Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 22.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Photoshop Express Photo Editor App

ENHANCE, TRANSFORM, AND SHARE YOUR PHOTOS WITH EASE. Have fun and easily edit, retouch, collage, and combine photos for high-quality pictures. Create photos that will help you stand out on social media with powerful one-touch transformations. Tap into your creativity on the go with Photoshop Express–the fast and easy photo editor–used by millions. Photoshop Express delivers a full selection of free photo effects and editing features. Personalize your experiences with borders and text, enhance color and imagery, create picture collages, make quick fixes and enhance your share-worthy moments. DETECTING AND MASKING OBJECTS Innovative multi-object selection bringing selective editing to the next level. MAKEUP TRANSFER Transfer makeup from a wide selection of beauty templates onto your own image. PHOTO FILTERS AND EFFECTS • Work on a single part of an image while the rest remains untouched with Selective Editing. • Easily remove or replace the background of your image with automatic and smart cutouts. • Combine photos to creatively transform your image. • Achieve your dream aesthetic with our Looks filters: Charm, Matte, Black & White, Portrait, Duo Tone, and more. • Enhance your photo with new Overlays, including light-leaks, bokeh, and raindrops. • Remove any unwanted elements from your photos to create share-ready photos with Advanced Healing. • Explore Color Temperature, Vibrance and other effects with an easy adjustment slider. • Remove fog with Dehaze for clear, detail-rich scenery. RETOUCH • Adjust the angle of your head or facial orientation. • Remove blemishes and smooth skin for a flawless finish. • Transform your selfie into a caricature with fun sliders. • Retouch your face with sliders that recognize face shape and features. STUNNING PHOTO COLLAGES • Create fun and unique photo collages by adding ready-to-use backgrounds, gradients and layouts. • Use the Style Transfer feature to easily apply the same look and feel across all the images in your collage. • Highlight color themes with the Pop-Color Tool. • Unleash creativity with the scrapbook feature or photo collage maker. ADD BORDERS AND TEXT • Customize stickers, memes and captions. • Add fun text to your photos with a wide array of fonts, colors and opacity controls. • Bring your photos to the next level with photo color matching borders or unique custom frames. • Fine-tune text placement with pan, zoom and rotate settings. • Add watermarks easily by adding custom text or logos. QUICK FIXES • Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. • Use Auto-Fix options for one-touch adjustments to Contrast, Exposure, and White Balance. • Reopen closed eyes to create the perfect shot. • Add emphasis on your subject with simple vignettes. APPLY BLUR • Shift focus to blend backgrounds with Radial Blur. • Enhance imagery with the Full Blur features. REMOVE NOISE • Smooth out graininess or Reduce Color Noise. • Sharpen details to make your photos look their best. PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION • Fix crooked images with Auto Settings. • Correct distorted camera angles with the Transform Tool. Photoshop Express now includes all the best tools from Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix including liquify, smart cut outs and layers, face aware liquify, and more. Adobe’s best-in-class healing technology recognizes facial features for a smooth but realistic finish. NOW SAVE AS PNG • You can now save your detailed, high-contrast images in the PNG file format. This is ideal for digital photographs and images with transparent backgrounds that can be layered over other images. Photoshop Express is brought to you by Adobe, proud makers of the Photoshop family. Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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Photoshop Express Photo Editor app reviews

  • Love 5/5

    By lyndie30
    Awesome app! My favorite photo editor
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Michigan News Fan
    Just when you think PS Express cannot get any better, Adobe does it again. The best just keeps getting better!
  • Unimpressed 2/5

    By Jay Grayer
    I’m a huge fan of the Adobe Creative Suite as I use a lot of the software for content creation. I guess my expectations were too high with this app. This is one of the most NOT User-Friendly, restrictive, featureless pieces of mobile software I’ve come in contact with. Especially from a well-known software developer like Adobe. I struggled for 2 days trying to put together a simple meme that lesser apps can do in a matter of minutes. It’s more complicated to use than it’s full desktop counterpart. Would’ve rated it 1-star but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and credit some of the difficulties to user ignorance. Just surprised it’s so complicated to use in comparison to lesser apps. Tragic.
  • Get it! 5/5

    By ceee win
    It’s great for editing photos!
  • It’s really good 5/5

    By jj4miles
    The features are smooth and easy to do, the auto cut needs more work, as in - if the shades are too dark it can’t cut properly. As I mostly use that because using the erasure on the phone is just too much for me, because I can’t zoom further in to cut or erase properly
  • Excellent editing app! 5/5

    By Jesusuperhero
    I am very happy and satisfied with this photo editing app! I like the variety of editing tools such as removing blemishes, different filters and the precise adjustment tools. It’s made my photographs look the best they can be! Keep up the great work! 😊
  • Awesome productive fun 5/5

    By richthomasbaker
    Everything you ever wanted to be able to do. And have so much fun doing it
  • The best apps 5/5

    By DerickDavao
    Very useful and everything is the best
  • Love being able to use Photoshop on my iPhone! 5/5

    By LMCallais
    I have been using Photoshop since I was assigned to PSYOP in the Army in 1992. I had received a minor in Studio Art with an emphasis in B&W Photography during the good old film days and Photoshop blew my mind! I was an Interrogator/Linguist/Interpreter and when I saw the Illustrators being able to manipulate the digital images I made sure to shadow them when I had finished my translations. Good thing I did because I was called upon to use the skills I had learned when we had no Illustrator available. After I finished my Army Career, I obtained a job which required me to use Photoshop in my daily duties. I loved how Adobe has continued to evolve and improve Photoshop over the the almost 2 decades that I have enjoyed using it. I now use Photoshop on a personal capacity. It amazes me that Photoshop is available on my phone and iPad. I am currently retired and Service Connected Disabled Veteran who also has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I have enjoyed learning compositing skills. I have done a series of self portraits showing my journey with Multiple Sclerosis. I have done other series, also. I share them with friends and the local Art guild. I believe that I will have a subscription to Photoshop - and the entire Suite, forever!
  • My go to image editor 5/5

    By Sealion20
    Fun and easy to use. My first stop after a trip or event
  • Photoshop Mix downgrade 2/5

    By Megameep
    I use photoshop solely for its mix function. I used to use their old app photoshop mix until it told me about this app. I went ahead and downloaded it but continued to use mix as it was doing what I needed it to and I was used to the interface. It is a little slow at times though, and it does have those borders on top indicating it’s no longer being updated and optimized for new screens, so I decided why not give express a try? It’s newer, it should be better? Not quite. See photoshop mix was free, and I could add about 8 layers before the app just decided that was it. Not a whole lot but alright, no problem. Express let’s me add a whopping 2 before requesting I get a trial. So does this mean I’ll need to pay to use their functions? I ain’t gonna bother, I still have the originals and while 8 isn’t a whole bunch, I can still use that wiggle room to make my simple projects. After some searching, turns out it’s $4.99 for the full app apparently and $9.99 a MONTH for all the features. Mix did what I needed completely free, and not to mention I had all the features, right now I can’t even make a rectangular cut with Photoshop express, shoot I don’t have that smart brush I had in the original photoshop mix to remove the white boxes from a chart, shouldn’t these be normal features? I was gonna keep saving and using my edited images to try and bypass the 2 layer limit, but seriously? Those simple tools are unavailable and that’s when I called it quits. Why charge when there are programs like MediBang (free with ads) and Procreate ($7.99 one time fee). They’re not solely editing, they’re art programs but for the mix function, they’ll be perfect. I can’t speak for the rest of the app but I’ll be looking into it soon, right now for all this restraint, I think 2 stars is fitting. The second star is because I know there was a better working version so I know you guys are capable.
  • A great mobile app! 5/5

    By Bukket1138
    I use it on the go a lot when I can’t access my desktop or laptop. I use it on my iPhone to quick edit photos for Instagram or other socials. I perfectly great app for doing what I need in a pinch!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By wilburros
    Very frustrating and then I can’t even review it because every single nickname on the planet has already been taken. Stupid app.
  • Love love love this app!! 5/5

    By Nyx721
    This is the BEST app for photo editing by far! Adobe literally doesn’t miss a thing when creating it’s apps and programs. Anything you could ever want to do in terms of photo editing can be done within this app.. Providing you with professional, high quality results! There is no need for any other app but this one!
  • Much Love!🕺 5/5

    By Jonny Baryishnakov
    Fantastic once you get the hang of it.
  • Best app for photo enhancement bar none. 5/5

    By TenaciousDmit
    I have been using this app for about eight years if not more. It is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s not hard to use either.
  • Easy editing 5/5

    By bJxrh
    Love this app
  • Fácil de usar 3/5

    By Aristid3s
    Aun que me gustaría más estilos de letras
  • Great app 5/5

    By Joyful_Explorer
    Good editing, simplified!
  • Adobe photoshop express 5/5

    Excellent editing features for the passionate photographer.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By DJ ///M3
    I love editing photos with this app. There are so many presets to choose from and you can also do stuff on your own. I highly recommend this.
  • Ps app 5/5

    By mkkier
    Love the app, easy to use.
  • Photoshop mobile 3/5

    By PixGirlBmore
    Love that I can edit and it create collages Hate that it makes you pay to add a watermark (pic/logo on top of finished product). To me that’s part of the editing process
  • Filters 5/5

    By Ilovesitka
    Absolutely love these. They enhance my photos so perfectly.
  • Best editing app 5/5

    By Alejac
    Easy to use!!! my photos look amazing.
  • Making Professional Touch Ups in the blink of an Eye! 5/5

    By Hopiepoo13
    PhotoShop is the BEST! They have thought of every detail and it is all easily accessed at the touch of your fingertips. I quickly perfect life’s mistakes and alter my pics with ease. My photos go immediately from rookie to professional and I feel proud with every outcome. I LOVE PHOTO SHOP and NEVER Want to Live Without It!!!
  • Makes magic with my images!! 5/5

    By scubaman55020
    Outstanding app. Highly recommend!!
  • Ms. BHE 5/5

    By Ms.BHE
    Great photo app!!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By artlovescats
    I’m a professional artist and use it all the time. I could not get by without it
  • It’s great 5/5

    By rfvgyuhbnjiokm
    My kid loves photo shopping on here
  • PS Express Success 5/5

    By nymindms
    This app is an easy, convenient, and robust tool for creative endeavors. There are some glitches that should be noted - too many changes and it tends to suddenly quit that leads to loss of work. Advice to save during your process. The other is connecting to PS on your IMAC for other effects. Text ability and variety needs to be expanded.
  • Pricing 5/5

    By Alexa Smar
    What us price if photoshop and can I add it to I pad pro M1 chip 15.1 ios
  • Difficult 5/5

    By Gageeast
    Not a clear menu instructions
  • Enjoy it!! 5/5

    By Joeblowgogo
    Good set of tools and easy to use
  • Revised review based on updates 3/5

    By Katcatkat87654
    It’s just what it says, it’s express. It can do very simple fixes and makes great collages but it’s obviously not a full featured editor. It’s replaced half a dozen other apps I used to use for this type of simple editing. EDIT TO ADD: I really liked Express for what it was but I hate that the eliminated standalone Mix in favor of combining it into Express, the tools in Mix here just aren’t as comprehensive as what Mix had, and the cutout options aren’t nearly as easy to use. I really wish they would bring back the fully fleshed out Mix as a separate app again. I don’t mind Mix Lite being part of Express but I don’t like the two apps having been combined which weakened them.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Loriann B
    Easy to use
  • huh 4/5

    By casiadonaldson
  • Used often 5/5

    By SurveyMini-er
    I enjoy the different features and flexibility of all the features. It’s been worth paying extra also, as I get more into photography.
  • Love the collage option 5/5

    By ss 01803
    I love taking a few picture and easily putting them into a collage format. Its so easy peasy!
  • It’s not updating my payment 1/5

    By dfgyuiibhvdeerhjjjjj
    See above. Please advise
  • Rookie 4/5

  • Cool 5/5

    By ryfbSghgvgvzGsgFhzsFhxh
    Really fun glad its free
  • Cohens review of this app 4/5

    By Cohen fan club
    It’s pretty good but I wish not everything was only for premium I wish the app costed money and you didn’t have to get premium for full use of it
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Raking24
    Has many features that are easy to use
  • Excellent 5/5

    By esilva1796
  • Great App While On The Go 5/5

    By The Real Paris Otis
    Great App! Well designed and easy to use
  • Patconroyfan 4/5

    By Butterflysupergirl
    Love the versatility of this app
  • Great editing app! 5/5

    By 1928374656arawr
    Enjoy the robust editing settings before posting to social media.
  • Good 4/5

    By jazz doc
    Haven't explored PS Express extensively, but it seems to have a lot of options and potential adjustments, some very nice effects, and it seems pretty easy to use. I do really wish it had the ability for one to use the Apple Pencil to, for example, trace a figure and separate it from the background, put it on a different background, etc. The capability may be in the program and I haven't come across it yet... I haven't explored a great deal. From what I've seen, I think it's a nice program I may use from time to time.