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Pilot Flying J App

The Pilot Flying J app is designed to save you time and money, and get the most out of your journey on the road. Locations - Use Trip Planner to plan your route and ensure you have the fuel, supplies and amenities you need to get from A to B and everywhere in between. - Filter locations by amenities, parking availability, fuel type, restaurants & food offerings, and more. - View each location’s full list of amenities, including fuel types and fuel prices, Truck Care Service Centers and Roadside Assistance, number of showers, number of parking spaces, restaurants & food offerings, and more. Rewards - Get access to exclusive offers every day. New users receive a free drink offer just for signing up. Plus you’ll receive an offer for a free meal for your birthday. - Track your Coffee Club status. Your 10th Pilot Coffee is free. - Professional drivers earn free showers when you fuel and can track your shower credits in the app. - Track your myRewards balance/savings and redeem for discounts at checkout Mobile Fueling - Save time at the pump with Mobile Fueling. Choose the diesel lane that’s likely to open first, store your payment cards in our safe and secure mobile wallet, and activate the pump with a simple and unique code. Showers Reservations - Reserve your shower in the app when you arrive at a location. Get in line before even stepping into the store; you’ll be notified in the app when your shower is ready. Parking - See the number of General, real-time Prime Parking™ and Live Parking, and RV parking spots that are available at each location. Reserve your spot ahead of time so you have the peace of mind knowing there is a spot waiting for you at your destination. Live Parking information is currently only available at locations along on the I-5 corridor, and one location in Knoxville, TN. We are working to expand this helpful feature to other locations soon! Profile - View up to 18 months of digital receipts in the app for all transactions. - Receive important news and information in your Message Center. You’ll receive updates on store status, exclusive and limited time offers, tips & tricks for the app, and more. Learn more about the Pilot Flying J app and the myRewards loyalty program at www.pilotflyingj.com/app. Pilot Flying J values your information and will never sell it to third party vendors. Touch ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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Pilot Flying J app reviews

  • Broken 1/5

    By zerodark
    Won’t let me my put credit card info in, pumps won’t accept my card or loyalty number, a complete waste of time.
  • lied to again 1/5

    By specialist077
    I quit going to pilot and flying j because they made me offers they wouldn't honor. then after two months they emailed me offering me 5 points per gallon if I came back. I did and they gave me 1 point per gallon. I called customer service and they informed me I need a good sam club membership. are you kidding me? NO. they were not. every pilot flying J men's room in America smells of rotten urine. you will usually wait in line to make an over priced purchase for about 20 minutes whether there is one or ten people in line. usually ten. one clerk and two or three other employees standing around apparently having a safety meeting. also I am still waiting for my rebate from the Sirius Radio I bought 6 months ago. didn't the IRS and FBI raid their headquarters in Knoxville TN 5 or 6 years ago for ripping off truckers and trucking companies? check it out. scandalous
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Zayzay23
    Cannot registered and cannot click on different tabs..
  • Won’t let me save a shower 1/5

    By Wit me
    I don’t know what happened but after the last update i did on the first of May 2019 the previous shower code stays on memory and won’t let me reserve a new shower even after I haven’t been here for days it’s getting to be very frustrating/ still not letting me reserve a shower on some locations it’s frustrating
  • Reserve parking card payment 3/5

    By Ccordell3
    I entered my card information into the app, yet whenever reserving parking I am taken to a web page requiring me to enter my card again! Why can’t this be fixed to provide a quicker option that is more user friendly? After all, time is a factor when looking for parking! The competitor’s app has its own issues, but at least I’m not forced to dig out the card and enter info every time I use their app.
  • The Best Truck Stop Around the USA 5/5

    By Betoreymunde
    Good service, cleanliness Showers ( with some city’s exceptions) Good rewards, just we need more coffee free !!!
  • Shower reservations 2/5

    By Brad_Z86
    Can’t reserve a shower on the app. It says that I’m either in line for a shower or it still displays a code from a previous shower. Plz fix.
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By 696z400
    Had an iPhone 10 and it worked great. Switched to an iPhone 11 and now I can’t do mobile fueling from the app.
  • Better now, shows gas prices 5/5

    By Отменя7
    Thanks for adding gas info
  • Why do you not listen to drivers? 1/5

    By Bruce (Iceman)
    The app is good for parking no longer for showers, but for fueling it is the worst ever, You input all the information as required then at the very end it just spins and spins, or it gives you a code, within 20 seconds you put it in at the pump, and get code has expired.Store is no help. They have no ideal how the app works. They give you that deer in the headlight look. If this only happen say once a month not bad but everyday is just bull. Also why do you have an email listed by driver and yet you have to select this every time you want a receipt. I want and need a receipt every time. Do like Love and just email my receipt to the email listed. Or hey here is an ideal have a check box that says do not email receipt
  • Dark mode doesn’t work 1/5

    By Longhaul Davies
    After getting an email that dark mode is available and making sure my app was up to date the app isn’t dark. All my other apps go dark when I turn on dark mode. What’s the deal?
  • Fix your location issues 1/5

    By Jerem1h
    Book a shower over the app,but when I got to the drivers lounge the app said that Im too far from the truck stop and I can’t get a password for the shower room. Pure junk
  • Updates are creating more issues 1/5

    By Macbook2016
    Recently updated the app and it froze 😤 couldn’t force close it. I had a useless phone till it died. The shower feature is in need of a fix, if you use a shower at a location 1x when you return it always says you’re in line... I’m sitting at a PFJ and the app say no locations 🤨.....
  • App 1/5

    By malibubmx
    App is a piece of crap! Won’t even let me register. Very NOT user friendly!
  • Appreciation 5/5

    By dyikokfdjopi
    Keep it up You guys doing good job
  • Trash 1/5

    By Citizen1882638f
    Does not update shower reservations properly and whoever wrote the app apparently didn’t realize it might be useful to be able to manually refresh that. Second time having it tell me my shower is ready seconds before the ten minutes is up. Then it promptly updates and asks if I’d like to reserve a shower.
  • Good clean service 5/5

    By hihgfvjufdc
    I always use Pilot. I will bypass the other truck stops because I know I will be treated like the truck driver I am at Pilot. The rewards are good as well as the service.
  • Awesome app, when it works... 2/5

    By Buttednuts
    Only works for fuel about 1/2 the time. Or about 1/2 the locations
  • Nice improvement 5/5

    By West Coast Trucker
    Very easy too use
  • Last update wrecked app 1/5

    By Maverick103086
    Since the last update, the app is so slow to load. I’m talking 2-3 minutes just to open the app and 2 minutes between each screen. I couldn’t even use it this morning to buy fuel or anything inside.
  • More options 5/5

    By J. Gunsmith
    More food options like Smoothie King, and also a gym
  • I love the pilot travel centers 5/5

    By M Zaheri
    I got lots of good staff about pilot don’t have enough time to say all what I want but I say pilot is the best
  • Participating Locations 1/5

    By JamesEzell
    Well, stopped at 2 locations yesterday and last night that are Pilots in name only and don’t accept this app. Needless to say, the first one got stuck with 2 pieces of pizza and a fountain drink to throw away, 2 bags of Combos and obvious lost a potential sale on diesel. Here’s an idea, if they don’t support the app, don’t list them. Went across the interstate and made my purchases at Love’s since they accepted their app.
  • Unnecessary upgrade. 2/5

    By HLT LLC
    Include the store address in the location search. Old version was better. New doesn’t mean better. It wasn’t broke and didn’t need fixing. New version gets ** old version gets *****
  • Love pilot 5/5

    By Lisdany15
    Pilot and flying j are the best all around the country
  • App no longer works!!!! 1/5

    By Klitzfreak
    This app used to work great, but for the last 2 or 3 weeks it hasn’t worked at all! What’s going on? I’ve tried it on 2 different phones. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it. Nothing! I’m upset. It is very convenient when it does work. Please fix it!!!!!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Mustaq Aljanabi
    Very much
  • Always says no internet so I can never save anything or look up my account 1/5

    By kdbitme
    Always says no internet so I never can save anything... plus can not make reservations or get a shower even managers do not have a clue they tell me it happens to them pain in my a—
  • Frustrating... buggy 1/5

    By Both platforms
    Only works about 70% of the time at the pump. Too many times I get an authorization code, punch it in at the pump, only to get “not recognized”. One time I canceled, got another code, and it didn’t work, restarted my phone and tried a third time and it worked. I’ve called PFJ and spoke with tech support twice now, but the problem continues. Update: September 26, 2019 It worked for the last year, but the stupid update made things worse, so I can’t fuel again with this stupid app. 😡😡😡
  • Hi 5/5

    By younjanbro
    Good job I never heya your reward?
  • mediocre 1/5

    By Vlad unhappy customer
    sep 14 2019 update: 1. unable to start first pump in Jamestown NM 2. unable to start pump in ex75 Amarillo despite all data punched in correctly 3. no hot water in Phoenix AZ location, but app unable to tell that: lost 30 min of time 4. unable to cancel shower if you deside to leave for some reason. 5. very unstable. Some times to unfreeze locked shower code or pump, you need to remove and reinstall app again. will improve score when bugs be fixed
  • 2019 1/5

    By godlevski
    While it’s a great enhancement in one’s OTR experience, let me point out, that previous version of the app was better and no one seems to care for correcting lags and bugs in the new one.
  • OK, when it works 2/5

    By Burianekfamily
    While most technology advances help the general population, it isn’t true with everyone or everything. Leave it to Pilot to screw something else up like they usually do. I can’t believe how much longer it takes to input all the information requested into the app in order to get the pump started. Granted, it’s faster and easier than the old way when you had to go inside to fuel desk first. It is still usually faster to swipe your card at the pump and input information into prompts on pump display. Using it to reserve a shower is nice, when it works. I’ve found many locations that say “5 drivers waiting” so I decide to shower in the morning only to go inside to use restroom and the screen says “2 showers available, no wait”. I’ve reported this on a couple occasions to PFJ app support and they already knew about it. They are working on the problem.
  • App issues. Please fix 5/5

    By bbytrkr
    The app keeps saying I’m in line for a shower when I haven’t selected it which prevents me from reserving a shower. It also flashes the shower code on the screen and then removes it causing me to go to the desk and request the staff to let me in the shower that I just reserved. Can y’all fix that please. Thanks! Love the app and your services.
  • Pilot 5/5

    By Zouboi_85
    Good friendly place always clean
  • If it’s not broken don’t fix it! 2/5

    By steeebens
    Surely I’m not the person who had to hear this growing up. This app “was” amazing. It was a Time saver until it was updated. Now I can’t start the pumps from the app anymore to me that’s the only thing that made it worth anything.
  • Trucker jon 1/5

    By Truckerjon
    Can’t reserve showers anymore it always says I’m in line as soon as I use the app but it’s not I have to go in and manually swipe card to get shower I have an iPhone if that makes any difference
  • Shower power rewards 3/5

    By Head404
    Is anyone having issues with the redeem for the sept shower power reward? I’ve been trying to save it or click on it and it doesn’t do anything, cashiers don’t even know what the issue is either.
  • Phone number 1/5

    By not that happy with tests
    No need for a phone number, why? So you can spam call me?
  • Reserve shower issue 3/5

    By Figura83
    Since last update. Reserve shower is not responding. Please fix the issue. Thanks.
  • Shower issue 2/5

    By Max7usa
    Shower reservation is not working. “You’re in line” message
  • Shower reservation fail! 1/5

    By RahRah718
    The new app’s shower reservation is not working. The old one, before they updated the app, was working just fine. The new one is not and that is a problem. That’s why I’m giving the app only one star. Everything else is great about the app.
  • Shower Reservation 1/5

    By Beckst3
    I can no longer reserve a shower in the app.
  • Y 4/5

    By jrodyeeyee
    It’s a good app but it won’t let me reserve showers through my phone anymore. Don’t know why.
  • Does not work at all Pilot locations 3/5

    By wjKolar
    What is troubling is that when you report the app does not work nobody seems to care.
  • Pilot Driver Convience 5/5

    By TruckerJeffP
    I like how it from the app we can now turn on the pump reserve a shower see how many points we have and also see what pilot is offering for free to the drivers and what other sales are going on at the pilot store straight from the app. I love the way that pilot is making the fueling process quicker for drivers who are running a Electronic Logs. My only wish is that pilot would somehow enter gate the premium parking into the app itself and not direct you to another site and also that premium parking accepts the driver’s company EFS card as well. The pilot app at self is easy to use and very convenient for today’s drivers. Hands-down I give 5 stars.
  • Great app 5/5

    By outlaw_trucker
    I’m an OTR trucker and I use this app daily. It’s very useful. I dig the new dark mode and the Apple wallet feature with the rewards card...I’ve been waiting for this update...thanks y’all
  • Another update, still unable to add rewards card to Apple Wallet 3/5

    By ThreeOnParFive
    The app description for the current and previous release specifically state the ability to add your rewards card from the app to Apple Wallet. I see my rewards card in the app but can find no way to add it to Apple Wallet.
  • Night Mode!! 5/5

    By Guy in Point
    Love night mode!!!

Pilot Flying J app comments

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