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  • Current Version: 1.29.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ping Identity Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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PingID App

PingID® is a cloud-based strong authentication solution that enables users to authenticate to applications via their phone. PingID delivers a solution that is easy to use for end users with the security that administrators need. End users are presented with a notification on their device when strong authentication is needed and offers offline support when the device does not have a signal. This application is designed for use with for PingOne® and PingFederate®. Before installing this application, please verify your company or organization has licensed the use of PingID. For more information about this, please contact your administrator or Ping Identity support.

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PingID app reviews

  • No longer allows Lock Screen approval 1/5

    By P From PDX
    This app is the bane of my existence now that I am no longer able to approve requests from the Lock Screen. Nicely done.
  • Orwellian definition of security 1/5

    By Realpersonreview
    This is the lowest rated app on my phone thanks to my university’s Orwellian definition of what constitutes security. It is cumbersome and invasive of privacy. If you value your employees, choose a smarter option than this garbage.
  • Intrusive and dishonest 1/5

    By Okkjk
    The app says it needs constant access to location, activity across other apps, camera, and a range of other intrusive things that it doesn’t actually need to function. Every time I close the app, a notification pops up to say that closing the app will reduce my device security. That is completely untrue and a gross way to try to get people to leave the app running in the background. The app does nothing to increase my device security so how could closing it reduce security? If anything, closing the app increases my device security because at least then it’s not keeping tabs on everything else happening on my phone. I have to use it for work otherwise I would have deleted it immediately.
  • Inappropriate, invasive 1/5

    By Arthyian
    Closing the app gives a warning that this action will decrease device security. Closing this app will NOT decrease your device security. This is a lie. It is a scare tactic designed to get users to keep the application running in the background. Malware uses this tactic. The application also sends event logs without displaying the information being sent to the user. This is a gross violation of privacy in an app that is being required for students and faculty at universities.
  • Inferior in every way…. 1/5

    By LMBully
    School switched from Duo to this monstrosity and it is seriously the most annoying thing in the world. They want your mic and camera too…. And they try and get you to just leave it in the background all the time. 100% sus. Hate it.
  • Device security?! 1/5

    By Steel Drums
    Installing the new version that was just released today and then closing the app from the background now results in a message saying that my device security is now reduced. That is very very exaggerative to imply that the security of my device is now compromised to a lesser extent - and to do so without providing any details - EACH AND EVERY TIME THE APP IS CLOSED! And an app that must run 24x7 in the background to have alleged “security” for my iPhone is a fundamental flaw in what fundamental security should be about.
  • Other ways 3/5

    By MsCookieM
    So if you pair ping with a phone and you don’t have that phone anymore because you had no choice but to get a new one, if you don’t unpair that phone, you will be unable to pair your new phone. You will have to contact your phone company. This is dumb. So many issues for one account.
  • Stupid false notification 1/5

    By asnyder1
    I've been using this app (requires for school) for 5 minutes and already I hate it. First it asked to always have access to my precise location. They claim that some organizations require that. Fine, if that's true, ask for it for those organizations only. They don't give any indication of if yours does or not. Mine does not. Then, I closed the app and immediately got a push notification stating that device security will be reduced if I don't leave the app running in the background at all times. That is in no way true. All the app is used for is to approve logins, it does nothing to improve the security of any of my devices, and trying to scare people into leaving it running so it can skim as much info as it can gather is absolutely despicable for a "security" app.
  • Terrible app made by terrible people 1/5

    By 1234you4321
    If I could give you a lower score than 1 star I would. This app is an embarrassment and only serves to make peoples lives less convenient.
  • Appalling Interface. Barely functional 1/5

    By huginnmuninn
    They’ve updated the app to lose all functionality really. The app used to log me into the actual work app that needed authentication by Touch ID. Now, the app switches to Ping ID and the work app decides that the session is over. The interface for Ping ID is from the 1990s before any of my peers were born. It is excruciatingly slow and the set up process required me to log in 4 times. To me, this is absolutely unusable in its current form.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Stupidapplenickname
    Kept getting error message.
  • Highly unreliable 1/5

    By flyingsquid92
    For the past year, I’ve spent the first 30 minutes to an hour of my work days just trying to get this thing to work. God help you if your company requires this, wake up early.
  • Nothing but problems since day one! 1/5

    By Slimm7910
    Nobway to contact support through app!!! Can’t log in to see my company website keeps saying error. -5 stars
  • Trash 1/5

    By JeffersonSteelflex
    Doesn't work. Useless, smelly garbage. The people who made this app should be embarrassed at how incompetent they are. Truly terrible in every way.
  • Fix your system 1/5

    By Noom dadio
    Incredible how unorganized an app can be
  • Garbage 1/5

    By The one and only lewis
    This app was made by a kid with Cheetos fingers and got his phone sticky.
  • Somehow it won’t let me pair my phone to the web 2/5

    By Vinceakabeans1
    Somehow it doesn’t respond to pairing to the website
  • My 1/5

    By mego821
    I tried for the first time to log on my work online but failed that app really like a shot Hard to use
  • Invalid 1/5

    By Joe Disney
    I Downloaded this app and set it up. It worked that day. It hasn’t worked since. Every time I scan the QR code it says invalid code. I wish we could go back to just being able to login with facial ID. At least that worked.
  • Easy to login and access my apps! 5/5

    By kfaulk140
    This authentication app makes logging into my apps extremely easy.
  • Hate that my work requires this to long in out schedules 1/5

    By BriCarlton
    Before I use to be able to just log in to our app to check schedules then they changed it to require a second Authenticator which doesn’t make sense because it’s only to check our schedules so it seems pretty unnecessary. I didn’t have any problems at first with the Apple until it stopped automatically piping up with the code when I tried to log in with the App. After that I had to manually log in to the app every time but now it doesn’t even let me log in with the password provided for the 2-step Authenticator. I have deleted both my work schedule app and the PingID app and now I can’t log in at all because the PingID app requires me to re-pair my app to it, but my Scheduling app still registered that I need to put in a PingID password even though I don’t have access to it anymore. Everything I have seen says that I have to go through my companies IT to fix the issue with re-pairing PingID to my work app when it should be something the PingID itself should be able to reset. It’s caused me so much trouble since having it implements and I hope to never have to use this Authenticator ever again. Now to have to go to my superior to fix the issue when it should be something I can fix on my own. All of this trouble to see when I work. Completely not worth it.
  • Works As Intended But Could Be Improved 4/5

    By Ryan3108
    I use it for work and something that I think could be a good addition would be watch support or even perhaps widgets in the future where you wouldn’t have to open the app each time.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Explorer 512
    I began using your app for work at the new job about a month ago. Until today, it was easy to use and I liked sliding the slider to authorize my logging into work. (Yes. I’m easy to amuse.) Today was a different story. I kept getting an error message, “Network Error [Error 03]. Please retry. But I’ve been trying to retry for hours. I cycled the power on my phone several times. I checked for updates. I couldn’t figure out what had happened to make it abruptly stop working and not reset itself when I powered my phone down then up again. It leaves me wondering what happened. I hope that my help desk at work will be able to help, and I wanted to let you know so that if my issue is common, you can fix it quickly, before it damages your sales/image/reputation. I bid you success in quickly resolving this issue.
  • Not working 1/5

    By d3jts
    App will not work after latest update
  • Useless on iOS 12.5 after last update 1/5

    By pingIDsuks
    Was working fine before but now totally broken after last update.
  • Spyware? 1/5

    By jc45249
    Why does PingID warn me that closing the app will decrease device security? That is so WRONG! I have authenticated. There is no further use for the app - GO AWAY! Your job is done. No you absolutely do not have my permission to run any more on my phone!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Clyde Lewis Please Read
    This app is trash. If you don’t get it right the first time you will never get it to work. Terrible IT department.
  • Voiceover accessibility issues 1/5

    By a11y Bill
    With voice over running on the latest version of iOS on an iPhone SE second generation The swipe up gesture to authenticate does not work. FYI: VoiceOver is the built-in screen reader on iOS devices which can be found in settings, Accessibility.
  • Closing the App 3/5

    By McFlyKDR
    Add setting to disable notification about closing the app. I’m aware I’m closing it. I don’t need you to notify me.
  • Works great…when it works 2/5

    By onenonly13
    Look the app is good in general when connected to internet. It breaks down when you’re not. PingID sometimes takes minutes to come up after login, resulting in a timed out windows login after you complete this login…restart authentication. Very fixable problems however include the manual authentication path. It takes a menu and finding the manual option and a finger scan to get it to read the code on your screen. Then the focus does not get set on the code entry on the computer so you have to trace your mouse to the box and get the focus where you can enter the code! This doesn’t sound like much but due to short timeouts this regularly results in restarting the authentication cycle. Please improve your apps! Thanks!
  • Works perfectly! 5/5

    By DR-Proton-2
    Our org has been using this for years. It is an excellent though bare bones MFA app. Remember that you can tap and hold on iOS notifications even from the Lock Screen to immediately approve or deny a request without entering the app at all. This means you really never have to launch the app once it’s configured.
  • No good 1/5

    By uuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Truly Awful 1/5

    By iStayFrosty-
    App won’t authenticate, there is no way to resolve this on your own. Support is terrible. Would rate zero stars if possible.
  • Super flaky 1/5

    By Balajiarun
    Lots of missed notifications, super flaky.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By TayderAnn
    No support. You can’t log in if you update your phone. This is the absolute worst technology o have ever seen.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By maje m
    Not sure what I did differently logging in today, but suddenly the app is unable to provide a QR code or activation code for me to scan and authenticate. This app is absolute garbage.
  • Ping unable to use please disconnect! 1/5

    By lanetracy
    Ping unable to use please disconnect from my account!
  • Unintuitive 1/5

    By bigpheo12
    Use of this app through my company has been a mess so far - would not use it if I had the choice
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mathura Jagadish
    The app doesn’t work
  • One time Authentication👎🏼 1/5

    By layiscray
    I’ll try to log in on my company’s website for former associates It tries to authenticate on my phone but never does. It asks me to enter a one time password and it always says invalid passcode. This app is awful
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By Superstar Nova
    This app constantly turns off the "swipe" setting which needs to be turned on to use face ID. So annoying.
  • Invasive and violation of privacy 1/5

    By revieweeer201777
    Tracks your location. Very invasive and violates privacy of users
  • Broken Face ID 2/5

    By TCStehle
    Version 1.18 broke Face ID on my iPhone but Touch ID still works on my iPad. You need to get Face ID writing again!!
  • Displays misleading notifications now 1/5

    By ASecurityArchitect
    In previous releases, the PingID would display a notification that you should leave the app running in the background to approve login requests when you closed it. Now it displays a misleading message that says “shutting down PingID will decrease device security” when you close the app. That message is patently false.
  • Why does the app need access to pictures and video 1/5

    By SteveOhh
    I get the need for security for our work login and access, but why do they need access to User Generates Content like pictures and video? Quick answer is, they don’t.
  • Flight attendant. 1/5

    By NeedsMajorHelp
    Horrible! The ping authentication numbers are not reaching my phone and your support staff keeps trying to change my password to get in but that is NOT the problem. Plus I have a hard time understanding them!!! This is useless! If I could give it a 0 star I would.I cannot access any of the things I need to fly!
  • Works okay, only bare bones though 3/5

    By gefilte
    I haven’t had any problems with the app though I’ve heard some of my colleagues have. Would also be nice to customize the alert sound or even just having a fixed alert sound that was different than the system default.
  • Company tracker for all your activity 1/5

    By 996NG
    If you’re not smart enough to realize it, they let you work from home but literally track your every move and obtain all data about you from this app… the app kindly suggests not to shut it down 😂😂 really hope human kind wakes up to this mass surveillance and programming, fx the new normal!!
  • Something happened 1/5

    By ken’s apple
    I have not used in a couple of months and come back and low and behold everything changed and not in a good way. Worked good at first but very poorly now. Pairing your device wants you to scan a QR code, what if you don’t have one. Hope my company switches soon