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  • Current Version: 8.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness App

Welcome to the all-new Planet Fitness app! Check out our awesome new features like PF Workouts, hundreds of exercise videos, and progress tracking for in and out of the gym! Key Features: • Digital Keytag: Check into your club with just your phone! That means no more excuses about leaving your card at home. • PF Workouts: Whether it’s your first time in the gym, or you just want to try something new, these guided sessions will help you make the most out of your workout. • Workout Tracking: Every moment matters, whether you set a new personal best, or took a stroll on the treadmill. Track your activity, and watch those minutes add up. • Class Scheduling: Book free fitness training sessions with Planet Fitness trainers. Download the Planet Fitness app today - You got this!

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Planet Fitness app reviews

  • Old App was much better 1/5

    By fhhkluutghvk
    Don’t like the new App! Can not connect my Fitness Tracker anymore!
  • Worst app on the planet 1/5

    By sw27467:$3$:$:$:)/$/
    Thanks planet fitness for once again proving you are the worst fitness company on the face of the Earth. This new app update somehow makes literally everything worse from the previous version that already was pretty horrible and deletes all your information. If I could give you zero stars I would
  • New app is shiny but not as functional as old 2/5

    By Budebs38
    On the surface the new app looks all shiny and wonderful but lacks the functionality of the old app. The ability to schedule classes in advance of more than a few days is a huge problem. Also, while some may like “set a reminder” option for classes, I did like the “add to calendar” better. As a busy mom and professional, these two losses to the new version aren’t worth the sparkle of the update. I hope they fix these!
  • Not a good update 2/5

    By AkaRosebud
    Where did the helpful videos of how to use the machines go? I was hoping the update would show more videos of how to properly use the machines, but now I'm not seeing ANY?!
  • The old version was just fine 1/5

    By Darkninja47
    You can no longer take a picture of your workout to record it and when you manually enter it the calories are WAY off.
  • Wasted effort 1/5

    By Fatally
    Unable to track activity if you do the 30 minute circuit
  • Like having PF in your pockets 5/5

    By BariatricPapi
    I’m loving the new app update l!!! Is full of workouts and so easy to manage. There’s nothing wrong with it but everything right!
  • Streamlined Update Without Perks 2/5

    By hippiemom14
    I enjoyed the previous version of this app. The update streamlined a lot of things, but took away the ability to capture workouts, customize workout with how many calories/miles walked, and delete entries if they’re incorrect. I don’t find this nearly useful to me any longer and am greatly disappointed. PLEASE bring back those other features in the next update!
  • Can’t track number of your checkins 1/5

    By bmrgato
    My company pays for gym membership if you make a certain number of visits- this feature of checking how many visits you made was removed - please add it back!
  • New update 4/5

    By doesthisappevenwork
    Will you please consider tracking distances on running, treadmill, and elliptical workouts?
  • Total crap. 1/5

    By Jimbonh
    Can’t login. Spent 30 minutes using a PC to reset passwords/username. Still doesn’t let me login! FIX THIS PROBLEM!! Got a response from the developer BUT it doesn’t work! Still crap. Planet Fitness Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC "You can absolutely login to our new app by entering the email you used to sign up and your password. Then, you'll receive a “reset password email.” If you can’t remember the email you used to signup, please go ahead and create a new app account. "
  • New update erased my keycard 1/5

    By gsueagles
    I use this app only because I don’t want to carry my physical keycard to scan in. Well, when the app updated, it erased my keycard that I had previously linked.
  • Difficult finding new locations 3/5

    By Bigwave chief
    We travel the United States and use planet fitness frequently. It is very difficult, with the new update to find locations in the new cities that we visit. AND....And I prefer not to have to login just to just to use the app. A work-around is possible if one goes to “profile” and join a club...just another step to get a location. Other than that; a good app☝️ Please do an update and make this function easier to use. Thank you.
  • Attendance tracking 3/5

    By jens1900
    Please bring back my ability to see how many days I’ve logged in. I need to keep track for my insurance reimbursement and being able to see my history on the app is an easy and convenient way to do so!
  • It’s progress but still lacking 3/5

    By PixelPixie7
    When I’d learned about this app being updated to have a more robust exercise tracking experience, I had hope that maybe I could finally wean myself from the Bodyspace app. However, in attempting to find exercises that incorporate the actual strength training machines at PF, there are none. Especially when dealing with the incremental cable plates that don’t let you know the actual weight you’re pushing or pulling. Uninstalled and will stick to Bodyspace until the tracker portion of this app can fully incorporate all exercises on all equipment.
  • Pay options? 1/5

    By larideer
    You updated app and forgot to put an option for checking and making payments? Wh did you remove it?
  • New update dislikes 3/5

    By Lyss_D
    I can no longer enter my calories burned or the distance I went for my workouts. It’s only automatically entering calories burned and it’s not accurate 😡
  • New update not good 1/5

    By doniii3a
    Can’t see payments new update not good
  • Planet Fitness App and it’s Developers 1/5

    By Haole Dan
    I just joined planet Fitness here in Hawaii as that is part of their expansion plan. As long as I have been a member here less than a year the former app never linked into my account, and this new version is an abysmal failure. Username and email logon don't sync, and the continued Oops message is annoying at best. Im no developer but these are simple setup protocols that should have been easy to work on from a development standpoint. While the staff at my gym are cordial and friendly and the gym is well maintained, they have told me someone over the past 8 months would reach out to me about my account and that never happened😡 Whomever chose this development team should either offload them or get their money back, because they aren't doing PF any favors from a PR perspective...Aloha
  • Horrible update — beware!!! 1/5

    By BaldyHillHome
    You’ve removed the 2 most useful features for me — the photo capture of my workouts and weekly/monthly/yearly tracking of miles and calories burned. Why??? Based on other reviews, others found these same features really useful, too. For me, the app now has little value to me — I can just take a photo and add the data to a spreadsheet at home. Please restore the old features in your next update!
  • Confused by new update 1/5

    By La_68
    Just downloaded the slick new update and while it LOOKS great and includes tons of nice information about workouts, I don’t see any way to use my favorite feature from the last version: the ability to snap a pic of my workout and have it added. There’s not even an easy way to choose which workout machine I’m on except an elliptical — instead I can only manually add activities like lacrosse, “American football”, walking, etc. This is the same list on my phone’s health app. I liked using the Planet Fitness app because it connected directly to what I was doing IN Planet Fitness. If there’s something I’m missing that allows me to still take an easy snapshot to add a workout, then it needs to be more easy to access it!
  • Xcapture replacement is terrible 1/5

    By unhappy_jessa
    As a developer myself, I feel really bad reading the reviews here, as I can tell a lot of work was put into updating the design of this app. However the reason I came here is to see if anyone else had written about how to properly log a photo of my TREADMILL workout, literally the most common cardio machine at any gym. Unbelievably, my worst fear confirmed, the app no longer has the “treadmill” option, and they have also “discontinued” the snap a workout feature. That feature was so helpful for me tracking my fitness history. But ok, I have to enter manually now, I could reluctantly accept that. Then I learned that to add insult to injury, you can only use the “walking” option as the closest thing to treadmill, and there you can only log your speed and minutes, not your calories or incline. From reading reviews, I learned the super buried feature where if you enter your height and weight, it will calculate the calories, however without the incline info, the calculation is way off. Friends, I feel bad saying this but this update is *terrible* — I have never regretted updating an app on this level. The old version was ugly, but it was super useful, and i used it a lot for a very important part of my life. The new version is useless to me. I have been an iphone user since 2008, and I this is the first time i can remember writing any app review. I can only hope you can work quickly to restore needed features to your paying customers.
  • Missing features 2/5

    By ecjsbudzbly
    I miss the feature that allowed you to take a picture of your workout. I find that the new app isn’t as user friendly.
  • New version? 2/5

    By dmgdiver
    Seems the new version (8.0 has less capability than the previous: cant see reward points, can’t customize calories burned when I load a new exercise. Not much point to providing inaccurate data.
  • No more check-in logging 1/5

    By KnifeySpoony22
    Even though it was kind of buried away in the old app the one thing I miss that’s gone now is seeing check-ins. I liked seeing a log of all my days and times checking it at PF. I could see how often I’m going that month, when I last visited, and I was working my way up to my 100th gym session. It was good motivation to hit those milestones. I hope they add it back!
  • This App Is Now Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By DanD Lion
    I am not going to go into much detail, no need in repeating what’s already been said in the last week or so about the recent update. Tons of 1 star reviews lately and angry customers say it all. I just hope someone important at Planet Fitness is paying attention to the their unhappy customers, because it is clearly obvious the redesigned app was created by people who don’t value customer feedback, customer service, ease of use and the ability to capture workout data. This new app make me think it was created by people who never stepped one foot into a gym. Nor did they think it was important to seek out the opinion of the folks who do. The post release tech support has been nothing but insulting to the customer as well. Hey folks this episode let’s you know what Planet Fitness thinks of you......Not Much.....just keep sending in your $10 or $20 a month and keep quiet.
  • Regretting app update... 3/5

    By luka1234
    Same as many before me today posted, I’m regretting the update.. Update usually means new & improved, but I’m not feeling that with this. I need that log-in history in my phone for easy access (yeah computer log in works, but not everyone carries their laptops around everywhere). I’m extremely happy with the gym itself, and my membership, but this app is not very user friendly now with this update..
  • Check-in Not available 3/5

    By Amar111119
    Love the new interface.After the new update, i cannot access to my check-in history for the gym which i could previously do. Can you please integrate it back again, it will help many people i guess.
  • Apple Watch? 3/5

    By smedleyk
    Why not have an Apple Watch check-in scan code? It’s a no brainer! Nothing to hand carry into the gym. I would so use that!
  • Account information 3/5

    By C&P209
    I like the new look of the app, but I miss having the account information and check-in history tab on the new version of the app. I hope the company reconsiders incorporating them into the new version of the app.
  • Ugh - new version 1/5

    By Rose-8287
    I really miss the XCapture feature and the treadmill option (as opposed to just walking) for activities.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By ℓуи
    Just wanted to make a suggestion for future updates. It would be awesome if there was a way to log in the exercise machines by number and track the weight setting and number of reps for each workout to track our progress. Thank you!
  • WARNING: Don’t update KEEP the current version 1/5

    By Joshsa89
    I completely regret updating to the newest version. Wish there was an option to go back to previous version. I was suckered in by the constant advertising of the new version at Planet Fitness TV. It looked nicer and supposedly better options. ONE it looks ok. TWO new version doesn’t let u sign on w finger print like the old version u have to manually sign in and out each time so 5 years ago! THREE and the one that bothers me the most is the old version had a section to show all ur check-ins this one does not. I thought updating meant keeping the options from the older version and just adding more options to the newer version. NOPE! So if u like ur old version DON’T UPDATE 😐 ~~~~~~~~UPDATE BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Received response from developer that we can always sign on online to get all the info they took away w/this disastrous update. What kind of response is that! That doesn’t help at all. The point of an APP is to have all the information you can get from online AND that info WAS available on the older version. 🙄😒
  • Check in history 2/5

    By Beachmom70
    Please put the check in log back on the app. I get reimbursed from insurance company if I go a certain number of times. I was using the app to track them now I can’t find it
  • Was a good app 1/5

    By Txnri
    Don’t know why they changed it now it has none of my account info or check in history or anything. A worthless app now
  • Update is not good for me 1/5

    By Jcwarn
    I liked the old PF App. It linked my fit bit to the daily activities, but the update does not. Also , the history of my last three years does not resemble what I had on the old app. Give me back the old app.
  • Hate the update 1/5

    By Nels2818
    I miss the old app. Especially the ability to see my account information and check in history m.
  • App still broken. 1/5

    By I hate you kenny
    Got logged out of the app a few weeks back and the app has no way of letting me log in. I thought the update would have fixed it but it doesn’t. In fact it now insults you by saying “we see your email is already on file” and that’s the end of the road. It doesn’t let you log in and that’s the only screen I can see. Thank god I took a screenshot of my card and use that to get into PF.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By yanks73
    Although the look of the new update is much nicer, I agree with many other uses who said the new update is much less user friendly. Like many other people I would track my workouts by taking a photo of the cardio machine and/or manually entering the data into the app. With the recent update I have lost previously tracked workouts AND there is no longer an option to scan workouts. I am not pleased with this update and hope they fix it soon!
  • Bring back check in history 1/5

    By sarah10900
    I used this app to keep a record of my check in history. Since the update, that has been removed. Now this app is useless to me. Bring back the check in history.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By JR Oman
    I been in the gym... placed back my info, still don’t have access... stay outside to complete my sign back on info... then I have to go back in counter let me in... by my personal info... all of us have the same problem
  • New update is missing info 1/5

    By Llmjm
    Update: The features that easily tracked your workouts is now gone (camera capture). No need for me to put more into this app since the only thing it is good for now is if I forget my membership card to scan. All inquired through the app come back with the same responses so I know that not a person but a computer is answering my questions. Any progress from the previous app has been lost since the update and now I’m told that I can send it to whomever at PF for them to upload. If I knew those workout stats, I would upload them myself. NO HELP! Had my update come through and now all my workouts that have been captured since July 11, 2019 are not tracked. It also shows no activity for August and there is no option to input manually or the camera capture feature. The old version was so much more user friendly and not flooded with workout suggestions. Please help!
  • Please Undo The Update 2/5

    By RunGirl 13.1
    The old version was more user friendly. I loved the snap a work out, but it is not include with the new version 😑
  • Bring back the photo snap feature 1/5

    By XV18
    New update made the app totally useless.
  • I hate the update 1/5

    By Britbritt0527
    I loved the old version because I was able to take a picture after my workout to record for data but now that’s not an option with this update and I don’t know how they want us to track how many calories we’ve burned because Even when you do a manual entry there isn’t a place for calories burned 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Go back 1/5

    By Pin club
    Don’t like this new update. Doesn’t show distance when you record a run/walk. Also don’t see a way to snap the workout as before.
  • With the new update, TOTAL CRAP 1/5

    By Bethewall
    1. Slowest app on my phone now. I have to load the app when I leave my house if I expect it to be loaded by the time I get to my local planet fitness. 2. After this last update the app made me log in again and even though I had my password correct it made me pick a new one. THEN it didn’t save that I’m back to the previous password. 3. Clicking the “support” button on the app locks the app entirely. AVOID THE APP, at least until they hire a company who actually understands IOS programming!
  • What a disappointment! 1/5

    By Selah KY
    Since when does it make sense to take away what was working when adding new features?
  • Horrible Terrible Upgrade for Tracking Activity 1/5

    By SteveTinFC
    What the heck did you guys do to this app!?!? You can still track activity ... but only date and time. What happened to ability to edit calorie burn and distance!???!? I now need to port over activity the past month to another app that can do it. I’ll only use it for member card. Otherwise, not impressed at all!!! 👎🏼

Planet Fitness app comments

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