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  • Current Version: 1.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fourdesire
  • Compatibility: Android
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Plant Nanny App

** BEST APP OF 2013 in App Store ** *** Downloaded over 1,000,000 times! *** Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone. In order to keep it alive and help it grow, you must give it water at certain periods of time. Plant Nanny in App Store Ranking: * Top 1 in Germany * Top 1 in Russia * Top 1 in Italy * Top 1 in Brazil * Top 1 in Norway * Top 1 in other 10 countries Ranking in Health & Fitness: * Top 1 in Taiwan * Top 1 in Japan * Top 1 in France * Top 1 in China * Top 1 in Italy * Top 1 in Hong Kong * Top 1 in Germany * Top 1 in other 15 countries * Featured in AppsGoneFree * Reported by 36kr Features: - Various cute and lovely plants - Different kinds of flowerpots - All kinds of common cups for drinking - Changing scene from day to night - Drinking history - Sharing your joys and plant with friends on Facebook Let's grow your health and plants together!

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Plant Nanny app reviews

  • 👍 5/5

    By butterfly_allie
    iz fun
  • Works for reminding, meh for fun 3/5

    By chellersf
    App doesn’t seem to be functional or updated any more for the more superficial/fun parts. For example, you can no longer use seeds to buy the special accessories for your plants (pots, backgrounds, etc). Perhaps the developers thought it was good enough and just stopped updating. Works fine to remind you to drink water and track your water intake but that’s about it.
  • This App Really Helps 5/5

    By Aleck0210
    Love this app! Was having such a hard time drinking water..this app worked wonders.
  • Lindy Lord 5/5

    By Lindy Lord
    👍This app is terrific. Without its reminders I would only drink 50% of the water I should be drinking. Plant Nanny keeps me hydrated and I love all my plant babies!
  • I love this app 3/5

    By Rainbow girl Allie
    This app is really great it helps to be healthy and hydrated
  • Great but can't download in shop 4/5

    By Aulondon
    I LOVE this app for the most part. It really motivates me to stay hydrated. What's frustrating is that I don't seem to be able to download new items from the store (free or with seeds).
  • I love this so much!!! 5/5

    By Axelrules15
    Ok. When I first got this I thought I would have it for a few days then be over it, but when I started I just couldn’t stop! It makes drinking water like a game and less like a chore. Also I like that it reminds me to drink water throughout the day. Sure it’s not a perfect app, but it’s pretty good at doing what it’s supposed to. (100x better than plant nanny 2 also.) The only thing I would change/fix is not being able to type in specific water amounts (it goes up by 50ml) and that if I forgot to log my water intake, there’s no way to go back and fix it. Other than those two things I love this app!!!! 💧🌼 💧
  • I dig it, but... 5/5

    By shannagoodnight
    I would love a “Collect all” button when collecting seeds from the garden. It would be so much easier then having to tap on all my plants.
  • Too much water 2/5

    By Mae_be_nerdy
    Oh my god if I had a dollar for every time I had to pee on a day. Thought I was diabetic I’m just drinking too much water. Y’all are crazy! Can’t do it anymore. Good bye plant nanny. I’ll be drinking 3 15 OZ glasses of water a day not 5.
  • Great app 5/5

    By SicilianRose
    A cute and fun way to track water intake. Love it
  • Plants are my world 5/5

    By Ggttttttt
    I love this app. I normally go for juice instead of water and my dad a landscaper which makes me love plants so getting to drink more water and watering my plants helps me stay on track and drink more water and less juice.
  • Better than plant nanny 2 4/5

    By K2-S0 is funny
    The only problem I have is that when you go to collect seeds, THE SAME AD POPS UP EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! AND GUESS WHAT? THE AD SHOW A PICTURE OF A CRASHED CAR, NOT APPROPRIATE AD FOR MY KID. That’s all I love cartoony graphics. This is MUCH better than Plant Nanny 2.
  • What was that commercial? 5/5

    By Soccergirl24\7
    I love this game and it’s great I just have a question. What commercial did the guys shirt get green screened? It was a video game commercial and the guy didn’t seem to know his lines 🙈. Basically, I clicked on the ad button so I could get 8 seeds, like how I do every day. But, just then a commercial popped up about a video game store. It was so funny because it was terrible 😂. Anyway, I hope 🤞🏻 I get a developers response bc I NEED to show my friends 😂😂
  • Love it 5/5

    By jacquilmt
    Fun, silly app. Love it
  • Plant Nanny 4/5

    By FergusOfParis
    Great to remind me to drink my water. Easy to use. I am having trouble buying different flower pots with seeds. It is not taking the purchase which is frustrating.
  • helps with head aches 5/5

    By headache maneia
    i get head aches because i don’t drink enough water and this app helped me not get head aches. i highly recommend this app. (especially if you get headaches from not drinking enough water.) 💧💧
  • Good 4/5

    By sofie dosie
    This is a good app
  • Great Idea, but I Can’t get Support 3/5

    By Finneykat
    I love the idea of this app, and I have also downloaded their Walker app to add to the experience, but the crossover of the two apps by a redeeming certain plant and potholders doesn’t work. I’ve looked in to getting support on this app, but their contact us option doesn’t exist like their FAQ suggests. I would Luke assistance, I don’t know how to other than writing a review about it.
  • Very good 3/5

    By elrodnumber3
    I love the app itself but I can’t figure out how to contact the developer to ask why it won’t verify that I got the Walkr app, I have tried multiple times but it still won’t work and I would love to get the galaxy flower pot and the special plants.
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By Brynndle
    This has been a HUGE help. I love it! So, glad I found out about this!
  • This saved me 5/5

    By needwater_1315
    This app saved me from surgery I drank so much and it has helped me! Thank you
  • Can’t buy new backgrounds and pots 3/5

    By plntlvr2018
    Love the app but not sure why I can’t download new scenes and pots. The seeds are accumulating but there’s no way for them to be redeemed.
  • Motivation 5/5

    By Not a Robot 😜
    I love this app! I’ve never necessarily been bad with water but it’s never been frequent. This app motivates me to actually drink water and I love watching the plants grow up! I definitely recommend downloading this, you’ll feel proud of yourself for keeping track. Also, to prove I’m not a robot, “I don’t support Trump”. I don’t think a robot would post something like that??? Kind Regards, Not A Robot (Really tho download this)
  • Cute, but that’s about it 2/5

    By can_has
    This app is absolutely adorable. However. You cannot add hydration to the previous day (so rip if you drink anything as you’re going to bed). Quite frequently, it will melt several days together I.e. I added water yesterday, but now it’s showing on today’s total. I’m definitely looking for a new app to replace this one.
  • madyline✨ 5/5

    By its.mady
    i think this app is amazing, it wants you to drink water to grow your plant and i honestly think that watching your plant grow is amazing and the only way to do that is to drink more water. it also tells you not to drink to much water at a time because you can get a cramp or something like that. i just really like this app and i’m very happy i got it😁
  • Completely inaccurate 1/5

    By Britttanyyyyyyyy
    I am a female weighing 133 lbs with a sedentary lifestyle. This app told me I needed to drink 144 oz of water a day (8 20oz bottles a day) and then I downloaded the plant nanny 2 app and it told me I need 66oz a day for a sedentary lifestyle.. for the most activity possible someone of my size should be drinking max of 96 oz a day. This app is just wrong plus it won’t download any new plants. Save your storage and just download the second app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Bellusros
    Cute and really motivates me to drink more water!
  • Love! ...but 3/5

    By jo_blo
    The ‘Flower Shop*’ doesn’t work properly. Trying to validate downloaded apps to unlock features and doesn’t seem to work.
  • Cute app 3/5

    By Tupelo_9
    I do not like that I see no history of what I drink each day, individual drinks. Also, I cannot have multiple sizes of containers to drink throughout the day, I do not ALWAYS drink a 16.9 bottle of water. Sometimes I drink 8, sometimes 12 ... it would be nice to add different sizes that total required amount. How is amount needed calculated? Also, if I forget and add 2/3 at the same time I do not care for the “don’t drink too much” warnings. think drinking beyond the daily amount required by say 12-16 ounces is not going to kill me so the warning again .... not needed. It may be fun once I have had it a while and see how my ‘plant’ grows. I am keeping it to see how that all works out. So. I have all these seeds and nothing unlocks? What is the deal?
  • Glitch 2/5

    By rhirhimcg
    Love the game , but it annoys me that there is some sort of glitch that won't allow me to buy new flower pots .
  • Good enough 5/5

    By JumpingJuli
    I love this app. I’ve been using it for a year. The trouble is that I have too many seeds. I can’t use them for anything. I can’t delete the pants I can’t to make room for more on my phone app. I have used all the plants available. I wish there were more to choose from.
  • Awesome!totally recommend 5/5

    By CamoMilitaryz
    This is crazy,I didn’t want this weird app to track how much water I drink and stuff but this has changed me so much I feel more alive and energized and I’m always wanting to play this game.This has made my days less stressful and I’m not a very active person but this is the most creative and fun way to teach people about health.
  • Really cute 5/5

    By I hope you enjoyed my TED Talk
    I like how cute the little plants are and how they grow up 😊
  • Fun iPhone app that randomly crashes wiping out your plants 2/5

    By Txag96
    My whole family has been using this for months. However, it’s tremendously buggy. The app on my daughters’ Kindles will not allow them to “spend” any of their seeds for better plants or pots. My app on my iPhone just crashed and lost all of my plants. It’s a cute app and encouraged me to drink water, but it’s very buggy.
  • Effective and fun 4/5

    By Hrt2jrt
    This app has really gotten me to drink more water! I love the different flowers. Customizing the drinks / cups and the alerts. My only complaint (and maybe user error) is that I can’t see what cups I have entered during the day, just total ounces. I also wish there was a little forgiveness when you forget to enter all the water you drank that day (ie allow you to enter the following day).
  • Super cute! 4/5

    By Harry Temecula
    These plants are so cute! Also a very helpful game for someone like me who doesn’t drink enough water, rated it only 4 stars because everything is very expensive and I do enjoy how it brings effort and inspiration from the point but most things are a little pricy for the amount of seeds you get from starter plants etc.
  • amazing and motivation 5/5

    By plant nanny advocate
    I love this app so much. The plant really motivates me to be healthy and happy. I have found myself drinking more water every day. I even made my kids download it. Amazing! Inspiring!
  • It could be better if.. 4/5

    By Mrs.Harris2019
    The app over all is great. It’s a nice reminder to drink water and to stay motivated. BUT there is room for improvement. I don’t have time to be on my phone sometimes to log that I’ve had water throughout the day, so it’d be nice to make it where I can log my water intake instead of having to click multiple times at the end of the day and in hopes to keep my plant alive. It’s a little frustrating who works and goes to school because I can’t just stop and log when I have drunk water. Other than that it’s a nice little motivational app, but there’s much room for improvement and I wish you didn’t have to download or use other apps just to get some backgrounds, flower pots, plants and etc. I don’t have time to use multiple apps or be on my phone all the time.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Tinaminaaaaaaa
    I love this app! There is one thing that is not quite working for me. I can’t download the new pots, even though I have enough seeds to get them...
  • !! best self care app out there !! 5/5

    By aria elia
    100% THE best self care app out there . i never used to drink my water unless i started to get a headache from dehydration but using this app i always get straight to it and stay hydrated . and i think the fact that i’m taking care of a little adorable plant makes it so much more enjoyable because you get to watch it grow along with your health . i used to be so dehydrated to the point where my face was getting dry and more acne “infested” , but then after about a week of using this app and keeping up with my water in take more , my skin is now more glowing and it’s really starting to clear up . drinking water also gives me more energy throughout the day so i really thank this app for staying on me about it . you should 1000% get this app ! it’s free to use as well ! you should definitely take that to your own advantage !! GET THIS APP YALL ITS THE BEST THING EVER !!!!
  • Needs fixing now! 4/5

    By bstewardson
    I like using plant nanny to help track my water. This feedback is not for users (the app is exactly what it seems and is fun and cute!). This is for developers. At the end of the day, it says “You have drank...” PLEASE change this to the correct “you have drunk” or “you drank.” You’re a professional company and should be demonstrating correct English for your users. I know many people don’t care (or know it’s wrong), but it is and reflects your professionalism. Please update! Thank you!
  • Fun Reminder to Hydrate 4/5

    By PhatCatFoSho
    I’m pretty much a dried out sad little plant myself, so this is a great way to water myself and my virtu-plant. The reminders that pop up periodically on my phone help me to take another swig of water. It’s also fun for my tiny human to corral me into the kitchen and fill up 8oz to chug so he can water the plant. I’ve already killed one, but so far my replacement seems okay! (My bladder will thank me eventually, I’m sure, but it’s pretty annoyed with the frequent bathroom breaks as of late!). The only reason I opted for 4 and not 5 is because I found it a bit confusing to navigate and find more detailed info. I’m still working on understanding all of the options. Also, I can’t get rid of these darn notification numbers on the menu icon. Not the worst but it’s a quirk of mine. Overall, I’m enjoying the app. My kid is enjoying pestering me about drinking more water, and I’m (for the most part) keeping a freaking adorable sentient? plant alive.
  • Helps me to keep on track 5/5

    By Vernonswife
    Drinking water is something that I have trouble doing. Normally I’m not thirsty so this app keeps me on track. My little dandelion is so cute.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By RRrick1963
    This app is amazing :)
  • fun! 5/5

    By Hbannans
    it’s a really great concept of an app that encourages me to drink more water with a cute lil plant!
  • Cute! 4/5

    By mommyshark_3
    Cute way to keep up with drinking water.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Daughter-of-pan.
    Really helpful and because I have a huge love for taking care of plants it really has me actually taking care of myself. Super happy with it!!
  • Got payed for nothing 4/5

    By serenityRD101406
    So I really like this app but the only thing is that I payed for seeds and it said it didn’t work but it still charged me. The next day I bought another thing of seed and it still did not work. But I really like this app it has done me good other then that little mistake.
  • I wanted to like it more 3/5

    By Lynrooks
    I like the idea of watering the plants and it being a reminder to drink water. However, the store doesn’t really have much and I have been unable download any other plants. I even downloaded the other app for walking that was supposed to open up other things. Slightly disappointed

Plant Nanny app comments

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