month then it should not have adds literally every five minutes. I can’t watch 3 minutes of show before a 4 minute add shows up. It is very annoying and I see it as you don’t care about the people watching you only care about your money. Other steaming services have no adds for 14 dollars or some are free with adds very few are people having to pay to have adds and especially four five minute ones. I understand you do have to make money somehow but this is not the way to go about it. Either fix this or you will not last long. Thank you for listening if you do . I like your service but it’s gotten very annoying.
  • Sigh 3/5

    By Ohhaikat
    I love philo and I use it everyday. It gives me the channels I like and it’s a great price. My frustration comes from the constant “you’re not connected to the internet” screens, the freezing of pages, and it can be difficult to navigate (I still struggle). This happens at least once a day or every other day. I wish there was a better way to organize the DVR.
  • Wish you could cast 3/5

    By Vonie19
    Why is casting not available? I would love to be able to use my phone app and cast it with Google Chromecast to watch on my tv.
  • Highly recommended for the visually impaired 5/5

    By GunboatSmith
    After becoming visually impaired and disabled and with limited disability funds, I went looking for a way to continue to enjoy game show network. Many websites recommended this application, and I understand why. In addition to the low monthly rate, it is extremely easy to set up and use, even for the visually impaired. All parts of the application work with voiceover, and it was simply a matter of downloading the application, launching it, entering a valid phone number or email address, entering the security code that was sent, and that was it. A search for game show network immediately found the channel, which I then pressed play and it has been running flawlessly ever cents. My thanks to the wonderful blessing of angels Ed Philo, Who are continuing Steve Jobs vision of bringing technology and entertainment to everyone everywhere.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Ninabeener
    It’s cheap which is why I need to stick with it. When I watch shows I enjoy watching from season one and going through the whole thing in order, so I appreciate that Philo has a lot of shows starting from season 1. My gripe is that usually whatever I am currently watching doesn’t save in the currently watching and then I have to go and search for it. Then I have to search for the episode and the part of the episode I was at. Also any time I get a call or a text and I go to look and come back it changes my spot from where I was about 90% of the time, usually I am forced to watch 3 min of commercials before I can even find my spot again. Every single time I get a notification and move out of Philo and go back it’s like at the end of the episode again and I need to rewind it!!! I am still using the app with a very thin thread hanging on bc I enjoy the shows but I may cancel and just go back to watching YouTube instead I don’t know.
  • I love it 5/5

    By klorty
    I love it, it could use more channels such as Boomerang,Disney, Disney Junior Disney XD also Babyfirst would be nice. As far as the app goes on Roku I set to live video and it doesn’t go to live video but on iOS it does and no option for Low Medium and High feed on Roku or iOS but it is pretty reliable during huge events on my end :)
  • A bargain 5/5

    By mprx60
    How anyone can complain when your getting 60 some cable channels, unlimited dvr, 3 profiles and works on almost all platforms. All for $20? Try it a tv or a comouter, you will be surprised. There is nothing else for the price.
  • Please Add Chromecast! 3/5

    Why hasn’t this been done yet?! Would be the perfect app.
  • Great selection, but way too many ads 3/5

    By Bethany NC
    They do have quite a selection, but while fast forwarding a show you can’t see where you are before having to watch ads and there are way too many.
  • Commercials WAY TOO LOUD 2/5

    By scott90909
    This is a good streaming service with a great Ui but the volume difference on commercials is almost criminal. I hope they are sued for blowing out someone’s eardrums because it ruins an otherwise good streaming service
  • Can I watch stuff for free 1/5

    By hihhjhhhhhhfhfgrfegfht
    It says I have to pay
  • Can’t stream to my TV 1/5

    By tnich10
    Will cancel since I cannot stream to my TV with chromcast from my ipad or apple phone. Worrhless.
  • Can’t Screencast/Tried to Charge $$$ 2/5

    By snjsnsndn
    I did like that this app has some programs other subscription apps don’t have, but they tried to charge me after I had already cancelled my free trial. There is no way to stream from PS4’s/PS5’s, Xbox, or Google Chromecast. App constantly buffered when I tried to use it on my phone. Disappointed because I wanted to watch the shows exclusive to Philo.
  • App is not very UI friendly 1/5

    By ryan9w
    I have used a couple live TV streaming apps and have always been disappointed with how Philo’s app is laid out. The Spectrum TV app for example allows you to watch live TV while also scrolling through the live channels list. Philo on the other hand doesn’t allow this. Why? Also, why is the app not compatible with the iPhone X display? Why doesn’t full screen view fill up the whole screen of my iPhone X? Why can’t you make the app better by looking at other apps such as Spectrum TV or Youtube TV? Also Spectrum TV is much cheaper and has a better UI interface.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Tequilasheila17
    I’m only in the first couple hours of my free trial week. I honestly don’t know if I will continue. The commercials are absolutely ridiculous. Every 10 minutes of Hallmark movie there is a full 5 minutes of commercials, that you CAN’T fast forward thru. So it appears if I actually pay for the app that I’m really just paying for more commercials than even cable has!
  • No commercials 3/5

    By karnett3025
    I love the services but I hate the ads so thats why I barely watch. It would be nice if you consider an ad fee plan.
  • Ads and no chrome casting from iPhone 3/5

    By Buddhastyle
    The title has my two biggest problems with this service delivery experience. I just started the service and not sure I’ll continue until those things are addressed. If we have to watch very lengthy ads, what is the $20 a month paying for?
  • Philo Review 5/5

    By JpGomez95
    I did not expect to like this app as much as I do! The channel lineup has all the essentials and lucky for me, it also has a lot of my favorites like MTV, Vice, AMC, A&E and many more. Honestly it ended up being one of my most used apps on my Amazon Fire Stick and I plan on keeping it for the foreseeable future.
  • Love Philo TV 5/5

    By nanalana007
    I have enjoyed Philo- I think this is the most economical choice for my tv viewing- Philo has a great channel selection-( although I do wish it included USA network). I have recommended to my friends and family.
  • Monthly fee yet still advertisements?? 2/5

    By LMC3211
    I don’t understand why you pay a monthly fee but you still have 4 minutes of commercials every 10-15 minutes in a movie with shows it’s worse. It’s exhausting. I can’t figure out how to skip and at least the ones that are dvr shouldn’t have to watch commercials. I don’t like the selection of stations but I can’t go back and forth between channels to avoid commercials.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Kimburrr_462
    Start a free trial. Go to watch my first movie, that buffers every 15 minutes. Get something halfway through and the app crashes. Every time I try to restart the movie, the app crashes again. Not worth it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Bigdaddy2093
    I pay $20 a month to watch 5 minutes of a movie or show then followed by a 7-8 minutes of commercials. That’s terrible! The other downside is that you cannot mirror your phone or tablet to your tv this is just crazy crap! I do not recommend Philo!!!
  • Confused 3/5

    By S7even
    I am trying to sign up but it not letting me because it says my email is already in use
  • The worst app ever 1/5

    By savagegod32
    It’s is truly the worst app ever
  • Streaming on my television 4/5

    By Boobie76
    I have not been able to stream on my television. I keep getting a message to update it but I have no way to do that I’ve tried it on my phone, tablet, and computer and there is no way to update it. What do I do? Where do I go? Other than that I have no complaints.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Itslitfam16
    Like someone else said, clicking on live during a movie crashes the app
  • Way too many commercials. 1/5

    By Tmo84
    I have never watched so many commercials during a single movie in my life!! Literally 2:40+ commercials every couple of minutes and such poor timing too. The movie will be right in the middle of a good part and it will cut out and go on a 3 minute commercial break. It will resume after, only to be cut off 30 seconds later for another almost 3 minutes of commercials. I could see maybe if the app was free but for $20.... NOPE!!! Not worth it. I canceled my subscriptions today. If I could give 0 stars I definitely would.
  • Best so far 5/5

    By LordNikon78
    Best deal. I’ve done them all. This is worth 40
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Ray-Ray_3
    For some reason the app has been crashing on my iPad and iPhone when I tap live on a movie. I’ve tried closing the app and I’ve tried deleting/re-downloading but doesn’t seem to work. Please fix
  • Terrible App - Needs Work 2/5

    By LCTNT
    I wish this app had the mini video player feature. The app randomly crashes on different live channels. An example of that was I was in the Middle of watching The Patriot and it crashed. I went in to resume and it kept crashing over and over. After the 10th try, I just went ahead and cancelled my subscription. Please work on your app and I will give it a try in the future.
  • Really wish we could just screen cast 4/5

    By Buckmaster72
    The app seems fine only problem I have is that my lg tv doesn’t have the app so I wish I could screen cast it instead of doing a screen mirror. the mirror dose not work as well in my opinion
  • Philo is downright terrible. 1/5

    By thaddo1018
    I had nothing but problems when it came to Philo. I had to enter my card info 3 separate times because each time I logged in the screen asked me to enter it. Finally I said “screw it” and cancelled before my trial membership was up, because frankly I don’t trust a website when you have to enter your card info 3 separate times. It said I would be able to finish my free trial, but When I logged in, it prevented me from doing so (3 days before the end of my trial). Philo is downright shady, I don’t recommend it.

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