PlantSnap - identify plants

PlantSnap - identify plants

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  • Current Version: 5.01.08
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PlantSnap, Inc.
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PlantSnap - identify plants App

Instantly identify over 600,000 types of plants: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more with PlantSnap! PlantSnap now teaches you how to grow and care for your plants. We have added gardening tips and advice for thousands of plant species. With the PlantSnappers Community, you connect with more than 50 million nature lovers in over 200 countries! Share photos and favorite discoveries with your friends, view photos and posts of rare plants, flowers, trees, succulents, leaves, cacti, air plant and mushrooms from around the world and share gardening tips. Only with the PlantSnap plant identifier you can connect with nature and the world. We want to plant 100 million trees in 2021. Do you want to help us? PlantSnap plants a tree for each person who downloads the app and becomes a registered user. Do you know those flowers you like, but don't know the name? Are you looking for an indoor plant? An orchid? A philodendron hope? Or a cacti? An exotic flower PlantSnap gives you all the information you need. The PlantSnap plant identifier makes it much easier to find out! Just take a picture using the app and our database will find all the information about it. After identifying plants, you will have information about its taxonomy and a complete description about the plant, orchid, indoor plant, ornamental plant, exotic flower and more. PlantSnap also tells you how to care for and grow plants. But if you already know the name of the plant, flower, cactus, leaf, ornamental plant, tree, orchid, indoor plant, exotic flower and want to know more about it, at PlantSnap you can too! Just use our "Search" function to find information and curiosities about more than 600,000 species of flowers, leaves, trees, succulents, cacti, mushrooms and more. With the "Explore" function, you can use our SnapMap to find identified plants anywhere on the planet. See the anonymous photos taken with PlantSnap and discover the different species of flowers, leaves, trees, mushrooms and cacti spread around the world! Learn how to take care of your plants: philodendron hope, orchid, air plant, carnivorous plant, exotic flower and more. Have all your discoveries gathered in one place and access whenever you want in a very easy way. Create your own library of flowers, mushrooms, and trees! All photos saved in your collection are also available on the web. So you can explore nature with your cell phone and take a closer look at every detail of the plants later on your computer. With the PlantSnap plant identifier, you can also zoom in on the photos to see every detail of the flowers, leaves, indoor plant, mushroom, cacti, ornamental plant, carnivorous plant, and succulents identified around the world. Experience our augmented reality technology! Thinking of walking in the park or in a garden? How about making the walk much more fun and educational? Photograph the different plants you find along the way, be they flowers, mushrooms, leaves, cacti or succulents, and find out all the information about them in our plant identifier! In addition to discovering different types of vegetables, you can also create your own library with all the flowers, leaves, mushrooms, cacti, carnivorous plant and succulents you can find. How many can you collect? PlantSnap, identifying plants has never been so easy and fun! PlantSnap Features: • PlantSnap automatically tells you when a plant is framed well • Tap the screen where the flower is highlighted for the most accurate results • PlantSnap tells you how to grow and care for your plants with detailed instructions • Our database is global and our results are instantaneous. There are currently over 600,000 plants, trees and mushrooms species in our worldwide database • Our algorithm is retrained and improved every month using the millions of anonymous images taken by our users every day. Start PlantSnapping today and help us help the Earth!

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PlantSnap - identify plants app reviews

  • So Smart!!! 5/5

    By Corney M.
    People would asking what is that plant, I would be able to go plant snap and tell them. I am so smart!!!!
  • Limits 2/5

    By czarmuta
    I thought this was a great app until, “you’ve used your 5 snaps—watch an ad to get three more!” Watched the ad but no more photos allowed unless you buy something. I’m deleting this app.
  • Great app I wish same x others products like furniture or other object’s like 5/5

    By Jose L. Proenza
    Great app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DustinATX1982
    I have tried a few of these. This is the worst
  • More often wrong than correct 1/5

    By Tony MAGA
    Each time I use plant snap to identify a wildflower I provide a pic of them flower and a pic if the plant. The resulting identified plant is alway different.
  • Free version no good 2/5

    By YourM0MInACan
    You can only get a few snaps before you’re told your out, upgrade or watch ads for more, etc. Don’t waste the download.
  • Very inconsistent 1/5

    By Elusiveshame
    You can take a picture of the same plant 5 times and have 5 different results. This app is highly unreliable.
  • Free to download but pay subscription to use 1/5

    By Caspian312
    I really don’t like that this a free app but to use it you have to setup a subscription. It’s free for a bit but then you forget about it and then it charges you again. Either make it a pay for app, or make it free but don’t bait-n-switch users.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Spiddyone
    Paid for extra “snaps” and didn’t get them. Beware
  • Scam ads, forced ads, miss identifies 1/5

    By Djskyryn
    Don’t waste your time. This app is garbage.
  • Waste of Money!!! 1/5

    By Onesxyone
    First I accidentally hit the $39 option to buy this instead of the 7 day trial option. Ok, figured it’d probably be worth it in the end so I accepted my mistake. A few days later I had the chance to chill in nature so opened the app for the first time. Recognized my first mushroom so I was excited. Tried identifying several more species of plant & mushroom to NO AVAIL!!! Error messages kept appearing saying can’t identify, then eventually it says I must further unlock the app to take more than 5 snaps per day. How in the heck are you charging ppl $40 then addition $10 for ad free version???!!!!! The lifetime $39 should include ad free allowing unlimited photo snaps!!! I sure wish I could get a dang refund!!!!! This app is a rip off and needs to be reported….. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GET A BETTER PERFORMING PLANT APP FOR LESS MONEY!!!!! I am extremely upset with this entire ordeal, ugh!!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Better grapics
    Took 5 different photos of same plant and comes up with no correct identification each one different from the last
  • Wildly inaccurate 1/5

    By girl with watering can
    Shoot the same plant from 3 different angles, you’ll get 3 different answers
  • This app does not work 1/5

    By lukas zuke
    It never comes up the first time and barely works at all it is a waste of time it gets plants confused
  • Deceptively marketed 1/5

    By TakPkSAH
    When you first open the app, before you can even try a single plant identification, it’s already pushing a monthly subscription on you.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By NanK90
    None of the pictures I took were identified correctly by this AP. Not even common flowers.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By hairgoddess1970
    I wanted so much to love this app, So much that I actually bought it. The app has the hardest time with figuring out what plants I have. If I take three different pictures I get 10 different answers ( most of which are incorrect) even with the plants I KNOW what they are and with concise puctures. My mom has an app that immediately tells her what plant she has and exactly what they are and they are way more accurate.
  • Spendy 1/5

    By Esteban Rodrigues
    Wants sign up for a trial that lasts a few weeks. Plants better be your trade or an enthusiastic hobby if you’re gonna spend $30 with a reoccurring fee.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By SusieSparkler
    I’ve had the subscription based plant snap for a few years. Used to be quite good about identifying plants but now….zero accuracy with common landscape plants. Sad to see it devolve into a useless app. Cancelled my subscription & will be deleting.
  • Didn't work no matter how I took the picture. 1/5

    By PompousHero
    I separated out leaves onto a contrasting clean one color background, took images of the whole plant, macro shots of leafs, the whole shebang. The app only gives you 5 free tries before you have to pay money or watch a horrendous and horrendously long advertisement spree that literally takes over your screen and audio and you can't stop it, and so rather than waste another two minutes watching asinine commercials only to have the app still fail to give me the correct answer, I posted to Red dit for help. The only way I got the correct answer was post the exact same pictures (that failed to identify with this app) on the sub red dit: "whatisthisplant" and I had a correct identification from a response from someone in the community within minutes. The plant in question was "Trumpet Creeper".
  • Never correct 1/5

    By Songbyrd140
    I can’t get this app to give me correct info. I have even taken a photo of a plant with the iID tag on it and the app brings up things that are bot even close! Horrible!
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By melvin hickelby
    I attempted identifying several plants. I tested each plant with several pictures and the plant was missidentified at least half the time. I'm sorry I didn't get better results.
  • Not great 2/5

    By M1X2Y3Z4
    Many identifications are inaccurate
  • Meh 1/5

    By HornGal88
    I tried it on a plant that I knew and it gave me five wildly different suggestions. If I didn’t already know the plant, the app wouldn’t have helped me one bit. Deleted.
  • Clunky 2/5

    By Investedistrict
    I found that this does not work as well as some other apps I’ve tried in identifying plants. Also, I understand the need to monetize, but watching several ads and not getting the extra snaps promised was a pretty frustrating experience
  • Not helpful for caring for plants 2/5

    By MegEMcD
    Am I missing something...? It took me a while to identify my first plant. It would be nice if each suggested plant had several pictures, one of a leaf, then one in full bloom or in a pot, instead of just a close-up of one leaf. I actually ended up googling to find my plant. I want to use this to care for my plants but under planting and watering instructions it says the same thing for each plant. Things like, “Consider if they will receive enough sunlight and moisture, is there space for them to grow to their full size, what type of soil do you have and how exposed it will be to the elements?” It doesn’t actually tell you what kind of soil the particular plant you have should have. I don’t get how this is helpful.
  • Misidentified and no way to correct 1/5

    By Hopula
    Why have I subscribed? Maybe because it was correct on one pic I took. Now mainly Mis identify and no way to correct. By the way, the site gives a 404 site not found error.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Farrnorth61
    I live in northern Wisconsin and, sorry to say, it hasn’t gotten one right. I tried it on plants I know. It called a birch tree a poplar, it called a burning bush a poison sumac, etc. After reading the other reviews I was excited but now I can’t trust what it says. Sorry. I was hopeful.
  • Beware of fraudulent practice 2/5

    By Music_Kritick
    I got the app to try it out. I was willing to subscribe but wanted to see if it would work for my purposes first, so I initially used just the free features. When I ran out of my daily allotment of snaps, it offered 5 additional snaps for a price or 3 additional snaps in exchange for watching ads. I chose the ads. After watching, it still said I was out of snaps and made me the same offer. I watched their ads four times and never received additional snaps. This app is enticing people to watch ads and receiving ad revenue without providing the promised benefit. That amounts to fraud in my book. For that alone they deserve no stars, but I did give two stars since it seemed to work okay during my limited trial.
  • Totally Inaccurate 1/5

    By db1126
    To test it out I took two pictures of trees I know the names of (2 different colored flowering Crepe Myrtles) and it didn’t even come close to identifying them correctly. Obviously I can’t trust this with the plant I’m trying to identify to purchase and plant. Deleted!
  • No. Just no. 1/5

    By jdjsokxbebxiidndbd
    Horrible app. Took a pic of blackberries and it couldn’t identify it 3 times. You only get 5 snaps a day with the free version which is ridiculous. Only 5 AND I have to watch ads?!? Don’t waste your time.
  • Utterly worthless 1/5

    By Aunt Shrewd
    I’m trying to determine what a particular weed I have a lot of is, and it keeps giving me different plants from all of the world each time I try and rescan it. This is an extremely common weed. I have seen it in Europe. The fact that I have paid $20 for this app for an entire year and it has not provided me any useful information is pretty sad.
  • Removing All Doubt… 5/5

    By CaptScottArd
    This app is spot on with identification. I was skeptical at first and entered photos of various plants from across the globe. Having worked in several foreign countries, I have enjoyed collecting local photos of many different types of plants and animals. To me, that’s one perk of having a job requiring travel- total immersion into the local culture!
  • Not good 1/5

    By outdoors foot
    Said the same tree was five different trees . As in tried five times in 10 min at the same tree n none five was the right tree walk black walnut
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sowhatsthebigdeal
    Only identified 2 plants out of 15 correctly
  • 5 pics per day 3/5

    By Upcguy
    You can only identify 5 per day unless you pay for more! Not real accurate either
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By bohdi2021
    Doesn’t even name the plants correctly. I took several pics of the plants I have around that I know to test the app and it didn’t even name them correctly. I even took a picture of a mushroom growing next to one of my plants and it labeled it as a carnation.
  • Looking for a more accurate app 3/5

    By OT Nerd
    I’ve had some really wrong results and am looking for a more accurate identifier. I have tried redoing the search and often times get wrong results the second time as well.
  • Safer yard thanks to PlantSnap 5/5

    By NotLinnaeus
    We have two pesky dogs and a toddler who loves picking raspberries from our garden. Recently, I downloaded this app on a whim and tried testing it on various plants in our garden. The app correctly identified one mysterious plant in our yard as pokeweed - a very toxic plant that produces berries. I removed the pokeweed; now our yard is a little safer and we know to look out for that plant going forward. Thanks, PlantSnap team!
  • Very inaccurate Not even close to usable. 1/5

    By solsticeman
    I read the reviews, downloaded and installed. Took 2 pictures of known plants in my garden. Lemon tree- app said it was a coffee plant. Jalapeño - app said it was a green pepper plant. Sorry, I don’t know how all these 5 star reviews got on here for this app.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By calj19
    Good thing it’s free. Is wrong over 70% of the time.
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By bear republic
    Takes no consideration for size or climate or context or location. I'll have better luck identifying this plant on my own.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By Iasky
    I actually paid for this app when it first came out and have been very disappointed. It gives you several choices of plants and most of the time it is wrong. Several years later it is just as bad. I switched to PictureThis. What a joy. It has Identified every plant so far in seconds with out me trying to guess from several plants.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By MidnightYugi
    I have been using wild herbs and plants to supplement my arthritis medicine for a while now but I’ve always been worried about mistaking a plant for something else, now all I have to do is take a picture and confirm whether or not I was right about the plant’s identity. For someone who’s on a lot of pain meds and still not getting better this app is a godsend since plants are helping more than anything else.
  • Don’t, just don’t 1/5

    By tychomagnet
    Got the free version to evaluate this app. It took five free tries to deliver five wrong answers on the same plant (a Calathea Roseoptica). You’ll be better of using Google image search.
  • Almost always wrong 1/5

    By 'liza
    I tried this on dozens of plants, over the course of a year, and I think it got about five of them correct. As others have said, you can try the same plant three times in a row and get three different answers. Pretty much useless.
  • Same plant given 3 names 1/5

    By Smartblnde
    Don’t trust it. I took photos of a plant. The same plant, and given 3 different names for it. None of them matched the seeds I planted. Disappointed.
  • Couldn’t Identify any plants in yard 1/5

    By CS#9
    Used my 5 photo trial on several plants in yard. Many that were suggested looked nothing like the photos/ plants in yard. Great waste of phone space
  • Company Unresonsive 2/5

    By pearleco
    None of the three emails I sent over several weeks received a reply. Customer service is strongly wonting.