PlantIn: Plant Identifier

PlantIn: Plant Identifier

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  • Current Version: 4.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Vortemol Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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PlantIn: Plant Identifier App

PlantIn is always there for you! With our care plans, you will learn how to identify a plant, how often to water your trees, or why the leaf on your flower turned brown. We have a wide variety of features that every green thumb would fall in love with: ► Watering Calculator This feature will help to figure out the right amount of water your green pet needs. You just need to answer several questions regarding your plant’s conditions, and voila! ► Light Meter Here is another helpful tool that calculates the correct lighting level for your greens! Just click the Light Meter button and point the camera at the plant. Our AR-based technology will automatically scan the nearest environment, measure the amount of light, and tell if you need to move the plant to a brighter or shadier spot. ► Care Plans Plantkeeping will become even more effortless with our Personalized Care Plans. Request a plan for almost any species, from common houseplants to exotic cultivars. Your Snake plant care needs some improvements, or maybe you just got your first air plant and are not sure what to do with it? Get thorough watering, fertilization, lighting, and even pruning instructions easily and make ‘em grow! ► Care Notifications Our users say that our plant care app helps with organizing daily routines! Keep calm – we will send your reminders to make sure that all your green pets are following their watering and fertilization schedules. Moreover, there are special weather notifications so that you will be warned in case of storms, freezing temperatures, and other unfavorable conditions that may harm your outdoor oasis. ► Ask the Botanist Use this feature to get a consultation with our experienced gardening experts. Ask any questions regarding houseplant care and get custom recommendations, step-by-step guides, useful hints, and detailed instructions for your particular case. PlantIn was created to provide loving care for each of your green pets, so let’s make this world greener and educate ourselves on botany together! Stay plantuned for more lifesaving info from our plant care app. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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PlantIn: Plant Identifier app reviews

  • J'adore 5/5

    By Rikita MacAscaidhqwqijuhw
    I read some of the negative comments and I can't even imagine what's wrong with the people who write such things 😆
  • True facts without nonsense 5/5

    By Cahner Staffgvbgkt
    I bet the planting info is certified because my friend is a biologist and he states it is as true as possible
  • Great Ap 5/5

    By Getzlaffff
    Tested with several leaves and it was spot on!
  • Interactive & encyplopedic 5/5

    By Sameen Chadwinndwyed
    I am a college professor and I admire the aspirations that were put into this. Waiting for the knowledge to be accessible even more and more in the nearest future!
  • Pretty gorgerous 5/5

    By Rasheka Adairusvkyqui
  • Expand your knowledge 5/5

    By Sumia Tevelovbcjllt
    The app pushes the discovery and exploration further into the lives of people all over, so it's pretty unique as an idea and as its execution
  • Never stop advancing 5/5

    By Kentin Metrickwooqtbrx
    I've been using the app for a while already so i'm constantly waiting for the updates, changes and new plants added
  • Trying out a free version 5/5

    By Rilyn Hofleruhstaw
    Thankful for such an intelligent companion which is available for free
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Lhhhiggskhjdefhx
    I was expecting this app to have at least a little insight as to how to help my sick plants that I just got back from my mother’s house, but it’s really not helpful. I scanned my fiddle leaf fig and it just gave me a list of all the common ailments of the plant but not my plant specifically. So why did I have to bother with the pictures then if they don’t actually use them? Also the ask a botanist option isn’t through the app, you’re sending a an email and you have to pay like $20 just to be able to send it. Overall this app is not user friendly at all and nothing like the ads suggest. Great example of False Advertisement. I find better help on Tiktok than I do on here. Definitely do not recommend.
  • Huuge database and navigation 5/5

    By Edythe Atyeamb
    Simple. Convenient. Fast. The only thing I might not be happy about is if I find a plant that is not in the app. Btw, never happened to me.
  • Really cool 5/5

    By Corin22
    Helped me identify some plants I had.
  • Remove platinum 4/5

    By vjjgvbbh
    Need to remove the platinum. All most all the things that you need to use to identify and to help the plants get healthier.
  • Its not good its great 5/5

    By Kenneth Jordanvvbo
    A full-fledged guide for newbies and experts - highly recommending
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ddyslm
    Doesn’t give you any information that can’t by just using google! 👎🏿
  • Be careful with the “free subscription” 1/5

    By yayforartists
    Shortly after I downloaded this app I realized that to access the features I needed I would need to pay too much. I attempted to cancel my subscription multiple times, even reaching out to customer service. They wouldn’t help and in fact I ended up being charged for the subscription even after this. I am not pleased and am contesting this charge. Instead of helping me, the customer service reps continued to try to upsell. Not pleased.
  • $50 1/5

    By Eric Dallas
    Doesn't tell you it's $50 until they get your email address. Apple should require these apps to display the cost before you download.
  • PlantIn 2/5

    By constecoosar
    Couldn’t get the app to scan my plant. It’s a potted evening jasmine. I don’t like apps that are too hard to work. I will cancel b4 getting charged.
  • No work 1/5

    By vanepalacios
    The app isn’t work! Can’t identify the plants 😡
  • Can’t use it without Internet 3/5

    By heyitzabbzyt
    I love how in-depth the app is yeah but I tried using it at a place where there isn’t that much connection and I still cannot find a way to help my plants so I would love to give this app five stars but it’s not allowing me to do anything on the app when I’m in a certain place. These are my recently passed away grandmas plants and I want to keep them alive for as long as possible.
  • Nope 2/5

    By 123)1652736
    Does not tell u What the plants need and and only have me a 40 procent match and could not Find What i Wanted ☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • Flaming Kattegat 5/5

    By i new creation in Christ
    Just so pretty
  • Just amazing 5/5

    By REeEeEKSSss
    If you love plants or you have one you will love this app!
  • Plant 1/5

    By De154
    Does not help.
  • I don’t get it!! 1/5

    By Margaret Marshall
    I just bought this app and took the picture of my plant and the sick parts and it gave me 5 different options of illnesses so if I want to know exactly what problem my plant has I have to pay more so a botanist will tell me what it is and how I treat it!!! Do how is this app better than the others???
  • Do not buy this app 1/5

    By Amirthegreat666
    This app is the most corrupt application I’ve ever encountered on iOS. Upon downloading the trial I tried to cancel my subscription several times. Finding out that it keeps error out. This causes you to get randomly charge to use this app and then you cannot escape it. I am writing a formal complaint to Apple DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH
  • Inspiring me 5/5

    By Elyan Tumiotoghjk
    Growing exotic plants easier every day. Without you, I would've lost the enthusiasm to do it
  • I really dig it! 5/5

    By BirdzBeanz
    Since using your app my plants have done so much better!! I love the reminders! I did have a plant that your app couldn’t identify and I submitted a message to add it. It is called Dragons Tongue. Still not in the app. Other than that I am quite pleased!
  • all kind of plants and trees 5/5

    By AGM 22
    I love this App. very easy to use.
  • History 1/5

    By lovin music variety
    It would be great if there was a history of what I have looked up.
  • This App is amazing and real. 5/5

    By Luis de la nuez
    I like this app
  • Cool concept- way to expensive 2/5

    By Thelastgeneration
    This info is free online with a couple keywords of what your plant looks like…. Or just google image your plant. This app is crazy expensive.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By jacljil
    Purchased a lifetime PREMIUM subscription with the understanding that the EXPERT HELP was included. It isn’t. Need to add another subscription. With that being said, you can get most of the info a PREMIUM subscription gives with free apps. It is easy to know when to water your plant. The help needed is when the plant needs extra care. For this…more money
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Melmom17
    The app does not allow you to cancel the subscription and charged me in spite of multiple communications in writing that I wanted to cancel. How can you do business that way?
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Gramshak
    This app is really helpful in identifying plants, inside and out. I wish it could be a free app so I can learn which lighting is best to keep my plants healthy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By threetwoone123
    Over priced Site is difficult to navigate Too much USELESS information without being helpful. 😡
  • Too costly 2/5

    By I love my pup
    I thought this app would be extremely helpful but its nothing but extra costs left and right. I had a subscription but when I would use the app it would let me customize (at an extra $2.99 PER COLOR) or get a “autumn season pass” for $19.99 absolutely ridiculous. If I’m paying for a monthly subscription why am I having to pay extra for all these things.
  • Just a grateful customer 5/5

    By Suyai Davinetee
    These plant care plans make plant parenthood so easy. Thank you!
  • I used to like it but now 2/5

    By DejaDrewit
    It no longer works on my phone unless I update my ios which I have not been able to do. So thanks. Another app to delete off my phone. What a bummer.
  • Good but limited 4/5

    By Mizuki#love
    It’s a cool app and works well but a lot of the features premium so you have to pay a monthly fee
  • Superb 5/5

    By Branon Chaplingutybox
    I adore the app, and my plants seem much happier know! The disease identifier is simply magical
  • PlantIn is another fantastic app 5/5

    By JRoyRogers
    I use PlantIn to identify and care for plants in my garden!
  • Helps me 5/5

    By Delphenia Silbyclmldh
    I've just bought my first plant… Thank you for the care guides, I'd be lost without you!
  • Not a very good app 1/5

    By mislead user1
    As with most apps on the market today, there is a ploy to get you to sign up for a membership, rather than just providing a service as it suggests. This app will let you add up to at least three plants for free and then any other plants you try to add in the future or get a care plan for it will not let you proceed any further without a membership that’s fairly pricey when there are a lot of other public service, free apps out there to use instead. Just my opinion, this app is not worth the programming. It’s written on.
  • Plantin 5/5

    By MissMe1778
    So crazy
  • It’s really expensive 1/5

    By #plants #animals
    It is so much money and it’s not at all like what the adds show.
  • Feedback about PlantIn 1/5

    By frc621
    My hydrangea has black spots on it. Not sure your app is helping me figure out what to do with sick plants. Very disappointed
  • Doesn’t work easily 1/5

    By not alota time
    Doesn’t scan well
  • Diagnosis 1/5

    By no response 123321
    I’ve sent requests for a diagnosis on my peace Lillie’s but have yet to get a single response for treatment of my plants
  • Review 1/5

    By Viollasilvestri
    The identification of plants is not accurate. Thanks in