• Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Android
88,752 Ratings
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Endlessly fun and addictive! Tap and hold to place your plank. Make it too long or too short and see your character fall! Keep planking your way to higher and higher scores. Unlock crazy new characters along your journey! Join the fun and walk the PLANK! A hilarious arcade game from the makers of SPILLZ, TENS! and more!

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  • It’s OK 1/5

    By Brittany 😃😍
    It’s kind of dumb because you should earn your stuff but they just give it to you and I don’t really like it sometimes I play but not really
  • Y͙O͙U͙R͙ J͙O͙K͙I͙N͙G͙ 1/5

    By Shanghai_Ted
    O͙K͙A͙Y͙, S͙O͙ I͙ I͙N͙S͙T͙A͙L͙L͙E͙D͙ T͙H͙I͙S͙ A͙P͙P͙ B͙E͙C͙A͙U͙S͙E͙ Y͙A͙ K͙N͙O͙W͙ I͙ W͙A͙S͙ B͙O͙R͙E͙D͙. I͙ W͙E͙N͙T͙ I͙N͙T͙O͙ T͙H͙E͙ A͙P͙P͙, A͙N͙D͙ I͙ G͙O͙T͙ P͙R͙E͙T͙T͙Y͙ F͙A͙R͙ A͙N͙D͙ G͙O͙T͙ T͙H͙E͙ P͙I͙G͙ A͙N͙D͙ A͙ C͙O͙U͙P͙L͙E͙ O͙T͙H͙E͙R͙ A͙N͙I͙M͙A͙L͙S͙. B͙U͙T͙ N͙O͙T͙ O͙N͙E͙ M͙I͙N͙I͙U͙T͙E͙ L͙A͙T͙E͙R͙ I͙ G͙O͙T͙ A͙N͙ A͙D͙D͙. T͙H͙E͙N͙ L͙I͙K͙E͙ T͙H͙R͙E͙E͙ M͙I͙N͙I͙U͙T͙E͙S͙ L͙A͙T͙E͙R͙ I͙ G͙O͙T͙ A͙N͙O͙T͙H͙E͙R͙......T͙H͙E͙N͙ A͙N͙O͙T͙H͙E͙R͙. E͙V͙E͙R͙Y͙ T͙W͙O͙ M͙I͙N͙I͙U͙T͙E͙S͙ I͙ G͙O͙T͙ A͙N͙ A͙D͙D͙! S͙O͙ I͙ R͙E͙A͙L͙O͙D͙E͙D͙ M͙Y͙ A͙P͙P͙ A͙N͙D͙ K͙E͙P͙T͙ O͙N͙ P͙L͙A͙Y͙I͙N͙G͙. I͙ F͙E͙L͙L͙ I͙N͙T͙O͙ T͙H͙E͙ M͙I͙S͙T͙ W͙H͙E͙N͙ I͙ W͙A͙S͙ R͙E͙A͙L͙L͙Y͙ F͙A͙R͙ F͙R͙O͙M͙ S͙T͙A͙R͙T͙, S͙O͙ I͙ C͙L͙I͙K͙E͙D͙ "S͙A͙V͙E͙ M͙E͙" A͙F͙T͙E͙R͙ I͙ W͙A͙T͙C͙H͙E͙D͙ T͙H͙E͙ L͙O͙N͙G͙E͙S͙T͙ A͙D͙D͙ E͙V͙E͙R͙, I͙T͙ J͙U͙S͙T͙ P͙U͙T͙ M͙E͙ A͙L͙L͙ T͙H͙E͙ W͙A͙Y͙ B͙A͙C͙K͙ A͙T͙ T͙H͙E͙ S͙T͙A͙R͙T͙ T͙H͙E͙N͙ G͙A͙V͙E͙ M͙E͙ A͙N͙O͙T͙H͙E͙R͙ A͙D͙D͙. I͙ K͙N͙O͙W͙ T͙H͙A͙T͙ T͙H͙E͙Y͙ P͙U͙T͙ A͙D͙D͙S͙ I͙N͙ T͙H͙E͙R͙E͙ T͙O͙ M͙A͙K͙E͙ M͙O͙N͙E͙Y͙, B͙U͙T͙ S͙E͙R͙E͙O͙S͙L͙Y͙. W͙H͙O͙E͙V͙E͙R͙ G͙E͙T͙S͙ T͙H͙E͙ M͙O͙N͙E͙Y͙ O͙F͙F͙ T͙H͙E͙ A͙D͙D͙S͙ M͙U͙S͙T͙ B͙E͙ S͙W͙I͙M͙M͙I͙N͙G͙ I͙N͙ A͙ P͙O͙O͙L͙ O͙F͙ M͙O͙N͙E͙Y͙ R͙I͙G͙H͙T͙ N͙O͙W͙. P͙L͙E͙A͙S͙E͙, J͙U͙S͙T͙ M͙A͙K͙E͙ T͙H͙E͙ A͙M͙O͙U͙N͙T͙ O͙F͙ A͙D͙D͙S͙ A͙ B͙I͙T͙ S͙M͙A͙L͙L͙E͙R͙ B͙E͙C͙A͙U͙S͙E͙ I͙ K͙N͙O͙W͙ I͙F͙ I͙ N͙E͙E͙D͙ A͙ N͙E͙W͙ A͙P͙P͙ I͙ C͙A͙N͙ J͙U͙S͙T͙ P͙L͙A͙Y͙ Y͙O͙U͙R͙ G͙A͙M͙E͙. (A͙L͙L͙ O͙F͙ T͙H͙E͙ A͙P͙P͙S͙ I͙ G͙O͙T͙ O͙F͙F͙ T͙H͙I͙S͙ G͙A͙M͙E͙ W͙E͙R͙E͙ B͙A͙D͙ A͙N͙Y͙W͙A͙Y͙S͙) P͙L͙E͙A͙S͙E͙ R͙E͙A͙D͙ M͙Y͙ R͙E͙V͙I͙E͙W͙ A͙N͙D͙ C͙O͙N͙S͙I͙D͙E͙R͙ I͙T͙. T͙H͙A͙N͙K͙S͙! ( A͙L͙L͙ S͙P͙E͙L͙L͙I͙N͙G͙ E͙R͙R͙O͙R͙S͙ A͙R͙E͙ B͙E͙C͙A͙U͙S͙E͙ O͙F͙ T͙H͙I͙S͙ F͙O͙N͙T͙) N͙O͙W͙ I͙ H͙A͙V͙E͙ T͙O͙ G͙O͙ D͙E͙L͙E͙T͙E͙ A͙N͙ A͙P͙P͙.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By ;)_<3
    Kinda fun game but SO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh good 5/5

    By makalinh
    So like if I was in ballet which I am basically in gymnastics I didn’t know how to do any of this game would really help me so that’s why I would like to say planks is the best game I ever played so if I was you I would give this five stars
  • Ads 5/5

    By ❤️💙Cameron💙❤️
    Maybe less ads?
  • I’m pretty sure the help line is just cheating 5/5

    By The thunder blog
    This game is so relaxing I can’t stop playing and the helpline makes my life so much easier
  • Please fix the adds 3/5

    By ZalieG
    I love the game but one day a add came up and it froze so I was forced to buy it so I didn’t want to buy it so I had to come off the game for a while, also you have way too many advertisements fix this or I might delete the game
  • Nice game 4/5

    By aqattaq
    It’s great but there are so many adds !!☹️
  • Eh 1/5

    By #eh
    Not the best thought it was going to be better
  • This is the worst game in the world 1/5

    By julianconn
    You think if is g good game you are wrong this game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobad you will hate it
  • Bab 5/5

    By ngvuybuy
  • Thanks 5/5

    By gagamaliyha
    I give you thinks for giving us this game
  • Good game - but incomplete - and forces ads on users 3/5

    By Br207899
    This is a very cool addictive game - but : 1. When I buy an ad free version for 2.99, I expect all the ads to go away - and it does not! 2. There are no options to buy lives. When you fall from the plank, it lets you continue once if you watch a 30 seconds ad and the second time you fall game is over! What? Why can’t I buy something to continue playing? Why do I have to watch useless ads? Please provide 3 undos that the user can use for each game. You should also allow the user to buy more undos (or save) 3. There are no boosters - there is something called a helper line that you get if you watch useless ads. 4. What’s the goal of this game? What do I gain if I collect characters? It’s unclear how to collect characters or whatever - no help anywhere. Developers should provide boosters and helpers that users can buy to make the game more interesting. Also, we want to compare our score with other high scores - please show proper game levels and high scores so players have some kind of goal. This game has lot of potential, but as is it’s just very incomplete. Please remove all the ads and allow users to buy helper lines and continue playing. I am not interested in watching long ads.
  • Plank 5/5

    By mekwndbfhdjdjjd
    I love this game because it has the cat
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By chasemoney57
    So when I lose evertime the adds come and think you should not get this app and there are a lot of 60 sec
  • Adds 3/5

    By Avanjuliet
    To many adds but the game is still fun😑
  • Ads Too Long 3/5

    By rusmithtx
    Game is fun and challenging, but probably will delete the app due to lengthy ads and several inappropriate ads as well.
  • Plank 5/5

    By unihusk
    I could play this game for ever so much fun.
  • Plank 5/5

    By bell na wo
    I like this game it’s fun!
  • Ehh 2/5

    By whale🐳🐳
    This is an excellent game don’t get me wrong there is just so many adds and it honestly wastes your time . I also find that you can’t pick your pet you want which is a bit rude but hey this is my opinion.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Game is fun but
    Game is fun but everytime you fail another ad pops up. So that makes the game not good.
  • ADDS🚫 1/5

  • To many ads 5/5

    By lomktekln
    To many ads
  • Game 4/5

    By Jerzara
    Well the game is fun to play but it’s kind of hard and it glitches a lot but other than that I like the. Game 👍
  • I love this 5/5

    By Bekah Playz
    I just downloaded this game and I fell in love with it and I wanna play it right now so good bye 🎆
  • Fun 3/5

    By Younger May
    I gave this app a good 3 stars ⭐️ because it’s fun but I think to make it better you guys can have less cormershalls plz and thanks you👄✋🏾🙏🏾🧠
  • You should like the game 4/5

    By katelyn hates you
    I love the game and it’s really fun
  • AWESOME! 5/5

    By Isaiah740
    It is overall just a really family friendly game! I play games on my phone and this is deffinetly one of the best
  • Quick and fun 5/5

    By tlong18
    This game is extremely addicting and perfect for little times of boredom or waiting periods.
  • How I like Planck 5/5

    By Lv dove Cameron
    Do you know why I like Plank . Because it’s so cool and you can save animals and get characters and some for free plus you can get gifts to and get save lives to keep going to saving animals and when i saw the add i downloaded the app and now I love it so much and I am going to play it everyday and I am going to love it and that why I like Planck.
  • 🎶 5/5

    By fjwifhebuvbejfoqk
    The only reason i life was a little hard to get in my dreams because you had no sleep for that day or so then we could go out of your own house but it’s just typical and I only like I don’t know if you’re going ty💕
  • This game WAS great 3/5

    By JPW513
    I personally loved this game until I got a new character with a VERY INAPPROPRIATE name and I warn parents that this game may or may not teach your kids some awful words!!!! But other than that this game is pretty good.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Kenzie_shelton11
    It is crazy sometimes but I cannot last a day without it
  • The best game ever 4/5

    By K-dog Kcc
    I love this game but I wish it had more characters and I wish it had cooler backgrounds but other than that it is so fun
  • Planks 3/5

    By Duke lover #1
    I like the game but if I were you and whould take away some adds
  • My review 2/5

    By 1234567890987676445
    I wish there was not as many adds
  • Pooop 5/5

    By Spacepaw ichibon
    It’s pretty fun but hard
  • Cool. 5/5

    By YourL0calTrashCan
    Cool. I had to rate this app because it wouldn’t stop asking.
  • Nice game 5/5

    By thewriter247
    I love this game. It is so fun. The best part is you can go to different modes like you can do the city witch all people who barely get it. But when you have it for a longer time you can go to the dinosaur world. I am in love with the little pets that follow you on the game. This game is a pretty good game😁😁
  • Adds 1/5

    By CharGar1
    I hate the game so much adds I can’t even play without one add showing up.
  • So good 5/5

    By your sucky
    It’s so good but more girls would be nice
  • Good game 5/5

    By jutttdf
    Very amazing and stress relief
  • H 1/5

    By lauryn mm
    Can you guy at lease give me a ruler it’s so hard
  • Very addictive 5/5

    By Civiluy
    Simple but very addidictive
  • Please fix no ads 2/5

    By no nick name nickname
    I downloaded this game for my son who love it but gets frustrated with the ads. I paid $2.99 for “no ads” and there is no change. There is an ad between each action no matter what. I made sure I actually paid and I did. So please refund my money or actually take out the ads. Thanks.
  • Love the game 5/5

    By 5467893764
    Love this game my high score is 782 so of course I love it really easy but gets harder for sure overall I rate this game five /five stars
  • Ads 5/5

    By grandma*
    I paid $1.99 to remove ads because A. I like the game and B. There were ads with sexual content in it I didn’t want my grandchild to see. Unfortunately the ads kept coming so I closed out the app and uploaded it again thinking that’s what I needed to do to stop ads but it didn’t and now we still have ads and lost some favorite characters. Did I do something wrong I wonder?
  • So Fun 5/5

    By animals848426
    This app is so fun and entertaining I love to play this game I could just play it for hours and it is really easy to play but really really fun, relaxing and I love it
  • Definition 3/5

    By Shanon...
    An ad company cleverly disguised as a addicting phone game... if you can see past the ads, this game is challenging and fun, at times frustrating.

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