Plant App: Plant Identifier

Plant App: Plant Identifier


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  • Release Date 2022-04-19
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Plant App identifies more than 46,000+ plants with 95% accuracy-better than most human experts. Most accurate plant Identifier app on the market with the latest AI plant identification technology. Did you just come across a flower, herb, or weed that you don't know? Simply take a photo of the plant and Plant App will complete a plant identification to answer all your questions about it! Take care of your plants with Plant App — keep a journal to see how they grow, use reminders to help them thrive. Our plant identification engine is always picking up new knowledge from experts and professionals, and it's all at your fingertips right now. Simply discover plants around you, picture this plant, identify plants, and you'll gain a new appreciation for nature. –PLANT APP FEATURES– PLANT IDENTIFIER Identify plants instantly with our app! Our database contains over 12,000 plants, including flowers, succulents, and trees. To identify a plant, simply snap a photo or upload one from your gallery. But that's not all! Our plant identifier feature isn't limited to plant identification. We also have additional features like tree identification, flower identification, and weed identification. We're proud to offer the most accurate plant identifier app on the market, which includes additional features like tree identifier, weed identifier, and flower identifier. PLANT CARE & DISEASE IDENTIFICATION Identify plant diseases to quickly figure out ways of treating your plant. Take a photo to determine diagnoses. Plant App will eliminate any potential disease-causing factors and notify you if your plant is healthy. Plant App will tell you if it needs special attention and how to take care of it. You'll receive comprehensive information about the condition, its causes, treatments, and prevention measures. PLANT CARE GUIDES Imagine, you receive a lovely flowering plant for your birthday. However, after a few weeks, it begins to send you signals that it is not at ease. How frequently has this happened to you? To keep your plant alive, you must understand how much water, light, and fertilizer it requires. PlantApp keeps all of this information in one place. Plant care guides are essential for healthy plants! WATER CALCULATOR Get customized watering recommendations, based on your plant type and the size of a pot. NOTES AND REMINDERS Have you forgotten to water your plants on time? Not any longer! Set up plant care reminders to receive notifications when it's time to water, fertilize, or repot your plant. If your plant has specific needs, you can even create custom reminders. Don't let your plant wither without timely reminders. PERSONAL PLANT COLLECTION - MY GARDEN Create your own garden and plant collections. Add plants in your home and confidently grow and care for your plants with the support and inspiration you need. RECOMMENDED ARTICLES Learn about the variety of flora around the world by reading enlightening articles every day. What kind of plant grows the quickest, do you know? Or what flower once had a value greater than that of gold? Knowledge is power. You will have this power by Plant App's in-depth plant descriptions and fascinating insights. Get Plant App plant scanner & start your road toward being a true expert on nature right away. One tap will provide you all you need! Email: [email protected] Website: Terms of use: Privacy: