Pigeon - NYC Public Transit

Pigeon - NYC Public Transit

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  • Current Version: 2.0.5
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Pigeon - NYC Public Transit App

Pigeon helps New Yorkers avoid delays, crowds and other public transit disruptions with real-time, crowdsourced updates and departure times for the subway, bus, train, and ferry. We’re THE app for locals who are tired of unexpected delays or service changes and want to escape the crush of the rush-hour crowds. We bring you the most real-time info on public transit straight from the source: people riding on public transit, right now! 5-STAR USER REVIEWS “My fave transit app.” "This has quickly become my go-to app for commuting!” "I get notifications from this app about delays, service changes, etc. the second they happen.” "Mixture of Waze and subways together!" “Great community of people that look out for one another.” “A crowdsourced future!” WHY USE PIGEON 1) Choose the best route: get all the real-time info you need to choose the best route on public transit. 2) Get home faster: save your commute information and receive notifications in advance of your departure about delays, reroutes, issues, and weather conditions. 3) Know about issues first: get notified about public transit issues you care about sooner. 4) Be part of the best community: be part of our Transit Heroes community--a group of riders that report observations and/or incidents to make the ride better for everyone. TOP FEATURES * Commute Notifications: We warn riders about issues they may want to avoid before commuting. * Transit Alerts: Keep Pigeon on your phone and to be in the know about major disruptions. * Send ETA: Tell your friends and family when you’ll arrive (and warn them about delays)! * Accurate Duration Estimates: Transfer wait times are included in our estimates to give the most accurate ETAs. * Crowdsourced Route Status: We use data available from the MTA as well as crowdsourced data to update route statuses. * Real-time Train Crowdedness: If someone reports a crowd on a train, you’ll be able to see this at stations ahead. * Pigeon avatars: Earn points for reporting and get to earn new NY-themed avatars. CITIES New York SYSTEMS WE SUPPORT Subway, Bus, Rail, Ferry COST Pigeon is FREE and available on iOS.

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Pigeon - NYC Public Transit app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By RndToretto
    Just when you thought life couldnt get simpler, you get this app, now i can die in peace
  • Not optimized for iPhone SE 2/5

    By Tinfoilparachute
    Some features, such as writing and submitting comments are hard or impossible to use on smaller screens. Clearly, it was built with larger screens in mind, and people who prefer to use smaller devices are ignored.
  • Okay 2/5

    By HVNYC37
    Good app overall, but the Activity function never works. It just keeps loading and loading, even if I filter it to just the subway line I care about.
  • Could not try 1/5

    By seb667
    Good idea,but I was not able to try. I tried to set up home and work address in setting, but there is not back button after I change time for commute. Please fix this bug
  • Pigeon Transit - Actually Improves Subway Rides 5/5

    By KevinK!
    It’s hard to make commuting on the subway (or LIRR, PATH, NJ TRANSIT, Buses, etc.) an enjoyable experience, however I’ve found Pigeon Transit consistently provides the most up to date real time data not only regarding if things are running on time, but where to find seats on the trains, which platforms are overly crowded, etc. This is primarily driven by their strong community of users, quirky and fun, who post notifications for other riders - crowd sourced updates with the humor and sarcasm of hardened NYC metro area commuters. Definitely recommend for both commuters and tourist who are trying to make better sense of the NYC transit systems!
  • Must download 5/5

    By Fuegobravo
    Dope app ... Definitely my go to app for the MTA which says a lot because the MTA has its own app ... I like the point system it gives people a reason to update any delays ( for some reason I’m still at zero but I do unlock profile pictures idk) would be cool to click on others profiles if not anonymous... I see a lot more potential for this app keep up the great work
  • Re: Report 5/5

    By cookie 363
    I u c something become a pigeon. Nice!
  • En español por favor 5/5

    By NàíítDžż🦋
  • Very Helpful for Subways 5/5

    By noblerinthemind
    I’m an iOS developer. Three years ago I tried to make an app that crowd sourced subway delays. It never happened. Glad I didn’t because this is better than anything I would’ve done. The push notifications are great and let me know if my nearest trains are running. The interface is simple and intuitive and the app looks great. Good job! P.S. - please add a widget!
  • Not Accurate At All 1/5

    By Mega93
    This app doesn’t pick up on express routes or bus stop closures and it’s times are incredibly inaccurate.
  • Nice. Includes path schedule 🙏🏻 5/5

    By bobbysam19900820
    Happy w the app. Wish it had more users updating tho. The path addition is great since I don’t have to rely on a separate app. Woooo
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By stevenwithaj
    This gives real time data and comments to help you understand what your getting into
  • So far to go to be good 1/5

    By LuckysClub
    If you want a lot of misleading info on NYC transit, this is the app for you. The app is full of erroneous info and annoying operations. It’s just generally hard to access useful info. For example, if you’re looking at Fifth Ave bus lines, which all go Southbound because the street is one way, and you tap on a line number for detailed info, the app shows details for the Northbound lines that run on Madison Ave. makes no sense.
  • Best of the Best 5/5

    By Bananahs
    Definitely one of the best NYC transportation apps I’ve used. The live reviews are so much more helpful! Thanks pigeon!
  • Bad data 1/5

    By Justinamarks
    Had an issue with settings that’s been resolved but lately it’s been giving inaccurate data—not knowing when lines aren’t running, giving overly complicated routes. The result is it makes an already difficult to navigate subway system harder to navigate. Bottom line: accurate directions in NYC are a must. This app fails in that basic task.
  • Used to be great. 2/5

    By csv94
    Was my fav app now I can’t even click into the directions without crashing ... please fix
  • Clean design and accurate 5/5

    By Cambero
    Great app. The UI is clean and not too clutter, very intuitive. It is also much faster than the competition. Great all around.
  • Awesome update! 5/5

    By Tessawee
    The original version of this app was good, but it always took forever to load and could have used some improvements to the UI. The newest update (Sept 2019) is AMAZING!!! Sooooo much faster than before and the maps quickly load so you can see arrivals for all the trains in your area. I use this app every single day since the arrival times are barely visible at my station and I recommend it to any NYers - tourists AND residents!
  • The recent version gets me back to the market to look for a good app 1/5

    By MoranL
    I know where I’m going I don’t need any sort by time of arrival And I couldn’t care less about how crowded subways are - when I need to take it I just take it The new UI is so confusing and doesn’t help me to see when is my next train Bummer
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Chrisemanuele
    This app is amazing! I commute to the city every day from Staten Island and this is the most accurate, convenient app I’ve ever come across for commuting.
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By llz1002
    Many places can’t find!
  • I usually don't leave reviews but 5/5

    By Ronnie212
    I saw your add on the subway and downloaded and loved it! Mixture of Waze and subways together . There are a ton of NYC subway apps and there's also Google maps but this one is different and unique . Loving the updates of subway closures! A few bugs and lag here and there but that can be fixed. Keep up the good work!
  • Dope 5/5

    By Drew Willz
    Great community of people that look out for one another
  • My fave transit app 5/5

    By just let me post this thing
    If you live in NYC, you know that depending on the MTA daily is frustrating and confusing. Pigeon gives you the option to depend on other New Yorkers (for information, at least). I get notifications from this app about delays, service changes, etc. the second they happen. With the features like the daily commute notifications, my husband and I can plan when to leave our apartment to get to work on time. And we all know that just because the MTA says certain lines are working or not delayed it doesn’t mean everything is running correctly. Pigeon will give you way more specifics (2 min delay, busy station, train skipped station, etc.). Could go on and on. Love it!
  • Best game 5/5

    By sancheas
    This game has saved me a lot of time and helped me avoid the car that had a guy with a cup of pee
  • Good but map zooming is very slow 3/5

    By julia722_
    I love this app and it has a lot of great features but the developers need to the improve the map pinch zooming. It’s so slow and it freezes sometimes. It’s such an important aspect of the app so it kinda ruins the experience all around
  • Pigeon 5/5

    By jdgekdkdu
    Nice app 👌
  • Widget 5/5

    By Hi I'm a Mac
    A widget for nearby trains/times would be 👌
  • Can’t find my location 3/5

    By seanpalxy
    This app doesn’t provide information on bus going in different directions. It did b4, but now...nada
  • A crowdsourced future! 5/5

    By #1 Movie Critic
    It’s great being apart of this community. Pigeon’s crowdsourced data helps me find out what’s going on with NYC transit faster than any other app!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Tehc's Reviews
    I love this app because it’s fun to report issues and then get points. I get really competive and I really really really want the subway king profile pic.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By notascoolasirony
    I love this app! Seeing all the delays helps me decide which line to use when I have more than one option. I like that it places delays and repairs at the top of the info when you look for directions, which has saved me once or twice when I forgot about upcoming track maintenance. And I LOVE that I can actually help someone if I want to complain about train delays, which is a lot more useful than just venting on Twitter. I would love to see the option to map out multiple stops, so I could plan out all my errands at once. My one complaint is that my saved places don’t seem to work very well. Other than that, I’m very happy with it. :)
  • Everything I Need 5/5

    By BlueAqua
    As someone who lives between three train lines (one being the L) it’s *really* nice to see the real time location of trains to know which commute I should take.
  • Be careful of this app 1/5

    By Artiste212
    They only allow sign in with Google, and say that if you do so, their app and website will share information about you. But they don’t say exactly what. Sorry, I’m not giving them location data and personal identification info. I’m deleting this app and using Transit.
  • Annoying UI forces you to use google 1/5

    By John Spuler
    The UI has tons of actions hidden behind a signin screen. Want to change your username? Want to change your profile pic? Exploring an application for the first time and just clicking around? You HAVE to get a google account. I’m not signing up for google out of principle. Time to delete Pigeon.
  • Great app for NYC residents 5/5

    By Denman1998
    A must-use app for NYC residents. It’s much more catered for transit in the NYC metro than google maps, and has features only something this focused could have.
  • M line doesn’t go up the 2nd ave Q line 4/5

    By rishkapdotcom
    Only complaint is that the app shows trains stopping at stations that are either after-hours/weekend stops only or are routes that are used when trains are rerouted during construction, even when the trains are operating under normal service. For instance, the M does not go on the F line north of rockefeller center and it definitely doesn’t go up the 2nd ave line to 72nd or 86th street except for some weekend service. The app should know which lines are operating at which stops and when. An inexperienced commuter would be easily confused by the way the lines are presented in the app.
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By hnoman
    So awesome!!
  • A real helping hand in NYC 5/5

    By Aby156
    This app is getting better and better and is a real help traveling in NYC.
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By tony__bsloney
    Hangs on splash animation. Hitting get started button does nothing.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By BryanCE2812
    They need a option “notifications of transfer”
  • Buggy 3/5

    By tnkucomagain420
    Hangs on verification screen for me
  • Best commuting app in NYC 5/5

    By Shauna0420
    So easy to find delays and I love the sharing option when I’m on my way to meet with friends. Amazing job!!
  • Other login types 1/5

    By Phuncky
    I don’t have a google account so no way for me to log in here. Useless at this point.
  • Made its way onto my home screen 5/5

    By Mllecait
    So useful for finding about delays - hundred times better than mta itself
  • Make multiple routes available please 3/5

    By Leah Lee C
    As someone who works multiple jobs, I would love an option that lets you add multiple work place and home address and adjust each days commute with point a to point b
  • Pigeon is the 🐐 Subway App. 5/5

    By Hot Karl Peterson
    I highly recommend this app if you commute often, have more than one subway line near your place, or transfer trains regularly at busy stations. It provides real time options to make sure you arrive on time and with less frustration! Three straight days, and three straight saves by Pigeon Transit when commuting from Brooklyn to meetings at Lincoln Center and Midtown East. Example: pigeon alerts me that L is having issues so I seamlessly audible on my walk subway and head toward the J train. At Essex st station, I intend to hop on the F, but F is stuck in BL due to mysterious issue (as noted by rider feedback) even though screens say it’s 5 min away, so I tweak the plan and catch the M to west 4th and the A at west 4th to arrive for meeting on time and not 10 minutes late. The app makes the subways come alive on the map and feel like they are working for me, not constantly letting me down... Get this (free) app on your phone!
  • A Must for Every Commuter 5/5

    By MadMisterSmiley
    I use it at least once a day, to check my usual trains to see what fresh Hell awaits me, or if I have to detour thru the malebolge.
  • Yo babes download this 5/5

    By Tim Cox
    It’s so good. You’ll be Pigeon famous in no time. Get in on the ground floor. My commute is better because of this app 100%

Pigeon - NYC Public Transit app comments

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