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Pi is a new digital currency. This app allows you to access and grow your Pi holdings and serves as wallet to host your digital assets. Pi is fairly distributed, eco-friendly and consumes minimal battery power.

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  • Hello 5/5

    By pizamatt
    Love the app an if you need someone to join here you go minepi.com/magicpiza
  • Earn multiple Pi rewards! 5/5

    By awais559
    Don’t stay behind, earn multiple Pi rewards using awais559 as referral.
  • Very excited! Come on,Referral:yqxue1982 5/5

    By yqxue1982
    Very excited ! Very good project ! Thanks to PiCoreTeam!
  • Ground floor of The new Bitcoin! 5/5

    By lakemtg
    Referral code- lakemtg There are over 10 million users that “mine” free of cost free of privacy infringement. This can have significant monetary value in the near future. Try it.
  • Next gen crypto 5/5

    By Atilley
    This is obviously the next evolution of blockchain verification hardware: using your own smartphone to mine. I’ve been into crypto for a while and although this is only just getting up and running and isn’t yet worth anything - it doesn’t hurt to have an early horse in the race, right? You need an invitation code to sign up - if you need one, feel free to use mine: SteakAndOnionPi. My favorite. 😁
  • Referral code 5/5

    By kalifaustin
    Use my referral code to get started minepi.com/kalifaustin
  • Pi Network App 5/5

    By gonger912
    this app is very intriguing and is basically the next bitcoin. and i’m not trying to miss out on that again. each coin might be worth up to 200$ a piece in the future, but cryptocurrency is a waiting game so i’m in it for the long term. you do need a invite to join to feel free to use my username imsogone.
  • Pi is gonna Future crypto 5/5

    By 110Hussain
    Pi network at this stage might worth zero but I believe someday it’s gonna worth something. With this huge community getting larger day by day, it might worth 1000 $ or in few years but no one knows. Still there’s nothing to lose if it’s not as high as bitcoin. Use my referral ( talibhussain110 ) and join the future crypto now.
  • Take a chance 5/5

    By ikwildl
    Remember bitcoin started somewhere. First purchase was a pizza!!!! Now we went over 40k. I would say this is 5-10 year project. Get ahead of the curve. Use username ikwildL Thank you
  • Something New 5/5

    By Shadyfoxgirl
    This is very interesting to use and will be using this app for a bit. If anyone needs a referral/invite name please use BeoYui
  • Don’t sleep on this!! 5/5

    By EaseNiqqa
    This could be the future to cryptocurrency, don’t miss out trust me, download this and use my code ToEase
  • Code beezer22 5/5

    By BraydenRogers22
    This is a great app with potential to gain value. It does however take a person already in the app to give a code to let someone else in. Here is mine so y’all can get in and start mining! Code- Beezer22
  • Great idea 5/5

    By Dmango24
    This hopeful app already has caused strife amongst friendships 10/10 would recommend for anyone who wants another thing to argue about
  • Join code 4/5

    By Ghfhtjtntgr
    This is a great concept! Great tool to learn more about cryptocurrency and get your foot in the door. There are no guarantees that pi will ever hold value, but why not give it a shot in case it does! It costs nothing other than a second of your time each day. They have good credibility due to the creators being from Stanford. Crypto may be the future, so getting into pi early could set you up for success if it becomes something big! Overall, great concept. Simplistic and straight forward app. Have noticed no battery drain. On thing, is that you will be unable to join without an invite code. If you need an invite code, feel free to use mine: ashton19
  • Look for answers, and all I find are more questions 2/5

    By LueyB
    Idk how I feel about this app. I downloaded it to help my brother add to his team, but reviews online are torn down the middle about Pi. The UI doesn’t seem like anyone really cared or tried... and the chat feature is the goofiest thing I’ve ever seen - chats in Candy Crush work better. Every positive review is followed with a “UsE mY cOdE” so that’s a bias every time. I just can’t stop thinking pyramid scheme... I am hopeful and want all of this to be true, but I just don’t know if I can get fully on board. I know Bitcoin had first mover advantage, so the buzz around the two are completely different, but Pi as the MOST WIDELY KNOWN yet so unknown cryptocurrency seems weird. But then I find myself asking how could Stanford endorse this if it didn’t have some merit? Or is it some intricate scheme and Stanford has no idea this exists? Like I said at the beginning I just don’t know. I’m hopeful and I’ll keep clicking this button for awhile longer... but the whole experience is on thin ice with me. The more digging I do the thinner that ice gets.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Gratitude369
    This app is awesome! Use my referral “user041610“ to get you started!
  • The idea is brilliant 5/5

    By nanfei
    I have never been a fan of any crypto currency’s fan. But PI Network has a great frame work. It’s concept of equality and how to distribute responsibility and benefits among its users are very charming! I wish the success of these type of products bring the real peaceful and equal opportunities global wise
  • Ignore the useless reviews... 5/5

    By andrew5fury
    This is all you need to know. It’s going to use a tiny bit of battery, it’s also going to earn you a tiny bit of money. Or it might earn you a ton of money. There’s really not much to lose. Use referral code (Andrewfurris)
  • Zero to lose and $$$ to gain.... 5/5

    By trader531
    Use this code for invite: trader531
  • Easy fun here’s the code 4/5

    By rda1340
    Just type rickarend and your in. Not sure why we need a referral code.
  • Its like the bitcoin 5/5

    By ayham17
    Use my code (Ayham17) for extra coins when you start mining 👍
  • It’s free, so take a chance 5/5

    By Njeferson1978
    Maybe one day it turns to be a very profit app and you will remember and but (njeferson) my code as referal helped you a lot
  • Read here!! 5/5

    By Christophe Sauchelli
    If you are questioning to download this app and start mining, I have your answer: do it. It’s free and will greatly help you out once this coin finalizes. If you need a reference code, use mine! Sauchelli
  • Lots of potential 5/5

    By kra507tos
    This is a way to join in on a opportunity to being part of a new cryptocurrency, it’s honestly worth as you are downloading a app that doesn’t take much data and battery and you have to press the pi button once each 24hr. If you want a invitational code/ head start use my code “Kra507tos” again great app.
  • Use my invitation code if you want to be part of the #1 PI team (antbarbs1983) 5/5

    By antbarbs1983
    Use my invitation code if you want to be part of the #1 PI team (antbarbs1983)
  • Honest review 5/5

    By Kenny Lin 8736
    The app is quite the interesting concept and I know it may appear that this is the latest pyramid scheme. However, it is legit and they do have plans to turn this into a legitamite cryptocurrency that will be worth something next month. This app is guarenteed to make you at least a couple of cdollars. If this review has helped you, consider using code "Kenny1112" as your referral code, as you do need a code in order to start farming Pi.
  • Nice 5/5

    By sajad10
  • mã giới thiệu baotinhpham 5/5

    By baotinhpham
    các bạn nhớ dùng mã giới thiệu baotinhpham để tham gia group mình với 7000 thành viên để cùng trao đổi
  • Great concept (Invite Code: yatagarasu) 5/5

    By Gilan Oakleaf
    The concept itself is a good one, you go into the app every 24 hours and click “Mine” to mine Pi for a day. You can tell it was made by PhD Stanford students. You do have to be invited, so you can use my username Yatagarasu to get into it. The app itself is a little ugly, but it gets the job done.
  • Why not? 5/5

    By ezchipz
    Who cares if it’s going to be successful or not. Cryptocurrency is interesting and unpredictable. It’s mysterious. It represents a different way of visualizing value. I want to be of something from the ground up. Cryptocurrencies are unknown. This app has a great community that backs the coin as we know it. People all over the world are coming together to form their own unified currency. I’m having a great experience and even invited some of my friends. It will require a referral code to join. Feel free to use mine: ezchipz
  • Pi in the Sky 4/5

    By JeffreyJG
    We will just have to wait and see what happens with this crypto; there are no guarantees as to its future value. That said, I think it’s worth a tap a day on the phone, and it’s fun either way. So... if you’re in for the possibility, use code: jgottspi And same goes for Bee Network: jcryptobee Good luck, ladies and gents
  • Blocked for no reason 1/5

    By iris upon a star
    I’m not happy. I was so excited to be a part of a new movement of cryptocurrency. I have sent out invites to all my friends and family. I had no idea that you aren’t allowed to tag your team name /display name in attempt to get other Pi users to join my team. Instead of someone giving me a warning or a fair heads up, that I could be blocked, they immediately blocked me from sending messages to ANYONE including staff/support and even members on my own team. So I wasn’t even given a fair chance to amend the situation. So sad. Because this to me is truly revolutionary. But I’m deleting the app since I can’t even communicate with others and I have to be muted out. Sad. Very displeased and will be sticking to other apps from now on. My Suggestion, download it, but read the Rules and Regulations and FAQ’s right away. So you know what you’re getting into.
  • Please better optimize for iPhone X and above 3/5

    By FusionNY6
    The aesthetic and white bar at the top makes it unpleasant to use to say the least.
  • Pi the next generation 5/5

    By georgeeye12
    Use OGeorge12 and lets mine togheter
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By El Papi Dave
    Add me on there!! Let’s grow together!! @ronaldgilpupo
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Snoo25
    Great app could end up making some money without any effort!!!! You need a referral code to join, feel free to use mine bigboy115
  • Great so far 5/5

    By roger8181
    This is a great app so far, use rogeryounes for code
  • Worst App. not even for playing 1/5

    By jsphjasso
    Worst APP EVER.. and they block you in the chat room if the moderators don’t like you!!! Be aware!!! You will get falses promises. Worthless coin!! Hopefully the SEC take down all of them.
  • Great app but code is needed to enter 5/5

    By chsifbejdmdj
    It is a great app and is a good idea to get in on these things but if u need a code to enter you can use sm1th it works and let’s you get started mining
  • Igotpi referral code 5/5

    By igotpi
    Finally a crypto for the phone.
  • My thoughts on Pi 4/5

    By Danny_barragan
    It is my first day using the Pi network app and it is fairly easy to use, if you read the white pages it tells you everything you need to know however if you go to the public chat there are a lot of people asking questions which is a little irritating. If you would like to use my code feel free. My code is ddddbbbbdb. There is a similar app called the bee network and it is not as advanced but if you want to get that app and use my code it is dannyb.
  • Number changed 5/5

    By BtsStan
    Hello, What happens to the currency of people who’s numbers have been updated? I recently upgraded my phone and changed my number with it, and because I can’t access my previous number—how can I get my currency back from my old (if it’s considered old) account?
  • The Honest Review! 4/5

    By Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiijkopsdre
    This app is quite the interesting concept and I know it may appear that this is the latest pyramid scheme. However, it is legit and they do have plans to turn this into a legitimate cryptocurrency that will be worth *something* someday. Will it be the next Bitcoin and all of us are going to be the next pi billionaires? Probably not. But the user base is huge and still growing at a fast rate. When pi is finally turned into a real currency there will be upwards of 100 million users and with this amount of users holding there will be inherent value that comes with that when the mining stops. Will pi be worth 1 cent or 10,000 dollars in the future? Nobody has the answer to that but there is potential for a lot of success in this and the reality is there is almost no work that has to be put into this project to get the most out of it. You simply click a button every 24 hours and watch the pi come in! It’s very easy and if you’d like to, I would be honored if you used my referral code-aidanoc11 and you can get started right away!!
  • This is the future of mining Crypto currency!!! 5/5

    By Purified84
    If you have ever wanted to jump into the Crypto market, this is a great way to start. You are mining you own crypto coins from your phone. I started a few days ago and have not noticed a drag on my phone performance or my phones battery life. It’s as easy as opening up the app once a day, hit the mine button, which certifies that you are not a robot and that’s it. Use my referral code Rober81 and start mining your free crypto. Happy Mining 😁
  • Free Pi Coins 5/5

    Claim your Pi, use j6591r!
  • Referral 5/5

    By Hudgens
    @Hudgy Thanks
  • Happy active miner 5/5

    By PeteandKitty
    Active miner here, if you need a legitimate invitation code mine is Katsanrn. So far, this seems to be a well designed app and the developers appear to be looking at the big picture. Happy mining!!!
  • Use referral code: artegy for 1 free pi coin! 5/5

    By Rtgould
    Earn one free pi coin when using referral code artegy
  • Get extra pi 20 pi code:ckovu 5/5

    By hajajajanwns
    Get extra pi 20 pi code:ckovu

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