Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles 2™

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  • Current Version: 3.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
96,408 Ratings
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Piano Tiles 2™ App

More rhythmic music, more exciting gameplay, more challenging levels, etc. Play the anniversary carnival of Piano Tiles 2™ with 1.1 billion players around the world! Game feature: 1. Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano! 2. Breath-taking rhythm will challenge your handspeed limit! 3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill and risk! 4. Update of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste. 5. Share your record with your friends, and compare with world-wide players on the ranking list! 6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert. 7. Save your progress via Facebook account and share the progress in different devices. 8. More challenge, more bonus and a better self. Gaming mode: Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don't miss any tile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction! Support: If you have any question, please send it to [email protected], or you can go to the settings - help and support to contact us. We will solve your problem asap. Business Corporation: Cheetah Games is willing to cooperate with all the top game developers world-wide to create games. We are looking forward to your excellent games. Please contact us: [email protected] Privacy Policy: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.html TOS Privacy:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html Ad Choice:http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.html

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Piano Tiles 2™ app reviews

  • Ads 2/5

    By Enter.A.Nickname
    The game was nice, but there are an unreal number of ads. Not only an ad between each level, but an ad played when I hit the settings button, the another ad to leave settings, then another ad before starting the next level. I get that ads are important, but they’re hardly worth it if you can’t even play the game.
  • Awesomeness 4/5

    By Gavin Wilburn
    This game was a fantastic success and I love it so much. thank you sooo much for creating this huge success. it supports me so much because I love playing the piano. I started playing a couple of years ago. I love this game.
  • Bad 2/5

    By Mich12342812
    Every time I download this the volume shuts off so there is no music and this happens to my friends too.
  • So many ads!!! 4/5

    By bubbles11443322
    I love this game so much! I just got it yesterday and I’m already level 8 but there are sooo many ads! I just wish there wasn’t so many ads.
  • Ehh 3/5

    By tayyay101489
    It is fun but the sound dose not work I turned the sound on and I turned my sound all the way up and the the sound on my phone still works like if I go to YouTube it works.
  • Ok 4/5

    By finess🙃
    The app has a nice set up and cool songs buttttt there are a lot of adds after songs or just randomly that pop up out of nowhere. Also I'm getting kind of frustrated because I'll be playing a song then the sound goes away for a second and glitches out. I would appreciate it if you would look into this. Please and thank you 😊
  • Lag 1/5

    By the person with one star
    Laggy I can’t even touch it fast enough when it’s going really slow
  • Alaniz 1/5

    By msgjfutkdulvlxeXrycbvg
    There is a lot of pop ups and the songs....well the song....the good ones you have to pay for
  • It’s OK....... 4/5

    By Bart Ava & Ericka
    Ok, I love this game, but I am a believer of God, and the notifications for this app is using the name of my God in vain, so if you don’t change it, well, I’m going to delete this app. I’m sorry, I don’t want to, so I did turn off the notifications, BUT STILL!?!?!?!?!? Plz, no hurt feelings. Creator plz respond.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Not Good and To Many Problems
    It takes me five minutes to get to a song I want because of all the pop ups and ads. Cool Alan walker sponsored you, but you don’t have to give me four pop ups about him
  • yikes 2/5

    By SantyMusic
    i used to play this game a lot maybe 2-3 years ago and i loved it. i loved the simple system of "get three stars, song gets faster, get three crowns, song is endless." i hate how they've removed that feature. it takes the whole thrill out of the game, which is why i played it so much in the first place. now they've added so many new trendy songs to try to stay popular and relevant even though most of the original selection was classical-ish music. not particularly a sucker for classical music but it just took away the charm of the game it initially had. i also hate how there are too many new things put in to try to make things more "exciting". if you ask me it's just confusing. every other click is an ad. like, i'm drowning in ads. just please make it like it used to be. i'd love it again it that happened.
  • FRICK THIS SHOt IM OUT 69695 1/5

    By dnanandndndndzjjxbx
  • Good but... 4/5

    By i dont want to do my real name
    I just feel like theres way to much pop ups like when u gonna do one of the piano things a pop up when u have ur picking a song to do pop up and even more, i just thing the game needs less pop ups
  • OMG SO 🤬 ADS 2/5

    By bailey loves HayDay
    It seems like every time you play a song there’s an ad. Just watched an ad? Go to the home screen to watch, you guessed it, another ad!! I’ve had this game for not even 10 minutes and had to delete it because it felt like most of the time spent on that game was watching an ad for another game or app. And to pay $4.99? Not worth your money or time!! Don’t waste it on this game guys.
  • Ads 3/5

    By SKrash69
    It’s a good game, with good gameplay. But the ads... there are so many! You can’t tap anything without an ad popping up. Way too many.
  • Gets my adrenaline going 5/5

    By why is every name taken!?!
    When I play this game I go cross eyed and I still do flawless.That’s pretty much it.
  • Nice! 4/5

    I love the game but, I just wish there are a less few ads, but that’s all, and they put more songs that are catchy😂
  • Awful 1/5

    By urmomsjsjsjsjs
    Used to be good now it’s just an ad thirsty game. Levels aren’t infinite anymore and you can’t even focus because an ad will pop up after everything. After every time you level up, you get an ad. If you beat the level, you get an ad. If you get a reward after you beat the level (which would be right after the previous ad) you would get an ad. I even get ads before I start a level. This game should be simple but instead it’s over complicated and extremely confusing and it shouldn’t be for such a basic game. Also if their sponsored once that ad will be showed off for years. It’s honestly retarted. I’ve hit more X’s on ads than tiles I’ve pressed. I definitely have more time on ads than the game. I’ve already given I second chance to this game and it’s just gotten worse. So my honest opinion is that my opinion is not an opinion it’s just facts that is clear to even the basic minded. This is game is worse than fortnite and yes I mean it. So have fun watching ads, hope you don’t get any ads that are literally about the same game right after you beat a 30 second level because they’re no longer infinite.
  • LOL ITS THE BEST... 5/5

    By blackgothgirl🖤
    You should make this an io game!piano.io!heres some ideas!you can compete with other players,also do it solo and spin a daily wheel!
  • So annoying 2/5

    By avacardio
    THERES ADDS EVERYWHERE!! You can’t even choose your own song.
  • 👎 1/5

    By butteecup
  • Ad overload 2/5

    By Coryzia
    I get that ads are a part of mobile gaming, but when I can’t even open up the settings without having to sit through one, it’s a big no-go for me. Shame because this is exactly the type of game I love to waste hours on!
  • Too many adds... 5/5

    By mayAinsarA
    I first played the first Piano Tiles around 3 years ago and played Piano Tiles 2 two years ago. This app was very entertaining and enjoyable, but now: 1. Too many things occurring at the same time. Pop ups, tournaments, puzzles, etc... new ideas are nice, but its confusing and I miss the old Piano Tiles 2. 2. (This is mostly my own opinion) Updates are good, yea. But the design changed a lot and there’s a child that tells us things, but I don’t think we need those. Especially the child. I don’t thing the theme goes with her. 3. Lastly.... TOO MANY ADDS!!!! It didn’t have this much add before, what happened? I know that you also need money, I’m fine watching few adds, but now wherever I click a add pops up. You have to wait few seconds to skip and some of them you have to wait a whole 30 seconds. I feel like I’m watching more adds than playing the game. I do still play it and enjoy it, I’ll give you 5 stars, but please do some something about these 3. Please. Thank you!
  • Not a bad game but it is a 1 star ⭐️ 1/5

    By Pam the sweet chick
    This is a game that is a little too much easier and it needs more songs and better songs and more so I don’t know if it is gonna Have a better idea 💡 of it self so ya there must be something better in the future I wonder #no like the songs# so if it
  • It’s a great game but the adds and popups are just annoying 3/5

    By poolman987
    The game is great and sooo addictive but the adds and pop ups are just annoying I would give you a 5 star rating if there was not so many adds!😣
  • Love 5/5

    By I Just Look For Fun!
    Everything is fine and it helps me type faster but I was wonder if you could add more of 2018-2019 songs. Or somewhere in that category.
  • Good game, but there’s a lot wrong 3/5

    By SiegfriedBen
    The bare bones of this app are delightful and addictive. However, the INSANE amount of extra junk is so distracting that I’m barely able to enjoy the actual gameplay. Between collecting coins and clovers and scores of other pointless progress markers and exchange items, the actual fun part is drowned out.
  • Mostly I’m Very Old 5/5

    By 0: o: 0: o: 0:
    I’ve Been Playing this game when I was 6 or 5 eh eh kinda near that but I’ve been listening to faded and the spectre Like when I was 4 years old Heh this I will give this app a 5 stars Spence I got back to this game I used to be like a superstar or master but I lost all progress but it all fine all great and smooth just bits of lag and some bugs so I would really like for the creator to fix the bugs and lag I’ll almost be you oldest player so shout out to piano tiles for making this game really helpful 👋👋👋 gotta go Now byeeee!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Skullgirlslovingcake
    Cluttered, ad-ridden mess i hate nothing more than when I op out of a “watch this Ad to double your earnings” and i’m forced to watch an Ad right after. Jesus christ.
  • So many adds 1/5

    By Mmm222335566
    I used to play piano tiles 2 I enjoyed so much. Now whenever I click on sections like music or store i see adds its really annoying. There were not so much adds before.
  • I AM AN EGG! 5/5

    By I'M AN EGG!
    I AM AN EGG!
  • Too many adds! 3/5

    By I hate ticktok adds!
    Almost Every single time you complete or fail on a song it gives you an add. Enough with the Tiktok adds!
  • Work on your ads 5/5

    By ronnianne
    The only thing I have to say is that the game is really good but the ads could be better me personally I think that the ads should give you a real feel of the game but this ad doesn’t but everything else is perfect.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By cool_dude478
  • This is stupid🤦‍♂️😐😤 1/5

    By LoadingPleaseWait...
    Honestly if you do play the game which I recommend you don’t, when you play the game it asks you “do you want double just watch a vid” mine as well click it because if you don’t you’ll get an ad anyway and plus you practically have to play the same songs over and over agin just to unlock a new one and that’s no fun it takes a long time if you want an actual good piano game download magic piano or dream piano they don’t have as much ads they have good songs and it’s easy to unlock other songs I’m disappointed in this game🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😐😤
  • Too many adds!! 1/5

    By Veronica Malachowicz
    this game is super fun to play... but after every round i have to get a stupid add and it just ruins the fun in the game because if i accidentally touch my finger on the wrong key then i have to watch an add all over again. DONT GET THIS APP IF YOU HATE ADDS!!!!!!!!
  • Went too far 2/5

    By EmmerDoodle
    I remember when I had android and I loved this game. The problem is that they got modern music, modern music aren’t meant for pianos. And what about the pop ups and the transition?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GAME IT WAS SO RELAXING!!
  • Hey it’s good but.... 4/5

    By nummytummy12546
    Ok first you need to settle down with the ads.ITS WAY TOO MUCH!!!!second,song requests,I got some!What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong,You need to calm down by Taylor Swift,and more pop songs on the billboard.3rd is thanks for adding Alan walker.But I was thinking that one day you just made all the albums for 100 clovers.I still like this game but please fix the game
  • Ads 2/5

    By adtaker#1#
    After two day of playing this game I have wasted 30 minutes of my life watching ads this game has way to many
  • Yo lo quiero infinito 5/5

    By V. Romo
    Ya no es infinito
  • Ads 1/5

    By Aries...Plays
    There are way to many ads!!!
  • Ugh 3/5

    By Full of quack
    I used to love this game, I love classical music! But all these ads.... I mean it’s a lot, got really annoying.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By matt199797
    Adds pop up every 10 seconds literally... and they keep pressuring you to pay 4.99 to remove the pop up adds.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By m hinker
    It’s very musical and fun 🤗
  • It's good but... 4/5

    By wazzzup???
    I like the game except that some stuff you have to buy
  • Only Ads...barely any game play 1/5

    By Iliketycoons
    Okay so. I just had FOUR ADS in a row. Without even touching anything. It's annoying. So PLEASE if u LOVE ads download this game.
  • Ads 1/5

    By zak32145
  • Too much ads 3/5

    By dhhddhhdh
    Ads ruin the game
  • Nooooooo 3/5

    By eore22
    What the hell it’s only been an year since I had this game and everything I loved about is gone !!!😭 like now you can only play on the tiles once you finish all 3stars I miss the way where we were unstoppable on pressing on the tiles. And it was an continuous of fun where we would tap on tiles and get an thousand and more , probably many more . Why change !,but now we can only stop because it ended I hate it . I’m sorry this is probably and upgrade and it’s an horrible one in my point of view . Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and when I first got this game there’s no add what so ever!!!!!

Piano Tiles 2™ app comments

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