Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus

Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus

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  • Current Version: 6.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pilot Flying J
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus App

Get more where it matters in the myRewards Plus™ app. Plus up your stop and earn more points faster, save more money, and enjoy more convenience on the road. Locations Use Trip Planner to plan your route and ensure you have the fuel, supplies and amenities you need to get from A to B and everywhere in between. Filter locations by amenities, parking availability, fuel type, restaurants & food offerings, and more. View each location’s full list of amenities, including fuel types and fuel prices, Service Centers and Roadside Assistance, number of showers, number of parking spaces, restaurants & food offerings, store hours and more. Rewards Get access to exclusive offers every day. Users can refer friends and earn free rewards. Plus you’ll receive an offer for a free meal for your birthday. Track your Pilot Drink Club status. Your 10th Pilot fountain or coffee is free. Professional drivers earn free showers when you fuel and can track your shower credits in the app. Track your myRewards balance/savings and redeem for discounts at checkout. Mobile Fueling Save time at the pump with Mobile Fueling. Choose the diesel lane that’s likely to open first, store your payment cards in our safe and secure mobile wallet, and activate the pump with a simple and unique code. Showers Reservations Reserve your shower in the app when you arrive at a location. Get in line before even stepping into the store; you’ll be notified in the app when your shower is ready. Parking See the number of General, real-time Prime Parking™ and Live Parking, and RV parking spots that are available at each location. Reserve your spot ahead of time so you have the peace of mind knowing there is a spot waiting for you at your destination. Live Parking information is currently only available at locations along on the I-5 corridor, and one location in Knoxville, TN. We are working to expand this helpful feature to other locations soon! Profile View and email up to 18 months of digital receipts in the app for all transactions. Receive important news and information in your Message Center. You’ll receive updates on store status, exclusive and limited time offers, tips & tricks for the app, and more. Learn more about the myRewards Plus™ app and the myRewards® loyalty program at www.pilotflyingj.com/app. If you would like to submit a Do Not Sell My Personal Information request, please visit privacy.pilotflyingj.com. Touch ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus app reviews

  • Parking 5/5

    By !!63
    The reserve parking isRidiculous.. when the regular parking is full, the drivers have to continue in putting them in potential violations .
  • Registration - Stuck in infinite loop 1/5

    By Compd000d
    Impossible to verify email address when registering. Clicking on the emailed verification link ends up back in the app where you started.
  • Can’t connect to its own servers 1/5

    By tired of "oops"
    Loaded the app to a new iPhone; tried to add my company’s payment card to the app in order to use mobile fueling. Five days later the app still will not allow me to load the payment card noting, “Oops, sorry. We cannot connect to our servers…” Four calls to customer service have been no help. I’ve been told twice that I would be contacted by their mobile tech people, but have heard from no one. Was also told to only try to load the payment card once, then wait 24 hours, then try again — noting that with each try there’d be only a 10% chance it would work. Oh, but they do manage to send customer service surveys after each call I make, so there is that I suppose.
  • Prime parking 1/5

    By surly trucker
    Unable to get to portal from app every time I click on the prime parking buttons it launches my browser and that’s it just goes around an around in circles for hours
  • Be ready to look at a naked driver 👀 1/5

    By Side ways
    Sent me to a shower with a driver already in it 🤬
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By mrlodomik
    App on Apple phone no longer lets me reserve parking spot. You tap the buttons and nothing happens. This app is worthless at half the fuel pumps as it never lets you do pay at the pump at them. Fix your damned app! And your fuel pumps while you are at it!

    By losinsanity
  • I like the app… but… 4/5

    By Joshua Lior
    I have three suggestions that would make this a perfect app. 1.) Make is possible for me to change/update my email address. Currently it’s nearly impossible to change it and the link the customer service people send doesn’t work- so my email had been writ for years. 2.) When you send the “activate next month early” Notification and I click yes, make it so that fueling actually goes towards the next months fueling totals and points. It’s never actually worked. 3.) Include some kind of audible notification when my shower is ready - so I can hear it and I don’t have to stare at my phone for a hour while I wait for my shower to be ready. Thanks, and I hope that helps!
  • Update not working 1/5

    By graytigger228
    Ever since I did the update I lost the cards in my wallet and each time I try to add them I get the statement card already in wallet do you wish to add. This used to be a nice app but fails to work properly now
  • Vince 1/5

    By vin Tornado
    The new coffee pot automatic grinder or whatever you wanna call it is not the same , how about putting in the regular pilot coffee pods so we can have some real coffee not just water down coffee that theMachine makes .Vin Tornado
  • PPG 4/5

    By Supermaltese
    I drive a cargo van and frequently spend $700+ per week on fuel. There should be rewards for gasoline purchases beyond only a shower credit.
  • Needs fixed 1/5

    By dont need nick name
    We need to know what number we are when waiting for the shower. When reserved on the app. The app needs to fit the screen
  • 2022… and STILL not fixed! 2/5

    By Trucker Kay
    Fuel e-receipts don’t have a time stamp on them!! They have all those space-consuming promos at the bottom of the receipt just like real receipts, but no time-stamp!? The app will ask for my location EVERY time I open it and intermittently while using it. I’m not giving you my location, I said no, so STOP asking.
  • Online fueling 3/5

    By forzabce
    App needs to better connect to stores. A lot of times can’t fuel through app.
  • Wrong location 5/5

    By Bluebanner47
    The Truck Stop is located on the south side of Baptist ROAD just west of I-25
  • This app has so many issues 1/5

    By pro driver2022
    I love using this app but it definitely needs to be updated and fixed for bugs! For the past month I haven’t been able to use the mobile fueling feature! It won’t pull any of my saved information (company card payment) and only shows the price of fuel without allowing my to actually begin the process! Please fix this!
  • 1 or 5 stars 1/5

    By 1Roger That
    When attempting to get reserve the app UI is way to big for the screen. I can’t get to the button after entering wallet code. It’s not phone’s settings. This happened after an untested update.
  • Please fix App 1/5

    By Cjf70
    Updated the app but mobile fueling never seems to work anymore. It’s becoming useless.
  • Reservations 3/5

    By Jdlarsenjr
    Out of the major truck stop, this is the worst app. The reservation part never works when I need it. Always freezes up and says it can’t load. Just have to walk in and pay when you get to stop, and hope you can still get a spot. Kind of defeats the purpose of reserving spots.
  • Well made 5/5

    By Langgoose
    This app has all the information I need about my next stop so I don’t have to bother the store with questions.
  • Last version doesn’t work like should 1/5

    By Grigory2281
    Two cards I’ve used during very long time are suddenly stoped working with the App now. I can’t reserve parking, I can’t pay for anything through the App. Absolutely disappointed.

    By GerardoReyes94
    This app doesn't work, i tried to register my card and it says all the time the server is not working.
  • Mobile fueling disappeared 1/5

    By alohacephhhh
    I dont know where it went but that button says start mobile fueling disappeared i tried uninstalling and installing but no avail
  • Never Works for Reservations 1/5

    By DINGO_96
    Will never work when trying to reserve semi parking
  • Prime parking 1/5

    By tankerjanker74
    Prime parking doesn’t work anymore
  • Rhonda 1/5

    By *m&m
    This is the WORST freaking app I’ve ever had to try and use. I can never NEVER reserve parking because of the website ALWAYS being down! I hate having to use pilot flying j
  • Great update!! 5/5

    By NoTworThit50
    Finally added feature that saves reserved parking info and payment card. Makes it SO much easier to reserve a spot and eliminates redundant data entry. Thank you!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By Tgsundahl
    Can’t load info to purchase fuel.
  • Showers now $14.00🤔????? 1/5

    By Jebandpooky
    Okkkkk……So rising gas prices warrants enough reasons to increase the price of showers to $14.00? What’s next????? Coffee costing $5?????
  • Just a Suggestion 1/5

    It would be nice to pay for a shower on the app just like you pay for parking , if you don’t have any shower credits.
  • Third time deleting! 1/5

    By chriscalyb
    I’ve tried with this app. It’s faulty and hasn’t gotten better over the years. Will not be using this ever again and I don’t recommend it to any driver. What a waste of an app.
  • Not Yet! 2/5

    By mother_65
    I haven’t used Pilot J’s app in a very long time. Finally installed this “new” interface, and cannot recall my password. Easy fix❓ Nope❗️ On my iPhone, the “Forgot Password” is right on the “Swipe Up” bar, disabling my being able to select “Forgot Password”. I’ll hold onto the app, for a short while, to see if this is addressed and fixed. ❓Question❓….. Why is it at the Very Bottom of a Screen, when there is Space for it to be in the Middle❓❓ 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
  • … 3/5

    By Pistolpops
    Never seen a place that has more reserved parking than non reserved..& as soon as you park in one you get a knock on your truck asking to show printout ticket or move. I’ll take loves any day when it comes to parking..btw when you go to reserve a spot through the app..it redirects you to a screen saying contact customer service. Fix it jesus.
  • Point Reduction 1/5

    By Adonis Hardbody
    I use the FJ TITAN Fuel Card that gave me 2 points per gallon. I was told to click on the app to earn more points but it actually dropped it down to 1.5 points per gallon. I will be fueling at LOVES instead.
  • Not iphone friendly 1/5

    By EJGonzalez1999
    Trying to select “forgot password” but that option is at the very bottom center of the screen and I cannot select it because the phone exits the app. That’s where iPhone bar is located
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By dilan d j
    Time after deleting uploading to register my new card keep saying error and I called customer service many times couldn’t help get my 50000 points back from my old card
  • Can’t reserve a spot within the app 3/5

    By Qwrtyuuiopjdbd
    By clicking reserve it opens up the web browser asking to log in. Really? Who even remembers their log in username and password for this app ? There’s a reason we all use Face ID and Touch ID. Hellooooooo developers!
  • Crash 2/5

    By NiTiNOL 60
    All the time
  • Customers made you. And they can break you. 4/5

    By Getting Divorced next week
    If the truck stops are going to charge for parking? Put them out of business! Don’t buy from them. Go down the street and park. The fact is they really don’t appreciate you as a customer. Do what ever you have to to decrease there sales. Are they still taking your showers away from you? After a couple days. You drivers earned them and should never lose your shower credits. Unless you have used them. No window cleaner or solution a good share of the time?? No paper towels?? No water at islands? They shut it off. Trash is over flowing. I been there. I say no paying for parking ever !!!!!

    By Thaoneanonlybuhama
    Very greedy to bundle notification ads with functional notifications. There’s no way to disable it and this is on purpose, very shameful!
  • Fix your shower bull**** 1/5

    By we're not donkeys
    Rude people working at TONOPAH location unprofessional staff shower turn never accurate at this location it's a real mess they don't know what they're doing blaming it on the system letting people jump ahead of you after being waiting for a shower for 2hours This location needs some attention ONE OF THE WORST LOCATIONS YOU WANNA END UP AT FOR YOUR RESET !!!!!
  • How things don’t change 2/5

    By Murl Trane
    I’ve been a trucker since 1984. Truck stops have been mediocre at best for years. Now the company I work with makes us fuel here cause they get a discount. The Pilots are the “government housing “ of truck stops. The parking lot is in disarray filled with holes and who knows what else. The pumps are nasty dirty and fuel lanes are always filled with trash and fuel. Wash buckets are seldom filled. You spend on average 38 minutes longer at a pilot than any other truck stops. The inside is greasy and the employees act like they have something better to do than wait on you….like text on their phone. The showers are dated and not all work. It’s just a dirty place & that is most of them. If the owner wants to help make it a better place maybe he needs to ride with me and we can stop at several places and see what works and what does not. But he won’t do that cause it’s not about service it’s about money. Muel
  • Pro Drivers, skip Pilot for better rewards 3/5

    By Nicocles
    The offers for Professional Drivers have really taken a landslide in quality. I guess I’ll have to opt for somewhere else like Love’s for better offers…
  • Stop stealing my point 1/5

    By 65535FFFF
    Give me it back. Last time you steal 800 points.
  • App glitches 1/5

    By lorr4
    I have tried to register SEVERAL times. I get the email and the link sends me back to the registration page on the app!?? So… fix it so I can use the app!
  • Hey 4/5

    By glowstar2
  • Location bugged 3/5

    By W0lfpack91
    Location tracking for mobile fueling is bugged at a few locations where the pumps are showing up to a quarter mile away from the store. Example of this would be at pilot store #1175 Cordes Lakes AZ sitting at the pump app says I’m too far away to start mobile fueling, on the map the icon showing the store location is not even on the correct lot and set out by the main road not the store itself causing the app to not work at this location.
  • Owner 2/5

    By Pam Alexander
    Biden is right, you are price gouging. $.60 cents cheaper at Sheets ,and I know that you buy 20 times the fuel than they do ..
  • Reset password 1/5

    By Terrellq
    Sends me to a spot but not to place to reset password