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  • Current Version: 14.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Cubic Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pixel Gun 3D App

In Pixel Gun 3D you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else all around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! *** MULTIPLAYER *** MAIN FEATURES OF THE MULTIPLAYER: • WORLDWIDE and LOCAL connection types. • More than 35 unique maps of various shapes and sizes. • Varied weaponry with upgrades: Sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons, magic weapons and many others. More than 100 kinds! • Up to 10 players in one game. • Chat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle. • Several online modes: Classic Deathmatch, Deadly Games, Team Battle, Flag Capture, Coop Survival and Point Capture. *** CAMPAIGN *** Pixel Man has found himself in an awful situation ... In the middle of the night tonnes of frightening zombies come to attack his farm unexpectedly! Later on, he figures out that the zombies don't just wander through his village, they are everywhere! Will he be able to survive and figure out the reason for the Zombie Apocalypse? Stay with him until the end and solve the whole mystery of the world of Pixel Gun 3D! MAIN FEATURES OF STORY MODE: • Completely different worlds with tonnes of different locations. • Many different kinds of enemies. • Unique types of weapons. • Colorful comic book plot which tells us the story behind Pixel Gun. *** SURVIVAL ARENA *** A separate set of conditions that allow you to check your survival skills. How far are you willing to go? How many waves of monster attacks can you overcome? SURVIVAL MODE FEATURES: • Endless gameplay. • Unexpected combinations of different kinds of monsters. • Awards for getting through to the next stage. • Get the best results you can and compare them to your friends! *** FRIENDS AND CLANS SYSTEM *** If you made friends with someone while chatting in the battlefield, then all you both have to do is press the [ + ] button in the game table and you will become friends! And then you can quickly find and team up with your friends for new matches, look at their accomplishments, how their characters are made up and so much more! Also, you can create your own CLAN made up only of the best players. Be the strongest Pixel warriors in the world. *** SKINS AND CAPES MAKER *** Now you can make your OWN SKIN and USE IT IN THE MULTIPLAYER GAME! You can also turn on a function for a custom cape. Design it yourself using whatever patterns you want! Thank you for all the comments and advice, we really appreciate it. In this version, we tried to fulfill your wishes. Wait for the coming updates with cool new features! Pixel Gun 3D is the most popular multiplayer game in many countries! Pixel Gun 3D is: • Millions of players all around the world; • More than 100 kinds of weapons; • More than 35 maps and locations; • Lots of communication among players from from all around the world; • Great HD graphics; • Exciting sound effects; Join the exciting world of Pixel Gun 3D! ————————————————————————————————— This is not an official Mojang app. Pixel Gun 3D & Cubic Games are not associated or connected with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.


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    By MakB546RedPanda
    I love this game and all but one of the problems is how annoying the chest is! The only things I gets would be either coins or diamonds I’ve been only getting this for months and nothing else! Either atleast make it something else or FIX THE CHEST I’m back AND THE CHEST R STILL THE SAME BRO I DONT EVEN CARE IF I GET SKINS JUST SOMETHING ELSE I WASTED 32 GEMS ON FREAKIN 3 COINS PER SPIN WHAT IS THIS!? ITS SO RARE ONCE U GET SOMETHING ELSE IM QUITTING THIS GAME FOR GOOD GOODBYE! BTW STOP MAKING IT TAKE AWAY THINGS WHEN WE PLAY THATS ANOTHER REASON I QUITE!
  • Pixel gun 3D. 5/5

    By BRANDON1002511
  • Flawless 5/5

    By jdawg0905
    I have played this since it first came out some times on other devices mostly on my tablet and it has grown and improved so much. The graphics,glitches,lag,etc has all been improved over the years. This game is probably one of the best first person shooter games i ( in my opinion ) have played. I just cannot stop playing it. If it has an update I always find a way to get that update done. I have on word for this game, flawless.
  • Log out the game 5/5

    By add a log out at the setting
    Could creator add a log out the game that could lost everything guns,armor,coins and diamond because I want to reset my game
  • I love this game 5/5

    By xx🤘🤘xx
    Can u make new maps love the game
  • I used to play 1/5

    By app pro 6000
    Like most of the other comments it is so hard to level up I wish it was like the older version again. I know and hope soon you will fix these obvious changes but why would you you will keep the game the same way because some 9 year old just spent 30$. And so what if a few people quit there game it not like I would spend my money on some stupid game
  • Love/Hate 4/5

    By Weeman311
    I LOVED this game originally but the new update is really annoying. It caused me to go from one round away from champion to bronze league in a matter of days. Otherwise the game is great with huge gun diversity and a large selection of pets to unlocking the guns and skins at a certain level or league. The fact that you have to attend daily get a certain amount of trophies to advance is extremely concerning for me because it requires daily activity on the game. But PLEASE alter this! Have a very busy schedule but really enjoyed the game, I would like to spend more time on it that I do not have. The trophy system lets you achieve a higher level and be able to stay there, like say I am on a trip and I forgot my phone at the house I will be able to come back with the same amount of trophies and still be able to continue from where I was before. Well shoot to just update gives you more money more times spent on the game and makes players of this game more frequent, I would so prefer to go back to what you had before. Best wishes, Brendan Wright.
  • Pixel gun 5/5

    By Gammerman59524
    Super fun is very good for young kids not that crude
  • Takes too much space 1/5

    By mydaddy124
    It’s too much goddammit
  • This is buggy 1/5

    By dabizpig
    I bought gems and I never got them
  • Glitch 4/5

    By austov
    Load 12 or 99% in then black screen crashes
  • Shields Are A Problem 3/5

    By Èxötïç Îcë Élíté
    This was a great game before the shield tournament thing update. Since then the pay to win feature has been overpowering, bringing the richest players to Champion League and the poorest to wooden. Whenever I unlock new weapons, my current weapons get nerfed extremely hard. The only mode I still find enjoyable is Deadly Games, where a man with $1000 has no power over a poor player unless they have skill. The combat level auto balance feature has tilted the scales as well. I am now fighting noobs with combat level 14 sniper rifles. Dueling has become less enjoyable. Also, how does the arena count as a “match”? So it is a great game if you have $100 to spare for video games, which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By ClashLeaderLeo
    This game is completely amazing and doesn’t give me a million ads and I make progress without spending a lot of money. It’s a great game that you should definitely download.
  • Pixel gun 5/5

    By SlimekidPlayzYT
    This game is awesome
  • I love pixel gun 3D forever all my life 5/5

    By Rubix's Cube
    I Love pixel gun 3D forever all my life
  • Skins 5/5

    By Śilver Šonic
    This game is great! One thing I wish you could add is the ability to design, each and every arm and leg.
  • Buggy but good 3/5

    By amdwjr
    There are multiple bugs that come up constantly. The most recent is an issue with the pet house. Whenever I click on it the game crashes. This happened after I went on a winning streak and filled the incubators with magic eggs. Other that that this is one of the only first person shooter games that don’t look realistic at all. There even is no blood. If these bugs weren’t here it would be a 5 star game. I would like the pet house bug fixed.
  • Weapons 5/5

    By pew pew prw
    I spent 310 gems trying to make one weapon better. Boss arena per boss you get a gem. Anyway I knew you can do this so five stars. And one question will battle royal be 3rd or 1st person?
  • Play or not play 4/5

    I like pixel gun all in all, but l lost a bunch of points that I should of had. There is a glitch in the game in the update I’m only getting coins now gems no skins nothing but coins.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    There is a chest in the game and the ONLY thing I get is coins and maybe even gems. I can’t get ANYTHING ELSE!!! I haven’t got another thing since about level 8. I’M LEVEL 27!!! Very bad chest variety. Otherwise, good.
  • Dah best 5/5

    By Markylarky05
    This game is the best.
  • I just can not open the egg home 3/5

    When I have wifi I can not open my egg home! please fix that! thank you!
  • The best game 5/5

    By ROCCOAMI2007
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!
  • Great game but some issues 2/5

    By kayla christina
    The game is a great game, but their are some issues that I have with this game. I wish the game would make a update where players only your level can play you. When I play some people in a match, they always have bigger things, that can defeat my team. I also think it’s dumb to add chat. It makes no sense, it’s also confusing on how to chat. My last and final issue is whenever I play a game and it logs me out, I loose points, when THE GAME logged me out. This game is kinda good, but the issues are so bad, I’ve lost intrest in this game.
  • Bug 5/5

    By Spitfire455
    The game is awesome although there is a bug if you click in the pet menu it kicks you out of the game.
  • Fix this PLEASE!!!!!! 5/5

    By Kszubinski
    Ok I love The new update but there’s some things that most people want to do in their lobby like the place where you go to our main stuff. people want to walk around their lobby and like rides dragon or the Pegasus thing. There is some bugs in the game also where like if you do a specific thing a kicks you out of the entire app. please fix that and get the new update out because I really want to walk around my lobby.
  • Amazing 1/5

    By mia134256
    I think it’s amazing.Its so much fun.
  • Selling guns 5/5

    By Epic Winter Soulder
    I would super like it if that you could sell your own guns I mean I think that would be super cool
  • Reset please 5/5

    By TheLimpidLamp
    PG3D is a great game but it needs some improvements the main problem I want to talk about is a reset button or a way to reset without wrecking any other data for my phone (my phone is iOS). I think you should add a reset button in the settings of the game so players can restart whenever they want, or maybe you can make character slots so you can have multiple characters where one character can be a pro and another a noob and to have a "x" button on the character slots so you can delete characters. Thank you for reading my review and I hope to see some way of restarting.
  • Add more stuff 5/5

    By Calebsmom2009
    I have been playing this for years But please add more stuff like the holy grail for the gems And the temple of coins Both are $199.99 Both give 10.000 coins and gems
  • Good game but needs to restore 1 thing. 4/5

    By MXR Mods
    In the past I loved pixel gun and it was perfect and I was in adamant but in the new update I played pixel gun and I was in adamant league and I was in 23 place but then I left pixel gun for one day, got back on then I was in ruby league then, the next day I was in crystal league and so in conclusion I think it’s an awesome game but I’m a little bit mad at the new trophy system and how it works, so please fix this.
  • please read // crucial 1/5

    By milanwithminaj
    this game was fun when it first came out , now it’s stupid and not fun . make it less complex and more simple.
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By ipodxoxo
    This game amazed me!It is the bomb!
  • I hate the chest!!!!! 5/5

    By princezayy
    You guys are so trash for the lucky chest system!! Like how do you get coin EVERYTIME YOU SPIN I have never not once gotten coins
  • 3D 5/5

    By lzdpl
    Bu oyun efsane
  • Needs These Things 5/5

    By Poo And Pee The War
    1:trading 2:more guns 3:New Mini Game
  • Pixel gun 3D 5/5

    By GCor892
    I like how that it’s in first person because it’s so easy for me to shoot
  • Okay 4/5

    By brhianna
    So I LOVE this game I’ve been playing it since 2014. The only issue is that I have a glitch and i cannot click pets I used to but now I’m stuck with 3 and I’ve gotten very good ones I want too use but can’t hoping it fixes when it updates but if it isn’t I dunno I might quit but probably not
  • Newest update 3/5

    By monkey1453
    I got the new update and I can’t say I’m happy. I have had this game for years and with every update I find good things and I find bad things. This update I am not fond of one bit. Where did private maps go?!? I liked to play with my lower level and or higher level friends but now I can’t.
  • I’m crying T^T 1/5

    By Kelsa12
  • Wow!!! 5/5

    By Wampa_
    I love this game but I can’t connect my google play to my new iPhone I got I tried everthing but I can’t find a way to connect my google to apple I and I spent so much money on the profile for google 😐
  • Bad players 3/5

    By uyhbb
    Everyone is horrible at the game.I lose trophies because they are so bad.Other people are so much better than other people.A guy hacked and said he had 3000 kills.This game is not good because they make 8t unfair.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Past better than the future? 3/5

    By WakefulDiamondgamer
    I like this game a lot but this game has changed and is a lot worse. Losing trophies when leaving a game is also part of the problem. You don’t know if you won or not why lose trophies? They keep coming out with new guns which is great, but makes the past ones worse. I mean come on champion guns now? I like it when it was just the old guns and you needed to get to the next level but now the game is horrible. I would give this game a 5, but man the money the creators want. I mean come on most of this stuff is gems
  • Remove tournaments 4/5

    By TheSilverBanana
    I really like to play Pixel Gun 3D but I have one problem with the game. Please remove the tournaments because It is impossible for me to rank up because every one else has better guns than me that I can’t get so I’m going to end up in the wooden league after 2 weeks.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    This was so fun but now it’s just pay to win
  • Selling 4/5

    By PG3D Gamer05
    Love the game but please let us sell the guns so we can buy something else
  • Ew...HAH 1/5

    By Emma Marrry
    This game is literally so stupid. I DO win every time, but it’s, like, pointless. I mean, who would want to play a game that doesn’t make sense? If I could rate this game 0 stars, I absolutely positively would. :)
  • Great game have spent lots of time on it. 5/5

    By Matrix Rhymes
  • Most unbalanced game of all time 1/5

    By Redigon
    I can’t enjoy the game because I don’t have money. I should just delete the game.
  • Needs to change 2/5

    By Skeletonwarrior
    Enemies are too overpowered & max armor should only be adamant armor & max upgrade for weapons should be three star Thx from Elite Assassin

Pixel Gun 3D app comments


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