Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom

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  • Current Version: 36.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pikmin Bloom App

Grow your Pikmin, make flowers bloom, and keep track of your precious memories, all through the simple act of walking. Whether you’re going for a short walk around the corner or commuting to work, today’s the very first day of the rest of your Pikmin adventures! Gather your squad and embark on a journey of rediscovery where every step counts. _______________ Walk to grow more Pikmin. Pikmin grow from seedlings with every step you take. Once they are big enough, pluck them out to have them trail along. The more you walk, the more Pikmin will join your squad! Walk to make flowers bloom. Collect flower petals from your Pikmin’s heads and plant them as you walk to leave trails of beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere you go. Walk to log your memories. At the end of the day, check out your step count along with the path you walked, and revisit the pictures you took throughout the day. Don’t forget to send your Pikmin out on expeditions to pick up the fruit and seedlings you passed on your way back home! Lots of Pikmin to meet. There are seven types of Pikmin in total, and all of them have their own unique characteristics. For example, some can fly, and others are incredibly strong. When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring back a gift with an item that will help them become a Decor Pikmin. Tackle challenges with Pikmin. Nearby mushrooms are a great way to get lots of fruit. When you come across mushrooms blocking your path, you can send your trusty Pikmin squad to charge forth and make way. _______________ With the player’s permission, Pikmin Bloom uses the Apple HealthKit to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed. Notes: - This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets. - Compatible with iPhone® 6s or higher devices with iOS Version 12 or later installed. (iPad not supported) - It is recommended to play while connected to a network (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE) in order to obtain accurate location information. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks. - Enabling Apple HealthKit permissions is necessary in order for Pikmin Bloom to accurately track your steps. - Compatibility information may be changed at any time. - Information current as of December 8, 2021. - Not compatible with jailbroken devices. - Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices. - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. - Some functions require support for the following services: ARKit - For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use a device with at least 2 GB of RAM. If you are experiencing frequent problems such as device crashes or delays while using the Pikmin Bloom app, please try the following troubleshooting steps. Close all apps except the Pikmin Bloom app while you are playing. Use the most recent operating system available for your device. If the problem persists, please check the iOS troubleshooting guide. If you continue to need assistance, please contact us with details. Note: Many devices that do not have a built-in data-network connection do not include a GPS sensor. In the event of mobile-data network congestion, such devices may not be able to maintain a sufficient GPS signal to play.

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Pikmin Bloom app reviews

  • Fun passive game though we need more 4/5

    By zzmoviecom
    Been enjoying this game since day one and it does motivate to exercise. However once u get to repetitive challenges there are no bigger magical happening, nothing new to get excited about. The game needs more. The gameplay loop has grown stale. We need bigger. The coin system is meh as there is nothing really good to spend it on. More petals? Seeds? Meh. I’m overstocked w that. Hurry up Pikmin 4. Now tie in a new console game to the app and that would take this to another level.
  • This game is Bussin 5/5

    By Cool242424
  • This game is amazing 5/5

    By ender chicken
  • Great App! 5/5

    By My Nickname or his?
    This is one of the best things to ever happen in my life. This app encourages me to get out and walk! BONUS - This app goes really well with the Niantic game Ingress!
  • Really good! 5/5

    By rat152153
    Great game! Reminds me of Pokémon Go in a good way. I love how your bond with the Pikmin plays a role in their performance and your scores. Only request: add some monsters like the original games. It would be fun to battle Bulborbs with other players.
  • Nice but consumes battery 1/5

    By Fractalisomega
    The game itself is nice and all, but when just opening the app causes my phone to drop 10% power in less than 3 minutes it’s extremely obvious this is not a game I’ll be playing out and about, which is sadly contrary to this game’s goal of getting you to walk more For me to even consider giving this game a better rating the battery drain issue with have to be fixed
  • Great 5/5

    By Daneizkool
    This game is a fun way to keep track of my steps and activity without being high maintenance
  • Great game 5/5

    By sadluna126
    I really love this game
  • 4.5 5/5

    By Cda613333
    Should be 4.5 stars as there needs to be some QoL updates like they do PoGo
  • The Great White North 2/5

    By Malkin767
    I live in the Great White North. By choice. I love Pikmin - one of my favorite IPs ever. But starting each day with a dismal reminder of the grey winter skies or the dangers of snow - frankly it’s depressing. Clouds keep us warm in the winter and snow brings opportunities for skiing and other fun. The dour outlooks might be fine for other locations where winter is not the norm, but for me they feel depressing when I’d rather start out celebrating the day. I’m sad to say, this app doesn’t inspire; it brings me down.
  • Very cute! 4/5

    By Vinnie ✨
    Just needs more to do. Maybe more pikmin variants
  • Pikmin motivation 5/5

    By PhylliJo
    I love this app. It motivates me to walk more and also to walk in different places.
  • Crashing Issues 4/5

    By Imsofancylikeyadude
    The app is fantastic! It encourages me to get out more and go new places. The Pikmin are super cute in their little outfits. The mood tracker has been good for my mental health, and it’s nice and simple. The main issue is that the app crashes a lot, especially when I’m sending and receiving postcards. I love seeing postcards from my amazing friends around the world, but every time I try to see what they’ve sent it crashes.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By 🦄VwolfWOOMY🦄
    Though I'm one of the only people who play this game in my city, it’s so fun to see all the flowers I’ve planted, this game gets me outside. Im lv 12 rn and can’t wait to get higher!
  • pinkmen 5/5

    By crustymeal
    funny little men carry out my bidding
  • Skip this game 1/5

    By Unhappy112233
    It is THE WORST game created, boring, unrewarding, if you need a pedometer there are Plenty out there. Pikmin Bloom had to be created by people that don’t play it, and like Wizards Unite will not last. Another crap game by Niantic
  • Meh 3/5

    By abianchetti
    I like the game and the idea but I don’t like that the flowers just disappear
  • Logging in/ signing up is weird 4/5

    By Vienna1969
    Jsut wanna note that you have to be over 13 to get the google log in a stuff… It was super confusing.
  • Makes you move 5/5

    By ultraviolet56
    This little game encourages me to get more steps. I love it! And it’s super cute as well.
  • Pikmin bloom 5/5

    By devyn reeves
    I been playing since the release of this game it’s fun thx
  • We need more! 4/5

    By ccd1928
    More to the game! I’m in a loop! I love Pikmin!
  • pikmin/10 5/5

    By NancybruhYT
    best game like up to the point that I might as well get pikmin 3 deluxe 😼 overall rating is 100/10 and or more
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Patzilla99
    For any Pikmin fans this game is a let down. Planting flowers and beating up mushrooms gets old fast. Also, the game only counts steps if the phone is physically shaken. I keep my phone in my shirt pocket, so I don’t get at least half my steps counted.
  • A lot of passive fun 5/5

    By LemonWolf
    I generally stop playing games like this that encourage everyday activity, but this one always brightens my day and helps me keep track of my steps (with the help of my Pikmin of course)
  • It’s great but I have a suggestion :) 5/5

    By kileeann0935815,$;!:
    The apps great and all but it’s kinda sensitive to speed which can be kinda annoying but it’s usually fun. Anyways I was think you could do school decor Pikmin like they have a book on their head or an Apple or glasses or holding a pencil, I don’t know just thought that’d be a fun addition.
  • I love this app so pls fix this small bug!!! 😫😩 4/5

    By Livvy74
    Hello, i just wanted to reach out and say I love this app but I have found a glitch when using the “Add memo” at the end of the day. I have made two entries so far. one deleted so I rewrote it. Now I’m seeing the other memo is a copy of the new one I made rather than it’s own original. I hope this could be resolved because I really do see myself using this app for a long long time if so. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if this gets fixed and adds a share feature at the end of the day I could put on different social media platforms it would be literally perfect
  • 🍀 5/5

    By Siri can you give me Doritos
    Fun and satisfying way to pass the time
  • Flowers wont plant 4/5

    By xsylum
    Ok so i don't know if this is a glitch but every time i plant flowers , it starts but after 4 seconds , flowers stop growing even though I'm not out of flower petals. But otherwise, the app is great.
  • It just keeps crashing lol 1/5

    By Dog1337pwnd
    After I connect my Nintendo acct, it fills the loading bar and crashes. Several app resets later and it’s the same. I can run POGO just fine, but if the game can’t run on anything later that ios 13 it could have at least said so? Kinda bummer. I like them lil pikmins
  • Great, but…. 4/5

    By JMurphy5200
    I love this game! I play it every day. I just wish I could check on it with my Apple Watch. It’d be awesome to see my counts when planting flowers especially with a quick look. Start and stopping planting would be awesome too.
  • Fun way to count steps 5/5

    By Ericgg002
    This game is so addictive since you don’t have to put much effort into playing it. You can turn your phone off and It can count how many steps you took which helps you progress through the game. Very addicting trying to get all the costumes for the Pikmin. I find myself wanting to walk around so I can get more Pikmin.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By cbluejay867
    Used to be fun but now it’s permastuck on the niantic loading screen. Tried everything to fix it but nope.

    By gala blue
    The app is still broken after last update. Won’t go past the Niantic / Nintendo screen. So sad I don’t know why this has happened. STILL AN ISSUE!!!!
  • Plz add more photo taking features 5/5

    By dddxxxddddnejdn11
    I want to take photos with Pikmin not just on the ground but also for the view and the sky etc. thx
  • It would not let me log in 1/5

    By allyson brann
    Until I figure out how to do it this review is staying
  • Better! 4/5

    By Jayblonde96
    They have fixed the original sign in problem I had when I first started to play but I have grown to like the game more each time. I play it when I am walking to get steps on my watch. It’s a cute little game when you are exercising because you get to plant the flowers.
  • I like the game, but there’s a small issue 5/5

    By Nolrem
    The game is lovely, plays well, and is fun, but there’s a small problem. When I send my Pikmin to blue mushrooms, they come back with fruit that doesn’t give blue nectar. Instead, it’s only white nectar. Please get this issue patched with the game because it would be nice to decorate paths with more blue flowers.
  • Love this game, please add more! 5/5

    By Samno911
    I loved the Pikmin Games, and this step counter is pretty good. I like this kind of game but I really want to see more Pikmin mechanics being added. Roaming enemies would be great, a fling mechanic when doing challenges, and more things to do in the game! Keep up the good work!
  • Bulbmin 4/5

    By Talidan87
    Honestly quite disappointed that Bulbmin aren’t in the game.But other than that I love this game.
  • Great job 5/5

    By Sony Millet
    This is my best game ever 😍🥰😘
  • When? 1/5

    By Bobjornson
    When will you let iPads without a step counter play and let us have a step counter? I am so mad. Just give us a chance.
  • Couldn’t have asked for a better game. 5/5

    By bl00kie
    Searching for an interactive game, where you can both get exercise and grow cute lil pikmin that follow you with a nonchalant but simple gaze? Then please, get Pikmin Bloom. It’s so rewarding to level up, get more seedlings (pikmin), and walk to pluck them! You can edit your Mii (a must-have if you’re like me), level up, gain more pikmin, and I love the Decor Pikmin too! It motivates me to bring Pikmin Bloom wherever I go. And I can’t forget the flowers; it’s so warming to see how other people have played the game and the ground is just flooded with flowers. So, please, make the best app purchase of your life and get Pikmin Bloom.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jetsdavid
    It makes me want to walk all the time so I can grow my Pikmin It is very fun and a great way to make you exercise and also cute. I soo recommend you download this app.
  • This App Is Amazing! 5/5

    By EnableWonder
    I think this app is AMAZING!!! At first I downloaded this app because I thought the little plants were adorable. However after opening the app and engaging in it, I realized it was so much more. You can not only use it to encourage you self to walk around in which you can grow adorable little plants. But, you can also journal on this app. At the end of the day, it tells you how many steps you have taken and where you all walked to and planted flowers ( which everyone in your community can see your flowers that you have planted as you walk which is so cool ). It also asks you how your day was and gives you the ability to write a short paragraph about your day. In this you can add photos so you can look back and remember what you did that day. So I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in journaling or even just cute little plants that follow you around :)
  • Get up and go! 5/5

    By redsideburnz
    Having a great time walking and exploring new areas in new ways. The game is a great motivator to get moving. It is fun to walk atound with your Pikmin squad and collect the different Decor for them. My whole family plays together and loves it!
  • Works great, really fun and underrated 5/5

    By Victoriawastaken
    Love this game and it’s fun to play with others Love taking pictures and journaling about when I travel or when I go outside. Also the accessories for pikmin are probably the best part of the game because they’re su cute and fun to collect!
  • Add enemies to this game! 5/5

    By goodname284
    I think this game is the best walker game I’ve ever played and compared to Pokémon go, this thing is god! However I would love to see some enemies to the game like the bulb orb, the hairy legged monstrosity and the winged flytrap? I know I got these names wrong. But if you defeat them maybe you could get lots of nectar or coins? This is just a suggestion but it would be nice for there to be the occasional bulb orb or tiny worm to be in the area. Thanks!
  • More features 5/5

    By f St g did gfjj in dh
    I would like more features like maybe a battle feature idk tho good game!
  • pikmin bloom 5/5

    By de_lor_ium