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Planet Fitness Workouts

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  • Current Version: 9.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness Workouts App

Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket! Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with the FREE PF App. Check out our exclusive features including digital check-in, trainer-led on-demand virtual workout classes, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, activity tracking for in and out of the gym, a crowd meter so you can pick the best time to visit, and so much more! Key Features: Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with your digital keytag. Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just check out the Crowd Meter to view how busy your club is. Digital Workout Videos: Access on-demand trainer-led workouts that will get you motivated and moving! Whether you're starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, we’ll help you make the most out of your in-club or at-home workouts. From beginner to advanced, there are workouts for everyone! PLUS, it’s easier than ever to find workout programs you love. You can search workouts by type, time, target, and more to find what’s best for you. Member Perks: Check out exclusive discounts and deals from Planet Fitness partners. Start exploring now. Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: View hundreds of easy-to-follow exercise routines and equipment tutorials. If it’s your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started. Activity Tracking with My Journey: Check out the My Journey screen to track check-ins, integrate with fitness trackers like Apple Health, and track just how much you’re moving by logging it in the Activity Tracker. Download the Planet Fitness App today - You got this!

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Planet Fitness Workouts app reviews

  • Keytag errors 3/5

    By B/R/H
    I have a really hard time getting the keytag to load on my Apple Watch or sometimes even in the app. I love that I can log workouts and watch helpful videos, but the purpose of the keytag feature is convenience and having to reload over and over is anything but!
  • Could be better… 3/5

    By mfelb282
    The most important thing this app should do is quickly bring up the QR code for checkin. Both the watch and the phone apps have needless delay after clicking the button to pull up the QR code. It seems that the apps require an internet connection each time to bring up my personal QR code. This wastes time and is frustrating.
  • Idea 4/5

    By Cool cris288510
    I like the app but something that would make checking in faster at the gym is being Abel to add the gym membership to the Apple Wallet!
  • Cancelation issues 2/5

    By Havolt the critic
    I find it crazy that you can’t cancel or Chang your membership in the app or over the phone, it’s literally a hassle to do either. Most ppl don’t have the time or energy to go to planet fitness or write a letter just to cancel a subscription, especially after a long day at work. It just doesn’t make sense!!!
  • App doesn’t syncs calories burned to Health App 3/5

    By 3674595
    Functions fine regarding workout tutorials and crowd meter but as the title says when I go to the Apple health app and view the workout data it says no calories burned and no data present for “Active Energy” when I know I inputted calories burned into the PF app when saving the workout I did.
  • App glitch 2/5

    By Ameljo
    App only works when on cellular data not on Wi-Fi
  • Diary 1/5

    By duajfbeiajfbaidbsneucbsbd
    Why can I not log into the app and track my fitness on any machine in the gym, why do I need to go an find a separate app to build a fitness program for, please consider this as an additional part of the app.
  • Planet fatness 1/5

    By Bballlifeilikebball
    This is the worst gym I’ve ever gone to. I came to Sarasota for a week and decided to join the gym. First, there was a giant bowl of tootsie rolls at the front desk. I thought this was pretty shocking for a gym. Second, there was a lunk alert sign that claimed if you came into the gym with a gallon water you are a lunk and they would sound an alarm. Seems like a pretty backwards idea for a “judgement free zone” especially regarding someone who is trying to drink a healthy amount of water. It also claimed that wearing a tank top is also a lunk which seemed to be very judgmental for a place that promotes the opposite. I understand the statement about slamming weights to a degree but after all it’s a gym not a library. Overall the machines were sub-par and the environment was awful I wouldn’t recommend this gym to anyone.
  • I Cannot Sign-in on my Apple devices 1/5

    By Here2help2
    I got a new phone and cannot sign-in. So, I tried my other Apple devices and get the same error message. There was trouble looking up my account. I am able to sign-in to web browsers only.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Whatsthereview
    Charges a heft fee if the payment doesn’t go through instead of having a computer automatically retry the payment.
  • Keytag does not link with Apple watch 3/5

    By venmo firs adopter user
    Tried numerous ways to link/pair my apple watch to get the keytag QR access but it seems not working at all. No one at planet fitness could help figure it out and none of the reddit tips worked. How would I be able to do that?
  • Dismayed 1/5

    By Kateri7
    While this app is wonderful when it actually works and it did last year - I can’t say I can honestly give a good review to any app that hasn’t worked for me in months; it hasn’t loaded past the initial screen since last year! It makes it less worth while to even go to Planet Fitness in the first place on days when I’m not working out at home or outside and that means money wasted and any friend who’d like to come feel it’s not worth going to that particular gym - when in reality it’s quite nice.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By GhostiBabi
    It’s been a month since the app has been available to open. I’ve followed every tip and trick out there and I’ve reached out to support and still nothing.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By annoyed nfcu mbr
    The app never loads up. Every time I open it it just keeps “loading”. It’s maybe worked 1 out of 20 times. What gives?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By ReddinBlack
    This app is probably the worst one I’ve ever had. You can not even setup your account. I asked at the gym and said it been added to my account or whatever. But after 2 weeks of trying, including their update, still have not been able to get in.
  • App will not load up. 1/5

    By mick2rip
    I have loaded and reloaded. Unloaded and deleted and everything in between. I cannot get this app to load for the life of me. What an absolute waste.
  • Just keeps loading 1/5

    By hoper7
    I can’t get the app to work, it just keeps loading. I tried deleting it and downloaded it again today but still didn’t work.
  • Has potential but too buggy at present 2/5

    By oijkmoikoik
    Can’t access Crowd Meter or quite a few other sections under My Club such as Check-In History and Schedule a Class, app would throw an error. After the latest update it was working for a day or two but not working again.
  • Connectivity Problems 1/5

    By umass67
    I’ve tried to set this app up many times and it has a connectivity glitch. I let the manager at the front desk try to set it up and he had no success either. He claimed it was a problem with my VPN, however I haven’t had any problems with dozens of other apps, only this one. I’m a new member and would like to scan the QR codes to see how to use the equipment, but with the app, that’s not possible. The solution offered at the desk was to just ignore the app and ask them for help. This is the very definition of a poor customer experience.
  • Can’t Connect 1/5

    By fbhgt
    I was able to connect to the Mexican App but this app. Something is wrong with this version. I have deleted, restart my IPhone, removed unused apps on my phone, plenty of storage on my phone. Cannot seem to solve this one. It was great when it worked.
  • App error and wont open 1/5

    By Flybabymomma
    Even after updating the app will not launch continuing to give me an error message. The error always says connection failure and to check my service. I have both wifi and cellular so there is no issue on my side. Haven’t been able to open the app in months.
  • Will Not Open 1/5

    By ColonelinPA
    Cannot get this app to open. Just says there’s a “Connection Failure” even with a very strong WiFi signal at home. Hope it’s resolved soon.
  • Error 1/5

    By 562467
    Always saying error when I look in my check in history or workout tutorials.
  • The app doesn’t open 1/5

    By Fspellane
    The app doesn’t open
  • Fails to load 1/5

    By Presepic
    Stuck in first screen Even after the update the same issue of connectivity. Even with the cell data turned on and wifi turned of same issue.
  • Planet Fitness app is worthless 1/5

    By PF app terrible
    The Planet Fitness app never loads on my iPhone just constant buffering so you can’t even access it.
  • App will not work 1/5

    By Let’s show light
    I have been a PF member for many years. In general, I have had good experiences until the last year. The app quick working . I have tried every tip online, I have a new phone, new everything and the app still will not work. The problem that creates for me is about to force me to cancel my membership as I’m getting “bullied” at the gym because my app won’t work. The front desk staff has been less than nice regarding this. On several occasions I have had a staff member act as if I’m trying to sneak in even though he is looking me up on their computers he has even told me that it’s user error and that I’m the only person that is having an issue. PF is supposed to be a judgement free zone but I have felt nothing but judged because my app won’t work. I requested a key chain check in card and was told that’s no longer an option so, what do I do if my app will not work and I’m ridiculed when someone has to manually look me up. ? *the latest version does not work either .
  • can’t cancel membership 1/5

    By luhdemxn
    can’t even cancel your membership through the app which leads to planet fitness draining your bank account every month. i haven’t been to pf in months and they still take my money.
  • App No Longer Works 1/5

    By FryDerm
    The app doesn’t load. It just says connection failure, please check your internet. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it several time with no luck. Edit: the app only works for me on cellular data, not Wi-Fi. I am on Verizon FiOS Internet.
  • Pretty Useless if Traveling 3/5

    By Mfer12
    It shows your home club and the “crowd meter” there but if you’re on the road or visiting someone you can’t change the club to where you are. You can’t even favorite a different club. You have to look it up every.single.time. Why? Because they have some arbitrary rule that you have to be a member for 90 days before you can change the club. Even so, I travel a lot. So I would have to continue to switch it instead of it just showing me what I want. Pretty useless. Not to mention, you can’t actually do anything with your membership. You can’t change the bank account or any personal details. Like I said… useless.
  • Connection error 1/5

    By nonfunc
    I’ve used PF app for several years… and have used it as recently as yesterday —- tho it was slow to connect and I had to uninstall and restart my iPhone 12 to connect. Today, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and restarted my phone at least 4 times and I cannot connect to the app (even tho I hand my phone # at the gym and it logged me right in.) Very frustrating.
  • Cannot Load App just Spins 1/5

    By Carlocono
    I have an Iphone 12 Mini at one time I was able to use app but no longer. Very inconvenient to have to give my phone number each time I go to gym. Have tried resets of app, phone cleared cache nothing works. Please help.
  • Complete disappointment! 1/5

    By Aminaj29
    This app just stated it was upgraded blah blah and the app still won’t even open! Smh I’ve never even been able to access the app. You guys to need to hire real web developers to fix this issue. Horrible! Update app is still trash, still just loading and never actually loaded
  • Apple Watch app glitch 4/5

    By Got2bGabe
    Hello! The Apple Watch app has a glitch where it won’t bring up the Keytag
  • So much supporter feedback…. 1/5

    By jucentric
    Yet no actions taken by the PF development team. It really saddens me that this application went from being one of my favorites on my phone to causing me the most emotional and mental stress. I pay monthly to be a part of the planet fitness family yet I can’t even use my member benefits because I can’t access the application. I’ve been patient allowing the developers time to fix all the bug issues, but almost a year later we’re still having the same issues? Smh I’m seriously offended and now see that planet fitness cares nothing about it’s members.
  • Unsatisfied customer!! 1/5

    By Vibing High
    Standing at the desk for 10 minutes trying to scan my guest and I in the workout the center (741 planet fitness Fresno) ZERO success!!! I come with my guest daily but today seemed to be a issue.. not sure what’s going on with you guys system but my work out was canceled do to the person at the frontline desk not knowing where to find my information to scan us in manually. Better training on you guys end for y’all staff would be much appreciated.
  • Poor Interface 2/5

    By TButler8106
    Hard to navigate
  • Rude planet fitness worker 1/5

    By landshark zx
    This short black guy that works there at the 86st Bensonhurst Brooklyn is very rude and thinks he can talks to anyone the way he wants to . Talking about do I want to fight??? Planet fitness you need to re train your workers. Be your going to lose a lot of business because of ghetto minded people
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Skyrise 84
    Does not work someone please help me with this
  • Will not work 1/5

    I have reinstalled this app at least three times a week since joining and no luck. It will not open past the main title page. The wheel just keeps spinning. I have to call the gym to schedule workouts. The app worked for three days and then stopped. When it worked it was great.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By 11LiLi
    Clean fun and friendly. All their equipment is nice and updated. And with the black card, you can work out at any location. And there's plenty of room to move around. Love this place!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By moacoffeegirl
    I scheduled a coaching session on the app at my club only to learn at the club that they no longer have an on-site trainer. Why I could still schedule a class remains a mystery. Now questioning whether I want to stay at that gym. The on-site trainer was a primary reason for changing clubs and being a black card member.
  • Add to Wallet 1/5

    By FewSimple9
    Need the option to add the barcode to the wallet, no need to open your app every time. Stop deleting reviews!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Strawberrygirl17345
    App stopped working. I’ve deleted it & reinstalled it twice - still nothing. Just spins on the front page can’t even pull up my tag to scan upon entry to the club so I have to give my phone number to the front desk staff just to check in every time I go now. Very disappointing

    By Mendeninpa
    I can’t seem to connect to the app unless I’m on the club WiFi. I’ve asked for help but no one responds.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Rohollup
    When I open the app it doesn’t load. I literally cannot use this app no matter how many times I have downloaded it
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Annoyed With PF
    When I first installed it about a year ago it worked fine. Now it won’t even open. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app twice, and it still just displays the spinning wheel. Just give out key tags like every other gym, please.
  • Haven’t been able to use app in months 1/5

    By BabyKucic
    Every time I try to get this app it tells me I have internet connection failure yet I have Wi-Fi. I’ve deleted it several times and have redownloaded.
  • Wanted too 1/5

    By Ronnie Driscoll
    Sorry, but not giving both my credit card and checking account information.