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Pinterest is full of possibilities to design your life. Discover recipes, style inspiration, projects for your home and other ideas to try. Just some of the things you can do with Pinterest: • Find everyday ideas you love—what to make for dinner, what to put on your walls, what to wear and more ideas for every part of your life. • Save ideas for later—organize ideas by topic, so they’re always easy to find. • Search by keyword or with your camera—discover ideas inspired by anything you point the Pinterest camera at. • Collaborate with friends—save ideas together for your next group trip, party or project. • Save ideas you find around the web—just use the Pinterest’s Save button on your mobile browser.


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  • My boards won’t stay in alpha order... 3/5

    By kdrg
    But they said that someone was “working” on it. I don’t like all the ads. I don’t like that it tries to read my mind, so I keep getting the same pins over and over and over. I don’t like not seeing what the people I follow pin very often - just more of the mind reading stuff.
  • Love Pinterest 5/5

    By 🦋🐬queen🦋🌊🐬
    Pinterest is amazing it gives me inspiration on clothing, nails, jewelry, organization hacks and much more
  • New update is difficult and a hassle 3/5

    By Kickstarblondie
    I’ve had a Pinterest for many many years and have suggested it to multiple people because of how useful and great I thought it was UNTIL These new updates it makes it extremely difficult to just look through your feed with one picture showing up at a time and not even get the full picture. Have to click on it it’s hard to save and as well when they took away the likes on Pinterest so I lost everything I’ve ever liked. Still a great source but need to make a few changes to improve! Would have given 5 stars to the older Pinterest
  • Choose board improvements needed 3/5

    By cyber-hatter
    It would be really useful and helpful after you click the “save button” of an image that leads to “choose board”section to have a “search bar” to type the name of the board. Using the scroll bar with alphabets is a huge hassle to look for my specific board name.
  • Excellent Ap 5/5

    By SueannMetz
    I use Pinterest everyday for fashion advice and ideas, recipes, jewelry choices, business inspiration, diet encouragement, health issues and a myriad of other things. Great Ap!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Beekayisa64
    You did it again Pinterest. You messed with it and now my boards that used to be in alphabetical order are all jumbled up. No way to get it back to MY way of doing things. You have ruined a fun app. I have reported problems with my page and nothing happens to correct it. People and boards I follow stopped showing up at least 3-4 months ago. I now spend a few minutes on it and then quit. Used to be fun. All your changes have ruined it. My page is all messed up. I no longer see any new people or boards I follow. You say you are working on it but all you do is make changes that nobody wants. Also hate that it can’t be used without using the app.
  • Version 6.46 is Buggy 3/5

    By Emmaline, the chunky one
    I like this app, I like the recent addition to the interface of board organization. This version, v6.46, that I updated to a couple of days ago is buggy, however. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through one of my boards when suddenly the interface zooms out, starts scrolling down, and holds one of the pins floating above the scrolling as if that pin is being moved. The whole problem stops when I lift my thumb away from my screen. I hope this is a bug that can be easily fixed!
  • Customer 5/5

    By Crazy Mexcian 50
    This is an awesome app and great ideas

    By Patticakes2267
    So many things to see, so many ideas. Love this place!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Love the site and app 4/5

    By merribel
    Great inspirations found here

    By NANSNY630
    Why does Pinterest and Apple for iPad think they have to make everything new and improved. I used to enjoy pinning. First Pinterest takes away the ability for me to go out to the internet and find relevant pictures. Just one glitch after another. Now you have taken away my ability to alphabetize my boards the are just randomly set up. I used the like when I wanted a pinned to know I liked their pin not to add it to storage. You want to go public? Quit messing with our boards. You used to be a five star. You are down to ONE.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By DissapointedMe
    Let me first say I love Pinterest. One of my favorite past times. However, I was on today, scrolling some of my pins. And I noticed something new. If I held down too long as I’m scrolling, the screen minimizes, and scrolls quickly on its own, it also freezes at times. I have to say, it made looking for a dinner idea extremely frustrating. So much I came to write a review about it. I love pinning, so I hope this is addressed sooner than later. -Loyal pinner
  • Arg Latest Update 1/5

    By AmyisBuff
    I’m a frequent Pinterest user and really LOVE it. However, the latest feature that zooms your pins out is a PAIN! Revert back. ASAP!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By sarahthemonster
    It has the most amazing jokes and the best D.I.Y choices
  • Much better, but... 4/5

    By khwphoto
    PLEASE put descriptions back in the main feed!! And...TOO MANY ADS. Seems like the number has tripled! Previous review: Love the "tried it" feature but it appears to be used more for people trying to save pins than people actually reviewing something. Also wish the board names and owners were back on the main feed, not just the title of the pin. I'm also getting a LOT of pins from boards I don't follow...and I've opted out of the recommended pins. 😕
  • Excelente 5/5

  • New Feature 5/5

    By TAYLOR.810.
    What Pinterest really needs instead of me having to press and hold on each and every individual pin, pressing “pin to board,” and then selecting the board, Pinterest needs a select option. I wish I was able to press select and just tap on each pin that I want while scrolling down so that I can pin hundreds of pins to a single board all at once instead of waiting for forever for me to get through a few pins. That would be the best thing ever. Please incorporate this into this marvelous app!
  • Bug??? 5/5

    By Rampage17
    App just stays at loading screen forever, love the app just definitely would like to see it work plus my moms isn’t working either.
  • Please fix this bug/glitch 4/5

    By ʙᴜɴɴʏᴛᴜʙᴇ
    Ok, so I have had Pinterest for 2-3 years now. And I have loved it! It’s awesome for wanting to store ideas, photos, and more without wasting too much space! My only complain is that at the moment, I am re-writing some of my Pinterest photo descriptions because I want to make it so I can find that photo faster. But.. it’s not saving if I try to re-write it. It has that little pop up saying “Saved!” But it really didn’t save. Thank you for the time.
  • Okay 👌 3/5

    By dumb vs idiot
    When viewing my boards, I like the move feature in the previous version of pinterest; I can move a post from the wrong board to the correct one, but now it's no longer there. The new rearrange function is nice but I don't like it as much.
  • Pinterest 5/5

    By lauren soule
    I love you
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What did we do before Pinterest?? Ideas are born, improved, shared, it!
  • IMO 5/5

    By Twincd
    I love all of the creative ideas and pictures, information and inspiration I get fro Pinterest. It’s my favorite app.
  • You are the best 5/5

    By coolwolfandfox
    You guys have like the best hairstyles to look up and your crafts are so easy and fun just thank you
  • Troll Enablers 1/5

    By CLP14
    The new format is terrible. Pinterest’s latest trick is to take away notifications about comments. People can still leave abusive and trolling comments on Pins but you now have to get lucky in finding out they did and you can’t delete the comment. If you even find the harassing comment, you then can only block the user. It appears their comment is still visible. I can’t imagine Pinterest’s rationale for this. At this point, why don’t they just get rid of the ability to comment on Pins at all!?!? That would be fabulous and eliminate trolling completely. The trolls are crazed extremists, Nazi fans, or 12 year old fan girls.
  • boards and pins out of order 😡 2/5

    By Candigirl1968
    With the new update, my pins and boards now have been rearranged. Why are the “open in Safari“ and “copy link” buttons on the left side (more not user-friendly features)? The updates that are change for change sake have long become tiresome. I continue to believe that no users are beta testing these updates.
  • Get rid of the spam blocker for organize 1/5

    By Misa unni
    It’s getting in the way of organizing my pins
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Jbkiv
    This so much fun, I love seeing all the great pictures
  • What is the annoying stuff at the bottom of screen 3/5

    By Wallissteph
    Really!!! How am I expected to view anything if all this stuff keeps covering the bottom of my screen. Get rid of it now!!
  • Stop messing with us! 2/5

    By Fionajuliana
    Dearest Pinterest, I am developing a love/hate relationship with you. One update seems okay and maybe brings back the flavor of a feature I LOVED. The next update adds something totally obnoxious and I can easily not open Pinterest for DAYS and not care. Enter the latest update. I alphabetize my boards to find them quickly. Always have done. Guess what? The latest update TOTALLY screwed that up. Again. You’ve done it in the past, and then changed it back! I have taken the time to organize MY boards the way I want them. STOP messing with the control that the Pinners have over their personal Pinterest experience. I TOTALLY want to love you, but you are making it really hard. Leave my boards alone, bring back the “likes” and do away with all the suggested and paid pins. Staying away until my boards are back where they belong. Sincerely, No, make that Sincerely Irritated, A Pained Pinner
  • Loveee 5/5

    By briniyahj
    This app gives hacks ,life styles, makeup etc. I recommend this app because it’s a persuading life style get this app
  • Horrible organization 1/5

    By Marystothepoint
    The application thinks I’m trying to organize the board instead of scroll which completely ruin my experience with the application. I used to spend my free time on Pinterest now it’s easier to just go on Instagram instead.
  • I love this app so STOP CHANGING IT!!! 4/5

    By TardisFan99
    I want my boards back in alphabetical order!!
  • Was good but now 1/5

    By dmpass
    I was happy with the app just this morning and then my home feed refreshed and all of the pins from the people I follow disappeared?? I can’t find them now. My whole home feed is just suggested posts
  • Latest update is horrible 1/5

    By Thisismyalias
    I am not sure what happened to Pinterest in the last update but it is horrible now: My screen locks, The pictures randomly become very small, Editing is difficult, and I have to get out of the app and go back in to do anything Please fix I love this app
  • Why do you need to know my gender every use?! 1/5

    By mswprime
    I love the app itself, but for over the last month it asks me every time I open the app my gender! Once was ok, but why every single time?! I've updated my app, uninstalled and reinstalled.... I'm over it.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Karlena2703
    Omg I love Pinterest it has a lot of things you need and a bunch of crafts with freinds
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jessy💝💝
    Gives you something to do when your bored
  • Update 1/5

    By This game is not worth it
    The new update is terrible. Before the app was set up very clean and organized, now you can’t see multiple at once.
  • Logged out? 5/5

    By Wolfsrule02
    Today as I was in the middle of browsing through some pins for some reason the app just logged me out, saying that it could not authenticate log in, or something like that. I really like the app but I'm really confused as to why it did this. Any answers?
  • Great app 5/5

    By yayajasmin
    This is a great app this app helped me find ideas for my art and for my parties that I have
  • Good concept 4/5

    By One Parrot
    This is a good and fun app. But one suggestion if you say a pin is offensive please let us see the pin so we know what is not acceptable.
  • HATE CHANGES!!!!!!! 2/5

    By B5cu
    I have always loved Pinterest but I am so sick of constant changes! I HATE that the comment button is gone! I also HATE HATE HATE that you have yet again changed the order that I see my boards listed. I do NOT want them in the order of which I last posted. I want them back to ALPHABETICAL or at least a setting that allows the user to choose. Just because I pinned something to one board today doesn’t mean I want it at the top tomorrow! I have hundreds of boards. So, if I want to find something in one, it could take FOREVER TO LOCATE IT if I haven’t pinned to it in awhile!!! Totally ridiculous and a waste of time! Especially if I am in a store and need a recipe for something and I have to search FOREVER on my mobile app because I haven’t pinned to my “Dips” board in 6 months! Completely Frustrating!!!!!
  • Scrolling 3/5

    By fluffypotbelly
    Please revert the update. I hate the way the layout changes when I’m scrolling. What was wrong with the way it was before?!?
  • Current format misses the point 2/5

    By Everynameistaken82057391948920
    Update: I’m happy there’s a page to see pins from the people I follow! Thanks for listening to that complaint from many, many people. The home page is now completely recommendations. Click on one pin and you’ll get suggestions about it for the next several weeks! I follow other people’s boards to see what they pin. Now I get a notification that tells me to see what they pinned but I have to manually go there. What’s the point? I also hate how in the app if you open a pin the “Pin It” button covers part of an image. Completely blocks the bottom right side. I’ve been on Pinterest since the beginning when you had to wait to be allowed to open an account. Maybe it’s time for me to move on from Pinterest, I guess. Just want to add to this review a couple months later. I still stand by what I said. I just want to add emphasis on the fact I DO NOT CARE ABOUT STRANGERS “TRYING” A PIN. Just give me the option to not be notified over that. And give me back the like button.
  • To much spam 2/5

    By Julia.Ann
    Sends me to many un needed notifications
  • Newest changes 1/5

    By Annmicky
    This is absolutely awful. Difficult to see your pin groupings, & everything is out of order. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? Put it back to the previous look!!
  • Potential Bug 4/5

    By Skiingsthelife
    For the past few months I have had it so that the boards that I most recently pinned to was at the top, but now it has it at a totally random order with the secret boards at the top. I now have to scroll a long ways down to be able to find the board that I want. I have no clue why this happened, if it was a bug or if it was a fault on my end. If it is a bug I would love it if this could be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Favorite social media app! 1/5

    By Pris EZ
    And now I see more ads than ideas. I’d give zero stars if I could. 0/10 do not recommend. *Update* Another update. NOW OUR LIKES ARE GONE?! What are you people even doing with your lives?! QUIT RUINING THE APP!!!!!!! *Update* I'm tired of the app refreshing every time I leave to look at another app. It loses my place ALL. THE. TIME. Then on top of that it's so easy to accidentally hit that stupid white bubble to "show me more" and then change my whole feed. GET RID OF IT! Also, when did it become okay for nude photos and junk to be considered following your "guidelines" but the American flag and DIY products are not? SMH. Always have to ruin everything. Thanks for the "awesome" updates and keep up the "great" work 🙄 Love this app. I get so many ideas on how to do things and help when I need it. Sometimes it gets a little quirky, but usually it straightens out. I still give it five stars.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Xhdudjsjsjsoapajdbdhsisksb
    I love Pinterest so much!!! It’s amazing, and I love being able to make boards for the things I love. I am having a problem with messaging though. It’s not letting me message others or leave comments. It’s kind of annoying.

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