Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

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  • Current Version: 3.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Neybox Digital Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker App

Sleep trouble? Sleep better with Pillow, your smart sleep assistant. Pillow can analyze your sleep cycles automatically using your Apple Watch, or you can use Pillow without an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone or iPad on the mattress near your pillow. Use Pillow as a smart alarm clock to wake you up at the lightest possible sleep stage and start your day refreshed and relaxed. Record important audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea and sleep talking. Explore trends about your sleep and compare your sleep quality with ten Apple Health metrics that affect sleep. Fall asleep faster with Pillow’s carefully selected sleep aid sounds and get personalized insights and tips about sleep using Pillow’s unique Snooze lab feature. Pillow has been featured in: The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, TechCrunch, MacStories and has been rated by many as one of the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Join the millions that have discovered the life-changing benefits of great sleep! AUTOMATIC MODE - Just wear your Apple Watch during sleep. Pillow will automatically detect and analyze your sleep - Sleep calendar: Pillow can detect sleep sessions from past dates. - View last night’s report on your Apple Watch or iPhone - Automatic sleep tracking does not require the Apple Watch app to be installed - Get your sleep analysis report automatically as soon as Pillow detects sleep. - Alarms & Audio recordings are not available in automatic mode MANUAL MODE - Track your sleep with your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad by pressing start when you go to sleep and pressing stop when you wake up. - Smart wakeup: Pillow will wake you up at the lightest possible sleep stage SLEEP & HEART RATE ANALYSIS - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research - View your heart rate graph overlaid on top of your sleep analysis graph - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics like time to sleep, time in bed and more LISTEN TO IMPORTANT AUDIO EVENTS DURING SLEEP - Records sounds during your sleep - Play, export or delete any audio recording COMPARE YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH APPLE HEALTH - Pillow updates Apple Health’s Sleep category automatically - Compare your sleep quality with many Apple Health categories that affect sleep SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Carefully selected wake up sounds - Select any song from your iTunes library to use as an alarm - Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep - Optional vibration settings (iPhone only) OPTIMAL BEDTIME - Pillow analyzes your sleep cycles and suggests the best time to go to bed. Pillow can notify you when your optimal bedtime approaches SNOOZE LAB - Personalized experiments & recommendations. - Regularly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep-related facts SLEEP TRENDS & STATISTICS - Explore your sleep history with Week, Month, Year and All Time overviews SECURELY BACKUP AND SYNCHRONIZE & EXPORT YOUR SLEEP DATA - Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices - Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps NAP MODES - Select between powernap, recovery and full cycle naps MOOD REPORTING & SLEEP NOTES - Track your mood when you wake up - Add your notes to every sleep session and discover how they affect your sleep quality PREMIUM FEATURES INCLUDE: (One-time purchase. No subscriptions or hidden fees.): - Unlimited sleep history - Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, sleep trends - Listen to your sound recordings - Nap Modes - Access to all wake-up melodies - Access to all sleep aid programs - Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips - Compare your sleep quality with Apple Health metrics - Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library - Database export in CSV format

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Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app reviews

  • Unneeded upgrade is annoying 1/5

    By denpete72
    Upgrade prompt is very intrusive
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By GiaV87
    The app said I was awake for hours in Orange and I was asleep the whole time. Nice concept but poor execution.
  • Lost data and now it drains my battery! 3/5

    By digidreamer
    This app has been amazing until the most recent update. Not only did I lose all of my data and pre-set sleep notes (and I’ve been using the app for over a year), but now it just kills my Apple Watch battery. I can go to sleep with 75% battery remaining and wake up to below 10%, which means it stops tracking and then tanks the accuracy of my sleep data. I tried turning off haptics and messing with the settings to save the watch’s battery power but nothing has resolved the issue. I’m so unbelievably disappointed in Pillow now but like other users have stated, I paid for premium and I have too much invested to completely walk alway. Such a shame. Please fix the app and the battery draining!!!
  • Great concept, needs bug fixes 4/5

    By harryweinervitz
    Functionality and navigation needs to improve. Minor things like swiping to see your sleep record, downloading sound clips not working (app crashes), and random glitches I’m sure will be fixed. Overall great concept and I will still use despite minor fixable flaws
  • phone started playing piano music?? 1/5

    By Losing Everything
    randomly in the middle of the night my phone started playing piano music which woke me up and i couldn’t solve the problem until i deleted this app don’t understand what was happening
  • Confusing 1/5

    By The Poor one
    I’m constantly searching for directions and once in a while I accidentally push the thing I need. So many things still don’t make sense. Have been using it for 2 weeks and just today this alarm thing came on the screen and there seems no way to get rid of it. I’m not interested in alarms. The phone has them if I need them. Giving it a few more weeks. Thinking I want my Fitbit back.

    By Technokimbo
    I am a huge Pillow app user. I’m a heart attack survivor and I track my sleep using my Apple Watch and the Pillow app. Since the last update the app is using 60-70% of my watch battery overnight. It used to only use 3-4% Once this issue is fixed I will rate it 5 stars again. (I still use it because I have to track my sleep and Pillow has all of my previous data so if I switched to another app I’d have to start over. )
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Grammy gamer
    I’m tech skilled and this app always gives me trouble.
  • Sleep data captured well; best display. A bargain! 4/5

    By Frubcius2Day
    PLUSES: Easily understood, full color graphic-bar-display of three sleep stages plus time awake-in-bed. Seems to be pretty accurate, despite it not being wired or otherwise attached to the sleeper. Periodic audio recording will let you know if you snore, talk in your sleep or make strange sounds; audio record can be discarded, or not turned-on. A one-time $5 purchase for premium features is well worth it. Developers pay attention to user comments and continue to modify and improve the program. I have used it for over one year and really recommend it. MINUSES: Instructions are insufficient; video is too fast and not up-to-date. You have to figure out how to best use this little gem: the more you do that, the more you will find and will like it. (I have found undescribed but very useful features that really enhance the value of the program).
  • Very inaccurate 2/5

    By Lives near Disney World
    Last 3 nights been getting more and more inaccurate such as saying last night took me 45 minuets to fall asleep app never ever said that so the sleep percentage was way way off. And app said I went from REM to awake which I was still sleeping not moving a muscle for 10 minuets was awake which I was not awake at all overnight I know when I’m awake cause I would open my eyes a crack to see if it was daylight or dark than close them and back to sleep I would go. If it ever takes me 45 minutes to fall asleep would get up for a little awhile and do stuff to make me get tired and last night I was out within 10 minuets like usual for me nightly. And now app usually says I’m awake once or more a night when in reality I’m usually out like a light. Thank you for making the app more inaccurate. About to take a break from this app and use another app for awhile.
  • Deleted Data 1/5

    By EmmaZeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I have had this app for a year now and I have used it every night. I loved being able to track how much I sleep and see patterns of what could be effecting my sleep. However, after the recent update (version 3.7), 6 months of data was deleted. I’m very upset about this; it feels like a waste that I used it every night and now have no record- especially since I paid for this app. I hope they fix it soon.
  • Very difficult to figure out how to use 1/5

    By sleepy zzzz
    Not user friendly
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By TamJ1987
    App doesn’t properly track sleep
  • 3 hours ... 2/5

    By I-M-SMART
    With the Apple Watch, No matter what I do it always shows my sleep in 2-3 hour sessions for 2-3 sessions per night.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By holycrapnickname
    This is a nice app with some good features. My only complaint is the sleep aid doesn't play longer. It says 2 hours but only plays one hour and fifty minutes.
  • Just okay 3/5

    By Kelzbell
    Doesn’t send report as requested. I like knowing how little or how much I slept. I hope this big gets fixed
  • Premium + watch. Doesn’t seem accurate 1/5

    By rbnstate
    I’ve tried this app for a week - BOUGHT PREMIUM- and the accuracy seems off. I use it on my watch and my iPhone. The days my sleep quality are low (50-60%) I wake up refreshed. Days my sleep quality are high (70-80% and up) I wake up miserable. Also I keep track of days I wake up in the middle of a vivid and very clear dream (REM sleep) but it seems pillow doesn’t think I’m in REM. I know I’m in rem because I remember my vivid dream and when I snooze my alarm and go right back to sleep, I start my dream up again. Idk, maybe that’s irrelevant but I feel like it’s not very accurate for me.
  • It Works 5/5

    By CrankinSteve
    Does what it says and provides data that I use to do better with sleep quality.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Mad_walker13
    Terrible app, never tracks sleep correctly and won’t track naps. Don’t get this app
  • Not terrible, but it costs 5$ to actually do anything 2/5

    By kwoky3
    The free features are so limited that it won’t even let me my past sleep details. All the necessary features that you can get with other sleep apps are hidden behind a $5 paywall. Basically useless as a free app.
  • buggy mess 1/5

    By VoLTE 01
    bugs the audio for my iphone xs and I’m forced to restart after using the app.
  • Pillow 1/5

    By fustrava
    Doesn’t work
  • Auto sleep needs alarms 4/5

    By mooseb
    Auto sleep needs alarm setting. Ridiculous that it doesn’t.
  • Hard to understand 2/5

    By Jawb53
    Help this app is complicated
  • So complicated! 1/5

    By grizzlybear
    So complicated to use! Doesn’t give me an accurate results of my sleep.
  • Best Sleep App for Apple Watch! 5/5

    By Cdg08
    I tried out several different sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch and this one is the BEST hands down. The others did not have a user friendly interface and weren’t as easy to read. I used to have the Fitbit Alta HR and so I relied on Fitbit app for sleep quality. I just got my Apple Watch 2 weeks ago and was overwhelmed with the amount of apps I had to install to track what the Fitbit app did all in one. But this app is fantastic! It is very similar layout to Fitbit (easy user interface). It shows the amount of time spent in each sleep phase, your heart rate, and if you upgrade to premium it records audio of each sleep session.
  • Pillow 5/5

    By skylarman
    Excellent app. I like being able to start and stop manually since I work night shifts, as well as automatically when off. Works great with my Apple Watch.
  • Audio function doesn’t work 1/5

    By AJacqueline1234567890
    Audio recording function doesn’t work. Isn’t worth the price tag without it.
  • Pillow 4/5

    By karenth
    I really love this app! On the daily report is there any way to show time awake? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • Automatic does not work 1/5

    By Arenea0
    Automatic sleep tracking does not work no matter how much trouble shooting you do. I did every troubleshooting step listed, and the app STILL says insufficient information for sleep tracking.
  • Couldn’t tell how good the app is 2/5

    By lanna7900
    I downloaded the app thinking I had a choice to purchase the premium version after checking out the app. Unfortunately, it appears that if you don’t view your data of that night right away the only way to view it is to make the 4.99 premium upgrade. Then you can review all of your data. I won’t pay for something that I may not be happy with. I have purchased a couple of apps in the past and have been disappointed unfortunately, it looks like it maybe a good app but I can’t tell since I am unable to view any of my data. After 7 days I have now deleted the app.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tom n Sara
    Gives me a great view of my sleep cycles and awake time and nightly readings of heart rate.
  • Love this app Butt.... 4/5

    By Biz Hatch
    I absolutely love this app but the only complaint I have is that you can’t either set multiple alarms on the app or you can’t use the alarm system the phone comes with. The app doesn’t allow my other alarms to go through.
  • Great but not now 1/5

    By Nikok21014
    The app was good and the sleep tracker worked as it should on the Apple Watch series 1 and on the series 4. However after the update the series 4 watch needed over 60% battery charge in order to use. Which was not ideal and required me charge my watch before going to bed. Then today I tried to use the app and pop up menu popped up stating the series 4 watch needed 92% charge in order to use it.. ridiculous!! What am I going to need 100% soon to use the app?? I paid for this app, and I’m not happy.. this needs to be corrected..
  • FIXED! Depleted the watch battery 5/5

    By ca bubba
    The developer responded with a fix. All is well now. Thank you! Depleted the watch battery overnight. This is been since the last update.
  • Poor sensitivity 2/5

    By Night owl needed morning alrm
    I paid for the app because initially I liked it. But I have noticed it doesn’t pick up on my naps that I take at times and it doesn’t record them at all.
  • Pillow doesn’t work 1/5

    By Agxsam
    Pillow results show sleep all through the day with random awakes, light and deep sleep. When I do sleep, it shows 4 or 5 hours of solid pink/REM. Totally inaccurate and worthless.
  • Nice app but a little confused 4/5

    By Szei
    Excellent presentation. Looks like an app designed by Apple. I’m a little confused by Automatic mode even though there is pretty extensive documentation. I couldn’t find any explanation for: 1. Is there any way to use sleep aid in automatic mode? Doesn’t seem like it but I feel like this should be in the Q&A. 2. Will automatic mode try to wake you up when you hit your target sleep time? Or is there no kind of alarm at all? I know you can’t set an alarm in automatic mode, but it wasn’t clear to me if it will try to wake you after reach your target time or if you have to just rely on an external alarm app or clock. Other than that this is a really great app and for the most part it is intuitive. Just the automatic vs manual part and when you have to use the apple watch app vs the phone vs both is a little confusing. I know that this information is mostly in the documentation but I feel like having a chart would make it clearer. For example, rows = modes, col = devices, and put green checks or red crosses in the appropriate squares to show which modes require which devices (and whether you have to launch the app on those devices).
  • Can’t get no sleep 1/5

    By no sleep tina
    This app is not even close to being accurate
  • Not as accurate as you think 2/5

    By lostcomett
    The first few nights with it, it seemed okay, reminded me of my old Fitbit with the sleep tracker but then it got worse at detecting if I was asleep or awake, it never even registered on my SOs watch that he was asleep. After seeing its performance I definitely think paying for the premium is not worth it. No where near what Fitbit had
  • Best yet 2/5

    By BigSack1159
    Pillow does a decent job of tracking sound but I have a lot of trouble capturing heart rate. If you use the Apple Watch the heart rate monitoring fails to sync. You must re-sync manually to accomplish. The sleep monitoring, after a year of monitoring really doesn’t tell me when I’m deep asleep. I think the heart rate monitor tells more. Wish I could tune it!
  • Pillow 3/5

    By Ailuro
    Pillow has been helpful in tracking my sleep. It is interesting to see how fast I fall asleep and my waking patterns throughout the night and mornings before I actually get up
  • Not good 1/5

    By kimdwer
    The update fried my info Will not read sleep Not pleased
  • Not happy, not working right 2/5

    By Aimeec1019
    I signed up for the subscription that you have to pay for, but it didn’t work. When I turned everything off on the app, it worked. So you might as well keep the free edition so u can actually use it. It is super confusing when it comes to what you can and can’t do and use to make it work correctly, not worth the hassle. Canceling after this month, but feel I should be given a refund because I never got to use it and have it work correctly.
  • Doesn’t Measure Accurately 2/5

    By Areka
    This app does not measure your sleep accurately, even while wearing your iWatch. There have been many nights where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, and the app seems to track it as REM sleep. One time, I got up to go to the bathroom and my watch counted that as a minute toward my daily stand goal, but Pillow thought I slept the whole night through! On top of that, the app pressures you constantly into paying to upgrade. Like, all. Of. The. Time. If it’s already not tracking accurately, it definitely isn’t worth paying for to “analyze” those results.
  • Not accurate 3/5

    By Need Real Sleep
    Have used this about a month. It records dream time sometimes as awake time, sometimes as deep sleep. It does not register all of my drink-of-water wakings. It does help with self discipline, like getting to bed earlier and getting up on time. So, 3 stars for self discipline.
  • Outstanding app 5/5

    By fatboynanny123
    This is very precise. I have to say, it’s an outlier to all apple apps. Beautifully designed and easy to acces.
  • iPhone vs Apple Watch 5/5

    By Dancing Brooke
    Wow!!! What a difference. I tried this app a while back hoping it would help me get up when I’m not in rem sleep. Sadly with the iPhone only it didn’t do much help and wasn’t really able to tell much about my sleep but dang!!!!!!! With the Apple Watch it’s a whole new world!!!! It tracks my sleep super accurately, is able to tell the best time to wake me up, is able to track the moment I fell asleep and when I’m having a hard time in the middle of the night, and everything! Super impressed with this app and definitely loving that it’s a one time buy and not a subscription. Definitely worth it!!!
  • Square 3/5

    By Mieieux

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker app comments

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