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Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, build a DIY dog bed or pack for your next vacation with Pinterest. 3 Reasons to start saving ideas: 1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics. 2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project. 3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy/make/do it! Share the themes in your life, save what you find and discover new possibilities. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet. Get ideas for the topics you care about most: - Travel and fitness tips - Fashion and style - Home design and architecture - Food and cooking - Wedding inspiration Download Pinterest now to start exploring possibilities for your next project.

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  • Each update ruins it a bit more 2/5

    By Mev7
    I hate what Pinterest has become. The whole reason was to to find and post ideas and follow those you liked. Now the people I follow are posted like Instagram? What the heck? It’s supposed to be a pin board. Why are e you making it so hard to see the posts from people I follow and inundating me with the same crap I see everyday? I can just surf the web. You really ruined a good and fun and useful app.
  • Pinterest 5/5

    By bo yara_74
  • Explore tabs 3/5

    By farm-dog
    I wish it was back. I could search things and spend so much time on the app. I think it was a mistake to take it off. Helped me clarify what I was looking for.
  • I can’t save it to my iPhone 3/5

    By Kanvas Nicole
    I recently got an iphone and I downloaded this app and now I can’t download images to my device.. I don’t see any three dots at the top nor a save or download ... please fix this
  • Love Pinterest! 4/5

    By juliannarose3xx
    My god do I love Pinterest. Please bring back the popular page though!!! I miss it!
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By 11serina_2002
    I looovveee Pinterest. It helps me plan for Spirit week at my school, clothing ideas and projects that I want to do. Also fandoms, Pinterest has a lot of them 10/10 recommended
  • Fix this bug 1/5

    By Mysterious lights
    Not sure if the bug is fixed in this new version will try and see if it is. Whenever I pick an image and I swipe to get to the next one after a few swipes it’ll shake and go white and blank on me. Then I have to refresh the app to get back on and see my feed by then I lose what I was even looking at.
  • Don’t like notifications 1/5

    By MaxSamFran
    I do not like getting noticed all the time. I don’t know how to turn it off
  • G 5/5

    By ggsjdnf
    Gf wanted to me
  • Bring back explore 1/5

    By Fransica Hippatama
    I love Pinterest and I’d hate to admit how much time I’ve spent on it. But I find myself barely using it since the only thing I see is posts almost identical to what I’ve already posted. Yawn. So boring. I want explore back. I don’t know what I want to see... that was the beauty of Pinterest. Now I’m just bored. I only use it now when I know exactly what I want to find. Otherwise it’s utterly useless.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jayln😂
    I love it
  • Pinterest 5/5

    By Eric e mann
    Very useful app excellent and now informative
  • Help. 4/5

    By D cat 1000
    Lost all my saves. Sure wish you would give them back.
  • Love it 5/5

    By neve661
    Love it
  • My go to! 5/5

    By Brendria
    I just love, love, this app, it’s my go to for everything.
  • This was a great even favorite app 2/5

    By ladybug828
    But you can’t search for a recipe , for example salmon you get advertising along with pork recipes , beef you name it. They have ruined this app. I understand they need to sell adds but pork or beef I didn’t ask for that. This will be my last go to app for recipes in the future. And if I find a good recipe elsewhere why bother to share it, you don’t make recipes easy to find without going through the garbage you send cluttering up-the page!
  • Annoying 3/5

    By Halksjf
    It’s beyond annoying that when I get on the Pinterest app it pauses my music I’m listening to so that it can play the audio for a video ad I don’t care about.
  • Pinterest 5/5

    By Bree Charba
    Omg I love it
  • Awsome app 5/5

    By Madapopi28
    Easy to use and a lot of good stuff
  • Soo buggy 4/5

    By imbeciIe
    I LOVE the concept of this app, and use every week. The only problem is, ITS SO BUGGY!! The buggiest thing are the comments. There’s been times where I couldn’t even find the send button unless I use two finger to scroll down and click the button at the same time. Another time is where my keyboard completely covers the button up instead of going down. I hope you fix this issue because I use the comments a lot. Another problem is the users. Most of them are super nice, but then there’s a portion who leave hate, and are mean to anyone and anything. I wish there were more than two options for reporting
  • Used to Like 1/5

    By Ulta App User
    I used to like Pinterest, you can get great ideas and it’s fun to scroll around. Recently they’ve been making all these new updates that I don’t like at all. I thought Pinterest was better before, thinking about deleting.
  • Researching or purchasing 4/5

    By Kiki E.
    I absolutely love using Pinterest. I just wish it was easier to research an item that I might want to buy. How can I purchase an item or simply get more information??
  • What the crap 3/5

    By Howler0110
    I really like this app. It gives me inspiration for my stories. It also lets me see amazing art from books. But recently, there’s been a huge problem. My boards won’t load correctly. Almost every pin I save is there but the board won’t appear at the top of my account. And when it finally does, the time is incorrect. The app will say I pinned something 3 minutes ago when I saved it about a whole hour ago, or even yesterday! This is extremely frustrating for me. Please fix this!!
  • Buggy... 3/5

    By LunarGalaxia
    Every couple of minutes the app basically stops working. Takes more time than it’s worth to get it back up. Otherwise, I absolutely love the app and have been using it for years.
  • A better search engine 3/5

    By Bybhuhnu
    I never used Pinterest in the early days. I don’t use it for followers, I don’t really pin things and don’t share my saves publicly. I don’t follow any pages or look any people up and have no interest in following them. I use it just as a search engine. Recipes, outfits, advice, decoration ideas, etc. I absolutely love it for that aspect and I love that is saves my interests and my home page is always things I’d be interested to see/read. My one complaint is that whenever I switch over to a different app or click my phone off even for a second and then I get right back to Pinterest and have to start my search all over again. I didn’t even completely close out the app it was still running in the background. There is no memory aspect that saves what you searched and where you scrolled to. This is SO annoying. If I’m not on the app for 20 minutes, fine I get it then. But when I just switch to answer a text or call or click my phone off to order a drink really quick, it still all disappears. Beyond frustrating.
  • Bring back discovery! 2/5

    By Jennnerrr
    I love Pinterest. Like LOVE. However, I miss the discovery tab so much. The regular feed when you open the app is weird, if I happen to pin one or two dresses, all of a sudden my entire feed is dresses. I can’t filter to DIY or anything. The following feed is ok, but there’s much less videos and I feel like I’m not seeing all of the profiles I’m following.
  • Not creative? 5/5

    By 247365lol
    Type in anything you’d like to do - 1st birthday ideas, what to make for dinner. What to wear to a wedding. How to make extra cash for the party. Dinner or wedding outfit. Just type it in search. Voila* Hundreds of ideas come up. Good luck and have fun.
  • The old Pinterest 4/5

    By Joanijimison
    All these updates really? If it’s not broke don’t update it. I loved going to a recipe and getting it! Now you have to fight through all the adds. Sometimes I just give up and search the internet. And notices saying you won something a gift card or whatever. What’s up with that! That’s not what I’m there for. And some recipes aren’t even there. I don’t know what you can do to fix this but I hope you do. I do like using this app. I’ve found some really cool and interesting stuff before all the changes. Looking forward to you making it better.
  • 3/5

    By fourpercent
    Hi, as much as I enjoy the app, there’s one issue I have which I guess in hindsight isn’t much of a big deal. I like having pin recommendations so I get to see more things similar to what I like but a lot of those times content that is for the lack of a better word,,triggering,,for me. I always click do not recommend me things like it option but since it always pops up. I think it would be a good idea (if there is any chance?) to add a way to block a tag of some type so that it won’t appear for people. It’d help my browsing to be less stressful.
  • Musicians lives 5/5

    By cher1949
    Great photos of rock bands lives! Enjoying it a lot!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By finna B
    Boards are not updating, it takes forever to show what time the pins were posted and even when it does that the time is wrong.
  • Everything 5/5

    By Baker-K
    I LOVE PINETREST , such GREAT ideas ❤️ Thank You
  • Great app, only one thing I’m gonna nit pick.. 5/5

    By Yoo Jeongyeon
    So I like saving LOTS of photos from the app but it only lets you save them to the app itself, not to your phone. So instead I’ve been screenshotting photos I want to save to my phone but there’s always an ‘x’ on the top left which won’t disappear. I like my photos (that I save) to be as aesthetic as possible so that ‘x’ on the top left is just in the way. Maybe if it could be there but disappear after a few seconds then reappear once you tap the screen again. Just an idea. Other than that, everything is great! :)
  • Well… 1/5

    By PING271
    It was a normal day for me. I opened up Pinterest in search for a reference to draw and I find out that I was. Logged out. So I tried logging back in and failed many many times so I decided to just make a new account and follow my old account because I had a lot of boards with over a thousand memes and stuff saved that I didn’t want to loose but I find out that I was not only logged out but my account was deleted????? Thanks.
  • Explore Page 2/5

    By StephMcRyb
    Please please ring back the explore page!!! My central page is curated to me so I don’t see things outside of the pins I’ve already chosen, making me feel like I’m really limited in the content available. I want access to it all again!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Zobug314
    This app actually helps me with anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns. I go on it mostly for random recipes, life hacks and fan art. It’s a great app, has a bit of cussing, but not much. LOVE LIVE LOVE my Pinterest
  • Double tap 5/5

    By Isabella1918
    What happened to the double tap. I loved that please bring it back.
  • Pinterest becoming les usable with every upgrade 1/5

    By concerned pinterest user
    When pinterest started it was a great way to explore, store, and track inspiration. I will say the way boards are setup now with folder options has been a fantastic upgrade; however, the rest of the interface has become a terrible Facebook/instagram Knockoff. With so many adds and bad pins running through the site as well as the constant repeat of the same content there is nothing to explore anymore, and I mean that literally since they’ve completely removed the ability to explore by a topic or idea. There is the home but how do you add content to that without exploring, in order to do that you have to search specially what you’re looking for. The camera in the search bar is a hindrance more than anything else, I hit it by accident constantly. Why is it there? The messages and notifications baffles me, once again this shouldn’t be Facebook. I get sharing ideas with those you follow and collaborating with others to create boards for ideas but I didn’t think this app would put so much priority on followers vs your content. Pinterest just isn’t as good as it used to be. It’s harder to use, there isn’t as much new content to look at and the ads are taking over.
  • Super 5/5

    By trfcc:(66
    Mukemmel fikirler var. cok isime yaradi
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Gremlin 2750
    I love all the information and recipes!
  • Where. Is my app ? 1/5

    By adalorraine
    App does not show up on my iPhone What’s up ?
  • Pins that are hyperlinks instead of loading. 2/5

    By Taylorfg😡
    The pins that take you to another site right off the bat instead of being able to read the pin make me mad. It’s a dumb feature.
  • Just not the same 3/5

    By Heather MH
    I USED to LOVE this app - but with all the changes over the part year or so, I find myself only accessing it to search, and never to browse. I can’t identify who’s posting pins without clicking, the ads are wholly overwhelming, the suggested pins are a joke, and the content is extremely duplicative (I’m assuming due to some kind of algorithm). The crowd sourcing app that is used to be is gone, and another marketing engine it has become - and I’m in marketing, that’s how annoyed I am :(
  • Review 5/5

    By cammion
    I love Pinterest because of the creativity of others. Allows me a chance to see what is cre8abell for myself.
  • It’s so great for artists 5/5

    By Ronniesdad54
    It’s an amazing and inspiring app and you can sort you inspiration and it’s got so many things on it like it littruly has anything you can search
  • Make up tips 5/5

    By mskomski
    I like the makeup ideas except I am 61 and need ideas for more mature tips.
  • emails 3/5

    By mars' oceans
    i get spammed multiple emails a day to an email address i used for an account i forgot the password to >:-/
  • Updates 3/5

    By Stbrou
    Please bring back the explore button.
  • Bring back explore button 3/5

    By Kratoscarrie
    Please bring back the explore button! Why did you get rid of it?
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Ponytech
    The newest update totally messed up my account. I can’t see most of my boards. Searches show nothing. The latest update sure messed up!

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