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Medisafe - Pill & Med Reminder

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  • Current Version: 6.1.1
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  • Developer: MediSafe Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Medisafe - Pill & Med Reminder App

NEW! Now you have the option of quickly and easily importing your meds and prescriptions using Health Records on iPhone from dozens of institutions in the US. Never forget to take your meds and pills again with the MUST HAVE pill reminder ranked #1 by pharmacists and physicians in independent tests. Be safe with your meds - Improper medicine use and dosage tracking leads to: • 50% of patients not taking medicines as prescribed • 125,000 deaths a year (one every 4 minutes) • 700,000 hospital visits a year • 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at the pharmacy With Medisafe you won't put yourself or your loved ones at risk by missing a dosage -- or taking a double dose because nobody tracked. Our mission is giving you the pill reminder tools, support and info you need to safely take pills. That's why millions of patients and non-patients have downloaded Medisafe, the top-rated medication manager and pill reminder for those who need reminders to take vitamins, meds, fertility drugs, birth control, and other medicines. This is the MUST HAVE med app seen on Fox TV, ABC, Mashable, Inc. Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Life Hacker, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and many more. Here's why: CLEAN & SIMPLE: Visual and easy medical manager to handle drug reminders. HEALTH APP INTEGRATION: Keeps track of your measurements and syncs them to HealthKit app: blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, pulse, temperature and in the US, medications from health records where available. REPORT SHARING: See your progress report and send it to the doctor or nurse as a visual informative PDF. FAMILY INTERACTION: Synchronizes the family's medicine pillboxes to one place, in real time. Manage your entire family from one account! MEDTONES: Various Medtones to make Medisafe playful and a great addition to your day: have Darth Vader, Dr Evil, Austin Powers, Elsa or your Nagging Mom remind you about your meds. COUPONS: Receive medication coupons and discounts to drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens Powered by GoodRx (Please note that the coupon and discount feature is US only). REMINDERS: Reminds you to take medication doses on time every time, even if your device is asleep. Medisafe has timezone support too! No need to worry while traveling, your reminders are always on time. REFILL REMINDER: Rx refill reminds you when you need to restock your prescriptions. PRN FRIENDLY: List PRN (on demand) medication. Pharmacists rank Medisafe #1 out of 461 apps they've tested, and MyVCM recognizes Medisafe for HIPAA privacy "best practices in managing security and compliance." Whether you are taking one drug dosage or more, you know how difficult it is remembering each pill on time. If you are a caretaker for a child, parent, or patient suffering from chronic pain or illness, you know how stressful it is not knowing for sure if your loved one took their medications correctly. Medisafe is free to download and use. Medisafe Premium upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited Medfriend supporters, unlimited family and friend profiles, access to 20+ health measurements, choice of a dozen Medtone reminder voices, ability to pick color themes and pillbox shapes, and no banner ads for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew at your monthly or annual rate unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal settings in the Account Settings after purchase. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: More info: FAQs: Pharmacists Rank Medisafe #1: Please don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]   Thanks, Medisafe Team

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Medisafe - Pill & Med Reminder app reviews

  • Thank you for this app! 4/5

    By cornhuskangel
    I can see what my pills look like and how many to take! I was having trouble because I am taking so many per day, some early and some later, that I was getting mixed up. And checking them off is helpful.
  • Keeps track of the medications for me! 5/5

    By Happy belly and customer!
    I love this app! I’ve downloaded the app for my family and they love it. Keeps track of medication adherence; and other measurements such as BP, wtg, etc. I recommend this app! 🌟
  • Big help to me 5/5

    By StavroulaS
    I must take supplements at different times of the day, some with food and some without food. This app reminds me to take my vitamins and supplements at the proper times so I don’t have to keep track of anything. Medisafe also reminds me to purchase more supplements before I run out. Medisafe works exactly as promised, and I am very pleased with it.
  • Latest version unusable as it doesn’t mark pulls as taken. 3/5

    By purplElephant
    Both my wife and I use this app to keep track each other’s medication. The latest update is failing to actually mark the pills as taken from the notification. It’s causing up to get false notifications to each other and I fear we will start ignoring them. This will negate the apps usefulness completely.
  • Latest update problem 3/5

    By TennorTuba
    I’ve used this app for a couple of years. Worked well. The latest update however has a problem. After Marking meds as being taken, it doesn’t clear. Hopefully they will fix it.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Kernian
    1) it does not allow for taking half a pill. 2) it is missing several of my conditions. 3) it does not let you add conditions. If it doesn’t have your condition in its database, there is no way to add a diagnosis. Your only option is to put in “unspecified.” I cannot comment on the remainder of the app because those issues are enough to have me looking for a different app.
  • Great on iPhone, not so great on the watch 5/5

    By Vlad.SI
    Clicking “Today’s Meds” on the watch brings the spinning wheel up which runs until the watch locks. After unlocking it comes back to the initial screen where you have to tap again on the “Today”s Meds” and... the same spinning wheel with no response. Still works as a reminder but not able to navigate inside of”Today’s” or “As needed” options... Update: the issues with Watch functionality have been resolved by Developer in the current version, changing my rate to 5 stars.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Algie
    Add full integration with iOS Health features. Provide graphical representation of data.
  • Broken Watch notifications 2/5

    By fbara
    The app does what it's supposed to do and it works reasonably well. Unless you have Apple Watch. When you get the notifications on the Watch and tap the Take button, the app doesn't register that you took your meds. It will keep reminding you over and over until you go to the iPhone and tell it you took your meds. This is a terrible defect. I wrote their Support team about this a few months ago. They acknowledged the bug but it still hasn't been fixed. I don't recommend using this app if you have a Watch.
  • Apple Watch notification problematic 2/5

    The time to take medications Apple Watch notification only worked one time and that was at the initialization of the app. I have an I Phone X latest IOS AND APPLE 4 Watch latest IOS. Very disappointed and getting ready to jettison the app off my platforms and close out my account.
  • Why? 3/5

    By NikiFalcon
    I really like this app and I thought it was awesome that for thanksgiving we could upgrade and have all the new voices, but I discovered that you can only be yelled at by Morgan Freeman so many times before it gets annoying. I’ve tried to change to other voices and tones and it keeps switching itself back to Morgan Freeman. WHY?? Is my phone possessed by Morgan Freeman or is it your app? HE WONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! PLEASE HELP ME!
  • PDF report needs improvements! 3/5

    By RodrigoND
    Very nice and simple app! However, once I sent a report to my doctor and when I checked it, it had a wrong entry... Besides, the app should allow the selection of the medications I want in the report, and the selection of the medications assigned to a specific doctor (it only let me choose one or all of them!). The meds presentation in the PDF “calendar” isn’t practical, too...
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By HarleyCinnamongal
    In an effort to better control my diabetes and medications, I tried several apps and this is by far the best one out there. I love the medication reminders and now take all my medications on time and never miss a dose, even when I get busy. I also have some issues that need monitoring and the measurements function is perfect for this and I have all the information in one place for my doctor visits. I highly recommend this app for anyone that wants to take control of their health!
  • Nice app but poor export 2/5

    By ChrisTow3
    This app is nicely setup and easy to use however a health app that stores your health info should be transparent about data storage and should provide a comprehensive export of at least the supplements and medications you have taken - the export of taken supplements only goes out to a year at most which is ridiculous.
  • Great 5/5

    By dc5544
    I have seizures an have to take my meds and brain damage from motorcycle wreck an this helps me remember
  • Hard to do your own schedule 2/5

    By Musicfreak987656789
    This app is great for reminding you to take your meds, but I like to tell it what time to start the scheduling for the day. This app asks you first to input how many times a day you're going to take something and then it distributes the doses throughout the day, but if you don't stay up til like 12am, then you have to change the schedule on each med you're going to take so that it actually fits into your day. (Specifically for a small child, who is only awake about 12 hrs of the day). It should ask you, how many times a day starting at what time and ending at what time.
  • Too young?! 1/5

    By Joelzjr
    I wanted to make an account but the youngest it goes down is year 2000. That’s bull. That’s why I went to use the other medicine reminder apps. F you! I refuse to use your app until you support younger people too.
  • A great pill reminder. 5/5

    By Mr. CLTJr
    This is the app you need. With everything it does it is just wonderful. As someone who has had a stroke and forget even after 20 minutes to take my meds the reminders it has has allowed me to remember them. So with all of that I want to say Thank You for this great product.
  • One thing missing 4/5

    By Anderschase
    It would be five stars if I could get one thing fixed. I need to take pills once every for hours as needed. I set a schedule for every for hours. I slept past one of the time points and took the pills 2 hours late. It didn't adjust the next time automatically. I have to manually reset the entire schedule. It seems like it should have a way to slide the entire schedule back by the 2 hours that I delayed. If I'm missing something and it can do this, then it is five stars, but I couldn't figure it out.
  • Update font too tiny 3/5

    By rideevol
    Difficult to read update reports.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ltrio
    Unable to add a dependent unless I upgraded to premium. Then there is no way to link the defendants phone to mine or have them notified when it’s time to take meds. Advertising indicates this feature , there are videos on how great it is. No instructions how to link accounts. Family sharing doesn’t work. Wasted hours of my time trying to utilize features for my special needs children. Garbage !
  • Stop sending spam 2/5

    By RDjarling
    Signing up doesn't mean I want spam. Don't assume I do. Turn this off now please.
  • Not easy 3/5

    By VAyourself
    It easy to change time of meds
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Nytetears
    Very nice app the reminders are good and pretty flexible unless you want to turn them off. That could use some changes. Really nice app though 1) the watch app does not pop up to let you easily mark meds taken. You have to find and open it. Minor inconvenience really 2) some meds I want proper times set for but do. It want alerts for. You can not do this. IE my asthma maintenance inhaler. 2 puffs 2 x a day. I want that in the app but I do not want alarms/alerts for it. I have to set it to as needed to turn off the alerts. Very annoying
  • Stoped notifying me 1/5

    By Patrica3468732
    Very disappointed that this app did not function correctly. It worked fine for a week and I was super happy but it then stopped reminding me to take my pills I updated and everything and still nothing
  • Advertising push notifications 1/5

    By ilianaw
    Today in the middle of Thanksgiving in the US this app sent me a push notification that was an advertisement for gifting their premium service. This is completely unacceptable for an app entirely about notifications that people rely on to live.
  • Good but... 5/5

    By UB1
    It does not actually make a sound when it’s time to take your medicine. Otherwise it’s great.
  • Forgot my Medicine 1/5

    By Sleek and Fast
    It only reminded me twice and then never again so I forgot that I forgot to take it. Useless.
  • App does not reliably remind me 1/5

    By mutexlox
    I use the app to remind myself to take a 3x-daily pill, but it doesn’t reliably notify me. Initially it would only miss one notification a week or so but now it seems like almost every day a scheduled reminder just doesn’t send a notification. I sent an email to the developer but got no response. I want to love this app because the UI and features are great but if I can’t count on it to remind me to take my medicine it’s not usable.
  • Perfect Application 5/5

    By NJ Happy Patient
    I’ve been using this app for just a few days and it is slowly replacing the 2 other apps I’ve been using for years. I especially like the Appointments feature. Now all my doc appointments are on one screen. I no longer have to go out of an app to check a calendar. Every application in this app is a upgrade over the others I’ve been using. I’m ready to delete the other apps. My children already know to check this new app in case of a medical emergency. My Meds, Dosages, Docs all in one place.
  • I found a bug 4/5

    By spidermansweb
    Loving the app. Only issues I see so far unless I am doing it wrong is as follows. The alert keeps defaulting to “shaking pill box” and not Dr. Evil lol. Also I noticed that I input my insulin but the section indicating how much is left does not measure anything but “pills remaining” how is the app to remind me to get a refill if it cannot calculate my insulin in ml correctly.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Adeledonna
    This app is amazing. It keeps track of all my medication with varying time requirements. When you enter a drug it allows you all permutations of that drug and what it looks like. There’s also. choice to say whether you took the med and if you skipped. This allows you to always see time of last dosage. It also provided explanations of all drugs. GREAT APP!
  • Slow interface 2/5

    By JayShoup1958
    I have about 8 meds that I take twice per day. I have used this app for several months. Over that time I have found the app to become slower and slower to respond when marking a set of prescriptions as being taken. It is a good app other then this slow response time. Unfortunately this slow response has become an irritation. So I now I go looking for another workable app...
  • Erroneously says I’ve missed a dose 3/5

    By To Scan QR Code, Do This:
    Regularly erroneously tells medfriend I’ve missed a dose despite my having marked it as taken or having snooze it only twice. This is a very good app, but it needs improvements like being able to have more categories for diary entries, such as side effects. I can't figure out the algorithm for when it notifies my medfriend that I might have missed my meds. It seems that sometimes, if I snooze the meds twice, he gets notified. Other times, it seems like I can snooze the meds innumerable times without his being notified. Also, when I skip meds, it seems to me that he should be notified, but is he?
  • So helpful 5/5

    By brendee64
    I LOVE this app! I never miss my meds and I love the flexibility to change times. I suggested it to my mother. Great app for anyone who is busy and has a hard time remembering
  • Trying to figure out how to make an app suggestion 1/5

    By Rey&Dan
    How do you make a suggestion? I could always find it in the past.
  • Still having notification issues 3/5

    By kmjansenNCSU
    If you’re using this app to keep track of a loved one's mission critical medications using the "MediFriend" feature, you’ll get a missed medication notification if your loved one takes the medication prior to the schedule time — even if they've marked it as taken. This is dangerous because multiple false flags can lead one to start to dismiss the notifications (this is what happened in our household) which is not only dangerous but irresponsible. Aside from that, it works as advertised and is even really good at keeping track of supplements. The grouping of medications into morning, afternoon, and evening categories make for easy navigation; and the app will further group medications more granularly by time so that, for example, one can mark all 9 o'clock medications taken with one tap.
  • Early onset Alzheimer’s 5/5

    By ANS1954
    Recently diagnosed and being very proactive as I want to stay independent as long as possible. A friend help me set it up and it works like a charm! Set up an app that alerts me, as well as the machine itself. So I receive 2 alarms; one in AM and another in PM. PM are mostly supplements and didn’t fit. So I moved some to morning and got all to fit, which means I only have to take meds 2 times a day and the one machine works for all. For the money it’s helping me be independent and med compliant both! Glad I could handle all w one machine. Thanks to those who created this. It is helping to extend my independence!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By kgjngf
    Great app help me take my medicine on time and stay healthy. Omri from the company reached out to me to ask what I think about the app and I told them I really liked it but had a couple suggestions. They promptly responded and told me they passed on my suggestions to the developers. Thank you for taking the time to take my feedback into considerstion. That goes to show the team behind this app really cares about their users. My suggestions were to add more recognized medications and to provide an option to upload pictures of your medicine/have more customization over what your medicine looks like within the app. I think those additions would make this app perfect. Thanks medisafe.
  • Great until it stopped working 4/5

    By Otherwisely
    This app was exactly what I needed: nagging reminders until I took my meds. I forget easily and missing my meds can make me woozy. These past few days, the app’s gotten lazy and hasn’t reminded me. I checked the settings—it all looks fine. I don’t know what’s wrong but I can’t miss my meds. I guess I’m moving on to a new app.
  • Having issues 1/5

    By meowsers696969
    UPDATE: Issues on will not load at all and has not been able to since the update. Also at random times my notifications do not I have missed important medications when the app decides to randomly not work...... I have to take ADHD medication three times a day at 4 hour intervals. I have the medication set up for specific times, but when I take the first pill late, I have to reschedule the other two every single time. It would be amazing if I could just put in the time I took the first pill late, and then have the other two adjust automatically! I would also love for the notification to actually include the drug name without having to click to open the app. I would also love if you could add supplements and have the interactions show up. When you add your own supplement that isn’t listed in the system it won’t list the interactions. Aside from that, I LOVE this app. You can see any possible interactions for meds in your cabinet and read the side effects and info about each medication. It’s great!!
  • Could you possibly make it slower to open 3/5

    By KenYablonsky
    I like this app, but it has gotten to be soooo slow in opening. 30+ seconds tool open a simple dB related app is just ridiculous. Let’s please get this thing fixed ASAP.
  • Worst update 1/5

    By Figueiredo122
    Im using the app for about 8 months. It was fine but recently they upadted it and now i can’t check on the apps i already took. After the alarm sounds, the app just update it without my consentiment. I was happy before, when I had to open the app and check the pill as token.
  • Will not use again. 1/5

    By CyprusTrees
    I’ve used this app for many years. I even bought the premium version. It was the best app I had found for pill reminders. However, I will no longer use it and will advise everyone I know not to. For the past few months every time I open the app the time zone pop up shows. Each time I choose an option, it wipes the pills I’ve taken for the day. I had been in communication with customer support to try to fix it but they stopped replying to my emails. Now I can’t even contact them. I currently take upwards of 20 medications a day and desperately need a reminder app to keep them all straight. It seems that this is no longer that app.
  • Promo Ad Notifications?? Deleting 1/5

    By theConstructiveCommenter
    Why on earth am I now getting notifications that are promotional advertisements from Medisafe (such as are about getting the app for my family members or whatever)??? I set up notifications for reminders relative to my medications ONLY, and NOT promo ads. That is intrusive, inappropriate and unwanted. Plus it’s unstable, inconsistent - some reminders work intermittently, and it still does not have the flexibility that other apps have. DELETING. There are other apps that will work equally as well if not better - without the self-promoting ads. Prior review: It’s ok. Average app. Not flexible.
  • Make it work 1/5

    By Tilly_bean
    If this thing keeps going off extra times I am going to DELETE IT! It has one single function, to remind me to give my dog medicine and then STOPPPP!!! when I have clicked take all. It just keeps going off. Over and over and over. Thought the update would help, but it sure didn’t. I hope someone isn’t relying on this that has a really bad memory! I’ll have to find something else.
  • Notification sound 3/5

    By rainbowplanets
    Notification sound should be changed to not some Thing that sounds like pills. And/or have more options for notification sounds.
  • Great app 5/5

    By nony300
    I had surgery earlier this week and taking different pain meds. This has helped me keep track of when I’m taking everything and reminds me to take my meds.
  • Excellent. Would only add one thing... 5/5

    By Lumpyqwerty
    It’s well thought out and easy to use. If I could I’d add an option to have the alert “break through” when your phone is on silent the same way phone alarms can. But honestly pretty perfect overall!

Medisafe - Pill & Med Reminder app comments

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