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PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker

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  • Current Version: 1.9.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker App

GIF & Sticker Maker from PicsArt is the most powerful and comprehensive animated GIF generator in the App Store, providing you with everything you need in one place to create awesome animated GIFs. PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker makes it easy to create GIFs from scratch by capturing images and videos with the in-app camera, or to combine images, videos, and GIFs into one. Customize your GIF by adding animated masks, effects, stickers, and text, and then share your creations with the world—all without ever leaving the app. To get started, combine any form of media—photos, GIFs, and videos—to create your GIF. With a library of animated masks and stickers and the ability to search and import from Giphy, there are an endless number of ways for you to customize your creation. Apply different filters and effects, and add text and captions using a variety of different fonts. When you’re done, export your GIF directly to your PicsArt gallery so it can be discovered by our community of millions of creatives, or share it directly to your favorite social networks. The PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker app includes: -In-app camera for recording videos or capturing images in burst mode -Ability to combine images, videos, and GIFs into one animated gif -Library of animated stickers & ability to download from Giphy -Unique animated masks -Awesome effects and filters -Ability to add texts and captions using different fonts -Share to PicsArt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, and WhatsApp Support email: [email protected]

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PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker app reviews

  • USED to be great! Unfortunately... 1/5

    By ForevermanRome
    ...for some reason, the TEXT function all of the sudden stopped working! The block goes up but the actual TEXT is invisible! VERY disappointing!
  • Good, but could be improved. 3/5

    By lenabelle013
    PicsArt is my favorite photo editing app so I was very excited to find out they had also done one for gifs. There aren’t really a lot of good apps for gif editing/combining and I find myself using websites rather than actual apps, so again I was very excited. But, sadly, it turned out not to have the features I was hoping it would. Overall, the app is pretty good, they have the right idea with the gif combing and the filters. Though I do hope in the future they add more features. Like for example; more options for resizing gifs to fit each other and perhaps even allowing users the option to edit individual frames. I’ll be keeping it for a while and hoping for a future update. It has a lot of potential.
  • shame 2/5

    By TDragonIris13
    its okay just wish it didn't blurr the gif. :[
  • Yep 1/5

    By Shakya Good
    Apple is horrible and this app confirms it.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By aN108!
    Every time I click or restart it just exits out
  • Best option 4/5

    By 😊😥😂💇
    I struggled finding a decent app to make gifs on and this was by far the best I’ve found. I usually use GIFY but it’s not working lately, so I was in the market for a new app and could find absolutely nothing that wouldn’t make me pay after one or two downloaded, or just didn’t have the features I was looking for. I would have given it 5 stars but the quality of the gifs could have been better. But over all definitely good enough!
  • Lies 1/5

    By King of Doritos
    The screenshots are full of lies. None of these effects exist. My IOS editing software built into my phone does better.
  • Not all images made it... 2/5

    By death2lois
    I tried 6 images in a GIF, and 1 got cut out. So I tried 5 images and 1 still got cut. Same with 4. The images ended up being blurry as well. I deleted this app quickly.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By batwomayne
    Used to be the best. Added watermark making it unusable. So annoying and sad
  • PicsArt v GifsArt 1/5

    By VanxWagon
    I am subscribed for a full year to PicsArt, and I love the program. GifsArt is a long way from PicsArt. Not only does the app crash on occasion but I certainly don’t think it gets the love PicsArt does. The app distorts my pictures, drops the quality, and does always keep speed on my gifs. On occasion the gif skips from one speed to another and doesn’t hold a consistent speed in its final download. The app needs a lot of help, when you put stickers on the gif they tend to distort and overspeed. Please take a look at the app and give it some love like PicsArt!
  • Very nice 5/5

    By SH/-\RK
    Very nice
  • The stickers no longer work when added. Please fix this. Thank you 2/5

    By Mishr69
    Please fix the stickers not working! They don’t animate correctly after added & saved
  • Needs a little bit more options and animations come out kind of choppy. 2/5

    By XxBlanc NightxX
    This app is great! But maybe I can suggest for you to add an option to add stickers from the photo album too. For the sticker animations come out kind of choppy when you add them from Giphy.
  • Needs to remove watermark 2/5

    By Hakuri777
    The app was and is kinda good until they added the watermark which ruins my gifs and memes
  • Could have been cool 3/5

    By V0406
    The magic feature is really cool but it's super annoying how it doesn't work!! First of takes you to PicsArt Video app to add the magic effects but once you wait the allotted time it just goes out of whack! It takes you to the home page of the App Store and then it crahes(???) or resets the app to the camera/video selection thing where you start an edit in that app. And if you try returning to this app, GifsArt it's not there either? It only worked once and I have no idea how. This is very irritating, the feature is very cool but it doesn't operate properly 99% of the time. Please fix it-_-
  • Good idea 1/5

    By cherish eve
    The animated gifs don't work. They just glitch out :( would give 5 stars if fixed!
  • Don't like the new design 3/5

    I still give this 3 stars because it's pretty useful for editing a gig, but the redesign is not my type of style. Maybe add themes, otherwise I won't be using this app much more. (I had to update my phone so I'm stuck here with this theme :( )
  • Good app until watermark was added 3/5

    By Photoisu
    I quite enjoyed the app and often recommended it. However recently a watermark started being added to the images, making them unusable for my needs.
  • Great App For Creating GIF Art, But Needs Improvement... 4/5

    By waterthief
    I love this app for making my own little GIF artworks to post on instagram, but it could use a couple improvements: 1. Please add a way to go recall previously-used GIF stickers and sticker search terms, which would make things much easier. 2. Please add a way to create my own animated GIF text phrases that I can use in my GIF art. 3. Please add a rudimentary layer system, like in photoshop. That would dramatically increase the creative options. 4. Please add a way to add my own sound or music to a GIF. I want to be able to add my band's music to a GIF for posting on instagram, so this would be nice. 5. Finally, please allow a way to adjust the height and width of chosen GIF stickers. Often, the chosen stickers are warped after downloading. Having this feature would enable users to correct for this "warping" effect. Otherwise, great work on this handy app!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Alexmuri770
    Thanks love it love it
  • Works about 25% of the time 2/5

    By Gnome2232
    Half of the short clips I want to make into gifs get cut off. The app is terrible at doing the one thing it claims to be great at.
  • Seems like a copy of GeoGif 1/5

    By Dean1G1
    GeoGif is a better version of this app.
  • Great 5/5

    By farismismar
    Exactly what was missing. Thanks for building this great app.
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By E34367
    I love this app a whole lot but it'd be nice for more masks and the option to use our own gifs instead of just searching them up!
  • good compared to other apps 3/5

    By Ellastitz
    when I saw this I was really happy. I love picsart and have tried many gif apps that are horrible. This does give me a watermark but it is tiny and easily edited out. Haven't noticed any bugs yet.
  • Good one but... 3/5

    By Sami061209
    The main issue is, I cannot cut and select the part of the video that I want to make a GIF of. The app automatically selects the whole video. No issues while making a GIF using photos. Otherwise it would be a great app!
  • I like it but... 3/5

    By Sarah12349
    I like this app and the idea of it but it can crash when doing some things like adding a filter. Other than that I like the app👍🏼
  • Super easy to use 5/5

    By Diamond Trojan
    This app is awesome!!! It is super easy to use, it makes great gifs, and it has a bunch of media share options. I would highly recommend this app.
  • Good App 4/5

    By NerdGirlJas
    I really love this app. It's so easy to use. But it keep crashing every time I try to use a filter. Also take too long for my Gifs to load so I can save them.
  • Really 2/5

    By NoFear619
    Once its downloaded and saved it only last 3 sec and it only moves once or twice really really slow so what u see before u download is not what u get. And i had the speed for it all the way up
  • Love it but crashes every 2 secs :( 2/5

    By 1234 upset :(
    It worked perfect the 1st time now it crashes if I load a video or add a fx or a mask or basically anything even get the whole thing done and go to save and it says oops and I say AAAAAAHHHHHH! bc I have to start over :( spend some time working on this too make it run smooth like pics art!!!
  • It's a Good App 4/5

    By Smiley3635
    Needs more Effects that's not boring, It did the job needed for me... It's worth the download
  • Oh my gash 5/5

    By MobinArN
    It was perfect
  • Not bad 4/5

    By xGwenFlynnFletcherx
    Could be improved. But thank god it's one of the best free gif maker apps on here. Better than 5seconds gif app for sure
  • Good, but...... 3/5

    By Wackoh
    It won't connect with my Facebook account to share my gifs. It takes me to a log in page for Facebook, I do so, and the same login page pops up again. Over and over.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kpopperllama
    So good
  • Crashed my iPhone 1/5

    By Steht dd
    Crashed my iPhone 5s and I had to do a hard restart 😡
  • Great 5/5

    By Know_self_first
    I was sold when I found out I could make live picture wallpapers out of videos I already had on my phone. Must have app!
  • Love it but needs to improve more! 4/5

    By Highperez
    The app needs to be great with infinity Frames per second, a mode crop, rotate, flip and sizes. please no watermark just in case!!! 👍
  • Good but... 5/5

    By RipJaw64
    Every thing is great and all but what they need to add is other people's accounts so we can see there gifs
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Davood Abdollahi
    Great GIF making app.
  • Make it slower 4/5

    By WatsonDavis
    Awesome app! Although the "slow" speed setting is not slow enough. For my specific use case, I need at least 1 to 5 seconds between frames. Otherwise, this is a wonderful app!
  • Amazing gif maker 5/5

    By MineCraft Guy 27
    With GifArt, you can make any amount of photos from your camera roll into a somewhat slideshow type of gif. It works beautifully and even allows to put things like text, filters, and masks in your gif. The only downside I could find is that there is a cap of how long you can make a gif, but it makes up for it by being able to control the speed that your gif plays. Great app, 5/5 stars.
  • I know it's a fairly new app, but tools are very limited. 3/5

    By Russell stAr 5
    It's good for what it is, but compared to the PicsArt app, there's a lot to be added. Firstly, there are very few FX effects, of which aren't nearly as customizable or adjustable as the PicsArt app. There is also no Draw tool, although there is good reason. If Draw was added, I would recommend to have two types: frame-by-frame and constant. Frame-by-frame is drawing that is done to each frame at a time, a useful tool for consistency would be to give an option to show a transparent copy of the past frame over top of the current frame being drawn on. For the constant drawing, the drawing made lingers over the entire or specific frames of a gif. A small complaint I have otherwise is that the maximum limit of frames in a gif is only 15, which is a bit too short. Another small problem is that a pre-existing gif only takes up one frame in the finished gif, and causes the rest of the gif to play incredibly quickly, even on the slowest speed. My final complaint is how long it takes to load textures, maybe it's necessary, but it seems too long. Anyway, you guys are doing good other than those small problems, and great job on the PicsArt app. Hope you consider my thoughts, thanks!
  • It's good but 5/5

    By Savanna15
    Can you please fix the bug when it shows falling instead of the gif you expected ;-;
  • Thanks for listening and removing the Watermark 5/5

    By Hipstian
  • Good Application 5/5

    By Boylay
    Good idea
  • blah 1/5

    By Jonk Plonk
    worst gif app
  • Wouldn't work with WeChat 1/5

    By Xiache
    Hope it does. Thx

PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker app comments

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