Piano for iPhone

Piano for iPhone

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ZongMing Yang
  • Compatibility: Android
1,840 Ratings
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Piano for iPhone App

1, you can take to learn the piano 2, there are a variety of audio, including marimba, electric bass, guitar, etc. Christmas is coming, download piano to play with friends. I love paino by Alianagraycesmommy - Version 1.3 - Dec 2, 2012 Paina is fun Fun by Poopysandwich - Version 1.3 - Dec 1, 2012 Good when bored. I love u by Shahin21 - Version 1.3 - Dec 1, 2012 so I gave 5 stars Awesome by - Version 1.3 - Nov 28, 2012 I love to play piano at home and on the go. This is an easy way to show my friends what I learned when I'm out and around and not at home. This is awesome! Lit by Elijah peoples - Version 1.2 - Dec 12, 2012 Love it

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Piano for iPhone app reviews

  • Love but 4/5

    By Yeo13
    The record doesn’t work
  • Great 5/5

    By lacey_123456
  • fix some bug 5/5

    By nisasin
  • Infested with ads 1/5

    By Heimerplasma
    Too many ads that stay for a long time before you can close them. Looks like the dev got greedy. Look for another app.
  • Full of ads! Disgusting! Worst app! 1/5

    By hkim hkim
    Seriously the worst app! Full of ads.
  • No 1/5

    By Blackcat201111
    Doesn’t feel like a real Piano, a Piano a real one doesn’t sound like this and it freaking doesn’t feel like using a real piano
  • Trash 2/5

    By lgman33
    First thing I got when I opened the app was an add. You spend more time closing adds then you do trying to play the poorly designed piano.
  • Help 4/5

    By Samarkand2017
    Well not bad app but every time I save a piano piece it says it saved but its not
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Maxswellhammer
    Minimal adds make this multi voiced free version a great tool for any level of piano player.
  • Ad pop ups and other... 2/5

    By bts armyssss
    I don’t like when the ads just pop up every time I use the app it’s really annoying and another problem is that when I use the mic to name one of my recorded things my tablet just freezes and kicks me out of it.
  • Great tool for a singer 5/5

    By YodaAlexisSabrinaCleoCaesar
    Handy tool even on the iPhone when you need to play just a sequence when practicing. Even better on the iPad.
  • I love this app so much! 5/5

    By Charly Dat Duc Lai
    Such a great piano app.

    By Jdbaspxbalzbxsk
    I understand it is a free app. BUT, when I’m trying to find a pitch and I open the app, humming my pitch and am met with blasting music from other obnoxious app commercial I can’t close out of, yeah it gets pretty annoying and i end up just closing out of the piano entirely
  • Fun and easy 5/5

    By cutie87188718
    This is a fun and easy way to play the piano if you do not have one just like me
  • for the ppl who cannot move 5/5

    By Tropicalieos
    there is a scrolling bar at the top at the left of the recording thing that scrolls the keyboard to the deeper and lower parts of it. Please inspect the app before complaining. I use iPhone 6s. It’s a really nice and helpful app.
  • AirPods?!?! 2/5

    By Renzex
    The app is great for playing piano but IT DOESNT WORK WITH AIR PODS. I don’t know if it’s just AirPods that aren’t compatible with it and wired earphones can work, or none work and it has to be on the phone speakers but it’s really annoying when I’m trying to practice privately and everyone can hear it.
  • A bit of an issue that turned me away 2/5

    By QuillnInk
    The app itself is fairly good but one problem I came across is the fact that when you press to record your tune, then try to listen to it again, the track is completely silent. I don’t know if it’s just me but I only had this app for about ten minutes and am not enjoying my experience. Other than that, other issues that others had with this app is something you should take into account if your are going to get this app.
  • Pointless with the ads 1/5

    By JaelleLA
    I used to like this app but they’ve added video advertisements that play right away. This is a MAJOR problem for me, since I usually use the app to quickly check a pitch during rehearsal. When a random commercial comes on first, the pitch is gone. This app is now pointless for me. I’ll be deleting it from my phone.
  • -_- 1/5

    By ksnsjsjdnsndnjdksns
    Ok so I hate that I’m just trying to play the piano and an ad just pops up less ads -_- please but other than that it’s an cool app
  • It is good because... 1/5

    By bbfndbdbsbsbs
    I got to play sans
  • Good but... 4/5

    By mrs.stori
    I love the game but I have a small phone so I can only see 16 keys and it’s so loud it hurts my ears and it’s no where near like a piano or a keyboard (the one that makes music) and I don’t like the app too much and I can’t hear me sing I even scream and that’s why I gave it 4 stars.
  • Love it 5/5

    By beisjfnwk01
    I play this daily and can’t get enough of it🤤
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Rice-Porter
    It would play through head phones
  • I love this app 1/5

    By EMER Hd
    It’s a fun app it’s like a half piano not a big piano I am a iPad user
  • Headphones 3/5

    By Evgoplus
    Good app, but every time I use it with headphones it doesn’t send the sound to them, instead it uses the mics of the phone. Have to change the piano type every time so the sound will get through the headphones.
  • Just no 1/5

    By Katteeinnc
    I give it a 1 it’s good and all but it’s is not good to use with acrylic nails and you can’t zoom in
  • Ehh, not impressed 2/5

    By uhDAIRYuh
    Nothing fancy, but the app wouldn’t work w/ headphones so it was deleted after a day.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Lillakinz1234
    A few lags, but I’m not too picky about this. It does what it says it will, and that’s all I need. Hard to play with big fingers 😂 but it’s cool
  • Will not save recording 2/5

    By Pianotunerman
    Will let you record a song but will not let you save it. Message makes you cancel the recording. Fix it and I will give 5 stars
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By GrumpyLydia
    It’s an app to stream adds every note triggers an ad pop up
  • iPhone 5/5

    By RopeyVolcano596
    Works great and puppy_lover is stupid
  • Looks great 5/5

    By therealpurplehack
    It work no key is fo note and the recording button works flawlessly
  • Piano 5/5

    By ali the 1st!
    That piano is so much better than a original piano you can play so much songs you can record them and check my YouTube videos on alisamoo thank you
  • Dope 5/5

    By Aldowashere
    I like it
  • Do you like sudden, loud video ads? 1/5

    By Chucksax
    If so, this app is for you!!! I’ve just deleted it off my phone.
  • Immediately uninstalled. 1/5

    By Purest Strain Of H8, M8
    All I had to do was open this app for about 10 seconds to know I didn’t want it. First, it paused my music upon launch and wouldn’t let it resume while the app was open. What kind of musician doesn’t need the ability to play along with music? Second, this GarageBand copycat (called Piano for iPhone, like it’s official Apple software) immediately popped up an ad, meaning that not only are the devs trying to give the impression that it’s a real Apple app just to get downloads, but that the main purpose of this app is generating revenue from ads and $2 in-app purchases, NOT being a well-functioning digital piano. Third, it downright refused to play through my connected headphones, insisting on only playing any audio through my phone’s speaker. What if I’m literally anywhere but my house? Nobody wants to hear some random chick’s terrible piano playing in a shop while they’re just trying to go about their day. In summary: This is a terrible app with super inconvenient functionality shortcomings that is really just a super basic, low-budget piano program with GarageBand-like textures to try to get people to download it under the assumption that it’s an official Apple app, and then tries to cash in on ad revenue and in-app purchases while requiring as little effort to develop and maintain as possible. This is a bad idea. This is a bad download. Given how easy it would've been to just make a decent piano app and then sell it for what it’s worth, this is an insultingly obvious cash grab. Unbelievable.
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By Gar813
    I’ve had this app for a while now. In the new update, the developer decided to place video ads that display almost each time the app launches. While this is moderately bothersome, what really makes this a 1-star app is the fact that the ‘X’ out button to close the app doesn’t work. Some ads are quite long and now being able to X out in a reasonable time is a terrible user experience. This is especially because I use this app to dictate a melody/harmony and I’ll need to remember the note in my head. If a long, un-skippable ad – often having music – starts blaring before I can play anything, this makes it harder to carry out that task (rather than making me more productive as an app should). Developer, please fix the broken ‘X’ out button and at least make these video ads less obnoxiously long or frequent.
  • Not so good 1/5

    By orange_shasta
    Tickle the ivory until the in app purchases start.
  • Am newwww 5/5

    By liy13456
    Am new (:
  • Does the job 4/5

    By Reema Q
    My only complaint is that the app occasionally crashes or there’s no sound when I’m playing so I have to exit the app and try again. Other than that, it’s good enough for me :)
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By summerloving16
    This app is terrible! There’s pop ads everywhere, and the sound doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time downloading this app. It should be put on a list of bad apps.
  • Noises last too long 3/5

    By Matt_Stahlin
    When I play a note for a second I don’t expect it to last for 5 more, but no matter what it sounds like this is constantly holding down the pedal. Other than that it’s ok
  • Seriously with these ads? 1/5

    By BabyMicah
    You literally cannot press more than one note before an ad pops up. It’s free so ads are one thing, but what kind of non-functional garbage is this?
  • Way too many ads! 1/5

    By Jr.8902
    I think I might have liked the app if there wasn’t a never ending, unskipable ad every few seconds.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By KristiKutie
    I’ve used this app for years now and it has honestly gotten worse over time. There seems to be a delay whenever I press keys at certain times. I’m also upset that this app has deleted 4 years worth of my recordings without anyway to retrieve them. I used to frequently use this app to record ideas for melodies but now I just can’t trust it anymore.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By brentwrb25
    I am a Music Director and sometimes I use this when I need to quickly reference pitch or key. This is surprisingly useful.
  • I love this app with my heart 5/5

    By awkwardelena
    Okay so I was a beginner with no knowledge besides knowing what most of the keys were and how to find it. With the help of some YouTube videos, this app made playing the piano a reality. I started on this app and I learned a lot of songs and picked up the pace with them or found a new way to play the songs. There’s hardly ever any ads witch makes the experience 100% better and it makes playing the piano off the screens a lot easier too. I went from virtual to physical and the transition was extremely smooth because I learned how to play so many things off this app. If it wasn’t for this app I wouldn’t be playing in concerts or writing my own songs piano version. Thanks so much!
  • It’s cool 5/5

    By mikeytuna12
    It’s pretty dope not gonna lie
  • Poor audio 2/5

    By Cuddle 🐈
    There are issues with the audio that make some of the notes much quieter than others, and it makes it difficult to play songs.

Piano for iPhone app comments

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