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  • Current Version: 8.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Planet Fitness Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planet Fitness App

Welcome to the all-new Planet Fitness app! Check out our awesome new features like PF Workouts, hundreds of exercise videos, and progress tracking for in and out of the gym! Key Features: • Digital Keytag: Check into your club with just your phone! That means no more excuses about leaving your card at home. • PF Workouts: Whether it’s your first time in the gym, or you just want to try something new, these guided sessions will help you make the most out of your workout. • Workout Tracking: Every moment matters, whether you set a new personal best, or took a stroll on the treadmill. Track your activity, and watch those minutes add up. • Class Scheduling: Book free fitness training sessions with Planet Fitness trainers. Download the Planet Fitness app today - You got this!

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  • Xcapture 3/5

    By orangestang5.0
    Bring back Xcapture feature!!! Frustrating not having it!!!
  • Not integrated enough into the workout 3/5

    By Figgy Pops
    Been to PF many times as a guest on the wife’s account and the best bud’s. Got tired of working out on other’s schedules so signed up and was excited to download the app for myself, as I had previously had to pay for 3rd party fitness tracker apps. I like that there is a list and instructions of exercises and a list of trackable activities. The problem is, the exercises are not all on the list of activities. I want to track my reps, sets and weight on the chest press for instance so I don’t have to use the 3rd party app anymore or keep notes, but that exercise is not available on the list of activities. This and an option to create personal workouts based on available exercises would be golden. I read the earlier reviews so I’m patiently waiting for Apple Watch integration. Until I can track the exercises I do there, this app is nothing but a virtual black card to me.
  • No Apple Watch Support 2/5

    By 001213mrk
    I have an Apple Watch with cellular and would like to be able to use the barcode on my Apple Watch to check in.
  • Use with Apple Watch? 2/5

    By Best grocery app ever
    Why isn’t this compatible with my Apple Watch? I don’t won’t to have to take my phone with me to to gym.
  • App wallet support 4/5

    By Chefmoapp
    Overall the app seems to work well. I would however like to see the membership added to Apple Wallet and Apple Watch as well for check in and feel this would well received by the community. UPDATE: Reply from the developer is awesome and much appreciated as I really believe wallet and especially Apple Watch compatibility would be a massive selling point. Thank you for your hard work and for the reply
  • The app is pointless 2/5

    By Findme299
    What with the hold adding this to Apple Watch. As the app says why struggle finding your keys. Than again your phone could be in possibly 4-10 different places the watch would only be in two possible places.
  • Awesome app for home exercise 5/5

    By woee
    Especially during quarantine. This app has been a tremendous boon. It’s actually helped me get in better shape even tho I’m not able to get to the gym. I highly recommend it. And special thanks to trainers Zac Marion and Johnny in the Spot!
  • Working Out while In 5/5

    By JAA1018
    I cannot say enough good things about the workout videos on this App. When COVID19 caused my Planet Fitness to close, I was lost until I discovered these workout videos. With them, I e been able to maintain a fitness routine and even make progress.
  • Cast 3/5

    By Cs2654
    I wish I had the ability to cast the workouts for my phone to my streaming devices.
  • Love for the most part 3/5

    By KarlyV1990
    I love this app for the most part, but I don't see a way to update our profile picture! Can someone help me out?
  • Add PF Card into Apple Wallet 3/5

    By Erik Babakhani
    Most efficient way to check in with digital card is when there is in Apple Wallet! We can open PF card by Apple Watch, and even location.
  • Great App- 💖Workin exercises 4/5

    By ZenaA96
    Update 5/2020 Love the versatility and convenience of this app! When using the exercises Does it connect and send data to the Health or activity app? Would love to know What exercises if any from the app connect to and post activity data to the health app in iOS? Thanks👍
  • Please add Apple wallet integration for black card 1/5

    By Sicilianvirgo
    Apple wallet integration for black card is my number one feature request.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Danolsen
    Only one purpose and somehow the developers can’t get it right. Keeps signing me out after less than a week of opening the app. Only time I need the app is when I pull up to the gym and use it to check it, well walking up and having to delay my walk-in is frustrating especially when it’s stubborn to log me back in (Apple passwords doesn’t even work with this). To add on to that, it’s now “policy” to only use your digital tag or else they won’t let you in, what kind of policy is that when the ONLY purpose of the app is to keep me sign and check in and they can’t get that right. Employees will just look at you like “idk what to tell you”. Customer service will just tell you to go check with your gym. Please fix this! One thing just one thing, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY uses your app for anything else, for the one thing it was meant for. I have apps I haven’t used in years and somehow I’m still sign in. I don’t need no fancy new code with all the whistles and bells, just want my app that won’t sign me out and I won’t have a problem sign in (I have to keep requesting a new password just to sign in)
  • Silver sneakers 3/5

    By linda zwolski
    I would love for Planet Fitness to have Silver Sneakers. I really enjoy it and the music. It’s easier to exercise with the people in my age group. I am a Black card user and only use the massage chairs. I noticed there are too many younger people and they hog the equipment.
  • Can not link card to app 1/5

    By ezryder0
    It’s 2020, fix your app!!!
  • Card 5/5

    By Trucker9190
    Everything is fine,but I wish I have an optinon to add my planet fitness card into my apple wallet.It would be a lot easier and faster to check in.
  • Crash 1/5

    By KBRkavkaz
    App crashes as soon as i hit find a club
  • Horrible 1/5

    By phed_up
    I was excited to install this app, only for it to be difficult to sign in. I provided my email and password but when I tried to sign in it said it needed a verification that I received an email from them. I have NOT received any verification email from the app so I can NEVER sign into the app. I looked all over my inbox and junk mail. Waited over 1/2 hour thinking it may take some time to send. At this point I’m giving up. Too difficult. I understand security, but this is ridiculous for an exercise app. It’s not a bank.
  • Where did this all go? 1/5

    By Gotta name
    What happened to the app function that shows you your bill. It was a page that showed you the day and amount you paid over the course of your entire membership?
  • Apple Health 2/5

    By Blake shown
    The app is great . But the reason I’m Giving it a two star is because there is not Apple Heath support. Please add this so if I add a work out on the planet fitness app it will go straight to the Apple Health app.
  • Love the home workout 5/5

    By Juhgyrfdtuhvdd
    Love this app. This videos, workout from home me and my family love it. It helped us out a lot. Thank you very much
  • Bad shape? Do this! Beginner Workout 1 5/5

    By Patti.Harada
    I’m 73 and in really bad shape. A long series of illnesses and injuries (my lack of balance frightens everyone) has left me weak and wobbly. At the start I found myself looking at his demonstration of a particular movement and feeling total panic... seriously like PTSD This iFit trainer guides you through each series of movements in a way I’ve not experienced before. I trust this guy and am looking forward to wearing myself out tomorrow. Give it a try. It’s free!
  • Love it 5/5

    By BuiltBig
    I cant wait for you guys to reopen. I miss yall:)
  • Add Apple wallet for membership card. 5/5

    By Scottieknox
    Love the app just one thing would make it better. Add a Apple wallet card for membership for people that wear just the Apple Watch to the gym. The membership card inside the app is great. But sometimes I don’t bring my iPhone with me to the gym. Just wear the Apple Watch for convenience.
  • Love the clubs for their cleanliness and supportive staff 5/5

    By HeyMull
    And now during this stay-at-home period, I have another reason to love Planet Fitness: the 25 minute workout videos! (They are great to watch on an iPad if you have one; this is my first)
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By trwilliams2020
    Do you seriously expect people to be able to workout to this when you only allow this app on the phone? The workouts are great, but how are you supposed to do them when you ARE NOT ABLE TO: cast to a chrome cast, download the app on a fire stick, or even download the app on a computer. Disappointing that I pay the most expensive membership and can’t watch the app workouts on my tv. You are encouraging people to end their membership - why should they be a member when they can watch for free online. What a joke. Look elsewhere.
  • No good 1/5

    By wreefvhubdxhjfgnihdvnj
    All workout videos crash after 10 sec. worthless
  • Update won't download to iPad 1/5

    By Swanriverweb
    Installed the app a few days ago. I can't use it because the app makes you update it before use. Tried several times, and each time it shows the app download progress and when it gets to the end, an error message comes up providing options of "Done" or "Retry". If you retry, just get stuck in the same loop. I updated 4 other apps. This is the only one that's giving me troubles.
  • Black card benefits 4/5

    By Yung Ej
    PF BC is the best thing that ever happened ,I hope they won’t be charging us members this month due to COVID-19 shutdown
  • Can't sign on and reset password. 1/5

    By Elaine LX
    Can't sign on despite multiple attempts to reset password. No emails to reset my password followed. I continue to receive emails from PF and my email is in their system but no email for reset password is coming. I checked my junk mail and nothing came. Unfortunately, I have to give one star to an app that is not working anymore.
  • ? 1/5

    By bolksagon
    I got the app but it’s not showing me anything. I’m not getting to any exercises
  • Great Fitness App 5/5

    By Cotocho04
    At first I was upset because I couldn’t log in asking me to validate my email. I then checked the other folders and appeared under updates. On ce logged in got to check out the workouts and they are perfectly handy during this quarantine time. For my billing and checkin I am still able to see it via www. Thanks PF for this great app.
  • Can’t access the app due to email notification 1/5

    By Crazyfox957
    I can’t access the app because I’m not getting an email verification from making a new account, even though I have the right email plugged into my account information. I’ve tried two separate emails and it will not send me the verification link for either so I cannot use the app. Please help and I’ll change my review based on performance.
  • Great app but no sound for home work outs 3/5

    By Walker8812
    So we’re all quarantined, gyms are closed and I think great, time to utilise these short little work outs! And they are great, I get to choose the time and the activities are easy to do with no with equipment and not much room. My only complaint is I continually have to look at my phone to check the time because there’s no sound! Not even a little beep to signify the time ending. I realise there are trainer videos with sound but they also have far more commentary, not what I’m interested in. Bit disappointing.
  • South jordan planet fitness 5/5

    By bratenifs
    From the staff to the perks great work
  • Missing Apple Wallet Pass Integrations ! 1/5

    By Aaep
    We need Apple Wallet Integration because is faster for me to click twice on the side bottom of my phone than unlocking the phone look for the PF app wait for the app to load my account (Retrieving Membership) clicking on the bar code section waiting on it to load my bar code etc etc ... is to slow is already 2020 no one wants to be be carrying around y their key chain 20 different memberships barcodes cards ... please integrate in the apple Wallet!
  • Wallet 4/5

    By Edgardo.
    Let us add membership card to wallet.
  • Signing in 1/5

    By Bgbrneyz
    Can’t sign in. It keeps saying verify email. But there’s no where to do that
  • My Personal Review of PF in Grand Haven, MI. 4/5

    By ZeroEthnol4me
    I joined PF a couple weeks ago. I went there a few times to exercise/workout. Then came the Corona thingy and now everything in life changes overnight. I fully understand that PF is doing the correct thing until all this blows over. Now, I am quite impressed with Planet Fitness and all the newer equipment and environment within! I am however wondering why there is no scale to weigh yourself on? I have been a fitness club member at other gyms around the USA and they all had a body weight scale. I do like to weigh myself on an accurate scale other than the junk we have in our bathrooms at home. Therefore, only 4 stars because I want a scale at my PF. I read the information about responsibility of one self and that of PF. I am just wondering though if the staff members are trained in CPR? I was a trainer years ago for Gold Gym in Los Angeles, CA. It was mandatory to be current on your CPR certification.
  • Needs watch support. 3/5

    By Razor0730
    So we can scan our membership via watch.
  • Updates keep getting worse. 1/5

    By Dukatbids
    The last two updates are just garbage. App looks as bad as its functions. Keeps getting worse with the updates. Who were the developers for this app one year ago? I’d be shocked if it’s these people. Much better then.
  • No internet connection. Retry. Forever 1/5

    By ChellPal
    The app is broken. Can’t even use it show the membership bar code to check in. Bad user experience.
  • Membership won’t link 1/5

    By Alleffingnicknamesaretaken
    Error when trying to link with barcode, and web member login is different than app login, so it still won’t sync. Useless app.
  • Can’t track check-ins anymore 1/5

    By ajeclizm
    I only used this app to track my number of check-ins for health insurance reimbursement. They got rid of it with the last update.
  • Videos keep closing within 10 seconds of starting 1/5

    By Hank'sMom
    Really frustrating!!
  • Version 8.0.16 - Unable to Log In 1/5

    By Nickolasray
    Ever since the update to version 8.0.16 I have not been able to login via the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice now. I have changed my password (as I initially thought this was the error). I am able to login via the web browser.
  • Convenient isn’t when it works 3/5

    By kyle9876543210123456789
    For whatever reason I have had to update my key tag twice (first time it said I was a woman from Georgia and the second a man from Ohio). Anyway, updating the key tag when they give you a new number is not easy. As much as they have issues with key tags having to be changed, it should be easier.
  • Will not work 5/5

    By Anthony76...........
    No matter what I do, will not let me sign in with my membership. Every time I go to link it it says “oops something went wrong” I’ve shut down the app, I’ve shut down my phone I’ve entered my home zip code, the zip code of my gym tried like 20 times. Same thing “Oops something went wrong” Wish I could use it

Planet Fitness app comments

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