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Planning Center Services

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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ministry Centered Technologies
  • Compatibility: Android
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Planning Center Services App

You must already have an account at Planning Center to use this mobile app. The Planning Center Services app is the best way to access your Planning Center Services account on your iOS device. Planning Center Services is an online scheduling and worship planning application to keep your staff and volunteers connected. With our native app, you get an optimized Planning Center experience wherever you are. Manage your schedule, accept or decline scheduling requests, blockout dates, upload your user picture, and if you are a musician, use the media player or attachments section to access music for rehearsals. If you are responsible for scheduling volunteers or planning services, the app has features just for you! Add users to your schedule, check for conflicts, and email them at any time. Add items, songs, media or headers to your order of service and drag and drop them to reorder. Plus, the plan page and your schedule update in real time even without having to refresh!

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Planning Center Services app reviews

  • Connection not working 1/5

    By olivertrinidad_
    I love planning center but lately this app hasn’t been working at all. There is always a gray bar at the top of my screen as if I’m not connected but I am connected to data. I can’t do anything at all...
  • Next update 3/5

    By cb8251
    Next time you do an update can you add being able to sign out? I can’t find that anywhere.
  • Couldn’t login - Now Can! 5/5

    By Johnnychsn
    Support team is so helpful in getting me logged in. Their response to my issue worked! Thanks team! (Previous review below) I’m unable to login to my account. When I open the app and put my email and password in the app returns to the login screen. It’s an endless loop and won’t actually login to the app. I was able to login to the website via desktop browser but unable to get into the app...please help!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Simba/ Zoe/tanner
    This app is great! This app helps me know what I need to do for that church day! I love this app!
  • It’s good but have to sign in every time 2/5

    By josuediaz12
    Love the app, love the power of it, but after years of using I still have the same problem. Pretty much everyday I open the app I have to sign in again. I always make sure that I save the login details but that doesn’t help. Every time the app has been idle for a a few hours and I open it back up, I have to sign in again. Really annoying.
  • 👎🏻 Do not use this app. Use their website instead. 1/5

    By GB13😎
    Disclaimer: I’m an administrator user for my church, so my experience is based on trying to make full use of the app’s features. This app constantly seems to need its cache cleared in order to correctly show what the website shows, and has repeatedly caused me to lose in-progress work on song lyrics & chords. It frequently misbehaves in unexpected ways, and is generally just unreliable and frustrating to work with. This *isn’t* due to any network connectivity issues on my device. I often started trying to do something in the app, only to run into a bug that prompted me to switch to their website on the same device, which then worked without issue. So it really *is* just the app itself that’s the problem. I’ve also uninstalled & reinstalled the app to see if that would somehow resolve the problems I keep running into. Unfortunately, it didn’t. So until they take the time to fix the app’s problems, I can’t recommend it – not for making updates, not even for just looking at things (since the app’s cached data could be stale).
  • Poor security!!! 1/5

    By partsace
    “You need to reset your password. This email and password combination was leaked by another website.” This is what I say when trying to log onto PCO. Now I get a note from the developer that PCO uses shared passwords to compare my password with other sites that have leaked passwords. How come my password is NOT encrypted on your system?!? How/why is PCO able to see my password?!? This is a no-no in my book!
  • My review 5/5

    By drew p wiener the first
    Planning center has a nice center that helps me plan things.
  • Needs notifications! 3/5

    By wkway
    It’s a good app but needs notifications for changes! A song is added, key is changed, drummer is changed. Anytime a change is made to a service you should be able to receive a notification. I can not stress how useful this would be! Key change day before service? Notified! Second guitarist added? Notified! Extended outro added? Notified!
  • Great tool...trouble with videos playing 3/5

    By Ben Jammin Up
    I love having planning center on my phone. I use an iOS. The YouTube videos do not seem to connect and it gives me an error message. Is there a way to enable the videos to play in the app? The app is awesome to have with me. I can listen to MP3’s on my phone and view the pdf’s for the songs so easily. I love it!
  • Update 5.02 1/5

    By Queso blast
    With this new update it is very hard to navigate through! I am unable to see any plans unless I am on the schedule for that date unlike before. Plans are not saved to be able to scroll through as before which helped with future planning. I hate the new update actually. It does not let me see any information at all really. It a bit worthless to me now 😕
  • My account 1/5

    By Go car
    When I tried to login to my account in planning center. It wouldn’t let me so I clicked reset password but it send that my email is not an active account. But I have emails from planning center to that email. I fear that my account will be lost. Please fix this!!
  • Profile photo 3/5

    By Andrew Meade
    It won’t let me update my profile photo, I’ve tried numerous times, and I I’ve tried with and without WiFi network.
  • Not a fan. 1/5

    By MirandaH_Tenn
    New version is not a welcome change at all. The older one was much better. What was the purpose of this update?
  • Updated review... 5.0 getting better 3/5

    By Shirley Happy
    Previous issues updated, I believe - thank you. Would really appreciate an actual calendar view - to see previous weeks for fast access to prior plans! Version 5 and it’s still missing. It’s all about “planning” and the list view is not efficient.
  • Gets the job done 3/5

    By GrrrNicknames
    I can see who is scheduled and the plan for the service so that’s all the matters to me.
  • 5.0 not sure 3/5

    By Chuck the guinie pug
    I work at 4-5 different churches and plan for 2 of them at a time. I go to sign in today and all I see is one church and I cannot sign out to get to the others! I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times... Nothing! Please let it be that I just have to restart my phone again for the 3rd time... 🙄
  • Thanks 5/5

    By MiiaForeverReveiw13
    If it helps my church to get me notifications when i need to serve then it’s good enough for me.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By HannahVV😜
    It’s a great app but I am so irritated because no matter how mush I try I cannot update my profile photo😠
  • Member 5/5

    By john everlasting transport
    It’s good
  • Perfect In Every Way! 5/5

    By Noel Hill
    This app is honestly out of the ball park! Whenever I have to prepare for a service or a commitment, it always comes through. Everything aligns me for my success and I cannot wait to entangle myself in all these features 🤪
  • Review 1/5

    By Cody Shelby
    It’s ok app but the problem doesn’t work well with a iPhone 11 the app is super slow and definitely needs to be reworked. Like it wasn’t built to handle the latest software of the iPhone.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By p.schenck😛
    This app is amazing because I have just started at my church serving and we use this app for our worship seclude and it’s amazing I love that you can get the music for my services and I can know who will be there!!!! RHIS APP IS AMAZING
  • Really good iOS app 5/5

    By Nosaj544
    This app is great, and they’re very responsive to feed back too. It feels great to use on iOS. Good job devs 👏
  • Love all thing PCO 5/5

    By j.g.1111111
    Thank you for this app and website! I can’t imagine having to do any planning without planning center!
  • Uh oh 1/5

    By Leedaddy 1971
    My app keeps saying this when I log in! What’s going on?
  • App never updates on my phone 1/5

    By jish1324
    When connected to either WiFi or data my app never updates
  • please read!!!! 3/5

    By Kitty Adorer
    I love planning center! It’s great to see when you are needed and has so many awesome features! One thing that I really need on there however is a way to see all the times I’ve ever volunteered. This would be helpful for many people who need to log their service hours. It is very difficult to find proof of volunteering on planning center.
  • Notifications work!! 4/5

    By zerolagtime
    For the first time in ages, notifications work! This tool is a great way to see what my team members are up to and to see my upcoming commitments. If your team takes the effort to plan effectively, this is a great communication tool.
  • Notification sounds 4/5

    By Chuck7710
    App only notifies when we are added to a team. When our leader goes in later to add or change the set list the app does not notify us of any changes. Can this be fixed please?
  • Can’t Log In 1/5

    By Scott, TX
    I am unable to login. I tap the login button and get nothing that allows me to enter a user name/email or password. Deleted the app and re-downloaded. Same issue. Worthless to me at this point.
  • Can't sign on 1/5

    By Taz8tj
    Been trying for 2 days to get the app to open so I can log in...just a blank screen...deleted and downloaded 3 times...I'm done
  • Notifications 3/5

    By isaiah41.10
    I dread getting the red flag. It takes forever for the red flag to disappear!!
  • Entire team unable to access the site 3/5

    By A L Evans
    Since the update yesterday, my entire team is unable to access the app. It gives option to login, but when we enter login credentials, it says “account not found”. Please help!
  • Poem? More like blech. 1/5

    By like_a_kraus
    Design and time do not rhyme.
  • Disable emails 3/5

    By gamermkk
    There needs to be a way to disable email reminders.
  • App will not work 1/5

    By Jannelle W
    I’ve tried to send a support request but nothing will work. It also won’t let me send an email for help from the app either. My husband uses this app on his phone and has no issues but it won’t work on mine. Both of our phones are up to date iPhone 11pro’s. Would love some help getting it up and running :)
  • Few customization options 2/5

    By Bornigan
    No option to change font size, and the app does not respond to font size in phone settings.,either. No option to turn dark mode off in app. This means that I was clueless about song keys in the last service because the key fonts are very small with bad color contrast so they are illegible. There are several good features of the app, but not being able to read the screen without holding the phone up to your face in the middle of the performance make it useless.
  • App (used to crash) every time I enter blockout dates 5/5

    By Kate pharmd
    It’s almost like they’re shaming me for blocking out dates and not being able to serve! But seriously, the last two updates have not resolved this crashing and closing of the app when blockout dates are entered. Which adds more stress to try and find a way to communicate that we will not be available. Please fix this! *** Problem solved! Thank you to Matt, for kindly responding and suggesting to delete the app and re-download it. I can blockout dates for both my husband and I, no issues!! So anyone having the app crash, delete it and re-download it!
  • Frustrating. 3/5

    By MsCplE
    Logs me out constantly, no thumbprint login option.
  • Not the best 3/5

    By fixthesestupidnames
    It’s very confusing and doesn’t always work
  • My favorite app ever!!🎵🎶 5/5

    By Ayley-Hay🐶
    Love this app- so useful, you did a great job with it. But it would be really nice if you could play the music from the chord charts you’re looking at. Music Stand has that feature, where you can play the same music as the lead sheets or chord charts if you touch the screen and push play above, but in Services, you have to start the song in the Media Player, and then quickly exit out of the and go to Files, where the chord charts are attached. I think it would be really great if you could play the music from Files. Other than that, I don’t have any other suggestions or complaints! :)
  • Doesn’t let me change my profile picture 2/5

    By Lulu73927485272948
    Buggy app
  • Which service? 3/5

    By PatZee3
    The last 2 requests I’ve received don’t show which service I’m being asked to serve. I can only do the 9:00 because I go to Greg’s class from 9:20-10:20.
  • Still some bugs 2/5

    By Nikki273
    I’ve gone through a few planning center updates. The main problem that bugs me is if I have to switch to another app from the media player, when I go back into planning center, the app freezes. I have completely exit the app and go back in to access the media player. Please fix this
  • Not working 1/5

    By Love Free😝
    It is still not letting me login when I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I need to use this for my church to check schedules. When I login it tells me oops something went wrong. Please log out and log back in. It won’t go past that. Please fix! I have an iPhone 8 Plus
  • Not Flexible 1/5

    By BopARooni
    Haven’t found a way to revise your selection. If you accept or decline an invitation, there appears to be no way revise your selection if your availability changes.
  • Bugs! 3/5

    By Dthwriter
    All in all a good app but the recent version drops several weeks that are otherwise viewable in a browser of desktop version of the website.
  • Not user friendly, not intuitive 1/5

    Sadly this is one of the least user-friendly apps I’ve used in a while. I don’t have time to spell out the reasons but I can suggest asking someone from outside your company to give specific feedback.

Planning Center Services app comments

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