Planner Pro - Daily Calendar

Planner Pro - Daily Calendar

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  • Current Version: 4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Beesoft Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planner Pro - Daily Calendar App

Designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured app to manage daily life better. Planner Pro, which costs years for designing and coding is now coming out for everybody. We combine events, tasks and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps. Planner Pro provides kinds of settings for different requirements from kinds of people. You’ll find the best way to meet your requirements in our app. Also, if you have any other great ideas or suggestions to make this app better please contact us with an email, which will be very appreciate. Events - Sync with iOS calendars and events - Show or hide calendars as you want - Add, edit or delete events easily - Supports full recurring period - Manually time slot - Supports all-day & cross-day events Tasks - Supports tasks and projects with sub-tasks - Supports recurring tasks and projects - 25 priorities for tasks and projects - Supports app badge - System reminder for each task Notes - Unlimited number of notes for each day - Manage notes in day, week and month view - Easily to add, edit and delete notes Other Key Features - Day, Week, Month and Tasks modules for better management - Supports both landscape and portrait modes - Very well designed user interface - Full records searching including events, tasks and notes - Set the first day of week manually - Select the launch view as you want We also offers an optional full version. You can organize events by week view, create projects and recurring tasks, export schedule and ads-free. Note: Subscription will be charged to your iTunes account and will auto-renew each year. You can turn off auto-renew by going to your account settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being billed again. Planner Pro privacy policy: Planner Pro terms of use: Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use this app. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], you’ll get a response in a short time.

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Planner Pro - Daily Calendar app reviews

  • The best 5/5

    By Rhtmaehcl
    Trust me, I have tried using many many planners. This includes moleskin, time planner and other planner apps. If you are a person like me, who used to use the traditional weekly planners and are transitioning to a paperless lifestyle with your ipad, this app is the best application, not to mention its reasonable price for its subscriptions - there is also a life-time purchase as well! The reason why I like this app a lot has many reasons 1. Reasonable price. For this quality, the price is set really low by the time I am writing this review. Other personal planner apps above this price level won’t give you as much improvement relative to this app. 2. Lack of lags. This is crucial for people like me who just like to write everything down on the planner so that my brain can have a bit more break. Some other planners - just like Time Planner - may be designed really well, but there are just some lags. The lags are crucial when you have a lot of schedules to jot down. It easily makes a difference between 20 minutes to an hour. In the long run, lack of lag in this app is therefore a huge benefit cuase I can save so much time. 3. Lastly, app design and structure. This app’s design is sleek and clean, but it is the structure that surprises me the most. By structure, I mean how I can switch back and forth between the daily planner, the monthly planner, and the weekly planner. The transition between each modes is extremely smooth and therefore makes this app very easy to use for people like me coming from traditional planners. For example, if I tap on a specific date on the monthly planner mode, it automatically moves on to the daily planner mode of that date. If I want to switch back to the monthly planner mode, there is a “Monthly” tab at the bottom, making a such transition extremely smooth and satisfying to use. This is app is therefore a extremely well designed both software-wise and user-experience wise. I personally would recommend this app to anyone that is searching for a good and a reliable planner that can carry on for a lifetime :D
  • Still very good 4/5

    By Skipsurfer
    Still useful and dependable
  • This is the best app ever!!! 5/5

    By hidmd gi smdhsnfgdmf
    It helps me sort my things and always do things on time. Plus it syncs to your calendar so you don’t have to reset it!!!
  • Great Calender 5/5

    By boston maniac
    Just Recently started to use it, so far very satisfied!!
  • #1 5/5

    By Ethdog214
    I can not believe that this app isn’t number one in productivity! I have probably bought every single planning, scheduling, and organization app on the App Store and I wish I found this one sooner! I used to forget everything and procrastinated like no one else then I found this app and I have to say I have never been this product!
  • First planner that works! 5/5

    By Melissa Buonanno
    I’ve literally tried them all and THIS is the ONE. I rarely if ever leave reviews but this app is so amazing it’s worth it to take the time. It’s literally the vest scheduling app I’ve ever used. It works great, I can set repeating items, appointments etc easily and if I don’t finish it moves to the next day which as a busy mom and business owner happens a lot .
  • Great Calander 5/5

    By Shilo5525
    Really love this one.....
  • Best planner 5/5

    By skihapfam
    Great planner
  • Great way to transition! 5/5

    By JJ.A.FF
    I’m used to using a paper planner in my day to day and I had a difficult time trying to use my phone in place of it, the essentials are there but it felt as if I wouldn’t remember to check the calendar app or any other built in “planning” app, because I was so accustom to glancing over it w/o a thought. The purple shortcut and password protection made it easy to remember, feel secure, and it has been fairly simple to put away the paper planner.
  • This is the one I use. 5/5

    By Dsuthomist
    I was a fan of the Franklin Planner. For me this app seems to approximate it the most. Events, Tasks, Notes (with the ability too add pictures) all on the same page. The dark mode looks great!
  • Review of day planner 5/5

    By lolfpa
    I happen to like it for my phone and kindle. It is easy to schedule, set up task
  • Nice planner 5/5

    By Arrowman1956
    This planning system works well for my lifestyle!
  • The Best 5/5

    By inky4949
    Easy to use, better than Calendar, a must have.
  • Mojdeh 5/5

    By mojdeh1975
    Love it
  • Franklin Replacement 5/5

    By REbyRC
    Love this app. I have it on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Great app to see your tasks, calendar and notes all in one place. 3 things are missing though. 1) A simple indicator to show that a task repeats. Right now the only way to see if a task repeats is to go into full details. 2) A simple indicator to show if a task has an alert set. 3) Background app refresh.
  • Good 5/5

    By uglypoopinmytoilet
    This app is good and I like to use it but Don’t pay it’s just as good without paying
  • Additions 3/5

    By thecatinthehatwearsblack
    I have things I that are due on the 15th and other dates every month. Would love to add Tasks where I could specify that instead of entering every month.
  • Great Simple Planner 5/5

    By jmosborn1
    This is a great, simple app. Data transfers seamlessly from tablet to phone. The upgrade to the Pro version was definitely worth it. I’ve been using this for several years with virtually no issues.
  • Turnipseed 5/5

    By Turnipseed3
    My planner pro app
  • What I’ve been Missing 5/5

    By defenseshield
    It’s hard to remember how I got along without this app. It is exactly what I had been searching for, and I could not be happier with its versatility, storage, note taking capacity, and organization. My productivity has DOUBLED! And that’s saying a lot! Thank you @PlannerPro
  • Awesome for life planning 5/5

    By Nmw413
    Have loved using this to get my life organized and not lose track of anything. Impressively robust, and has both events, tasks, and note sections that can sit on dates so that you can set things up to really boost life productivity. A few advanced options weren’t very easy to understand on the surface to me, but the customer support when I asked about the features I was looking for quickly explained how to do it.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By yeb
    This is the best planner ever! It is so simple and nice, it dose not take long to load and it’s great even when you get the free version . My only problem is that the paid version is a little pricey
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Harry (nicknanes are stupid)
    Versatile where I need it, simple where I need it. I would like the ability to make a “task” a project on an iPhone though.
  • Works great 5/5

    By avpoche
    I like the task feature; the ability to add notes is helpful. Appreciate all the timely updates!
  • Great software 5/5

    By ServiceCritic
    This is the closest I could find to my old day timer. I only wish that it would come in different colors.
  • Love this planner!!!!! 5/5

    By Wmlady
    I have it downloaded on my laptop, phone and ipad. It reminds me of a Franklin Covey planner. So handy and functional!!!
  • Great APP!! 5/5

    Works really well 😊
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Presto720
    Love this app
  • Best Digital Planner On s The Market 5/5

    By RyRobio
    This in my opinion, is hands-down the best Digital planner in the App Store. It's user friendly, not to pricey, & looks amazing with the daily, weekly, & monthly view. If you need a good digital planner this app is the way to go. // -PS: I tried just about every other planner in the App Store and wasn't pleased at all😅 May you all have a blessed day with this one 🙏🏽
  • Product does what I need, but... 4/5

    By Mr. SDL
    I’ve used this app for my daily/weekly planning for over a year and it works well on my iPhone but wouldn’t want it if I had a project to manage. I’ve got a iPad and still can’t get my devices to sync. Also they advertise project planning but I don’t see much beyond a simple task list. Finally, there is no help button or number to call
  • Best Planner I ever had 5/5

    By MsWenonaGardner
    Works Excellent
  • Great app 5/5

    By Texassee
    I use this daily. It makes my organizing my day much easier. Love it!!!
  • Monthly print out 3/5

    By Pate pate
    I like this calendar a lot but would like it more if it allowed me to print monthly calendars. In my line of work , I am required to create monthly print outs of my schedule. So far I like that I can sync all my google calendars and print day and week.
  • Happy 4/5

    By Mama Madia
    I have the app on multi devices and am happy, however, I am just learning how to work it on my Mac. So far that is not the easiest but haven’t used it enough to flow with it. On my iPad, I love it! I would love to see the ability to colour coordinate your appointments with our own heading re what the colours represent.
  • useful! 4/5

    By yewhatnxt
    great planner! it would be five if moving from daily to weeek to month were a bit easier
  • 5Star Planner. A must have for task completion. 5/5

    By jt12345
    Very unique planner for Task organization and completion.
  • Usable 4/5

    By bb yama
    I have used the product for a couple years and it provides good basic planning and tracking. Well worth the cost
  • Best app of its kind that I’ve tried. 5/5

    By inthe(lea)hood
    I’ve been using the pay version of this app for the last three years or so. Prior to that I tried several others but they were either too limited or tried to do too much and got complicated and unwieldy. Too much work! This one is intuitive and straightforward; just the right amount of bells and whistles. I appreciate the Notes and Tasks functions, and the broad flexibility of the repeat option. Calendar can denote Work vs. Nonwork items. Definitely recommend.
  • Needs to be able to do more 3/5

    By jagpreet M
    Needs more functions
  • Seems Awesome 4/5

    By 4Ev3rBea
    I’ll come back and provide a better rating once I use the app for a couple months. So far though I’m loving it.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By MadeToFish - Doug Graham
    Works great! Very helpful! I use it everyday!
  • Best Journal 5/5

    By ZombieBarbie27
    I am very unorganized. I would spend like 10-15$ on the best planners to get organized but when I needed them I didn’t have them, or when I did have them I would forget to write my appointments down. “I’ll do it later.” But I always have my phone. This planner sends me alerts so I don’t forget anymore and it’s so simple to use. I never forget my planner at home anymore because now I have access to it from my MacBook, iPad, or iPhone whenever I need it. I don’t mind spending the money for it each month because I KNOW I am going to use it.
  • Zenduck8 5/5

    By Zenduck8
    Hands down my favorite planner.
  • Great 5/5

    By BC147
    Use it every day
  • Great Calendar 5/5

    By jackcr54
    Been using it for years. Integrates all my calendars, so I have no complaints.
  • Good for use 4/5

    By Ladygr8kaos
    I am enjoying the application so far, it would be nice if you could add an emoji to the day so you can see it in the month view. I like to be able to add picts to show where we went. I am using mostly as a travel/scrapbook diary since I am not a sophisticated creative right brain so it has enough for me to handle and notate. Maybe overtime i will want more but right now it meets the current need ;)
  • Beauty and ease 5/5

    By Minidvdv
    Love this app! Notes , tasks and cal all in same view with visual beauty! It is not perfect yet but kudos to the developers!! keep up the great work!! ❤️❤️
  • Christal 10 5/5

    By chrital 10
  • Planner plus 5/5

    By Airwolhawke
    I love this app. I had been looking for an app from Franklin covey and day timer but they didn't have anything except online. This app reminds me when I have tasks due and everything. I highly recommend it.

Planner Pro - Daily Calendar app comments

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