Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness Workouts

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 9.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness Workouts App

Welcome to the Planet Fitness App – The Gym In Your Pocket! Bring the Judgement Free Zone® anywhere with workouts and features for anyone, with the FREE PF App. Check out all our awesome features like always NEW exclusive premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers to help coach you and iFit trainers, LIVE stream, hundreds of exercises that you can do at home or in-club, equipment tutorials, progress tracking for in and out of the gym, crowd meter and so much more! Key Features: Crowd Meter: Coming into one of our clubs? See how many people are at your club before you go to find the best time to visit! Just tap the Crowd Meter at the top navigation to view how many members are at your club. Workout Videos & Filtering: Always NEW workouts with Planet Fitness trainers, exclusive iFit trainer series, all to get you motivated and moving! Whether you're starting your fitness journey, or you just want to try something new, these guided trainer videos will coach and help you make the most out of your workout and feel good for at home or in-club. From beginner to advanced, there is a workout for everyone depending on your fitness journey and with or without equipment to help you no matter where you are. PLUS we have made it even easier for you to find workouts you love with our NEW workout filter. You can search workouts by the type, time, target and more to find what fits for you. Check it out yourself! NEW PF+: Daily LIVE stream and premium workout content with Planet Fitness trainers and exclusive iFit trainers with workout series built to guide you through every muscle group to get you motivated and moving. These range from 20 minute workouts to 5 Mighty Minutes for those needing a quick burst of movement and feel good vibes. Exercise & Equipment Tutorials: Hundreds of easy to follow exercise and equipment tutorials so if it is your first time using a piece of equipment in one of our clubs or need a reminder, you can just scan the QR code in the app and your video guide will help you get started for all your workout needs. Workout Tracking: Every minute matters, whether you set a new personal best, or took a stroll on the treadmill. Track your activity and watch those minutes and good vibes add up. Digital Keytag: Quick and easy touchless check-in at your Planet Fitness with avoiding unnecessary contact by checking in using your digital keytag in the app or through your Apple Watch. Apple Health: We included integration with Apple Health, to add the details of your workout, like duration and calories burned, to your Apple Health account. Download the Planet Fitness App today - You got this!

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Planet Fitness Workouts app reviews

  • Really? 1/5

    By Idiot whom beliave this app
    I spent 1/2 hr to bring a guess cuz they made me download the app
  • Check in history 3/5

    By Kravesin
    Since this most recent update 2 days ago (210620), check in history is not populating on the app.
  • It no longer accurately reports crowd size anymore 3/5

    By LP.96
    Crowd sizes are being underreported. The crowd meter will be 2 bars but 40% of the machines are being used
  • Doesn’t work on Watch 2/5

    By robairk
    The app for the phone is okay, but the app for the Apple Watch is garbage. It never works when I try to access my key tag and I always end up having to pull my phone out to check in.
  • Poor Business Practices 1/5

    By MrTieDye
    They charged me a couple times while being shut down and once while my account was on hold. I went in to cancel my account and they assured me I would not be charged again .... BUT, they did not mention that they charge a fee to cancel your membership .... but my bad for not catching it at the time. C’ est la vie .... companies like this will not last long.
  • Where are my workouts??? 1/5

    By Alli3455
    Why do I have to watch some video now? I want your old workouts back. First time I’ve been to the gym since covid and now I have to find a new workout app :( which means no workout today.
  • Let us export QR code to Apple Wallet 4/5

    By Jesipr
    App is well designed. Pain in the behind to unlock iPhone just to get QR code on screen. Let us export the QR code as a pass to the Apple Wallet for easier and faster access when checking in at the GYM.
  • Paid up till mid next month but app will. I longer work. 1/5

    By Bhmal
    Can no longer access bar code to enter gym even though paid to the middle of next month.
  • Easier access to cars 4/5

    By scott4551
    They need to make it possible to put your membership card in your Apple Wallet for easier access when checking in.
  • Broken Apple Watch Experience 3/5

    By flashram
    Hard to believe that someone could complicate something that only functions as a barcode but here we are. I have to first open the app every day on my phone before the Apple Watch app will connect and show the barcode. At that point why bother when I already have it open on the phone? Please fix this.
  • Health 2/5

    By callie windnagle
    I went to go work out this morning and the issue that I have is that no one does there job and doesn’t make anyone clean there equipment after using it. I went out of my way so that the equipment is clean I don’t want anyone to get sick but I refuse to spend my hour there cleaning the equipment I go there to workout not to clean.
  • Needs a update 3/5

    By Juandan.el
    Y’all need to make a quick membership scan widget !! To save us gym goers time !!!
  • Apple Watch version malfunctions 1/5

    By iwatch app malfunctions
    Developers, there’s is a bug (or you designed the all this way). If say the app on the phone has been closed for a few hours and the app is opened on the Apple Watch, it fails to bring the key tag. It only refreshes the key tag if the app is opened on the iPhone and then the app is opened on the key tag. After this, the key tag will refresh normally for a few minutes. But say another few hours go by and the app is shut off in the iPhone, the watch will not refresh the key tag. And yes background refresh is set to on the for app. This makes the iwatch app useless if people are on the go, have a cellular iwatch, and can’t get the key tag because the app on the iPhone wasn’t opened a few seconds before pulling the tag in the iwatch. Please fix cause otherwise, it makes the tag useless kn the iwatch
  • 4 stars…could be 5 4/5

    By Duolmaercs
    No major issues with the app, does what you’d expect. However, to get that fifth star, adding the ability to add my planet fitness card to Apple Wallet would be huge.
  • workout curation 4/5

    By soccerloveroak
    I would love the ability to use the information that planet fitness has logged in all of their tutorial tiles to create a work out plan for each visit. I think many people would benefit from using a click and drag method where you could pull from planet fitness information and create your own work out plans inside the app
  • (The Apple Watch app)Handy but could be so much better! 4/5

    By Tenzinc88
    The Apple Watch app is handy to have the planet fitness code to scan at entry but this app could be so much better! It would be great to have this as one of the options you can put as a complication so we can scan at entry that much faster. Further more it could help you remind when fitness classes are or give you those reminders to switch in the circuit area. Who knows but I definitely think it has potential for a lot of growth.
  • Update 1/5

    By UALFan
    How about letting customers search 24 hour locations cause when I lived in New Jersey & worked in Philadelphia every Planet Fitness was open 24 hours. Now I live in Boston on certain clubs are open 24 hours
  • It’s okay.. 2/5

    By 💫hRena'
    The app is good for showing check in history & crowd meter but I really wanted to track my workouts. The activities listed are VERY LIMITED, i thought it’d at least have the ability to scan equipment and track time on each—but there isn’t.
  • Possibly the most infuriating app I have ever encountered 1/5

    By Wiki-Papa
    The staff at the store recommended that we sign up using the app. The app asks for account information from credit cards and checking accounts. No worries, all that is on my phone! Except that every time you minimize this app, it resets to the beginning. While I’m still going to join the gym, I very nearly walked out and went somewhere else simply because of how hard it was to enter all the data into this app
  • Works just fine, one improvement 4/5

    By aplooze
    This app does exactly what it sets out to do. Easy to check in, lots of info for those who need it about how to use machines, etc. One feature I wish it had was a record of the times you check in to the gym. It would be helpful to see that information to track frequency of trips/note any patterns.
  • Apple Watch key tag not working 2/5

    By BHS Baton Girl
    I just got my membership and the key tag is not loading on my watch and happens to my husbands as well
  • Good for Checking In... 3/5

    By THEAirbat
    I wish it had all the machines on the app to log in time spent and intensity or else you’d have to manually do yourself on another app that keep track of that. Such a shame. Oh well at least you can check in or use the QR feature for exercises you’re having trouble with I guess...
  • The Download is so slow omg 2/5

    By T5Vaughn
    The App download time is ridiculous. I could have worked out and went home by now. Omg slow
  • Love the app but just a suggestion 4/5

    By 024mula
    It would be nice to be able to create workouts for each day. Go to the workouts, select which one you want to do, and add for that day. Instead of searching through the workouts you could have a plan when you go to the gym or if you’re at home.
  • There should be a calendar feature 3/5

    By achereton0119
    This app is okay. The crowd meter is nice to have and the ability to check in with your phone. It could be way cooler though if there were a calendar feature that showed which days you checked in, allowed you to plan for gym days, and had any classes/special events on it that you can click and sign up for. Another cool feature could be to add a social forum of sorts for people who attend that gym can message/help/encourage each other to show up. Just a thought. The app is kinda just boring as is.
  • Malware 1/5

    By hoover stopping
  • no point 1/5

    By Ejay2215
    literally no point for the crow meter. says there’s nobody there. yet i can’t even find parking because of how packed it is. useless feature
  • Can’t remove messages 2/5

    By darkhorseSteven
    Messages can’t be deleted by user in all cases. It seems like PF has a schedule on new messages to prevent them from being deleted for a period of time, therefore it is hard to tell if you have new messages or not
  • Something needs to be done 2/5

    By 123rdb
    I’m at the midtown PF and I enjoy my workouts I just don’t like when I’m about to shower there are people just hanging out in the locker room especially when they are by themselves. I understand the situation that some people may have but when you have valuable items or a person just isn’t cleaning up after they workout and leaving it makes a uncomfortable feeling just to see a person just hanging out in the locker room not doing anything but hanging out
  • Tedious to check in 1/5

    By PatCNJ
    So, now I need to check in on the app to see my own member number, then I still need to have my phone scanned or publicly give my phone number to check in. Scanning the tag was a one step process that always worked. This is no more efficient than using the key tag. Everything doesn’t need to be digital.
  • Watch app meh 2/5

    By Nobleje
    Simply does not load, thus is useless
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By sweetspirit4
    I just signed up for PF. I keep trying to sign into the app. I did everything to register and make a new account. It keeps asking me to verify my email, but there is nothing in the emails I was sent to verify my email. Very frustrating and I don’t have time to invest figure out something that should b really simple.
  • FYI 1/5

    By KTrain1986
    Making a payment to this business is an arduous and very difficult process. 50% of customers do not have an active membership. If you have a membership, please use it to your advantage and make healthy choices in life.
  • Auto brightness disabled 2/5

    By verheulaj
    There is a problem with the app. When you pull up your membership QR code to sign in, it turns your screen to max brightness - which is normal. However, the screen does not revert to previous settings when closing the app. Very annoying.
  • Doesn’t let you manage payment or membership 1/5

    By Prestly Alexi
    The app works well enough, but it entirely lacks the option to change your membership, payment information or cancel your membership. The only way to do any of these things is in person or by written mail, which is absolutely ridiculous at this point. This obviously is just a foul tactic to make it difficult for paying members to cancel or downgrade their membership. Frankly, it’s one I don’t plan on supporting any longer.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jrl3713
    This app requires you to have a key tag in order to link your membership, but my gym doesn’t give out key tags.
  • Guests deleted 1/5

    By game on app
    App updated 2 days ago and both of my guests are deleted!
  • App so bad I cancelled my membership 1/5

    By em3519
    Absolute garbage. Not intuitive. Obviously designed by people who don’t have to use it. I could ‘find a club’ but couldn’t ‘set it as my home club’ from that screen. So yea, thanks for the info on a club 600 miles away. Digital world stinks. Bring back analog. On top of that, the gym says I have to bring my phone every time in order to check in because they don’t do plastic cards anymore. How about I find another gym? Done.
  • Unable to delete notifications 1/5

    By Yalao
    Can’t delete messages in my inbox. So now the notifications are forever stuck and will never go away. I feel like apps nowadays are always full of bugs and issues that devs can never figure out.
  • Workouts 5/5

    By laurichowell
    These are all great and something for everyone. I would love to see a favorite button for workouts so you can build a library for the regimen you want to follow.
  • PF Classes 2/5

    By Kimbokimkimkim
    I use this app for 3 things 1) to check in 2) to track my workouts and 3) to sign up for any classes that are offered. For some reason today it keeps telling me oops can’t sign you up for that class even though there’s five spots open what’s the deal?
  • Worst sign up process I’ve ever encountered 1/5

    By Cvb528
    I’m in Pittsburgh for a month - normally belong to Equinox in NYC. Not only do they not tell you that signing up requires downloading the app until you GET THERE (storage was full and I don’t want another app), but also they ask for your bank routing numbers in addition to your credit card. Absolutely not. There is no reason that is needed. Whole process was so tedious, I just joined LA fitness. They just swiped my credit card, handed me a tag to go on my keys and said “have a good workout”. So easy. Would not recommend planet fitness to anyone.
  • App disrespects user preferences 2/5

    By larryis
    This app loses a lot of credibility by not respecting user notification preferences when a user elects to turn notifications off and the app continues to turn it on every time it updates it indicates that the app developers are totally disrespectful of the users choices. This continued disregard for users does not endear users to this app.
  • Crowd Meter is Inaccurate 2/5

    By projectorinski
    Went to my local club once it opened back up. The crowd meter seems like it’s imaginary because there was a line to get in and every machine was full, but the meter said only 30% of capacity. There should be a feature for people with the app who are at a location, to either report crowd size, or the app uses location to determine number of people at the gym.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By @Cdguevara
    App won’t open
  • Solid app 4/5

    By Aspoc
    Good app but let’s be honest. I only ever use this to check in and nothing else. It’s interesting that the most used feature is in the top right hand corner which means I have to use two hands or carefully move my hand/thumb to the top then back to the bottom again to accept the notice. Can you please move the check in function to the bottom? Put account info on top right. Think out how people are holding their phones when they walk in to the gym. Not from the top. I have dropped my phone a number of times trying to check it quickly.
  • App leaves A LOT to be desired 2/5

    By Not diggin this app!
    The only thing I use this app for is checking in to my Planet. It’s absolutely worthless for tracking a workout and I’m really tired of getting the same 6 new messages every day that I can’t delete or get rid of the notifications. I feel like o should be able to scan the machine and have it sync my workout to my Apple Watch. As this app is now, it’s just an electronic keytag.
  • Gatbage 1/5

    By johnpfeif42
    Haven’t got past the loading errors in the teo months of my membership. Best to cancel my contract and go elsewhere.
  • Oops, failed to load again and again 1/5

    By King Itunes 4
    I am a newer member but in the past few weeks I’ve had to delete and download this app again numerous times and then it might let me check in once or twice and then I keep getting the oops, failed to load message again. Very very frustrating
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